The Invincible Dragon Emperor 1008 Too Far

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The Voodoo Race's army came in a formidable array. This time, though, the number of warriors was not that large—only a million and among them, few were powerful ones. Only five were at the Human Sovereign Realm, thousands were at the n.o.ble Lord Realm and the others were average warriors.

Even so, Ya of Voodoo acted as if he was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence as if he could overwhelm all sorts of evil spirits coming his way. His confidence improved the morale of the one million warriors of the Voodoo Race. They were more inspired than that previous army of 10 million.

Those one million warriors moved fast. They were teleported to the Lu City of Voodoo. Lu Li had made arrangements. When he stopped his cultivation, he used the method G.o.d of Sorcerer taught him to communicate via the altar and statue. The two of them worked out a detailed plan.

Given this was a pretended act, Lu Li did not even get the one hundred thousand warriors there. He merely had thousands guarding around the Lu City of Voodoo. It was just a place for G.o.d of Sorcerer to put on a show and there was no need for something too glamorous.

Ya of Voodoo came flying by with the million warriors who were all wearing black capes with dark fog circulating around them. Gazed from afar, they seemed to be a group of ghosts and demons.

Arriving at the Lu City of Voodoo, Ya of Voodoo shouted from the distance, "Lu Li, get your a*s out of here and prepare for your death!"


Jiang Tianshun, Patriarch Sun and the others were speechless. Who did Ya of Voodoo think he was? How arrogant he was. Telling Lu Li to get out? Was Ya of Voodoo getting tired of living?

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh~"

Jiang Tianshun and the other warriors flew up with full strength. The thousands of them hovered in the sky, overwhelming their opposing army.

"Is this Ya of Voodoo a moron?"

Inside the Wicked Bead, Lu Li could not help but burst into laughter. He flew the Wicked Bead over. According to the plan, Jiang Tianshun and the other warriors did not have to do anything and all the fights should be taken care of by Lu Li alone. He did not want to see heavy casualties on his part just to put on this play with G.o.d of Sorcerer.


Lu Li enlarged the Wicked Bead and whooshed on in a blur toward Ya of Voodoo. The sound of explosion due to the high speed scared many warriors of the Voodoo Race.

"Good timing!"

Ya of Voodoo shouted, dramatically. His energy increased. From his back soared up many dark dragons, which did add some momentum to him as if he was some G.o.d.

"Go away!"

Ya of Voodoo bellowed. He built a dark shadow of a fist and smashed on the Wicked Bead.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, the Wicked Bead would not move one bit. However, in order to cooperate with Ya of Voodoo, Lu Li flew back the Wicked Bead the moment the dark fist arrived and acted as if he was smashed back into the mountain where the Lu City of Voodoo was at.


The Wicked Bead was knocked into the mountain which trembled. The mountain cracked and stones were rolling down. It was quite a frightening view.

"All hail the Master!"

Since the average warriors of the Voodoo Race were of low realms, to them, there were no dirty tricks. They were convinced that Ya of Voodoo had been given divine energy from the G.o.d of Sorcerer, which explained the sudden increase in his abilities. Lu Li was the human leader and the Wicked Bead but now, they were smashed away by Ya of Voodoo.


The Wicked Bead flew out soon. Moving from below, the Wicked Bead glided over into the army of Voodoo Race warriors. Those regular ones could not have withstood the impact of the Wicked Bead. Many warriors of the Voodoo Race were smashed to death, and the Voodoo Race army was thrown into disorder.

"Lu Li, if you have b.a.l.l.s, come on out and fight me!"

Ya of Voodoo bellowed. It seemed that he was concerned about his warriors so he stopped attacking. Lu Li did not listen. He continued to slaughter with his Wicked Bead.

"Master, help us!"

"Spread out!"

"This bead is too strong. We are not going to break it. Spread out before we are all smashed to death."


