The Devil's Cage Chapter 1545 - The First Seats

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Chapter 1545: The First SeatsTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Bolt did not go far after leaving the room, neither did it go to Kieran’s.

Instead, it took a detour to the backyard and started digging holes.

When he saw the bones, sauteed sausages, and roasted chicken dug up from the ground, Romuse could no longer hold back his giggling.

“I can only tell it isn’t a cunning person only when it starts behaving like a dog,” Romuse said.

“I know right, Bolt is to smart. If it can talk or look more like a human being, I might really treat it as one.”

Tyrese, who was beside the, smiled bitterly when he saw the dug up items.

Dogs are man’s most loyal companion.

A good hunting hound could be the best a.s.sistant a hunter could ask for; a good guard dog could protect the house from potential harm.

However, none of those had anything to do with Bolt.

In anyone’s view, the large canine was gluttonous and lazy. It wouldn’t move a pinky finger, even Tyrese thought as such initially, until… his kitchen was emptied out a few days ago.

As a matter of fact, the food dug up from the ground mostly came from Professor Tyrese’s kitchen and was the fresh ingredients that he bought recently to replenish his refrigerator.

Tyrese had added two locks and a pa.s.sword lock, so how did Bolt open it?

He sunk into his own thoughts.

“It’s just some food… d.a.m.nit! My pudding!”

Romuse was comforting Tyrese but when he saw Bolt dig up a box of pudding, his face turned ugly.

“, calm down.”

Tyrese comforted Romuse with a bitter smile as he saw the respectful E Block holding his chest tightly and panting roughly.

“I know! I must calm down! What do you think about having dog meat for lunch?” Romuse said in a calm manner.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

Tyrese’s bitter smile showed even more helplessness when a bunch of stray dogs appeared in the backyard.

The seams in the wooden fences didn’t hold the stray dogs back from pa.s.sing through, all of them gathered around Bolt, looking up at their larger counterpart with their tongues out.

Bolt then started to distribute the food that it dug up as if it was their leader and soon enough, each of the stray dogs acquired a portion of food that would fill their stomachs.

A little whimper from Bolt later, all the stray dogs started to eat happily.

The dogs ate very quickly and after the meal, all of them shook their tails at Bolt. They gathered closer and pushed their heads at Bolt before they left, one after another.

After the stray dogs left, Bolt stood up and leapt over the wooden fence which was 1.5meters talk.

Romuse and Tyrese were shocked.

“I knew that old rascal Smith had a trick up his sleeve! He is sending Bolt to tip off 2567 so that he can win the bet! Hmph! I knew it!” The white-haired Romuse was grunting in a delightful manner.

Romuse was already thinking about how he would mock Smith after the bet was over but he quickly noted the weird look on Tyrese’s face.

“What’s wrong Tyrese?” Romuse asked.

“The way Bolt is heading… it should be… my house!” Tyrese had nothing but helplessness on his face.

“Didn’t it ‘raid’ you a few days ago?” Romuse was puzzled.

“I just replenish my stocks yesterday! But this time, it will be different! I’ve added extra defensive measures!” answered Tyrese, his face showing a confident smile because he had added 12 more layers of pa.s.sword locks on top of the originals.

Even if his place was visited by some notorious robbers, they would return empty-handed, let alone Bolt.

However, his smile lasted for less than 15 seconds.

When Tyrese saw Bolt sneek into his kitchen, lifting one of its paw and extending one claw to unlock the locks as if its claw was the key, his smile froze.

‘The 12 layer locks with pa.s.swords?

Protection from notorious robbers?

How could Bolt open the pa.s.sword locks by simply pus.h.i.+ng the numbers while I have to remember all the codes carefully?

Bolt is smarter than me?


I know its smart but definitely not as smart as me!’

Tyrese quickly came back from his self-denial. He and Romuse saw Bolt empty out the refrigerator and bring all of the ingredients back to the backyard, burying them into the ground and jumping back into the room.


