Martial Arts Master Chapter 602 - More Ruthless

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Chapter 602: More Ruthless

Translator: Larbre Studio  Editor: Larbre Studio

As the military officer holding the curved sword gave his order, the soldiers behind him flooded in, scattered themselves and surrounded the group. The black and heavy nozzles aimed coldly at the group, just like the pairs of evil and horrifying eyes. The international tourists at the scene all went silent instantly from shock and didn't dare to move an inch.

Majority of the soldiers didn't hang around. Instead, over ninety percent of them pa.s.sed the group and wewnt to the front of the lifts. Half of them took the lift up while the other half took the fire escape stairs. Their footsteps were heavy and uncoordinated. It was as though they wanted to search each and every level and not miss out on any guest.

The remaining soldiers took positions at different corners. They signalled to the tourists at the main hall to put their hands behind their head, squat down and wait for the rest to arrive before leaving.

At this moment, seeing that the number of enemies remaining had decreased significantly, a blonde caucasian mustered his courage again and exclaimed loudly, "I'm a citizen of America. Our consulate is currently rus.h.i.+ng over from Khukhang!"

America had an and three consulates in Nile.

Hearing the shouting and seeing that the hostage seemed eager to retaliate, the expressions on the military officer with the curved sword immediately turned stern. Subsequently, he signalled to one of his soldiers with a look.

"I don't care who you are. You better squat down right now!" A soldier rushed ahead, raised his gun b.u.t.t and smashed ruthlessly on the back of that caucasian. The caucasian shrieked in pain and staggered ahead from the impact.

Thud! The soldier did not let him off and trampled his leg with his boots. The American tourist fell heavily ahead and landed on one of his knees. His hands hugged his head, and he didn't dare to make any other actions.

"Oh my G.o.d!" The tourists finally admitted to their fate, hugged their head and squatted down.

Lou Cheng didn't act rashly. Honestly speaking, he was still a little wary. However, this group of people weren't a match for him considering his strength and what he had seen. Nonetheless, he had to think about Yan Zheke and other innocent people.

If he couldn't finish the battle in an extremely short amount of time, he might endanger Yan Zheke. Even if she was already at the Dan stage, she had not experienced the trials of life and death situations after all. If she panicked and made a mistake, it would be a regret that he couldn't make up for in his lifetime.

Lou Cheng squatted down, scrutinized the surrounding and recorded everything in his mind.

Hmm. There are five armed soldiers keeping an eye on us. They are quite separated and I cannot round them up in one full swoop…

There are two additional guards standing near the stairs and lifts respectively. There are also two more at the main door. As for the other areas, I cannot tell.

That military officer has an intrinsic field of vitality and has his own awe while walking. His battle strength should be similar to the upper end of Dan a stage expert.

Lou Cheng made some rough considerations before telling Yan Zheke, who had squatted down too, through a special transmission method, "This doesn't feel like the group of rebels previously. Their s.p.a.cing between one another is great and make it hard for others to attack both of them at once. Moreover, they could easily form a cross-fire net. It seems that they have undergone regular training and they aren't just a motley crowd."

"I also think that they are the government's army… They must have been part of a mutiny and are the ones who wish to make a windfall amidst the chaos? It just feels really strange" Yan Zheke lowered her voice and replied.

Lou Cheng nodded his head slightly and said it to the ears of his wife, "Things are a little strange. We cannot just follow them. If we fall into a situation that we can't solve, it will be troublesome. Ke, I will find an opportunity to attack that military officer. Move towards your right when I do. CDoan you see that? Hide behind the pillar and don't attract any attention. Be careful of stray bullets."

"It will be dangerous for you if you are alone." Yan Zheke subconsciously rejected his proposal. However, she quickly bit her lips. Her rational side was telling her that the greatest help she could give was to not add trouble for Lou Cheng.