The Wicked Bead dashed madly in the army. The average warriors would not escape from death. The once orderly formation organized with strict rules descended into chaos. Many warriors were running about and more of them let out screams of fear.

"Lu Li, since you refuse to come to your senses, I have no other choice but to have the great G.o.d of Sorcerer kill you!"

Ya of Voodoo shouted. His voice was so loud that it echoed in an area with a radius of thirty miles. He flew toward the Lu City of Voodoo and let out some dark fog toward a statue.


At the same time, the statue gave out rays of dark glows. Some frightening energy covered up an area with a radius of thirty miles. Those warriors that were near the Lu City of Voodoo all felt it.

"No, the G.o.d of Sorcerer is coming. Patriarch Sun, run!"

Lu Li said his line. Jiang Tianshun and the others ran away at once, filled with "fear", like some rabbit fleeing in face of their natural enemies.

"G.o.d of Sorcerer is here!"

Some warriors shouted in excitement. The Voodoo Race warriors were seized with joy. They came to the Lu City of Voodoo, knelt and bowed to the statue with respect.

"Who is it that dares to hurt my Voodoo Race children?"

A majestic voice came from above and was heard in an area with a radius of thirty thousand miles. Even Voodoo Race civilians in the dozens of tribes nearby could hear it.

That voice seemed to have a magic power to stimulate fear and to make people pay homage to the owner of the voice.

"Such a nice trick…"

Lu Li curled his lips. He did not run away at once. Instead, he stopped the Wicked Bead in the air, waiting for G.o.d of Sorcerer to come out to perform.

"All the wors.h.i.+pers of me are my children!"

G.o.d of Sorcerer continued in his majestic voice, resounding in the wildness, lingering. "All that murder Voodoo Race people are my enemy who should be sentenced to h.e.l.l and leave to be rotten throughout eternity."

"Swish, swish~"

From the statue came out a billowing dark smoke, rising to the sky. The smoke then formed a gigantic face with a length of two miles. It was such a scary face with unfathomed powers. People could not lay their eyes on the face.

"This is the so-called manifestations?"

Lu Li sneered. On second thought, he believed this skill could demonstrate powers as far as the regular warriors of the Voodoo Race were concerned. This was something the mortals could not do. The weak would always prostrate themselves in front of the strong in wors.h.i.+p. The mysterious immortals were usually the subject of mortal's wors.h.i.+p.

"G.o.d of Sorcerer put away your insanity and fight me!"

Lu Li sent his message and flew over in his Wicked Bead. On the gigantic face in the sky, there were traces of anger. G.o.d of Sorcerer said coldly, "You are a n.o.body and you want to shake up the world? Courting death!"

In the air, the dark face vanished and then came out a hand with a length of one thousand feet, bearing down on the Wicked Bead.


The Wicked Bead was smashed down like an ant being beaten to death by a human. Over half of the mountains in the area of the Lu City of Voodoo were crushed. A bottomless pit appeared on the ground. The Wicked Bead never came out again as if it had been ripped into pieces and Lu Li had died.

"Long live the invincible G.o.d of Sorcerer. We will follow your footsteps and wors.h.i.+p you forever!"

Ya of Voodoo had landed on the ground. He was on all fours while shouting, and so did the other warriors of the Voodoo Race. "Long live the invincible G.o.d of Sorcerer. We will follow your footsteps and wors.h.i.+p you forever!"

The million warriors chanted. Their voice could tumble the sea and collapse the mountain. Their shout lingered on and reverberated.

Three hundred miles away, from the ground, the Wicked Bead came out. Hearing the loud shout, Lu Li pulled and long face and murmured, "I am too easy on him. When I am finished with warriors of the nine universes, I will have to get more treasures or skills from him. G.o.d of Sorcerer, just you wait."

When the hand of G.o.d of Sorcerer vanished, that gigantic face re-emerged. He was looking toward Lu Li's direction, worried—he might have gone too far. Would Lu Li turn hostile against him later?

The Invincible Dragon Emperor 1008 Too Far

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