The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 1280

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Chapter 1280: Hibernation

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Qian Huanhan was hopping mad. Anger rose in his eyes and killing intent seized him. He was unwilling to swallow the humiliation. It appeared that he was ready to fight back.

Lu Li was aware that they could not do anything. They couldn't fight back even if Jiang Lianxue was going to slap them.

Why was that?

It was because Jiang Lianxue's father or grandpa must be some patriarch with real powers. She would not have been so arrogant otherwise. That day, Jiang Lianxue was with Lady Dan.

Once the two sides were in conflict and violence was used in the Valley of Relics, they would alert the Hall of Regulations.

Lu Li and Qian Huanhan would lose before they could go to court because they were registered disciples while Jiang Lianxue was a core disciple, the daughter or granddaughter of a certain patriarch. The fact that Lu Li and Qian Huanhan resorting to violence, if they did so, was already wrong. They would either be evicted or be sentenced heavily.

Thinking for a while, Lu Li stepped forward and stayed in front of Qian Huanhan. Taking out a pamphlet, Lu Li held it up high and asked, “Those are the rules of the Chamber of Relics. Lady Jiang, which rule says that we must kneel to core disciples? Can you enlighten me? We didn't even kneel to patriarchs. Lady Jiang, do you really think you are more honorable than patriarchs or do you have high status? If that is the case, let me go back and check with Patriarch Gu!”


Jiang Lianxue and the two male disciples were taken aback. Lu Li laid it thick on Jiang Lianxue and she did not know how to respond.

What frightened them the most was what Lu Li said last. If this matter was learned by Patriarch Gu, he could call them over. Of the entire sect, it was Patriarch Gu, not the Hall of Regulations, that the disciples were afraid of the most.

This Patriarch Gu was the most eccentric one. He was on bad terms with all the other patriarchs in the sect. He would slap any disciple that upset him.

The two male disciples clearly lose steam at once. Jiang Lianxue's expressions changed. Eventually, she said, biting her teeth in hatred, “Fine, Lu Li. I remember you now. Later… hmm!”

Jiang Lianxue left, sour-faced. Qian Huanhan was relieved. He patted Lu Li's shoulders, “Brother Li, you are good. We will be in trouble if it were not for you.”

“I am the one that got you into trouble!”

Lu Li curled his lips and said with a bitter smile, “She is trying to pick bones with me. I have offended Lady Dan. From now on, they will do that every now and then. Maybe, you should stay away from me.”

“What are you talking about?”

Qian Huanhan shook his head, “We are a.s.signed to Patriarch Gu together. In this sect, we are brothers. You are my big brother. We shall share sorrows and happiness!”

“Ha, ha~”

Lu Li smiled but said nothing more. He waved his hand and the two resumed their walk. Finally, after several turns, they found the Hall of Internal Affairs. The two stated their business clearly and were shown inside.

A patriarch was doing some work, sitting behind a desk. Lu Li and Qian Huanhan bowed after they came in, “Nice to meet you, Patriarch.”

Behind the desk was an old man with big eyes and bushy eyebrows, which gave him a majestic look. He looked up. “What is it?”


Lu Li bowed again. “We are newly registered disciples and have been a.s.signed to work for Patriarch Gu. Patriarch Gu told us to come here and report.”


That patriarch replied and said to the disciple that showed Lu Li and Qian Huanhan in, “Liu Yun, take care of this matter.”


The young disciple pointed to a side chamber and said, “Please come with me.”

Lu Li and Qian Huanhan followed Liu Yun into the side chamber and Liu Yun told the two to take a seat. Liu Yun was away for a while and came back with two jade talismans. “Here are your ID. From now on, you will be recognized as officially registered disciples. If you make no mistake within half a year, you will become formal disciples.”

“One more thing~”

Liu Yun added, “Just so you know, registered disciples will not receive any official salary. Of course, if you can make a contribution to the sect, you can collect contribution points according to the rules of the sect. You can trade for many things with contribution points, like Relics, Divine Sources, and materials. You can even become a hall master or patriarch if you have enough contribution points!”

“Contribution points?”

Lu Li asked with a frown, “Brother Liu Yun, how can we obtain contribution points?”

“There are three ways!”

Liu Yun was a kind person. Maybe, he did not now about Lu Li's situation, or maybe, he did not care about Lady Dan. “First, you can join in battles. For example, our sect can be in a battle with another sect. You will obtain contribution points based on your merits in the battles. The second way is to forging artifacts. You can submit the Relics you can forge for contribution points. The third way is to make other contributions to the sect. For example, you can create a new way to forge artifacts, or you can develop a new formation, or maybe, you make a name for our sect outside. Anyways… patriarchs will discuss and grant you contribution points when you do something helpful to the sect.”

“Okay, sure~”

Lu Li nodded. He knew better now. Liu Yun continued, “Of course, if you make a mistake, your contribution points will be deducted. If you have no contribution point and are deducted over one hundred contribution points in one go, you will be evicted from the sect.”

“Besides! Our sect has a strict hierarchy. You are registered disciples, if you can make some contributions and collect 10 points, you will be promoted to formal disciples immediately. As formal disciples, you can enjoy a salary of contribution points each year. When your contribution points reach one thousand, you can become outer disciples and ten thousand points will make you core disciples. When you have one hundred thousand points, you can become a hall master or a commander and one million points will make you a patriarch. When you have 10 million points, you will be a major patriarch! Currently, there are merely three major patriarchs in our sect and they are only second to the Chief.”

“Oh, I see…”

Lu Li stood up and clasped his hands. Liu Yun had educated them about the basics. Without him, Lu Li would not even know who could give him such a suggestion.

“Here in the sect, we do not use Divine Sources, only contribution points!”

Liu Yun continued, “If you want to learn to forge artifacts, apart from studying with Patriarch Gu, you will have to teach yourselves. When you have contribution points, you can borrow books in the library and go to Hall of Vessels to get materials and stoves to practice on your own. Disciples have not the right to teach others about forging artifacts. Only patriarchs or hall masters or deputy hall masters can do so… Do not worry, though. Based on past experience, the new disciples can only begin to learn to forge artifacts in three to five years…”

“Three to five years?”

Lu Li frowned. It was hard to make a rise in the sect. Luckily, he had a collection of books that belonged to Tian Lingzi. In recent years, he could learn on his own. If Patriarch Gu would not teach him, he could teach himself secretly.

“Though it is going to be difficult, everything will be readily solved when I become a master craftsman!”

Lu Li gave himself a pep talk. If he could become a master craftsman, n.o.body would dare to kill him even when he went to Cabinet of Cloud.

By then, he could earn more Divine Sources than he could use and he could ask many people to search for Lu Ling. He could post a reward for the death of G.o.d of Wings. Maybe, he could hire people to finish Yan Tiangang. He could go back to Earth Imperial Universe by taking the Teleportation Formation of s.p.a.ce-time Office so as to take Jiang Qiling, Bai Qiuxue and Bai Xiashuang here…

“Lay low for 10 years and soar up into the sky with one start!”

Lu Li set a target. Everything he was doing and every piece of pain he suffered was so he could have a promising future, and control his own life in the Divinity.

The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 1280

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