The Invincible Dragon Emperor 1273 Iron Ball

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"Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t~"

Lu Li threw some crystals into the stove in a hurry. However, the fire turned out to be too strong that his clothes almost caught on fire. He got ashes on his face and clothes…

Lu Li tried to copy others. Some had already made some simple prototype and began to refine them when he hadn't really got the stove under control.

If he could not control the stove, then the fire could die out at any time. When the fire spread out uncontrollably, the stove could explode, and it was almost certain that the artifact forged would be a pile of waste.

Gradually, more and more people had completed a prototype and began the refining process. Naturally, Lu Li was losing patience. It had been over half a day. He had found out about the detailed procedure but there was a gap between theory and practice. Once he actually got started, he realized that it was quite complicated and one wrong step could make all his efforts futile.

"Let's see!"

Lu Li scratched his head and began to forge artifact based on what he picked up from what a warrior next to him did. First, Lu Li stabilized the stove. Then, he put many special materials into the stove bit by bit just as the warrior did.

"Nope, that was a mistake—"

Lu Li threw in a piece of black rock. All of a sudden, he realized that a piece of rock belonged to stove fire. He regretted his action very much.


The stove suddenly made a m.u.f.fled noise. The lid flew off and the boiling liquid iron spilled out. People next to Lu Li had to step to the sides at once.


Patriarch Tian and others were speechless. Did the stove just explode? It turned out that Lu Li really knew nothing about forging artifacts. Given his situation, he would not even be able to build one most primitive prototype.


The handsome young man standing behind Patriarch Tian sneered. He had sentenced Lu Li to death in his heart. How could someone like Lu Li ever be able to join the Chamber of Relics?


But Lu Li did not give up. While he observed other's methods, he performed his own tests. He believed that he could make a simple prototype within three days.

He turned on the stove again and was extremely carefully this time. However, in a day, after five tries, he failed.

There was a great discrepancy between theory and practice. He knew all the steps. That being said, the fire, the order to put the materials in, the timing and how to pour divine energy all needed practice.

Even with something seemingly simple, one could make mistakes before practice. When Lu Li made one mistake, it was already hard to produce a prototype successfully.

Many people had already manufactured a perfect prototype after a day and a half. Those had started to embed Inhibition Formations in the prototype.

Though they were not required to make Relics, to be able to embed Inhibition Formations would bring about bonus points. The more advanced the Inhibition Formations were, the higher the chances of winning.

Lu Li took a look. Over half of the others had made the perfect prototype and were now embedding Inhibition Formations.

The other half was already frustrated. They would not stand out in the evaluation because by the time they finished a perfect prototype, the first half would have finished the Inhibition Formations…

The ones that were making the slowest progress here were Lu Li and two other people. Lu Li had made nothing and the other two did making something but it was of low quality, so they had started again.

"Alas… forget it. I'll make something random!"

Lu Li had given up all hopes. Throwing the handle after the blade was his att.i.tude now. He wanted to produce something at will because he believed that he had lost his chance anyways. Over half had made the perfect prototype. Given his abilities, he would be eliminated for sure.

Even with this att.i.tude, it was half a day later before he successfully made a prototype. It had been two days and a half and Lu Li just made something, after a fas.h.i.+on, and it was a dark ball…

That dark ball was not pretty. It was not smooth, and the spikes gave it a rough surface. The ball to the other prototype was Quasi Relics to supreme Relics.

"I do not have time to refine it!"

Lu Li noticed he only had half a day left. Refining the artifact would take longer than that. Besides, the refining process could ruin the artifact and he would have no work to submit.

"Phew, phew~"

Lu Li put out the stove fire and sat on the ground. He stared at the ball, his mind wandering away. He no longer cared about the evaluation. He was just wondering what he should do after failing.

Patriarch Tian shook his head when he saw Lu Li holding a ball, zoning out. He believed Lu Li was a talent and it was a pity that he never learned about forging artifacts systematically.

n.o.body else paid attention to Lu Li. After all, the Chamber of Relics had its rules. Lu Li's artifact was of low quality. n.o.body could side with him no matter how talented he was on Inhibition Formations.

"Never mind. One step at a time. Astro Emperor said that everyone's fate is predetermined. If fate wants me to die, then it will do me no good to struggle."

Lu Li shook his head. All of a sudden, someone nearby shouted out in surprise, "G.o.d, this freak. He has made such an impressive formation. Of course, he will pa.s.s."

Lu Li looked over. Someone was holding a prototype sword, on which many lines were glowing. The formation was about to come into being.

"Embedding formations?"

Lu Li frowned. If he could embed some amazing formations into the black ball in his hand, that could add some points.

That being said…

Lu Li had no idea how to embed sophisticated Inhibition Formations. He had read many books, which increased his understanding of Inhibition Formations. But without systematic learning on forging artifacts, he did not know about embedding Inhibition Formations.

"Wait a minute—"

Lu Li suddenly remembered. While he did not know the more intricate Inhibition Formations, someone else did. Blood Fairy was talented in Inhibition Formations. Maybe, he could embed some random formations and then ask Blood Fairy to change it. It was possible that some advanced formations could be generated.

"Blood Fairy!"

Lu Li said at once. "I am faced with a problem. I am making artifacts and need to embed some formations in it. However, I can only embed the simplest formations. Can you help me change them into something more advanced…"

Lu Li explained his situation and Blood Fairy could understand. However, she was not entirely sure. "I don't know about the details yet. I can only promise that I will try."

Blood Fairy could reach her tentacle into Inhibition Formations to control and change them. If she could take control of the Inhibition Formations Lu Li could embed and adjust them, there was still a chance that Lu Li could succeed.

After a moment of thought, Lu Li decided to embed a Spirit Gathering Formation, the simplest of all. He read about it in the books collected by Tian Lingzi. The process was easy.

He pretended to be still zoning out while secretly poured divine energy into the prototype. He recalled what he learned from the books and began to work.

Spirit Gathering Formation was easy. In an hour, Lu Li had finished. He quietly took out the Wicked Bead and held in his hand so that Blood Fairy's tentacle could reach into the iron ball.

Blood Fairy took her tentacle back after a while. "Master, the formation is too simple. Changing it will be pointless. How about… you embed five Spirit Gathering Formations in it and then I will see what I can do?"


Lu Li frowned. Not even a hundred could add up to something more powerful when the Spirit Gathering Formation was of this low level. However, since it was Blood Fairy that provided the advice, he began to work nonetheless. In four hours, he had embedded another five Spirit Gathering Formations. The iron ball was filled with different patterns and lines.

"Blood Fairy, you are up!"

Lu Li said. She began to reach out her tentacles and check. Lu Li used psychic power to check those around him. n.o.body paid attention. It appeared that everyone was convinced that he would be eliminated…


Lu Li was happy that he did not catch any attention. He waited quietly, perturbed.

Half an hour pa.s.sed, then one hour and two hours!

When the three days were up, Blood Fairy retracted her tentacle while saying, "Master, I've tried my best. I adjusted the six Spirit Gathering Formations, but I do not know about the exact effects…"

The Invincible Dragon Emperor 1273 Iron Ball

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