Throne of Magical Arcana Chapter 816 - Confirmation

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Chapter 816: Confirmation

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Sensing that it could not be daunted by Lucien who hadn’t even said anything yet, Hypocrisy raised its head and laughed. “Seven authentic top legends, twelve incarnations that are formed through the reverse summoning of the main material world, and countless more lost souls. Lucien Evans, there is no way that you can resist it. No top legend can resist them. Also, you have no escape in this place because your body is still connected to the Gate of Desire!”

Its words sounded half true and half false. There was no telling whether it was shaking Lucien’s confidence or creating a desperate atmosphere, but since it was an external reflection of the mind, such communication did not delay their attack at all. Therefore, together with the laughter of Hypocrisy and the roars of Abhorrence, the transparent, illusionary souls, which were mixed with black, gold, or green negative feelings, lunged at Lucien from various directions.

In the meantime, the primeval devils like Arrogance and Greed also changed their forms, appearing as Fernando, Hathaway, Brook, Lucien, Danisos, and other top legends as they tried to replicate their abilities to attack Lucien. For the primeval devils that did not have real bodies, the top legends who were more like spell casters were more suitable for them to carry out their supernatural powers to affect the mind.

As a result, Lucien was faced with Fernando’s “Furious Storm”, Hathaway’s “Luxury Cracking”, Brook’s “Electromagnetic Decline”, Danisos’ breath of time, Harex’s “Death Vortex”, and his own “Positron Cannon”. Also, such attacks were not simple illusions but carried actual damage!


In the high sky, inside the marvelous realm that the whole world could see.

When Viken absorbed negative feelings and the corrupt souls crazily, making the Desperate World projected by the primeval h.e.l.l darker and more obvious, Vicente’s body suddenly trembled at the edge, and the dim fire in his eye sockets was blackened. However, his face was dead and his muscles had withered a long time ago, making it impossible for him to show any additional expression.

Hehe. Vicente snorted. His body burst out into a cl.u.s.ter of grayness that was full of the scent of death. It revolved in the sky nonstop and opened a black gate that seemed to be made of pure death.


The gate let out a long and distant sigh because it was opened all of a sudden. A black body taller than all giants walked out like a mountain.

Enveloped in the black air, the body seemed to be wearing a misty coat. Through the black air, it could be vaguely seen that it was made of dragons, humans, elves, dwarfs, werewolves, demons, devils, and other intelligent creatures. It emitted enormous and astounding pressure.

The moment it appeared, the intelligent lives in the black air opened their eyes at the same time. As a result, black, transparent shadows appeared in the void, only to be swallowed by the intelligent lives that const.i.tuted the Original Body, before they screamed and became part of it. The intense pain and abhorrence were dwarfed by the everlasting death.

Fernando, Hathaway, the elven queen, and the other top legends cleared the ambush of the primeval devils in their own ways. Douglas, the Silver Moon, and the Lord of h.e.l.l were having a relatively easy time because the dark shadows could not approach them at all.

At this moment, Vicente’s “Original Body” suddenly opened its eyes, and two dim red flames bounced out. Wherever his eyes reached, everything became a dead and cold void. Even the Corrupt Mind and the Desperate World around Viken were gradually stiffened into eternal peace. Only the Blessed Realm was barely affected.

It was the most special ability of the Original Body, known as “Original Stare” or “Stare of the Death”. It was similar to Apsis’ Life Removal but was more powerful, and it was almost on par with the Lord of h.e.l.l’s Life Deprivation.

Under the “Stare of the Death”, one of the defense layers around Viken was immediately dissolved. Only the Blessed Realm was left there standing.

It did not mean that Vicente was as strong as demiG.o.ds. It was only because the legendary product of necromancy plus alchemy was unique and suppressed the corrupt phantoms that did not have real ent.i.ties.

That was also the specialty of magic. By choosing the right magic, it would be possible to resist an enemy that was much more formidable than oneself.

Seeing what the Original Body had achieved, the Lord of h.e.l.l seized the opportunity. He did not say anything but simply raised his gold trident as he commanded the ocean to attack the Blessed Realm.

