The Invincible Dragon Emperor 970 Bloodshed Among The Beast Gods

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Lu Li had thought that their trip to the Paleo-beast Realm would only take several months. They would return in secrecy upon killing a couple of Nine-clawed Silver Dragons.

However, it had been almost two years and he was trapped several times. Lu Li was depressed and he had been harboring some anger.

Now… he wanted to vent that anger.

The Wicked Bead had a new function. In addition, the Wicked Bead's speed and defensive power had both been reinforced. Its speed increasingly faster and could compare to a warrior at the later stage of the Semi-G.o.d Realm. Not even Master of Silver Dragon could keep up with the Wicked Bead. If the Master of Ten-winged Wolf had reached the stage of Mythical Creature-to-be, he might be able to.

Therefore, Lu Li had no more concern. He wanted to commence the slaughter and kill the Beast G.o.ds one by one before he returned to the Heaven Reverse Universe.


Lu Li's words infuriated the masters. Master of Silver Dragon changed to his beast form, emitting strong energy. He dashed toward the Wicked Bead quickly and struck at it with his tail forcefully.

"Ha, ha!"

Lu Li would not be so idiotic as to stay on the spot, waiting to be struck. After all, much energy in the Wicked Bead had been spent. It was true that the Wicked Bead could absorb energy from heaven and earth automatically, but that would require time.

The Wicked Bead moved. It glided over and dodged Master of Silver Dragon's attack. Then, the Wicked Bead made a dash toward the Beast G.o.ds.


"Master of Haechi, stop the bead!"

"Spread out!"

Master of Ghost Face Spider and Master of Fairy Fox shouted. The Beast G.o.ds spread out. Master of Haechi breathed out the cyan airstream.

"Ha, ha!"

Lu Li laughed. He had been focusing on Master of Haechi with psychic power and ignoring the other Beast G.o.ds. When Master of Haechi moved his mouth, Lu Li immediately steered away from the Wicked Bead and smashed into another Beast G.o.d.


That Beast G.o.d could not have moved away from the Wicked Bead which was tremendously fast. He was pushed by the Wicked Bead forward. The Wicked Bead sped up to the extreme and vanished into the west in a blink.

"Swish, swish~"

Several miles away, Lu Li built a Feather Wind castle to contain the Beast G.o.d. Next, Patriarch of Law Enforcement came out and killed the Beast G.o.d with his rod at once.

"Come on!"

Lu Li flew the Wicked Bead back to where he came from. Masters of Silver Dragon, Ghost Face Spider, Blood Ape, and Spiritual Qiongqii were coming at him in wrath. They were purple with rage to see the Wicked Bead coming back.

"Roar, roar~"

Master of Blood Ape changed back to his beast form, and his robe was torn apart. His body grew until he turned into a gigantic ape. His two red eyes were like two blood moons hanging in the sky. Whenever he stepped forward, there would be two pits on the ground.

"Swish, swish~"

He took out a spiked club with a length of over one thousand feet and hit at the Wicked Bead. From the two glowing horns on the head of the Master of Silver Dragon shot out two thunderbolts. The Master of Ghost Face Spider spat out many cobwebs and attempted to trap the Wicked Bead.

"Ha, ha, ha!"

Lu Li took a sudden turn in the air and flew towards left. All the Beast G.o.ds' plans fell through.

Then, before the Beast G.o.ds could take actions, the Wicked Bead took another turn and smashed away a Beast G.o.d that was at the back of the team.


This time, after merely three miles, Patriarch of Law Enforcement came out and knocked the Beast G.o.d to death. Then, he dashed back into the Wicked Bead, quite decisively.

"Ah, ah—"

That Beast G.o.d should be one of the Blood Apes. Master of Blood Ape was hopping mad to see a member of his own dead. He wielded the spiked club madly and the hills around were flattened to the ground. Dust rose to the sky. The weak beasts were s.h.i.+vering in fear, but they were too afraid to leave…


The Wicked Bead kept charging on. It was too fast and this area was crowded with Beast G.o.ds. Once again, one of them was knocked away.

Lu Li picked the weaker ones of the Beast G.o.ds who could be affected by the Feather Wind and it was easier for Patriarch of Law Enforcement to make the killing move. In this way, he could create panic among the Beast G.o.ds to make their morale drop and enrage the seven masters.

After several rounds, the Wicked Bead inevitably was struck a few times. However, after the third seal was dissolved, both the defensive power and the speed of the Wicked Bead had been improved. Those strikes did not cost much energy. Lu Li was not worried.

The only one he had to pay attention to was the Master of Haechi, whose cyan airstream could trap the Wicked Bead. In that case, Lu Li would have to take the Wicked Bead in a spatial leap which could cost more energy.

"Bang, bang, bang!"

Every time the Wicked Bead came, a Beast G.o.d would be smashed away. And Patriarch of Law Enforcement would kill that Beast G.o.d under the nose of others.

When affected by the Feather Wind, the Beast G.o.ds that were knocked away could not use any defensive skills, which would make them more vulnerable. Patriarch of Law Enforcement was at the Semi-G.o.d Realm. It was not surprising that he could kill those Beast G.o.ds in one move.

Three, five, ten…

Witnessing one Beast G.o.d killed after one another, the masters were boiling with anger while the weaker Beast G.o.ds were seized with terror.

The Wicked Bead was so fast. None of them could catch it. Then again, what could they do even if they could catch the bead? Who could crack it? Not even Master of Haechi could trap the Wicked Bead. Those Beast G.o.ds had lost their will to continue.

They could not defeat the two humans. Staying here, the beasts would be faced with nothing other than death!

That being said… where could they go?

If the two humans could not be defeated, then the Paleo-beast Realm would be faced with disaster. In the future, more human warriors would come since not even those two could not be killed, and every paleo-beast would lose their lives.

Therefore, no beast left. They chased after the Wicked Bead aimlessly and when the Wicked Bead flew by, they attacked madly in a hope to crack it.

"Bang, bang, bang!"

The Wicked Bead came repeatedly, taking away one Beast G.o.d at a time. Eventually, those Beast G.o.ds' heads would be caved in under the rod swung by the Patriarch of Law Enforcement. The Beast G.o.ds' bodies fell to the ground.

"That is not acceptable!"

An hour later, the masters finally came back to their senses. They could not go on like this. They were only sending the Beast G.o.ds to death by letting them stay here. The Beast G.o.ds could not escape the Wicked Bead's attack and they would be killed sooner or later.

"Leave! Everyone leave apart from the masters!"

The Master of Silver Dragon roared savagely. The Beast G.o.ds were relieved and escaped to different directions. But Lu Li did not want to let them go. He chased after them and the seven masters followed Lu Li.

Lu Li killed four Beast G.o.ds and then suddenly, the Wicked Bead suddenly stopped. When the seven masters came, Lu Li spoke. "Do you really think I cannot fight you? Let's see how I kill you one by one!"

Among the seven masters, only three were Mythical Creature-to-be and the rest were only comparable to Earth Immortal Realm warriors, or the peak of the Earth Immortal Realm at best. For Lu Li, taking their lives was not difficult at all.

He had another card in his hand. The Dragon Demon was threatening, and Lu Li believed that the Dragon Demon was not weaker than the Master of Silver Dragon. Given the chance, he could capture or kill the seven masters.

If there was no such chance, then he would create one!

The Invincible Dragon Emperor 970 Bloodshed Among The Beast Gods

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