Romuse heaved a breath of relief as he saw Bolt vanish beyond the door.

“Maybe I am overthinking. Smith might not be thinking about ‘that’ impossible thing anymore, I guess he just wanted to have a look, after all…”

Romuse wanted to say something more but shook his head instead and kept quiet.

Tyrese did not ask, because he knew what Smith wanted to do, but…

That’s impossible! People could never come back from death!

Even a chef who wielded the magical powers could not defy the laws of nature!

But, the discomfort in his heart?

Tyrese frowned, but before he could relate into it more, the beeping communicator interrupting his thoughts.

“Hmm, Okay, I got it!”

Tyrese answered his communicator and got the report from his men. He turned to Romuse, “, they have taken the bait.”

“Is that so? I’ve been waiting for this! These maggots!”

A cold laugh later, Romuse turned around and headed to the planned location, Tyrese following tightly.

Meanwhile inside the room, Smith who was lying down on the sofa, lifting his only eye and peeking outside.

Bolt was beside his feet, lying down obediently. Its occasional twitching ears stated that it was still cautious of its surroundings.

Smith rubbed Bolt’s head before he uncorked his container and drank as if celebrating something.

Kieran was following the drivers of the modified buses who had fled in a panic after the attackers were taken down. Many traces were left behind because of the sudden reaction and Kieran tracked them down easily.

Kieran didn’t even need to activate [Tracking]; all he did was hide from sight.

However, just when he was taking a turn, he suddenly saw a stray dog sniffing and looking around. The dog was sniffing the place where he had been through.

“What is this?”

Kieran thought it was the precautions from the attackers but he realized he was wrong.

The dog did not bark in a frenzy, instead it froze and shook its tail.

“It’s looking for me?”

Kieran was slightly stunned. He glanced over the attackers who vanished beyond his sights, making sure they were completely gone before striding to the dog.

The little dog opened its mouth and spat out a bunch of torn paper. The papers were from food packagings, torn very thoroughly but forming an unusual line when it was piled up together.

Kieran wasn’t bothered about the dog’s saliva and moved the torn papers.

‘Wanna have a deal with me? Challenge and win all the First Seats from 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th year! If you can do it, I will reward you with above Proper Meal cla.s.s food, I’ll even pay in advance!’


There were no punctuations labeled in the sentence, Kieran added them himself based on his own deduction of the tone.

“Challenge the First Seats from 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th?” Kieran squinted his eyes.

He didn’t mind a challenge, especially one that came with a reward but he was curious about Smith’s motives.

From the attack at Smith’s research lab to the attackers that jumped him during the tutorial lesson, Kieran felt like there was someone behind the attacks.

And now?

He wasn’t just sure about the ‘someone’ behind the scene, he was certain that the person was Smith!

Oliford Ryde’s request might also be part of Smith’s plan!

However, Oliford Ryde’s untimely death caused some problems in Smith’s plans, hence he was forced to compensate for the mistakes with new methods.

As for why?

Kieran wasn’t very sure but it didn’t stop him from accepting the deal.

He was hoping to get his hands on that above Proper Meal cla.s.s food and also wished to find out what Smith was up to, so the answer was obvious.

“I accept,” Kieran said.

The dog reacted in a very human way after it heard what Kieran said, running into an alley. Moments later, another milk-colored dog with a black spot over its eye appeared from the alley, holding a pudding box with its mouth.

The pudding was half eaten, hence a part of its golden wrapping paper was exposed.

Kieran took out the content from the golden wrapping paper. The content was only the size of a coin and not very heavy but its value far exceeded Kieran’s expectation.

[Name: Remains of Seed of Fusion]

[Type: Food]

[Rarity: III]

[Attack: None]

[Defense: None]

[Attribute: Fusion Energy]

[Effect: None]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: Smith found some seed remains somewhere in the Mystic State. He realized these seeds had magical Fusion Energy and at first he hoped to perfectly fuse it with meat but… After a particular accident, he found another way to use the seeds.]

