Trafford's Trading Club Chapter 412: In Front Of The Door

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Brother Xiaosheng couldn't stand staying at the club... At the moment, he was submerged in a tank of water on the top floor. He only jumped out of the water tank when the water started boiling. Brother Xiaosheng was wondering who that woman was... who made him end up in such a pathetic state.

"Ha, where did she come from?" Brother Xiaosheng squatted on the top floor. He knew all the super monsters but haven't seen her before. As for ghosts...he knew a water ghost who named himself a Fengdu Ghost King but that was actually only in name.

"I need to ask Long Xiruo someday. Ha, maybe I can also go for a cupping therapy?" He pulled out one hair and rubbed it before giving it a blow. Then, the hair turned into a misty mirror.

"Ha, well-done, let me see what you..." The mirror cracked before he even finished his words.

The cracked mist was blown to his face. He wiped his eyes, blinking, "Ha, it was discovered..."

Then, Brother Xiaosheng jumped from a building to the next as if leaping through a jungle. He planned to go home... to change clothes and get a haircut.

Su Zijun sat with her back straight in front of Gui Qianyi... and shaking her legs.

As the manager of the Elysian Fields, Gui Qianyi managed to remember her manners. But he chose to shut up when making eye contact with that troublesome girl. He sighed, thinking that the king would jump out of the coffin if he saw her behavior now.

Suddenly, Su Zijun opened her eyes. Gui Qianyi was drenched in cold sweat, "Princess, what are your orders?"

"It's time to give me an answer." Su Zijun frowned, "Give me the answer now, I am not willing to stay here for another minute!"

"But the person we sent out hasn't returned yet, I have no choice,too?" Gui Qianyi wiped his sweat away, "Please wait a moment, my princess. Or I can find some food for you? Is the blood of female Lynx baby monster OK?"

"No." Su Zijun stopped shaking and stood up, "I need to go now, just inform me once you got the results!"

"Yes, my princess." Gui Qianyi put his hands together and bowed to Su Zijun sincerely. "Bye, My dear princess."

"Don't say 'Bye' to me, I can leave myself!" Then she left immediately. At that moment, a middle-aged waiter came in, "Manager, we found some clues." He looked at Su Zijun strangely... he was new here and hadn't met her before. However, the manager treated her respectfully.

"Any news?" Gui Qianyi nodded with a smile, "Then..."

"Say what you want!" Su Zijun interrupted Gui Qianyi with a command.

The waiter nodded without hesitation, "Some monsters told me that Shu You did come here last night, but he left later."

"By himself or with others?" Su Zijun asked.

The waiter answered, "He was alone. But a Long-Horned Beetle Monster said that he had seen Shu You near his home when it was drunk."

"Where was his home?"

"It was at a hill in the suburbs with no name."

"Really?" Su Zijun was serious.

"Yes!" The waiter nodded... he felt tense although she was just a girl.

Su Zijun said after a while, "Where was that Long-Horned Beetle?"

"He was drinking downstairs." The waiter smiled, "He was poor but got rich recently. This can be seen from how he orders expensive dishes these days frequently."

"Bring him to see me." Su Zijun nodded and then frowned. She changed her mind, "No, lead me to him, time... is limited." After that, she jumped from the window to the bar, Gui Qianyi and waiter had no time to react.

She landed on the ground in an elegant gesture without hurting anyone. But the customers in the bar heard the sound. All the people... all the monsters looked at her.

The Ghost Baby was guarding Little b.u.t.terfly when he saw Su Zijun. He stepped forward and asked, "Big sister, did that old turtle offend you?"

"He dares not." Su Zijun said and looked around the bar, "Who is Long-Horned Beetle? Stand out, I need some info from you."

The other monsters were all confused except for one retreating backwards. Su Zijun snorted, "I found you." She disappeared and then showed up in the other corner of the bar.

"Who is she... she seems powerful?" A tipsy buffalo rubbed his eyes.

"I don't know, but she seems o have a strong scent of blood?"

The monsters were in a discussion as the DJ turned off the music. Su Zijun was dragging a monster the same size as her with a single hand... This guy was trying to escape with his feet being off the ground.

"Who are you? I have never offended you... release me." This Long-Horned Beetle Monster said with fear... He felt his heart beating fast.

"Tell me where you live and when you saw Shu You. In return, I can provide you with free food and accommodations for the next one month."

"Deal!" Long-Horned Beetle Monster got interested immediately.

"You wait for me outside." Su Zijun said to Long-Horned Beetle quickly and pushed him out of the bar. She turned back, "Let's go, Little b.u.t.terfly... Where is she?" She frowned as she didn't see Luo Dance at all.

"Ghost Baby, where is she?"

"Er?" Ghost Baby looked around subconsciously, "Er... Big sister, I saw her being here just now. Is that possible that she escaped herself just now? Or she might have hid somewhere."

Su Zijun frowned and took a sniff... there were so many monsters so she couldn't smell out her scent.

"Big sister?"

"We didn't have enough time. Listen, you must take well care of her if she is still here. If anybody hurts her, just slice them into bits no matter who they are!"

"Got it!"

Later, Su Zijun disappeared immediately... Ghost Baby knew that she had left in a hurry since the boss of the Elysium Bar had come back.

A shadow was standing on the blank board on the top of the bar. He was overlooking the scene with his hands open, "Ha, Zijun, my love? Did you come back? I can't control my beating heart... where is she?"

"Boss, your pants fell..."

Tai Yinzi was worried if he would be punished by Master when he saw the goods purchased by Master ---He certainly knew what it was inside as a rock fan.

But Tai Yinzi behaved himself with his head lowered. He walked and kept ten meters away from Luo Qiu. Why didn't he walk with his master? Because his master was walking with Miss. Maid... in the quiet street at midnight.

"It's pretty nice to have a walk like this." Luo Qiu was looking at the night scene.

He was just showing the basic courtesy by sending his female companion home after the concert. He said that tonight, You Ye was a partner, different from a servant.

"Master, here we are." You Ye turned back after seeing the door of the club... This was her first time being sent home.

Luo Qiu smiled and looked at the front, "I didn't think we would have a guest."

"Yes." Miss. Maid smiled and looked along his line of sight.

They saw Little b.u.t.terfly staggering toward them. She was carrying a bottle with a rigid smile on her tipsy face. Her wings deployed fully... while hiccupping.

You Ye smiled, "She seemed to be drunk."

The Little b.u.t.terfly then lurched toward them.

Trafford's Trading Club Chapter 412: In Front Of The Door

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