The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 1284 - Lightning Trigger

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Chapter 1284: Lightning Trigger

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Lu Li was surprised to see the oval ball Lady Dan held in her hand. Wasn't this the Relic that Patriarch Gu failed to make the other day? How come Lady Dan also had it?

"Good heavens. Put that away!"

Long Yunhai and the others were shocked to see Lady Dan taking out the Lightning Trigger. Yang Rui and the others on the ground soon moved to the side.

Long Yunhai said with worry, "Do not play with this. You can kill a mighty warrior. Once you induce lightning, all of us will be reduced to dust."

"Look at you!"

Lady Dan put away the oval ball and said, "I am not an idiot. Why would I use it when there is no enemy around? I have used it once before. The sphere of effect can only cover an area with a radius of one-third of a mile. We will all be fine as long as I can throw further than one-third of a mile."

"I still don't think you should use it."

Long Yunhai breathed heavily. "Sister Dan, please, let us go down and hide. There is a battle going on. You will be scolded by the patriarchs if you go there." He had to force a smile.


Lady Dan pouted. Jiang Xuelian put away the Beast of the Void and Long Yunhai did so as well. The group flew to the ground.

On the ground, Lady Dan and the others put away their unicorns as well. They must have some interspatial Relics. But then again, considering they were young ladies from the Chamber of Relics, they must have more Relics than they could use.

They found a piece of woods to hide. Lu Li was merely several miles away from them. The battle in the depth of the mountain had not come to an end yet so Lu Li was afraid to go and look.

"Where should I hide?"

After much thought, Lu Li decided to go toward Lady Dan's hiding place.

He was not interested in staying close to the pretty ladies. It was just that to hide near them was better for him. Once the enemies came, they would notice Lady Dan and Long Yunhai first so that Lu Li could have the time to escape.

He even thought about going into the depth of the mountain and discovering a place to hide next to the patriarchs. After all, to follow a group of patriarchs would be much safer. However, there was a battle going on. Lu Li would not go there on a suicidal mission. For now, it was safer to stay with Lady Dan.

He snuck over and made absolutely no sound. Inside the wood, he found a ditch. Then, he took out the Wicked Bead and got in. The Wicked Bead landed inside the ditch.

"Please, do not let Ling Wanjian come here!"

Lu Li prayed. As long as Ling Wanjian was not here, he should be fine because he was surrounded by disciples from the Chamber of Relics. The average mighty warriors would not end up well when facing this group.

"Well, if Ling Wanjian were to come toward me in person, once he was detected, not only him, even the Cabinet of Cloud would be in big trouble."

Lu Li was still wondering what kind of method the enemies would use. Or, maybe, this was just all in his head and the enemies' target was not him.

"Blood Fairy, how far can your tentacles reach? How many do you have?"

Lu Li asked, all of a sudden. She replied, "I have recovered. I have hundreds of tentacles and the longest one can reach three miles."

"Good. Pierce into the ground for two miles and then spread your tentacles out to sense the movement on the ground!"

Lu Li ordered. Somehow, he felt that if the enemies were coming to him, they might go from underground.

The reason was that on the ground, there were many disciples of Chamber of Relics and the enemies could be exposed.

Blood Fairy secretly reached out her tentacles from the Wicked Bead. Since Blood Fairy did not have a tangible body, she made no noise. Lu Li was about a mile away from Lady Dan so they would not notice.

Blood Fairy's tentacles were two miles into the ground and then they spread out. The tentacles did not have a tangible body, either, so they did not cause any disturbance on the ground.

Lu Li waited quietly. He could still hear the loud noises of explosion coming from the depth of the mountain, as well as someone yelling. He could not help but feel nervous.

Lu Li believed that Patriarch Gu and the other patriarchs were strong and quite a number of them must be mighty warriors. Were the enemies strong or were they overwhelming in number? Why couldn't a group of mighty warriors defeat the enemies?

"Master, some people are coming, from underground. There must be at least 10 of them. I did not dare to check carefully lest they notice me."

A moment later, Lu Li heard Blood Fairy say so. He told her to come back at once. He came out from the Wicked Bead and stole his way toward Lady Dan.

About 10 enemies? No matter how many there were, as long as there were not mighty warriors among them, the enemies could not see through the Cloaking Armor and Lu Li would be safe.

But he could never be too careful. He moved closer to Lady Dan. When the enemies came, the large group Lady Dan was in would attract attention, which would make him that much safer.

Lady Dan and the others were hiding in the woods but none of the young ladies appeared to be nervous. They must fear nothing and no one. But they lacked experience in battles. They probably just a.s.sumed that n.o.body dared to hurt them…

On the contrary, Long Yunhai was on alert, compared with Lady Dan. He and the other young masters checked around them. Yet n.o.body paid attention to the underground.

Lu Li stopped while he was two-thirds of a mile away from Lady Dan. He used psychic power to check the underground. Soon, he noticed some trembling. If it were not for Blood Fairy, he would not have noticed.

The movement was coming closer. The 10 enemies must be skilled at sneaking. Long Yunhai and the others had not the faintest idea.


Lu Li took out a red leaf and hurled it away. The one single leaf caused a sharp noise in the air.

"Something is happening!"

Long Yunhai stayed alerted. Lady Dan and the others used psychic power to check at once. They were confused to notice a piece of a red leaf but no trace of enemies.

Yet, all of them put on their armors. Lu Li was surprised to see that the Chamber of Relics was vastly wealthy because all the armors were supreme Relics…

"Bang, bang, bang~"

At this moment, the ground burst open as 10 shadows broke out. Lu Li checked. They were 10 dwarfs or more like children.

"They are not humans. They do not have pupils!"

Lu Li checked one of them carefully. Their eyes were white all around. Having no pupils, they all looked quite scary. The 10 dwarfs each held a glowing blue dagger and they came at one person each.

"Pupil-less Monkey!"

Long Yunhai shouted. He hurled a ball into the air and used his saber to cut at one of the monkeys.

"Bang, bang, bang, bang~"

Lady Dan, Jiang Lianxue, and the others were smashed away, all except for Long Yunhai. That being said, none of them sustained heavy injuries, which would be hard anyways given that they were all wearing supreme Relic armors…


The ball Long Yunhai threw into the air burst open. Some noises were rising. Then, Lu Li heard Patriarch Tian's angry shouts, "Pupil-less Monkeys, how dare you target our disciples. We will mobilize an army to eliminate all of you!"

The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 1284 - Lightning Trigger

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