Throne of Magical Arcana Chapter 619 - The Insane Defense

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Chapter 619: The Insane Defense

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

In Temple of Spirits, there were many primordial mummies, but there was only one wearing a gold crown.

That was the king of the primordial mummies, a level-three legendary, the dominator of the fringe area of the temple. It was immune to any spells lower than legendary level, and even some legendary ones!

If one did not know any specific spells that worked or have some particular blood powers, facing this thing would be great pain, even worse than facing a top legendary. As no attack would work at all.

Lucien recalled the pages he had read from before, “The King of Primordial Mummy, afraid of divine light, Sun power, and super-high temperature fire; Not immune to Luxury Cracking and Advanced Time Stop; High level of defense against physical weapon hacking…”

Ticking, ticking… the black second hand of the pocket watch ticked again and again. Lucien did not leave the mummy any chance to make a sound or attack.

Then his thumb pressed down.

Click. The black second hand stopped, and then the world lost its color only grey and white were left. The movement of the primordial mummy froze, as if it was in another s.p.a.ce.

Lucien could not cast Cracking (Advanced). Although he could try Hand of Uncertainties, he did not believe that was going to do much help. After all, he was two levels lower than the mummy.

He a.s.sumed that his Sword of Truth could only break one layer of the mummy’s defense. In other words, the sword could not really hurt the mummy. Although Sword of Truth was very powerful, its power would still fade after breaking layers of defense.

Also, since the mummy was immune to most legendary spells in Necromancy, Congus Ring could also be quite useless here in terms of attacking.

Immune to death spells and destruction spells, the mummy also would not take Grandeur Obliteration.

Lucien quickly ran through the magic spell list to see what he could use here. The moment when he pressed the b.u.t.ton, he had been ready to start developing his tactic.

“Elemental Order.”

The spell was cast. In the past several months, Lucien had improved his Elemental Order to legendary level based on Elements Resolve. It was due to the limit that so far only up to four legendary spells could be constructed in his Soul that Lucien had to completely sing the long spell, and also using the complex hand gestures for help. If it had not been that the time had been temporarily stopped, the primordial mummy would have had enough time to kill him twice.

After adding Hand of Uncertainties and Elemental Order, the time-cease effect had approached the end. In the last second, Lucien cast Baler’s Transformation and pulled out Sword of Truth. He then fiercely wielded the sword at the primordial mummy.

Silver light flashed.

Colors resumed. Black of the walls recovered. Pale yellow of the bandages recovered.

Suddenly, countless colorful light spots burst out of the mummy’s body and the tawny-colored bandages quickly resolved. Layer by layer, however, the black rotten flesh was still not yet revealed.

The silver light cut in, and then the primordial mummy released the most bitter howling ever,


The awful howling instantly penetrated most of Lucien’s defense spells, making his head painfully buzzing.

This was the horrible power of this level-three legendary monster!

In front of the mummy’s chest, some of the bandages were finally cut into two pieces. The iron-black rotten flesh now had a deep cut in it, and the cut had the power to prevent the rotten flesh from growing back. The tawny dead body oil, giving out the awful, disgusting odour, dropped onto the floor, eating in the floor tiles because of its horrible causticity.

However, the cut was still not deep enough. Lucien speculated that the mummy should be killed with at least another five or six same hacks adding on the existing wound.

But even with the power as a level-one legendary knight after transformation, this one single strike was already Lucien’s full strength. There was no way that he could add another five or six to it – He was not fast enough!

Unless… unless he used Advanced Time Stop. But that would make Moon Timer take a whole day to recover. Lucien would lose his most powerful tool to survive in this dark temple.


Dark miasma permeated out of the cut and covered it. Layers of defenses were added again.

Lucien felt frustrated, not only by how troublesome the mummy was, but also about his own indecision. If he could not survive here, there would be no more future. If he had seized the chance and continued the attack by using Time Stop, he could have probably killed the monster already! But now, he had to start all over again!

The defense of the monster was totally insane!

At this time, the arms of the primordial mummy suddenly reached out and extended. It was totally an unexpected attack to Lucien.

Fortunately, Lucien’s body spontaneously reacted as a legendary knight. His left arm swiftly lifted the small, black s.h.i.+eld.

Bang! The colliding powers stirred the air like water rippling. However, the ripples could not hurt Lucien at all, as if he was in a different dimension!

The primordial mummy suddenly accelerated and split into a few streaks of shadows. The black miasma spread out from its gold crown and filled in the s.p.a.ce, corroding everything.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Lucien had to keep retreating to confront the power. If it had not been the s.h.i.+eld of Truth, Lucien would have already lost his s.h.i.+eld from the beyond-aggressive attacks. However, even so, the s.h.i.+eld had had a few fine cracks on the surface, and the waves in the air were becoming increasingly fierce.

