The Invincible Dragon Emperor 1274 Turbulent Flows

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"Time is up!"

Patriarch Tian shouted. Everyone stood up. "Everyone, line up and submit your prototypes. We have 10 patriarchs here and we will evaluate your works, fair and square."

Several people headed toward the 10 patriarchs and the others stayed in lines. The first ones that approached the 10 patriarchs were the ones that had completed perfect prototypes or had embedded more impressive formations.

As for the less confident ones, they stayed at the back of the lines. They believed that they would not get a good grade if they were to hand in their works now.

Lu Li was in the back of the lines as well because the black ball was of poor quality. Though some Inhibition Formations were embedded in, Blood Fairy did not say how they were. Maybe, Blood Fairy could not tell the power of the Inhibition Formations herself. After all, she was not a human being and there were certain aspects that would escape her understanding.

"Good, this sword is excellent!"

Patriarch Tian held a prototype sword in his hand. It was just the one Lu Li saw a moment ago. This prototype was perfect, and the Inhibition Formations were powerful, which could be indicated by the patterns.

"This saber is excellent!"

"This armor is of moderate quality!"

"This bow is interesting, excellent!"

The evaluation process was fast. After all, the 10 patriarchs had been in the Chamber of Relics for a long time. They had been forging artifacts their entire lives. They could tell the quality of the formations and prototypes immediately.

"This is of low quality. Well… it is eliminated!"

Someone was unlucky. His prototype was eliminated by a patriarch. The prototype was of such poor quality that the patriarch didn't think twice.

Lu Li was nervous. Many prototypes had been graded as excellence. The total number had exceeded twenty. When the total amount reached 50, the ones that had not been evaluated would be eliminated directly.

The patriarchs were quite fair. Every prototype would be evaluated by three patriarchs. In this way, the prototypes would not be eliminated just because one patriarch made a mistake or because of personal preferences.

More people had submitted their works. Lu Li was toward the end of the line. Many disciples from Chamber of Relics sneered at Lu Li because he was holding a black iron ball with spikes and b.u.mps on it. It did look bad…

More pieces were evaluated as excellent and some were eliminated directly. There was still a score of people who had not had their works evaluated yet. Over forty had been graded as excellent.

The ones that were waiting in lines were down in the dumps. They were not confident about their works and believed that they would not pa.s.s.

Sure enough…

More people were being eliminated. Two or three fortunate ones had their works evaluated as excellent and some were graded as moderate quality. The ones of moderate quality still had the chance to pa.s.s but the low-quality ones would not for sure.

Finally, it was Lu Li's turn.

Lu Li decided to walk toward Patriarch Tian because he had a good feeling of this patriarch. Before, he scolded Lady Dan, unbiased. He must be a man of integrity.

"Hi, Patriarch Tian. This is the prototype I made!"

Lu Li first bowed with respect and then held up the iron ball. Patriarch Tian frowned. Eventually, Patriarch Tian took over the iron ball.

"I don't suppose you have learned forging artifact?"

Patriarch Tian took a rough look and asked Lu Li who nodded and said, "Well, I have been longing to learn about forging artifacts. Unfortunately, I do not have a mentor. Therefore, I never learned it."

Lu Li admitted honestly. Patriarch Tian nodded. Then, he poured divine energy out to check the Inhibition Formations. He could tell that Lu Li had embedded Inhibition Formations in the iron ball.


A moment later, Patriarch Tian appeared to be surprised. A glow rose in his eyes as he mumbled, "What, this…"


The other patriarchs next to him were alerted. They turned over and one of them asked, "Tian, what is it? What can make you so surprised?"

"Sun, take a look at the Inhibition Formations embedded in here!"

Patriarch Tian handed over the iron ball. Patriarch Sun took it over, confused. He used divine energy to check. Soon, surprise seized Patriarch Sun as well. He seemed to be confused. A moment later, he shook his head and said, "I cannot understand it. Liu, take a look."

The iron ball was pa.s.sed onto another patriarch. The same thing happened again. Patriarch Liu was confused upon further check and he handed it to the next patriarch.


Lu Li was puzzled himself. Did Blood Fairy change the six Spirit Gathering Formations to a large extent? Were they so complicated that the patriarchs of Chamber of Relics could not understand? Was this a good thing or a bad thing?

The 10 patriarchs all took a look and then the iron ball was returned to Patriarch Tian. The 10 of them gathered together and activated a sound-proof s.h.i.+eld. One of the patriarchs said, "Tian, this formation does not seem to be set up in a conventional way. It is more like the Turbulent Flows from the ancient times, right?"

"Right, I have the same feeling!"

A patriarch added, "The method is peculiar. There is no discernible pattern that can be found. While formations may appear to be in a mess, the effect is marvelous!"

"Six Spirit Gathering Formations!"

Patriarch Tian reached a conclusion. "Those are low-level Inhibition Formations. But with some lines changed, the six Spirit Gathering Formations are integrated together. The general effect is 30 times more powerful! Yes, they appear to be in disorder. However, there is some miraculous connection. The only explanation is that this is Turbulent Flows!"


Patriarch Tian deactivated the sound-proof s.h.i.+eld and asked Lu Li, "Where did you learn this?"

"Where did I learn this?"

Lu Li touched his nose in embarra.s.sment. He could not say that it was Blood Fairy that changed the formations for him, or mention that he read books collected by Tian Lingzi. Otherwise, the Chamber of Relics would covet the Wicked Bead. After all, those patriarchs would be interested in the books as well.

Lu Li gave a vague answer. "I once saved an old man with a somewhat deranged mind. He taught me some skills of Inhibition Formation."

"An old man with a deranged mind?"

Patriarch Tian was taken aback. Another patriarch asked, "What is his name? Where is he now?"

Lu Li shook his head. "He has left. He said he is called the Crippled Zen Master. He is kind of insane…"

"The Crippled Zen Master?"

The patriarchs were even more bewildered. None of them had heard of such a man. Lu Li laughed inside. Crippled Zen Master was from the mortal world. How could those patriarchs know?

Patriarch Tian activated the sound-proof s.h.i.+eld again. "Guys, what do we do about him? The prototype cannot pa.s.s the test but the Inhibition Formations inside are miraculous. He is so young. Maybe, he can be accomplished in forging artifacts. Personally… I am willing to let him join Chamber of Relics."


The other patriarch sneered. "Tian, he has just scratched the surface. Besides… I am afraid that Lady Dan will rock his boat when he is enrolled. By then, the entire Valley of Relics will be in turmoil. I think… no!"

"That is true."

Another patriarch threw Lu Li a look and said, "You all know how Lady Dan can be. She is a talent rarely seen in a million years. Our Chief has spoiled her. If we let this guy in, the entire Valley of Relics will be in foul atmosphere…"

The Invincible Dragon Emperor 1274 Turbulent Flows

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