She lowered her voice while feeling a little embarra.s.sed, "I'm also a quasi-Dan stage expert. It wouldn't be a problem for me to deal with two or three soldiers…"

"It's mainly because you don't have the experience and might be to mistakes. When we get out of the hotel and I get free, you are free to do as you like with me looking over you!" Lou Cheng urged again. "If there are any soldiers who aren't focused on me and attempt to attack you later, the first thing you have to do is to use your supernatural ability to get rid of his rifle. Next, be a little more ruthless and don't care so much about other things!"

This was a precautionary plan and could effectively lower the chances of error. Also, this was to prevent Yan Zheke from getting injured by misfire if she fought in close combat.

"Alright!" After hearing that she had a mission and wasn't a burden, Yan Zheke no longer felt down. On the contrary, her spirits were aroused as she repeatedly reminded herself, "Get rid of the rifle, be more ruthless. Get rid of the rifle, be more ruthless."

As an academic intellectual, she had already planned how she was going to get rid of her opponent's rifle with the a.s.sistance of her supernatural ability.

At this moment, seeing that everyone had already obediently squatted down, the soldier who had knocked over the American tourist previously walked towards his original position. While walking pa.s.sed a mixed race female tourist with a profound chest, he extended his leg to get a feel of it while letting out a peal of hideous laughter.

"You…" That female tourist was angry but didn't dare to continue.

"Eao, watch yourself. You can continue after we get all of them back." The military officer with the curved sword reminded.

Continue? There isn't the end? Several tourists in the hall suddenly had a realization. Their bodies started s.h.i.+vering uncontrollably and broke into tears. It was as though they could already foresee the horrible state they would be in.

Bam! The soldier who was reprimanded fired once towards the window at the opposite end and shouted angrily, "Shut up!".

At that moment, Lou Cheng cued Yan Zheke, "Right now!"

Flames and frost on his body surface emerged and rose. As they rose, the scorching hot flames and crystal clear frost light started circulating around each other!

The fireball and frost light separated into nine portions instantly, As Lou Cheng leapt up, he fired them towards the five soldiers around him and the soldiers at the stairs and lift like arrows that left the bow.

Since getting the complete Cultivation manuals, Lou Cheng didn't squander them. He had integrated them with his own understanding and developed several application techniques using his Ice Force and Fire Force!


The nearest soldier was. .h.i.t in the face by the fireball. His head was bleeding and a large patch was badly burnt. He threw his gun aside as he struggled on the floor painfully and gradually became silent.

One of the two soldiers, who were relatively closer, had one of his arm bent in an unnatural way after the explosion. He was also sent rolling several rounds to the side. The other soldier was covered in a layer of ice. His eyes were in a daze and his actions were slow. His whole body had stiffened and he was just like a robot that had rusted.

The other two soldiers and the soldiers at the stairs and lift were able to react by rolling or executing other regular dodging manoeuvers as they were further away. On the other hand, Yan Zheke followed the plan she devised. Pus.h.i.+ng her hand against the floor, she flipped herself to the back of the right pillar.

Lou Cheng didn't care about the rest and landed close to the military officer with a single leap. What welcomed him was a flaming red curved knife.

The military officer had an expressionless face. His back and arm muscles had expanded as though he wanted to split all metals into halves.

Lou Cheng paused for a moment, retracted his breathing and blood flow and had a change in momentum. After which, he cut in with a stride and swung his right arm, hitting the side of the curved blade with his clenched fist.

Bang bang bang! Bullets were flying through where he was standing just a while ago, leaving behind a trail of light. These were the counterattacks from the soldiers! They didn't dare to shoot directly at Lou Cheng's body as they were afraid of hitting the military officer should Lou Cheng suddenly dodge.


Lou Cheng's body had grown bigger by a segment and looked just like a deity that had descended on to the ground. His fist had landed ruthlessly on the side of the curved blade.


After that punch, the curved blade broke directly, like it was made of paper, and smashed directly onto the shoulders of the military officer. His collarbone split into two and he could no longer maintain his expressionless face as he staggered backwards.