Lucien knew that his spiritual power was far from being fast enough to predict the movement of a level-three legendary. His brain worked fast to a.n.a.lyse what he could do right now.

Baler’s Transformation was only a sixth circle spell, and therefore, it was now showing many problems in a legendary level fight. The willpower frontier transformed by spiritual power could not reached the level of a legendary knight. Facing the primordial mummy, the disadvantages were fatal.


To make the situation worse, more angry and desperate howling followed from behind. The waves of spectres and the legendaries hiding in them had entered the hall.

Lucien suddenly put aside the Sword of Truth in his right hand and grabbed the pocket watch floating in the air following him. His fingers gently stroked it.

Although during transformation, he could not directly cast some of the spells, Lucien could still use his legendary items.

The stroke activated the black second hand, and time was interfered with in this area, suddenly faster and suddenly slower. The primordial mummy was affected.

Moon Timer was a level-two legendary item. With its specific usage, its power was close to level-three. Therefore, it worked well on this primordial mummy!

Seizing the chance, Lucien’s double-breasted suit lit up. A fist-sized, bright ball was released from the magic robe and it shot out at the mummy!


The deafening, horrible blasts carrying rolling flames, white bolts of lightning, and green acid fluid exploded, turning the s.p.a.ce into h.e.l.l.

h.e.l.lish Ball! The ancient legendary spell from the school of elements! A spell integrating the power of flame, lightning, acid, and sound waves!


The primordial mummy burst out with a painful cry. It was lit on fire, and the invisible electromagnetic waves were also burning its body. However, only one-third of its defense was down.

Its defense was insane!

Seeing that it wasn’t really working, Lucien immediately stopped himself from pressing the b.u.t.ton. Putting aside the s.h.i.+eld and removing the transformation, he cast in a low voice,

“Atomic Universe!”

It wasn’t a legendary spell, but a projection of his demiplane, which could interfere with the real world!

In the corridor, a boundless starry sky appeared. Countless elements were following the route of breaking down into pure protons, neutrons, and electrons and then reuniting, from one to a thousand.

The fusion produced a number of huge suns, and the extremely high temperature and dazzling glare was beyond scorching.


The primordial mummy simultaneously lifted its right arm and covered its eyes. Black miasma was being evaporated out of its body.

Atom fusion. Eternal Blaze!

Seeing that, Lucien added a series of instantly-cast spells on himself and flew past the mummy as fast as he could.

The fusion was simulated using the projection of his demiplane, and this was unique to the cla.s.s, Atom Controller. Its power was thus much, much weaker than the true Eternal Blaze, but it was just for intimidating it and creating a chance for Lucien to run for his life.

Lucien did consider that he could seize the chance to initiate another several rounds of attacks, but he decided that he had better run at this point.

Pus.h.i.+ng the gate open, there were two corridors waiting for Lucien to choose. But he did not. Suddenly, he split into two. One for each choice, he kept running.

And then there was another fork in the road. Lucien split again.

After three times, the real Lucien had arrived at a maze-like hall. However, the angry, hoa.r.s.e cursing had also arrived from behind in some distance,

“You’ll never get away!”

d.a.m.n! The primordial mummy’s instinct worked so well! Lucien thought that he had got rid of it because he just cast so many illusionary and astrology spells on his way!

Suddenly, he saw a green beam of light. And there was a gold skull in the air.

It was DemiG.o.d-lich!

Lucien had to be ready for another round of tough fight. But before he could do anything, he saw Klaus.

Now Klaus looked rather serious, and in front of him there was a girl puppet having blond hair.

Within a second, the beautiful puppet changed into a gold skull.

Then Klaus cast,

“Grandeur Obliteration!”

Silently, the gold skull was ground into ashes. At the same time, DemiG.o.d-lich burst out with a bitter cry and was turned into a pile of ash.

Although he had killed his enemy, Klaus could not cheer up at all. His face was very pale. The spell he just used also consumed most of his power and cost him an arm and a leg.

“Lucien?” Klaus was a bit surprised, and then a bitter smile appeared his face, “I wish you weren’t here, Lucien. The thing that’s chasing after you is much more powerful than DemiG.o.d-lich!”

“I’m sorry, Klaus. But there’s nothing I can do,” said Lucien, “but now it’s hard to say if you’re gonna be its new target. I suggest that we work together and put it back to eternal sleep again.”

There was no way that they could keep running and running.

Klaus was a bit speechless, “Do I have a choice?”

Klause could instantly run away, but just as Lucien said, the primordial mummy might turn to chase after him. After all, Klaus was more powerful than Lucien, and thus he was the more dangerous one.

Throne of Magical Arcana Chapter 619 - The Insane Defense

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