The Invincible Dragon Emperor 971 Stratagem In The Open

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How to create such a chance? The masters of the seven major species should be separated. If that could be done, Lu Li was confident that he could end the Master of Silver Dragon.

The Wicked Bead flew toward the masters of the seven major species and took an abrupt turn in the air toward Master of Spiritual Qiongqi.


Master of Haechi opened his mouth and breathed out cyan airstream toward the area in front of Master of Spiritual Qiongqi. Lu Li had no other choice but to swerve.


"Hiss, hiss~"


Masters of Silver Dragon, Ghost Face Spider, and Fairy Fox took actions. This time, since they were close, the Wicked Bead could not get away and was struck.

Only… surprisingly, the Wicked Bead was knocked away. It crashed into a hill thirty miles away and the hill caved in.


Master of Silver Dragon was stunned. No matter how hard they tried, the Wicked Bead could not be harmed. What made it crash all of a sudden? Was the energy running low?


The Wicked Bead pierced through the hill and flew out from the other side into the distance. It had slowed down.

"Go after them!"

Masters of Silver Dragon and Ghost Face Spider were suspecting that this was an act put together by Lu Li. But what if it weren't?

There was a kindle of hope that rose in the heart of Master of Silver Dragon. If the energy in the Wicked Bead was thinning down, then the moment to crack the Wicked Bead was now.

The Wicked Bead had slowed down to its previous speed, comparable to that of the Master of Silver Dragon, Master of Fairy Fox and Master of Ghost Face Spider. The three of them could keep up with the Wicked Bead. The other four masters were a bit slower and among them, only Master of Ten-winged Wolf could keep up.

This time, the Wicked Bead never took turns and kept flying in a straight line. Soon, the masters heard Lu Li's chilling voice, "Stop hunting me down! Or else, I will slaughter your disciples and wipe out the Paleo-beast Realm."

Masters of Silver Dragon, Ghost Face Spider, and Fairy Fox looked at each other. Instead of getting worried, they were delighted. They were more convinced that the energy was not enough in the Wicked Bead now that Lu Li had spoken in such a manner.


The Wicked Bead flew downward and when went past a lair, smashed into it and then swaggered off after thousands of beasts were killed.


Master of Silver Dragon snorted. Inside, though, he was wild with joy. He believed this was the last desperate action Lu Li took. Why else would he kill the average beasts as a threat?

Whoosh, whoos.h.!.+

The masters were at Lu Li's heels. The Wicked Bead fled and would smash into some lairs and caves every now and then. But not once did the Wicked Bead turn back. Master of Silver Dragon grew more pa.s.sionate. He believed the Wicked Bead would be cracked in a few days.

Two hours later!

Given how fast the Wicked Bead was, they had crossed millions of miles in two hours. Masters of Spiritual Qiongqi, Blood Ape, and Haechi could not keep up any more. They were lagging behind further and further away from the Wicked Bead. Eventually, they had to drop out.

Master of Silver Dragon knew that Master of Haechi and the other two were not fast enough. That being said, since the Wicked Bead was still moving forward, Master of Silver Dragon could not stop. He made up his mind and pressed on. At the same time, he kept attacking at the Wicked Bead.

"Is this a plot?"

Master of Fairy Fox gazed into the Wicked Bead in front of them, worried. If Lu Li was trying to separate them from the Masters of Haechi, Blood Ape and the others, then the latter could be in danger.

But what could they do even if they were sure this was a plot? Could they stop? Could they let the Wicked Bead fly away? If the Wicked Bead shrank into a stone like the last time, then finding the Wicked Bead would be more than troublesome.

They flew on. An hour later, the Wicked Bead suddenly emitted a bright glow and sped up. Soon, it vanished into the horizon in a blur. In the time for a dozen breaths, Master of Silver Dragon had lost visuals of the Wicked Bead.

"We are fooled! Masters of Haechi, Spiritual Qiongqi, and Blood Ape are in danger!"

Master of Fairy Fox shouted. What she was worried about had become a fact. Lu Li was acting. He was trying to separate them so he could turn back and kill those three.

"Go back!"

Master of Silver Dragon did have a similar suspicion. Anger rose in his eyes. He turned around and flew toward where Master of Haechi was at.

As they had expected…

Not long after they started on their way back, they saw a blur from the west shooting toward where Master of Haechi was at.

They had been in the pursuit for two hours and it would take them at least an hour to get back to Master of Haechi. The Wicked Bead was fast and it would arrive in the time for two incense sticks to burn. In other words—Lu Li had that amount of time to finish.

The time for one breath was enough to tell the life and death between two strong parties. The only thing to rely on was Master of Haechi's own skills. If he could not survive, even with his inherent skills, then the three masters would have stopped breathing by the time Master of Silver Dragon arrived.

"My three masters, do stay where you are!"

Lu Li flew the Wicked Bead as fast as he could. It was not a plot but a great plan. What if Master of Silver Dragon and Master of Fairy Fox had guessed Lu Li's intentions? It was not like they could stop.

All Lu Li hoped now was that Master of Haechi and the other two would not run away. Otherwise, given the size of the Paleo-beast Realm, to find them would be a problem.

The Wicked Bead at its fastest speed could compare to a warrior at the latter stage of the Semi-G.o.d Realm, which was horrifying. In the time for one breath, the Wicked Bead could travel hundreds of miles. In the time for one incense stick to burn, Lu Li could already see some black dots in the horizon.


Lu Li was wild with joy. Master of Haechi and the other two had been trying to follow them. Lu Li said to Patriarch of Law Enforcement at once, "Great-grandpa, only Masters of Haechi, Spiritual Qiongqi, and Blood Ape are out there. We have the time for two incense sticks to burn. Later, try and stall Master of Haechi."

"No problem!"

Patriarch of Law Enforcement was filled with fighting intent. He was a seasoned warrior and could understand Lu Li's plan at once. Golden armor emerged over Patriarch of Law Enforcement's body and he took out the iron rod.


The Wicked Bead flew over and soon was only dozens of miles away from Master of Haechi. Lu Li did not hesitate. The Wicked Bead glowed and Patriarch of Law Enforcement came out who immediately used ninth rank Profound Meaning of darkness.

"Swish, swish~"

Xuan Qi in heaven and earth were surging. Soon, it was dimming down until this area sunk into complete darkness.


Seeing the Wicked Bead coming, Master of Haechi and the other two were filled with apprehension. They changed into their beast forms at once. But before they could take actions, Patriarch of Law Enforcement had already come out, and light had died out.


Lu Li shouted. Patriarch of Law Enforcement sprang to action first. Instead of leveraging the dark elements around him, he used another Profound Meaning and his target was Master of Haechi.


Master of Haechi roared. He could not see clearly and his psychic power was affected. But still, he could judge Patriarch of Law Enforcement's location by hearing and breathed out cyan airstream toward that direction.


As soon as Master of Haechi took actions, Lu Li dashed out from the Wicked Bead and yelled, "Traceless Twister!"

Wind from all sides was gathering toward Lu Li. He became a gentle breeze that was blowing to another direction. At the moment, Lu Li was not slower than Patriarch of Law Enforcement.

"This is a nice Profound Meaning!"

Lu Li's own speed was comparable to the latter stage of the Earth Immortal Realm. With the Profound Meaning of wind trails that he now named Traceless Twister, his speed had been elevated to the level of Semi-G.o.d Realm. He was charging toward Masters of Blood Ape and Spiritual Qiongqi who was behind Master of Haechi.

The Invincible Dragon Emperor 971 Stratagem In The Open

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