Badge In Azure Chapter 1142 - Bloody Canyon (Part 2)

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Chapter 1142: b.l.o.o.d.y Canyon (Part 2)

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The one-mile distance between the tower to the mouth of the canyon was coincidentally within range of the tower’s attack. Eleanor’s attack range was even bigger than that. Nailisi, who was waiting to strike in the canyon, would not be fighting alone.

The mages at Grand Duke Jatan’s side took out a large amount of materials from their s.p.a.ce equipment and began laying out a magic array on the ground.

Rossen the water puppet looked at Sika. “What should we do, Your Highness? If the magic array on the ground is finished, it will be able to fight the tower.”

Sika retorted, “they’re not trying to attack the tower. That array is for cutting off the connection between the tower and the canyon. The guy found our secret and is probably about to attack the canyon. Rossen, take care of the mages. Eleanor, clear the warriors out. No need to hurry. Just take out the high level ones. Sul, Cuisi, get ready to storm the canyon with me. We need to help Nailisi.”

There was no way Rossen would allow the Grand Duke’s mages to keep laying out the array nonchalantly. He began attacking with magic spells. A huge water ball coalesced above the tower, shooting at the Grand Duke’s mages.

The water b.a.l.l.s burned while being conjured. Every single one of them packed level nine power, despite being only level eight spells.

However, even the weakest of the seven mages on the Grand Duke’s side was level nine. The mages all retaliated while putting huge magic s.h.i.+elds to protect the array.

Rossen was in no hurry either, as he was simply buying time. The later the enemy found the pool, the better. When Saleen emerged, it would not matter if none of the enemies were defeated. The Magical Element Tower enabled them to run if they were outmatched.

Furthermore, Saleen would be able to take the people out when he emerged.

Over 500 warriors were grouped into four teams. Over 80 who followed the Grand Duke were among them. They were powerful among the warriors, serving as the main force getting ready to storm the canyon.

Sika said to the water puppet, “Open the window and let Eleanor shoot.”

She was able to tell that while Rossen’s attacks were powerful, the enemy were mages of the same level and they were defending using magic s.h.i.+elds and nullifying Rossen’s attacks with their own attacks.

The magic array was about to be completed. If they intended to back Nailisi up, only Eleanor, who was able to attack at a longer range, would be any help.

How about I go myself? Nah, better not. Screw this up and Saleen will be mad when he gets home.

Rossen nodded and opened a window. Eleanor stood before it and began shooting. The mages’ pressure grew, and no one was able to continue laying the array. Eleanor’s arrows were imbued with skills. The water puppet’s fire b.a.l.l.s continued to hara.s.s them as well.

Both of them worked to hold the seven mages back, two of them being level ten sorcerers.

One of them grew angry, intending to attack Eleanor in the tower, before being stopped by the Grand Duke.

The enemy was buying time. Taking down the magic tower came with a considerable cost. It would suffice to simply cut them off before external backup.

The warriors marched to the canyon, led by their commanders. The canyon was only a mile long. The first hundred of them had just begun to walk when arrows rained down on them from their flanks.

None of the warriors batted an eye. The demons were using crossbows. While the power of the demons’ crossbows was stronger than humans’, shooting from hundreds of meters away meant that they hardly harmed the armor-clad warriors.

The hundred walked without turning their eyes sideways, following their commanders forward. Their state of mind was terrifying.

Any living being would react instinctively to attack, but the warriors simply let the arrows. .h.i.t their bodies without bothering to evade nor defend because their commanders did not issue any other commands.

The demons had no idea what kind of magic armor the warriors were wearing. None of the demons’ crossbows were able to have an effect. The arrows dropped to the ground. Some demons threw their halberds at them.

The halberds were over 200 pounds and were definitely not something magic armor was able to resist.

The sorcerers at the rear continued to lay out the magic array, attempting to cut off the connection between the tower and the canyon.

Eleanor’s eyebrow twitched. She switched to using the lightning arrows and shot three of them, curving around the magic array and heading straight for the canyon. The lightning arrows were imbued with Thundering Sound, blipping in and out of existence as they flew.

They penetrated the barrier above the magic array and hit three of the warriors. They attempted to deflect the arrows using their blades, but were quickly bisected by the lightning arrows.

The power of the lightning arrows surpa.s.sed the capacity of even high level magic armor. They would not be able to avoid Eleanor’s targeting.

“Charge.” Grand Duke Jatan gave the order. 600 of them charged for the canyon with just one word from the Grand Duke.

The mages laying out the magic array saw that the tower was still able to provide backup. The restless level ten mages turned to look at the Grand Duke, who nodded his permission. The mage shot into the air, a short staff appearing in his hand.

He conjured an enormous fire dragon; the dragon’s tail alone was ten meters long. It headed straight for the spot that Eleanor stood.

The fire dragon moved at a frightening speed, so Eleanor was only able to shoot one arrow before having to shut the window. Rossen was startled. The fire dragon’s speed surpa.s.sed mages considerably.

