The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 1105

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Chapter 1105: Collaboration

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When Yan Zhen and the other four arrived at the Thunders City, they didn't do anything. They just used their power to contain the few scouts staying in the city so that the latter couldn't move about.

Yan Zhen's psychic power was target-fixed on Lu Li. The former's rigid face seemed to be covered with surprise. Lu Li had reached the Semi-G.o.d Realm. But according to Jun Hongye, Lu Li had just reached the Earth Immortal Realm a few years ago.

A young man had progressed from the Earth Immortal Realm to the Semi-G.o.d Realm in a few years. The nine universes would be taken aback by such a piece of news. Even Yan Tiangang, the alleged most talented warrior in the Yan Family, used 10 years to progress from the Earth Immortal Realm to the Semi-G.o.d Realm.

Yan Zhen remembered when Lu Li first went to the Central Imperial Universe. He was not even twenty back then. It had only been over a decade and Lu Li had evolved from the n.o.ble Lord Realm to the Semi-G.o.d Realm. How fast that was.

“We cannot let Lu Li progress like this anymore!”

Yan Zhen told himself. Lu Li was dangerous. If he was allowed to grow further, it would not be difficult for him to become an immortal. Given the chance, when Lu Li ascended to the Divinity, he could even surpa.s.s Yan Tiangang. By then, Yan Family might be doomed all because of Lu Li.

Of course!

While worried about the prospect when Lu Li grew, Yan Zhen didn't really believe that Lu Li could pose any great threat to the Yan Family now. Even if Lu Li was an immortal, Yan Zhen wouldn't be feared, not to mention that Lu Li was only a Semi-G.o.d Realm warrior. The reason was that Yan Family had the Divine Imperial City. Throughout history, several immortals tried to breach the city but failed.

Upon further thought, Yan Zhen flew up, followed closely by the other four Semi-G.o.d Realm warriors from the Yan Family. The four were senior warriors in the family, all at the peak of the Semi-G.o.d Realm. Two were born in the Yan Family and the other two were warriors that joined the Yan Family.

Yan Zhen went out of the city and stopped twenty miles away from Lu Li. Twenty miles were an appropriate distance. It was short enough for the five to cross in an instant but not so short that Lu Li would think a fight was going to break out immediately.

Staring at Lu Li in the distance, Yan Zhen used Xuan Energy to amplify his voice, “Lu Li, I am Yan Zhen, Family Patriarch of the Yan Family.”

Lu Li didn't stand up. He looked into Yan Zhen's eyes. Then, Lu Li took He Yue back into the Wicked Bead before he said, “Family Patriarch Yan, nice to meet you. Welcome to the Waters Region. I wonder what is your mission this time. Are you here to… collect Yan Gu and the others' bodies?”

Lu Li didn't sugar coat anything for Yan Zhen because he believed there wasn't any room to talk with Yan Zhen. Lu Li killed several Semi-G.o.d Realm warriors from the Yan Family. Because of the Yan Family, tens of millions of the Heaven Reverse Universe died. The hatred between Lu Li and the Yan Family was deep-seated. A peace talk was not possible.

“Ha, ha!”

Yan Zhen didn't lose his temper and the other four senior warriors were composed as well. Those warriors were old enough to stay sophisticated. They would not flare up just because of a few words said by Lu Li.

Yan Zhen replied, projecting his natural power and dignity in his voice, “Lu Li, you are from an insignificant Heaven Reverse Universe. Even so, you are a rare talent in the world nearby. I am not here to make an enemy. As a matter of fact, if possible, I am seeking to cooperate with you. I can pretend the past never happened.”


Lu Li showed the perfect hint of surprise in his eyes. He pouted and said, “Yan Family Patriarch, how generous you are. Cooperation? What kind of cooperation? I suppose it has to have win-win results.”


Yan Zhen said confidently, “Since it is cooperation, I cannot let one side suffer losses. What I am trying to say is—Lu Li, how much do you know about us, the Yan Family?”

Why hadn't Yan Zhen done anything and was talking nonstop? Lu Li didn't care. He Yue could keep an eye out on the situation. Lu Li was eager to find out what plan Yan Zhen had.

Giving it some thoughts, Lu Li said, “I don't know much about the Yan Family. I hear that Yan Family is the most powerful family of the nine universes. Is that right? Yan Tiangang is a mighty warrior in the Divinity? Is he living a good life in the Divinity? I was told that your Yan Family can gather up a major force in the nine universes and you have a lot of Divine Sources. Is that true?”

“Ha, ha, ha!”

Yan Zhen burst into laughter and was full of himself. There was a faint trace of majesty exuding as he laughed. Average warriors might even bow in respect involuntarily to Yan Zhen.

Yan Zhen laughed for a long moment before he said, “Lu Li, do you know how many families can govern a universe for a million years? One! Only the Yan Family. For a million years, the Yan Family has always been governing the Divine Imperial Universe and never once has the Divine Imperial Universe been compromised. That is the source of Yan Family's confidence. Also—over hundreds of years, many from the nine universes had become immortals. However, over half of them had pa.s.sed away. The surviving ones are all with our ancestor. That is why we are confident!”

Yan Zhen was quite proud, and he had every right to be so. There were some families that had a history of over a million years, such as the Leng, Jun, Chen, and Wu Families.

But those families would rise and fall. They would dominate their universes for a period of time. Unfortunately, not long afterward, they would be attacked, chased back to their ancestral lands. They would stay in hiding for hundreds of years before they dared to come back out.

Many talents from the nine universes had ascended to the Divinity. Yet, only Yan Tiangang was the only one that lived well. Of this, there was no doubt. Even Heaven Reverse Universe admitted that he was second to Yan Tiangang.

Dominating the nine universes for a million years and a strong warrior in the Divinity as their support, those were the reasons that Yan Family was bold!

Lu Li already knew this. Chen Tianxian had told him. While Lu Li remained quite calm, secretly, he didn't think much of this. What if the Yan Family was strong? Lu Li never lived off other people and he didn't want to, either. Besides, he could not let go of the death of tens of millions of people in the Heaven Reverse Universe. The hatred with the Yan Family had started and only blood could be the solution.

After a pause, Yan Zhen added, “Lu Li, I understand that you want to ascend to the Divinity and follow the steps of Emperor of Heaven Reverse. I can tell you clearly and definitely that he is in a load of trouble. The Sword Sect has offended an important person. Not long afterward, I believe the Sword Sect will be gone. But the force behind our forefather is so much more powerful than the Sword Sect. Do you choose to make an enemy of a powerful force or rise up rapidly in the Divinity like a fish in water?”

A leader of a minor force might already be intrigued by Yan Zhen's words.

Lu Li didn't express an opinion. He didn't want to waste more time with Yan Zhen so he said directly, “So, what are you getting at, Yan Family Patriarch? What do you need from me?”

“It's simple!”

Yan Zhen named his terms, “Give me the Wicked Bead. It will get you in a lot of trouble even if you can take it to the Divinity. As long as you can give me the Wicked Bead, I will provide you with many Divine Sources so you can transform your body to an immortal's in advance, which will make it easier for you to become an immortal. When you go to the Divinity, our forefather can shelter you and support you. You will develop quickly in the Divinity. In a few years, you will be as powerful as Emperor of Heaven Reverse and even surpa.s.s our forefather. You will have nature at your beck and call, and have a piece of land of your own to dominate.”

Lu Li was silent. After the time for half an incense stick to burn, he finally looked up and said, “Are you done talking? If so, let us fight. If you want the Wicked Bead, come and get it.”

The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 1105

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