The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 1104

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Chapter 1104: Yan Zhen Is Here

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Lu Li had to go back since things were happening in the Waters Region. Together with his three wives, Lu Li teleported back to the Central Plains and then to the Demon-slaying Battleground. The three wives were asked to go back to the Prison of Wood on their own.

Inside the Demon-slaying City, Lu Li told Patriarch of Law Enforcement to send disciples of the four major families back to the Prison of Wood and asked all the patriarchs of the Demon-slaying City to evacuate.

Though Lu Li was fairly confident that he could defeat all the incoming enemies, he must tread carefully. Emperor of Heaven Reverse was cultivating recently. Staying at the Demon-slaying City wouldn't do Lu Li any good. As for Patriarch of Law Enforcement, whether he stayed or not wouldn't make a difference. Lu Li believed he could go to the Waters Region by himself.

People all over the Great Land were bustling about. The disciples of the four major families that had come back had to return to the Prison of Wood. It was true that the Prison of Wood was not a fun place, but outside was dangerous.

“Master of Fairy Fox, Master of Haechi, after this, I will set you free. You can return to the Paelo-beast Realm afterwards.”

At the Demon-slaying City, Lu Li promised Master of Fairy Fox and Master of Haechi. The latter two couldn't offer much help now. Instead, they might hinder Lu Li's actions. Lu Li decided to let off all the soul slaves except for Chen Tianxian.

Master of Fairy Fox and Master of Haechi were overjoyed. They had been living a good life with Lu Li. That being said, who wouldn't want freedom? Why wouldn't they want to return to their own territory and master their own fate? It was no fun to be bossed around here.

Lu Li teleported to the Ocean Land of the East and set off on another round of long-distance teleportation. Via the small world in the Flames City, Lu Li went to the Waters Region.

He went single-handed without any other powerful warriors other than He Yue who was his eyes and ears. With He Yue's help, Lu Li could keep an eye on the situation.

When He Yue first sent that message to Lu Li, the s.p.a.ce had just begun to tremble in the Waters Region. Lu Li pressed forward without stopping and it took him only three days to arrive at the Waters Region.

It would take time to teleport. If Lu Li went from one region to another via short-distance teleportation, it would take him over a month. Luckily, along the way, Ke Mang had built many super Teleportation Formations. Ke Mang had picked up some new knowledge from the altars and the Teleportation Formations he built could facilitate fast speed.

“The spatial barrier is broken!”

Not long after Lu Li set foot in the Waters Region, He Yue said with anxiety, “Five Semi-G.o.d Realm warriors are coming, all of them at the peak.”


Lu Li frowned. It was a small number. Yan Zhen must have collected enough information about Lu Li and was well-aware that the number of warriors was not the point. Yan Zhen must have come in person.

“Let's go!”

He Yue could monitor everything. The battlefield was now at the Waters Region and Lu Li wouldn't care about the life and death of the residents here. The residents here were different from the regular human being, not like Lu Li. If Yan Zhen wanted to threaten Lu Li with the lives here, the latter wouldn't mind even if the former were to kill everyone here.

The supreme king of this Waters Region was Patriarch of Law Enforcement's soul slave. Patriarch of Law Enforcement had already notified the supreme king to answer to Lu Li.

Lu Li was flying in the Wicked Bead. Not long afterwards, from a city in the distance, came out a tall, dark, one-horned person. He was the only surviving Semi-G.o.d Realm warrior here and the most powerful in the Waters Region.

This person knew the ancient language. He bowed to Lu Li who waved his hand and said, “Show me the way. Let's teleport to the Retrograde City.”

The five invading Semi-G.o.d Realm were now at the northwest of the Waters Region while Lu Li was in the central area. It would take too long to fly over. But with the Semi-G.o.d Realm warrior leading the way, they could arrive in a day or two.

“They are still there, hiding. One of them went to capture dark, one-horned persons.”

Several rounds of teleportation later, He Yue gave Lu Li an update and added, “They all know the presence of my subsidiary bodies and are clearing them out.”

“I see!”

Lu Li smiled and was not worried. He ordered, “Send over more subsidiary bodies. Hide around them.”

Several hours of teleportation later, He Yue reported that all Semi-G.o.d Realm warriors had set out and this time, they didn't hide their tracks. Instead, they dashed into a city boldly. They killed all the warriors in the city and began to teleport as well.

“Ha, they must know I am the ruler of the Waters Region.”

Lu Li was not surprised. The Semi-G.o.d Realm warriors could learn much just by searching the souls of some higher-ups among the dark, one-horned persons. Also, there were He Yue's subsidiary bodies. The Semi-G.o.d Realm warriors were clear that Lu Li had learned their locations. If so, hiding was pointless. The Semi-G.o.d Realm warriors thought they might just as well kill their way over.

Lu Li took a look at the map of the Waters Region. Pointing at one place, he said, “This is the place we will go. We will set the stage at the Thunders City.”

The supreme king of the Waters Region knelt to Lu Li in gratefulness after he threw a look at the map. The city Lu Li talked about was the one on an island in the middle of the sea. Since that area was frequented by thunderstorms, which resulted in a small number of cities and a small population. By choosing this city as the battlefield, the Waters Region wouldn't lose so many people.

After 10 hours of teleportation, Lu Li had arrived at the Thunders City. The supreme king of the Waters Region gave an order immediately to send away the civilians in this city and nearby cities in case they were implicated in the upcoming fight.

Lu Li told the supreme king to send a warrior to relay a message to the five Semi-G.o.d Realm warriors—he was waiting for them at the Thunders City and they should come if they wanted the Wicked Bead.

When he was ready, Lu Li put the supreme king into the Wicked Bead while he and He Yue sat on a boulder outside the city.

Compared with the last time when the warriors from nine universes came, Lu Li felt less pressure. Yan Zhen had come, probably with Relic weapons and armors. Even so, Lu Li wouldn't suffer a crus.h.i.+ng defeat.

Lu Li sat on the boulder, carefree. He Yue stood behind him, silently. It was windy. The two's robes were whipped in the wind. Lu Li didn't comb his white-hair up and let it dance in the air.

As time pa.s.sed by, it grew darker. In the distance, dark clouds covered the sky and the lightning was glaring. Soon, another storm would come.

Lu Li was calm and so was He Yue. Having witnessed how the immortal's body crushed Semi-G.o.d Realm warriors like they were insects, He Yue trusted Lu Li.

Two hours later, it was completely after dark. Finally, a ray of light rose up from inside the city. A moment later, five people emerged in the Teleportation Formation.

As soon as the five came out, they used psychic powers to check the city and soon found Lu Li sitting on the boulder not far away from the city.

Lu Li used psychic power to check the five as well. Soon, he noticed one of them.

This one must be the leader of the five because he was absolutely domineering and intimidating. Besides, this man was wearing a purple armor which was not only elegant with beautiful patterns but also had a faint circulation of airstream, as if there were dragons hiding in his armor.

“A Relic! That is Yan Zhen!”

Lu Li told himself at once. From within the Relic, he detected a sense of the might of immortal. The only one with Relic armors and weapons of the nine universes was Yan Zhen, Family Patriarch of the Yan Family.

The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 1104

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