If the attack were used against human opponents, no mage below level ten would be able to dodge.

When the Magical Element Tower was sealed off, opening it from outside required the tower’s master’s permission. Opening it through brute force would require power of astronomical proportions. The fire dragon rammed into the tower, causing it to rattle violently, but no one in the tower was worried.

The fire dragon was an element creature refined and made into equipment and stored within the magic staff. It was no wonder that they did not bat an eye at the tower—having a mage equipped with such a powerful elemental puppet meant that they had no need to fear.

The fire dragon did not know pain. Its head was crooked after ramming into the tower, but it quickly recovered. The four huge claws clung to the tower and refused to let go, breathing fire.

Common magic towers would not last for even minutes when subjected to such attacks.

The battle raged on in the canyon. Nailisi did not place many demons on the mountains at the canyon’s flanks, and most demons were bad at shooting. Seeing the first team of warriors charging into the canyon, Nailisi licked her lips and summoned a huge bone demon.

The bone demon was a trans.m.u.ted form of a demon. Demons did not usually become spirits when they die, and only Nailisi, a luoluokaluo who possessed peculiar bloodlines, was able to summon something so special. There were hundreds of spirits right behind the bone demon, charging at the incoming warriors.

The sides clashed and shrieks were heard.



The warriors’ curved blades cut one spirit after another into pieces. They all possessed formidable skill in combat. Other than the few more powerful ones at the bone demon’s side, none of the spirits was able to put up a fight against the warriors.

The bone demon was held back by the commander among the warriors. Nailisi continued to watch in the dark. She was not concerned at all for the spirits; she was concerned about the warriors’ combat prowess instead.

Among the hundred of the warriors, the one who took the lead was at least a silver grand swordmaster’s caliber. How could this be?

It was probably power due to forceful enhancement. Nailisi calculated for a bit and found that there was a golden grand swordmaster in the lead.

While she was able to take out a team of such formidable powers on her own, she wondered if she would exhaust all of her powers if she took on two of the teams.

If the people possessed the power of the temple knights, the silver grand swordmasters would all be turned into golden grand swordmasters, and the golden grand swordmaster’s power would be raised to true might level. Such skills usually cost life force, but it did not seem that any of them would mind.

Their fates were sealed from the moment of their birth. None of them were destined for a good ending.

Nailisi sighed and summoned the last batch of spirits. They were over 400 of them, and they all charged forward. She took a bone spear and hid in the spirits, disguising herself into something weak.

The spirits were in chaos. They did not look like an army when commanded by Nailisi. She missed the Winged Skull. Even Aini would be better at commanding spirits than she was.

If Aini took command, the spirits would bring out the best of the advantage in numbers, killing over half of the incoming enemy warriors.

Nailisi’s skeleton king form suppressed her powers and charged at the golden grand swordmaster of the first team, covered by the spirits around her. There was no soul flame in her eye sockets. Her black, empty eyes looked at the golden grand swordmaster as she thrust her spear.

The huge bladed s.h.i.+eld in the golden grand swordmaster’s hand sent two spirits flying before blocking her attack. The bone spear penetrated the magic s.h.i.+eld with a crack, shooting black liquid at the golden grand swordmaster’s mask. The mask dissolved in seconds.

The grand swordmaster shrieked eerily and shot golden light, but was unable to dispel the poison’s damage.

It was not poison from the spirits, but something Nailisi concocted using the magic bugs.

Nailisi penetrated the magic s.h.i.+eld with one thrust of the spear, killing the golden grand swordmaster. She realized something. The golden grand swordmaster had just advanced. His power was at the pinnacle due to the formations they took.

The warriors behind him were providing him with power.

The warriors’ formation paled in comparison to the Heaven Knights.

She would have enough to spare to deal with the Grand Duke even after taking out all of them! Nailisi made a decision and began summoning demons. The 12 Notes of First Purgatory was opened and demons walked out of it in great strides.

“Kill them all!” Nailisi took her devil form. Her height reached well over ten meters, and she had three heads and four arms. Nailisi did not bother hiding her strength, leading the charge of the demons at her enemies.

The canyon was quickly stained with blood. The warriors clashed with Nailisi and two supreme demons head on. Huge halberds came down from above, not even stopping for the weapons wielded by the warriors.

Nailisi was trading the demons’ lives for the heads of the warriors. The warriors had exceptional fighting prowess and were better at fighting, but the sheer force brought by the demons worked exceptionally well in the narrow canyon.

Every single thrust with Nailisi’s Grey Memory took the life of a warrior. She kept control of her power and prevented things from turning into a one-sided slaughter. Grand Duke Jatan watched it unfold at the end of the canyon. When all of the warriors died, then the true battle would begin.

The blood of the demons mixed with the warriors. The crossing of blue and red came with a disgusting stench.

Badge In Azure Chapter 1142 - Bloody Canyon (Part 2)

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