Bam! Lou Cheng extended his left arm and grabbed onto one of the arms of the military officer. After which, he injected his Ice Spirit force, causing him to stiffen and s.h.i.+ver uncontrollably.

As he grabbed and tightened his grip, he pushed the military officer back by two steps. Behind him, light trails left by the bullets zoomed pa.s.sed him again.

Pulling his hand back and turning his body, Lou Cheng hid behind the body of the military officer. He shouted in English, "Everyone stop! Put down your gun!"

At this moment, Yan Zheke saw a soldier making his way to a place not too far away. He was about to fire a shot at Lou Cheng's temple. In a moment of panic, she quickly activated the back-up plan.

The soldier suddenly felt his gun sink and fall onto the ground. Soon after, a slender leg kicked and sent the rifle flying away.

In her mind, Yan Zheke was just repeating what she was told previously. Without further ado, she stomped her feet, turned her body and swung her leg across again!


Her tensed up left leg had turned into a whip and landed in between the legs of that soldier.

Pfft! Sounds of something cracking could be heard. That soldier's eyes rolled back and he fell backwards unconsciously instantly. His lower body was quickly drenched.

Lou Cheng shouted loudly again, "Everyone stop!"

At the same time, he carried the frozen military officer and made a turn.

The soldiers who were rus.h.i.+ng in and the remaining soldiers from before had all stopped. They didn't dare to make another move.

Lou Cheng looked around before shouting again, "Drop your rifles!"

He made a hand signal that showed that he was about to crush the throat of the military officer.

The soldiers paused for a moment and attempted to threaten Lou Cheng. However the response they got was the sound of their officer's arm being crush. In the end, they threw their rifles aside.

After ordering them to make way, Lou Cheng shouted to the remaining tourists, "Aren't you guys going to leave?"

That group of tourists finally understood and quickly left through the door. Some of them left after finding a car while others hid themselves. There were also some who knew that it was complete chaos outside. These people didn't dare to take actions rashly and all gathered outside while waiting for Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke to come out.

Lou Cheng carried the military officer, who still couldn't speak, and got closer to his own wife. He took a glance at the unconscious soldier who was bleeding and leaking some yellow liquid from his lower body.

"You, you asked me to be a little more ruthless…" Yan Zheke answered ignorantly.

"Perfectly done!" Lou Cheng complimented sincerely.

Using the military officer as a hostage, be brought Yan Zheke along, slowly retreated from the hotel and got onto the enemy's rough jeep.

After waiting for some time for the remaining soldiers to bring the other tourists over, he repeated his threats and coerced the other party to let the tourists go and leave the place.

Subsequently, he didn't attempt to leave with the remaining foreigners but asked Yan Zheke to start the car and drove towards the North. If there were people who could follow him or were willing to follow him, he would just let them be and didn't attempt to slow them down.

For him, the safety of his little fairy girl was of utmost importance!

Tetans City, within the government building.

A young general with a pair of sky blue eyes and a beard had just listened to the reports. He picked up the accommodation details of the people staying in the hotel.

"Lou Cheng… Lou Cheng!" The general growled angrily. "Did those intelligence officers drown in donkey s.h.i.+t? How could they not conduct surveillance and not report when a person like him enters our border?"

An officer standing at the side forced a smile and said, "General Fario, a lot of them have been dispatched to other units and they are running a little low on manpower. Moreover, everyone's attention isn't on this."

"Let's hope that everything will go on smoothly." The young general prayed. He stood up suddenly and continued, "Leave this matter to me!"

After driving for a while in darkness, Lou Cheng suddenly thought that the enemy's jeep might have a global positioning system. As he was intending to change to a new car and interrogate the military officer, he received information from the Chinese military, "Things have gotten complicated. Evacuate immediately based on the two planned routes."

"There are four more tourists from our country in Tetans. If it is convenient, it would be best if you can bring them along. They are currently hiding in the bas.e.m.e.nt carpark of Syragu supermarket."

Martial Arts Master Chapter 602 - More Ruthless

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