The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 1108

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Chapter 1108: Stalemate

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“Slaughtering civilians of the Heaven Reverse Universe? Really!”

Lu Li sneered. “Attack Yan Zhen and take the Relic weapon away from him!” He instructed the immortal's body.

Yan Zhen's Relic armor was strong, so the immortal's body would not be able to crack it anytime soon. Similarly, the immortal's body was strong as well, and Yan Zhen couldn't harm him one bit.

However, at this rate, Lu Li believed that Yan Zhen would be injured. If Yan Zhen could be killed, then by collecting his Relic weapon and armor, Lu Li would stand to gain.

The immortal's body dashed toward Yan Zhen quickly. The latter looked with a cold smile. The Relic weapon was glaring in his hand as the mystic stream of air moving about, const.i.tuting a breathtaking view.

“Sky Shatter—”

Yan Zhen bellowed. The blade of the Relic weapon was s.h.i.+ning brightly, leaving behind a ray of brilliant light in the air. It was as if the blade was so sharp that it had cut the sky open. It was not the s.p.a.ce that was torn apart, only that a white line had appeared in the void.


The Relic weapon broke through the void and landed on the immortal's body. As some sparks emerged, the immortal's body stepped back thousands of feet away. This time, there was a light mark on the neck that without a head attached to it. But only a very light mark. The immortal's body had proven that it was not easy to put a scratch on him.

“How strong is the immortal's body?”

Yan Zhen's pupils contracted. He was taken aback. This corpse was not of a regular immortal. Not even a mighty warrior's corpse could be so strong. After all, when living, immortals could have a strong defense mechanism. However, upon death, they would only be dead bodies that only had physical strength.

“I need to leave!”

Since the immortal's body could not be destroyed, Yan Zhen would not waste more time. Yan Zhen flew rapidly toward the Wicked Bead. He wanted to try to break it.


The immortal's body went after him and punched Yan Zhen at his back. Yan Zhen's Relic armor glowed brightly, and he was smashed away only a few hundred feet. Then, Yan Zhen continued to fly toward the Wicked Bead as if he was only been pushed gently.


Lu Li was not far away. He exclaimed as he saw this with psychic power. Yan Zhen was really unconquerable with such Relics at his disposal. There was hardly anyone that could kill Yan Zhen in the nine universes. Not even an immortal could find killing Yan Zhen easy.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

The immortal's body came after Yan Zhen again and continued to hit him. However, each strike could only cause the Relic armor to glow and push Yan Zhen away for a little bit. Yan Zhen's expressions didn't even change much, let alone sustaining any injuries.

Soon, Yan Zhen was close to the Wicked Bead. He swung his weapon and landed it on the Wicked Bead. Though it didn't tremble, the cyan glow indicated that the Wicked Bead was under a heavy blow.

“That is horrifying!”

Lu Li sensed the consumption of energy. He couldn't help but exclaim. This strike was more powerful than the combined effort of over 10 warriors at the peak of the Semi-G.o.d Realm. At this rate, the Wicked Bead would crack within half a year, or even shorter.

“Let's see!”

Lu Li didn't fly out of the Wicked Bead. He wanted to have a compet.i.tion of patience with Yan Zhen. After all, the Wicked Bead could last for at least three months. He believed that Yan Zhen wouldn't survive three months under the immortal's body's attacks.


Yan Zhen wielded his Relic weapon and hacked at the Wicked Bead in the speed of lightning. In the time for one breath, he had made 10 moves. The Wicked Bead kept glowing as the energy was running away.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

The immortal's body caught up with Yan Zhen and landed many fists on the latter. However, the immortal's body could only force Yan Zhen back a bit every single time. Yan Zhen turned around and landed a dozen backhand strikes on the Wicked Bead.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Both parties were in a heated battle. Neither side wanted to give up. Each time Yan Zhen was smashed away, he would fly toward the Wicked Bead again. After a dozen strikes, the immortal's body would come again and knock away Yan Zhen.

The immortal's body was a corpse after all with little flexibility. He only knew to chase after Yan Zhen mechanically but understood no tactics. Lu Li couldn't give better instructions. He had to let the immortal's body strike Yan Zhen at his own rate.

“Try to s.n.a.t.c.h away Yan Zhen's Relic weapon.”

Lu Li gave the immortal's body another order through spiritual link. If the Relic weapon could be taken away from him, Yan Zhen would be like a tiger without its teeth. Apart from his strong defense, he would be no different from a regular warrior at the peak of the Semi-G.o.d Realm.


The immortal's body didn't have the same level of intelligence as a living soul. He tried to grab Yan Zhen's Relic weapon several times, but the latter would put it back into his Interspatial Ring. The immortal's body would stand there still without knowing how to attack.

The immortal's body without a soul was no different from a stone puppet. The immortal's body could only carry out Lu Li's orders blindly without any idea of how to be flexible. Lu Li gave up after several attempts and let the immortal's body continue to strike Yan Zhen.

As such, they had reached an Yan Zhen would blast at the Wicked Bead, and he would move about like a slippery mudfish. The immortal's body went after Yan Zhen. For every dozen strikes Yan Zhen made, the immortal's body would punch him away.

“Yan Zhen, are you tired? Do you want to have a rest?”

Lu Li said, attempting to undermine Yan Zhen's spirit. “Your attacks are weak. At this rate, it will be eight or 10 years before you can crack my Wicked Bead. Do you think the Divine Imperial Universe will still belong to the Yan Family after that time?”

For now, Lu Li could not defeat Yan Zhen, but he didn't want the latter to slaughter civilians at the Heaven Reverse Universe. Lu Li decided to scare Yan Zhen away first. Then, after he became an immortal, he would think of a way to breach the Divine Imperial City and wipe out the Yan Family.


However, Yan Zhen didn't mind at all. He then said with a sneer, “Lu Li, I have been alive for hundreds of years. Don't try such tricks on me. The Divine Imperial City will still belong to the Yan Family even after ten thousand years, let alone 10 or eight years. No one can break the city. As long as the Divine Imperial City still stands, the Divine Imperial Universe will be there forever. Also… are you sure that your Wicked Bead can sustain for eight to 10 years? I don't think it can last half a year.”

Yan Zhen was really a seasoned warrior. He could hear between the lines in Lu Li's words. The more Lu Li talked about the strength of the Wicked Bead, the less confident he was. Yan Zhen was not worried about the Divine Imperial City at all. At the moment, the nine universes were returning to stability. The fight last time cost the nine universes greatly. For now, n.o.body could be of any threat to the Divine Imperial Universe.

Since the immortal's body could not break his defense, Yan Zhen wouldn't be afraid. Once he broke the Wicked Bead, he could kill Lu Li. Yan Zhen believed when he had the Wicked Bead, he could have control of the immortal's body as well. With this in his control, the Yan Family would have another piece of treasure.

Lu Li's plan was only his wishful thinking…

After half a day, Yan Zhen still wouldn't give up. Lu Li had to leave. The Wicked Bead's energy was running away severely.

While the Wicked Bead might not be as fast as Yan Zhen, the immortal's body was much faster. Lu Li gave a command to the immortal's body, who stopped going at Yan Zhen and flew over. He grabbed the Wicked Bead and spread his wings and flew into the distance.

Yan Zhen could only catch up with the immortal's body. He could do nothing as he saw the Wicked Bead flying away. Yan Zhen bellowed, “Lu Li, you may run, but you can never hide. I will kill my way to the Heaven Reverse Universe. Let's see how you can protect the billions of civilians in the Heaven Reverse Universe.”

The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 1108

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