Throne of Magical Arcana Chapter 517 - The Preparation

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Chapter 517: The Preparation

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Camil’s face was rather cold, but her eyes were s.h.i.+ning with wisdom. She said straightforwardly,

“You’re always happy when you see him. You always share lots of topics with him, but you still feel good even if you two are not talking. Simply being with each other is sweet enough. And you keep mentioning him when talking to me.”

“You fancy him turning into a female. Is that normal?”

“For him, you chose not to stop the night watchers; For him, you faced great dangers and temporarily put aside your responsibilities. You distracted Prince Dracula for him; you protected him from DemiG.o.d-lich. You call yourself his friend?”

Natasha was totally shocked, “But… but he’s a man. I’ve been helping him because we are good friends!”

Camil’s blue eyes stared at Natasha until Natasha started feeling a bit uneasy, “True. You’re a knight and you help your friends. But how have you been feeling? You were once in love before, so you should be able to tell.”

Natasha started walking back and forth in the room restlessly.

Suddenly, she strode towards the door.

“Wait!” Camil did not expect this. She was worried that if Natasha would do something extreme, say, killing Lucien or hurting herself.

Camil softened her voice to comfort her, “Natasha, love comes regardless of s.e.x. You always told yourself this, right? It just happened that you fell in love with a woman, but this time, it’s a man. Don’t panic.”

As she was saying this, Camil was also a bit worried. She was worried if she just picked the wrong time to tell Natasha everything, if she would disappoint the grand duke.

Natasha slowly turned around, but the look on her face was full of joy.

Her eyes looked gentle and her cheeks flushed. There was great excitement between her brows. At this moment, she looked absolutely stunning.

Camil was so surprised that she became speechless. She felt that Natasha had somehow changed.

After encountering DemiG.o.d-lich, Natasha kept falling into confusion from time to time. But now, probably because she had found her new target, Natasha was no more at loss, instead, her eyes were s.h.i.+ning with determination!

Natasha grinned, “Aunt Camil, don’t worry about me. I’ll work hard for my own happiness!”

“What…?” Now it was Camil’s turn to feel lost.

Did Natasha already accept the fact within such a short period of time?

Natasha’s clenched her right hand, she said with great determination, “I’m a knight. I don’t dodge when there’s a problem. I seek solutions.”

Her voice gradually rose,

“My faith is to move forward, forward, forever. I’m going to defeat all the barriers in front of me!”

“No matter how he will respond to this, I’ll not yield. I’m gonna tell him how I feel about him, defeat him, conquer him!”

That was the declaration from Natasha.

Camil should have thought about this as well. And so she had kind of expected this result.

Natasha grinned. Her left hand reached into her pocket. The small laurel box containing the G.o.dhood of the G.o.d of Love and Beauty was in it.

Natasha decided to be the one to solve the problem.

Lucien did not have to a.n.a.lyze Evans’ Freezing Ray since he was the one who created the spell. After managing to control the fast-growing spiritual power, Lucien had built the structural model of the spell within his soul and became a seventh circle sorcerer.

Pus.h.i.+ng open the window, watching the garden s.h.i.+ning in the warm sunlight, Lucien’s heart was full of joy. He was becoming stronger and stronger, the situation of the world was now relatively settled, and the lady he loved had come all the way to him. Although there were still many difficulties, things were heading to the positive side.

The monocle he was wearing was getting a bit hotter. Knowing that someone was contacting him, Lucien turned it on.

“Lucien, you know where I am right now?” It was Natasha’s voice.

Lucien smiled, “You can’t be in Allyn, right?”

“Haha, I’m at Holm Royal Magic Tower.” said Natasha proudly.

Lucien was quite surprised, “Holm Royal Magic Tower? You don’t care about the Church? They may overreact to it.”

“No worries. I have to comfort the Liberals here, for what happened. It was the Church’s bad, and they have to understand and support me.” said Natasha half jokingly using the tone of a queen.

Words escaped Lucien’s lips, “Then on June 25th can you…”

“On June 25, are you available…” Natasha asked him simultaneously.