[Fusion Energy: Has a certain percentage to fuse the energy in your body]

[Note: The fusion is irreversible. Once failed, the energy in your body may be weakened or go out of control.]

Looking at the seed, Kieran’s eyes shone brightly.

“Fuse the energy in me?” Excitement appeared all over Kieran’s face because no one knew better than him what kind of explosive powers would be bestowed to him once he fused the Origin Forces in his body.

Likewise, the words in the note calmed Kieran down quick enough.

Since he was meddling with a powerful energy in his body, he knew what would happen to him once the Origin Forces went out of control.

A deep breath later, Kieran kept [Remains of Seed of Fusion] away and placed the rest of the pudding before the little dog.

A question popped up in Kieran’s head as he watched the two dogs lick the pudding.

“Is this deal coincidental or is it also part of Smith’s deliberate planning?”

If it was the former, everything would still be negotiable but if it was the latter, Kieran realized he had to reevaluate the professor, who he deemed very unusual.

However, that was a matter for the future for him.

Now, he had to carry out his promise.

Keeping his promise was always the Kieran way.

Inside a temporary meeting room.

The First Seat from 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th year were all there, sitting at a round table.

“Renata, why do we have to send representatives from 2nd, 3rd and 4th altogether in the freshmen tutorial lesson?”

A young boy, 140cm tall, in a gray-colored hoodie, asked in confusion.

“That is because I am afraid 3rd year alone can’t deal with the new First Seat.”

Renata, 4th year First Seat, waved her red hair with her long, fair palm. Her hair danced gracefully and together with her tight suit, her mature charms overflowing, her beauty unrivaled at the moment, caused the little boy, Dale, to flush.

However, her action attracted dissatisfaction from Jemara.

“Hmph!” Jemara coldly grunted.

Jemara, First Seat of 3rd year, was wearing a long swordsman robe, her sword on her knee as she sat cross-legged on the chair.

Her long, straight black hair was over her shoulder, Together with her white swordsman robe, her cold grunts felt really chilly, especially her eyes, which were like icy cold blades. Despite her delicate features, she felt like a sword unsheathed.

“Am I wrong?” Renata turned over to Jemara and asked with a smiley face, looking like a vixen with squinted eyes.


A cold glare flashed over the room, the noise of sword being drawn all that could be heard.

Jemara didn’t even move but a lock of hair fell off of Renata’s left shoulder.

“It won’t be just your hair next time.”

Jemara’s voice was as cold as the arctic wind.

The short 2nd year First Seat, Dale, shrunk his neck due to the coldness but Renata didn’t care, liftinf the fallen lock of hair.

“I see, this is how you like it? So rough, but I like it!”

Renata bit her right index finger as she spoke in a seductive way.


The noise of a drawn sword sounded again, something in the air was cut.

Jemara looked at Renata coldly.

“You want to fight, h.o.r.n.y vixen?”

“Of course! Why don’t you come to my room? My bed is big and soft.”

The tense atmosphere spread around the meeting room, like swords and arrows pointed at each other… No, it felt more like fire and water clas.h.i.+ng!

Dale looked right and left. In the end, he looked at Tai, the First Seat of 5th year, who had been quiet throughout the little show.

“Don’t look at me, I can’t control them… Ahem, It’s been a year and you still haven’t gotten used to them? Don’t worry Dale, you have a lot more time to mingle with them.”

Tai, with his sick face and scrawny body, which looked like he couldn’t even stand a gust of wind, comforted Dale.

Dale fell into disappointment. Tai’s comfort was useless.

However, Dale was smart enough to not stop the two girls from fighting.

Tai couldn’t stop them, so Dale couldn’t either.

The building might end up in rubble soon.

Dale couldn’t hold back his sigh when he thought about the nagging and compensation request from the Student Council later.

Right before the fight broke out…

Dok Dok Dok.

A rhythmic knock sounded on the door.

The Devil's Cage Chapter 1545 - The First Seats

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