I Am Supreme Chapter 1080 - A Narrow Victory!

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Chapter 1080: A Narrow Victory!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

With a thud, Meng Xiao tumbled backward, his body covered in blood.

At that moment, the silver wolf who was kicked away by Luo Dajiang roared and rushed over desperately. It closed its jaws around Luo Dajiang’s left leg as numerous wind blades thrust out of its body and neck, cutting at his body.

As if he did not feel them, Luo Dajiang paid the wind blades no mind. Instead, he strode forward wildly while dragging the silver wolf along. The wolf clenched its jaws tightly around his left leg while pulling itself back, but it was still pulled away by him, leaving long scratch marks on the ground. Soon, seven to eight of its sharp claws were broken, and blood was oozing out of its paws.

Meanwhile, blood was gus.h.i.+ng out of Meng Xiao’s left shoulder as his arm was chopped down by Luo Dajiang’s saber, who did not even slow down the attack and was raising his saber once again.

A look of despair flashed in Meng Xiao’s eyes. Then, his body began to expand all of a sudden. Meanwhile, a burst of mystical Qi—powerful and highly explosive—emerged and revolved around him, swelling rapidly with every turn.


He was detonating himself!

Luo Dajiang halted his advancing steps abruptly and lifted his right leg.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

In just a flash, he had kicked over thirty times and smashed the silver wolf into a cloud of silver dust. After that, he threw his saber straight at Meng Xiao.

At the moment, Meng Xiao’s body had expanded to its maximum, and he self-detonated before Luo Dajiang’s saber could hit him! The power created by the self-detonation of a peak four-tier Saint was by no means weak. In fact, it could shake the heaven and move the earth!

Without hesitation, Luo Dajiang kicked the ground and threw his head back as he shot himself backward like an arrow.

The powerful blast of the explosion tailed behind him, and then a saber light overtook the blast and him—it was the saber he had thrown out earlier to stop the self-detonation. With a blink, the saber was thousands of feet away.

The violent explosion blew his legs away; everything below his knees was gone, turned into blood and gore that flew in all directions, a miserable sight to behold. However, he was now over five hundred feet away from the center of the explosion, and although he had lost both legs, he was still alive!

He took a deep breath as he paid no heed to the blood that ran out of the wounds, but pulled another saber out from his ring and used it to push himself up into the air as he cried out, “I won!”

One of the two men who fought the duel was dead while the other survived, and no matter how seriously the survivor was wounded, he had won the match. It was an indisputable fact!

All the people who had witnessed the match were speechless, causing a dead silence to reign over the whole place. The duel, which was short but extremely bitter, would certainly be imprinted on the spectators’ minds forever!

It ended with Meng Xiao and the silver wolf turned into ashes, both dead. And while Luo Dajiang was still alive, he was seriously wounded. Had it not been because he was in the s.p.a.ce of Celestial Luck within Mount Penta-Tier, he would be permanently crippled and unable to walk for the rest of his life.

It was a narrow victory!

Self-detonation was a tactic allowed by the rules. If anyone self-detonated and killed the opponent, it would be a draw because both of them would die at the same time.

So, Meng Xiao’s choice was not wrong.

After their first clash, he immediately realized that Luo Dajiang’s strength was stronger than what was shown previously, even stronger than his. He knew that even if he used his life fire to boost his cultivation base to a level that was stronger than when he was at his peak, and even with the help of the silver wolf, he would still be no match for Luo Dajiang.

The actual situation was clearly very different from what was discussed last night, and the odds were reversed.

Therefore, after he had failed to obtain success with his ultimate move, he chose to self-detonate. He intended to sacrifice his own life to kill Luo Dajiang, so that he could end the match with a draw, which would be considered as the biggest victory for his sect.

He thought that under the extreme power produced by his self-detonation—after he had forcibly boosted his cultivation base by using his life force—Luo Dajiang would certainly be dead even though the man had already become a Saint King.

But, he did not expect that the plan would fail because of the arm chopped away by Luo Dajiang, for the power produced by his self-detonation was sharply reduced due to the missing arm.

And Luo Dajiang had handled the crisis correctly. Instead of resisting the explosion with his cultivation base of a Saint King, he fled at once. As a result, only his legs were destroyed and he stayed alive.

The match was so fast-paced that the outcome would have changed completely with the slightest hesitation!

The audience was still silent. The match lasted only for a short time, but it was the most intense one they had ever seen. In just five moves, a Saint King was seriously wounded, a peak fourth-tier Saint had self-detonated, and a Beast King—the silver wolf—had perished!

No matter it was the silver wolf, Luo Dajiang, or Meng Xiao, all three of them were extremely decisive!

And the fact that Luo Dajiang’s strength had gone beyond the peak level of a fourth-tier Saint and stepped into the realm of Saint Kings was a great shock to everyone present.

Now, what was left in the field were the few broken teeth of the silver wolf, glinting brilliantly.

The match was over.

The loser had turned into ashes while the victor lost both his legs and was covered in gashes cut by the wind blades.

Tears were welling up in Jiang Luoluo’s eyes. She wanted to jump into the field, but she managed to hold herself back.

“The match is won by Residence of Nine Supremes.” Huo Yunfeng’s eyes turned red when he said that.

‘My spiritual jade! My money! My…Why do I have a feeling that I am about to fall into the same pit again? This Luo Dajiang…From the strength he showed yesterday, he was just a peak fourth-tier Saint. How come he turned into a Saint King today? This…this doesn’t make sense! Could he have hidden his true strength since the beginning? How many trump cards does this Residence of Nine Supreme still have? Why are they so strong? Why they can always make a comeback when they seem to be on the verge of losing? Can’t you just lose one match and let me be happy for at least once?’

As soon as the outcome was announced, the light of resurrection arrived as expected. Luo Dajiang and Meng Xiao reappeared in the field at the same time, and then the silver wolf was resurrected as well. Its silver hair still looked s.h.i.+ny, and it was glancing around in high spirits.

But when it saw Luo Dajiang, its eyes were full of fear.

‘Why is this human so savage and cruel…He is even fiercer than mystical beasts!’

Meng Xiao rested his eyes on Luo Dajiang and asked, “Did I kill you?”

“Almost,” Luo Dajiang answered calmly. “Both my legs were gone from the explosion, but I managed to stay alive.”

Meng Xiao breathed out a long sigh. “What a pity…What a pity…!”

He waved and left the field with the silver wolf, his back seeming extremely lonely.

I Am Supreme Chapter 1080 - A Narrow Victory!

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