They both stopped, and smiled.

According to the custom in this world, birthday celebration lasted for more than an entire day, from the night before to the next early morning.

Lucien rubbed his chin and the smile on his face was big, “I’m always available when the queen asks.”

“Great. Then on June 25th, at Holm Royal Magic Tower, I’ll celebrate your birthday with you,” said Natasha cheerfully, “I’ve known you for so many years, but I never got a chance to do so.”

After they ended the call, Lucien walked back and forth in his room excitedly. He wielded his right fist in the air out of great excitement.

“One more step forward.” Lucien said to himself.

He could not sit down. Thoughts flashed through his mind. He believed that Natasha also had some feelings toward him. Maybe he should try to make a breakthrough.

Lucien decided to write it down – his plan:

“Target: To be with the girl I am in love with.”

“Step 1: Prepare good ingredients and make a couple of good Chinese dishes.”

“Step 2: Arrive at Holm Royal Magic Tower earlier. Make things romantic using candles, piano, and wine.”

“Step 3: Lead the topic and try to see how Natasha will respond. Three choices available: Keep trying, speak it out, and temporarily stop.”

“Step 4: Details – If Natasha doesn’t like it, stay back but don’t give up. Take more time to build it up. If Natasha’s att.i.tude remains ambiguous, keep talking about our past experience and building stronger connections. When things are right, seize the chance and speak it out.”

“Notes: What to prepare”

“First, Natasha fancies sweet and main courses that are tender and juicy. She doesn’t mind spicy and less common food. So the dishes can include sweet and sour fish, sautéed lamb liver, roast suckling pig, honey pumpkin, etc, depending on what ingredients are available.”

“Second, get a piano and a violin ready. The music has to be romantic, but For Silvia and Exodus should be strictly forbidden in case sad memories triggered. Music list includes Marriage d’amour, Ballade pour Adeline, Canon In D Major..”

“Third, write down all the possible questions and get prepared…”

Lucien wrote a lot, like he was doing an experiment. He thought really hard, trying to find anything that he missed.

Lucien read the plan line by line. Then he started considering what might happen if his plan did work out. He felt the muscles in his arm and chest. Obviously, they were not very impressive, compared to that of the knight.

Lucien smacked his lips, slightly frowning.

“I gotta get prepared for this, too.”

Ten minutes later, Lucien had arrived at Allyn Advanced Arcana Library. His face flus.h.i.+ng, his throat a big dry, Lucien said to the alchemical life,

“Umm… I just… Umm… Pink Book, please.”

After seeing the sorcerers from the royal family, Natasha walked to the top floor of the magic tower using the excuse to take a rest. But she walked to the entrance of Hathaway’s demiplane, with a big, sweet smile on her face.

Her left hand was still gently stroking the small laurel box in her pocket. She had hope in her mind. She believed that when he chose to wear the ring, all the barriers between them would disappear.

Lucien was good looking. If he became a lady, he must be gorgeous. She had to keep a close watch on her girl, in case someone would steal her.

That was what Natasha was thinking to herself.

But her left hand touched something cold. The big smile kind of froze on her face.

It was Pale Justice.

“I am a man.” said Lucien seriously. He once said this to Natasha.

The memories rushed back to her and filled her mind.

He was the black-haired, young man whose talent dazzled the audience;

He was that gentleman who she could talk to all day long about any topics without any stress or pressure.

He was the man that had great determination who never put her down from his back in the dark forest even when facing the greatest danger;

He was the resolved explorer who left Aalto for his magic dream;

He was that smart sorcerer who was always resourceful when DemiG.o.d-lich was chasing after them;

He was her knight, who cared about her, made fun of her, and stood in front of her.

Natasha stood where she was for a while. Then with a soft smile on her face, she turned around and left before she entered Element Paradise, Hathaway’s demiplane.

The small laurel box had also been put into the bottom layer of her storage pouch.

Throne of Magical Arcana Chapter 517 - The Preparation

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