“Pa.s.sage of the Styx!”

Maltimus did not discuss with Alterna and Demartes because he believed that they would definitely see and grasp the opportunity!

The blue water immediately turned gray. Floating in it were the translucent, dull souls. It flowed from the void and into the void, as if it had penetrated the whole process from life to death.

It was the mysterious Styx, the center of h.e.l.l and abyss! Naturally, the attack was also one of the Lord of h.e.l.l’s most powerful attacks.

At this moment, Douglas seemed to sense that the origin and destiny of the Styx was the Furnace of Souls that he was already very familiar with.

The gray Styx surged to the front of the Blessed Realm without a sound. In the blink of an eye, the ivory, holy light of the Blessed Realm became gray and dim. The exuberant vitality began to fade and collapse.

After the Styx broke the Blessed Realm and reached Viken, and when Viken hadn’t reestablished defense with the power of the sacred paradise and the primeval h.e.l.l, the high moon that observed everything fell abruptly toward Viken, leaving a chilling tail behind. Around its course, a black fire of the void was vaguely burning.


A clear and somewhat inaudible crack echoed, which deprived Viken of the feeling that he was in a different world. He was no longer a unique existence that n.o.body could touch or attack!

After the marvelous domain was broken, the silver moon rose rapidly while a boundless cosmos appeared above Viken’s head. The clear and brilliant stars in it denoted everyone’s fate.

It was the starry star of destiny!

In the illusionary starry sky of destiny, the star that represented Viken suddenly glowed and fell like a meteorite, hitting Viken brutally.

It was exactly Douglas’ “Fateful Meteor”!

After he became a demiG.o.d and his Host Star of Destiny was connected to the starry sky of destiny, the legendary spell went through drastic changes and was a real demiG.o.d-level attack now!

“Positron Cannon!”

“Grandeur Obliteration!”

“Nature’s Punishment!”

When the “Fateful Meteor” landed, Hathaway, Fernando, the elven queen, and the other legendary experts also took the opportunity to attack, swearing to disrupt Viken’s breakthrough.

Hardly had the brilliance spread out when the explosions, which were loud enough to kill everyone, burst out.


Dazzling brightness raged out, and the energy storm was sweeping, eclipsing the dark evil world and the hallowed paradise.

The Lord of h.e.l.l thought to himself, After this attack, Viken must be heavily wounded and disrupted from the breakthrough even if he is not dead… The guy had been smashed by a demiG.o.d’s “Fateful Meteor”, “Positron Cannon”, and many other supernatural powers without even the slightest protection. Even he would’ve been heavily wounded. Even though his life wouldn’t be in danger, he certainly wouldn’t be able to finish what he was doing.

Due to the energy storm, Douglas and Fernando could not see clearly the situation inside, but they had guessed a thing or two based on their experience.

In the City in the Sky, except for Brook and those involved in the battle, all the sorcerers who were looking at the sky felt intense hope and joy. Had the crisis been resolved? Was Viken stopped before he became a true G.o.d?

A disaster seemed over now!

In the third generic school of Rentato…

Ali listened to the broadcast and looked at the sky. Although the scene was changing too fast for them to see clearly, the final picture that had been frozen gave them expectations and delight.

Was the nightmare over?

It had to be. Now that three demiG.o.ds and more top legends had joined their hands, they could even kill a true G.o.d!

The energy storm gradually died down, and the scene at the center was revealed. The incarnation of the primeval h.e.l.l that was full of negative feelings and the most sacred Mountain Paradise was still there, but Viken, who was supposed to be in between them, was nowhere to be seen.

“Is he dead?”

“Can he only return from the river of fate a very long time later?”

The attackers were both delighted and suspicious. Suddenly, Douglas saw a black spot there.

Right when he was about to cast another Fateful Meteor, the black spot expanded and wriggled, turning into Viken again, and the Desperate World that was full of faces of intelligent creatures and the sacred kingdom where angels and holy spirits sang nonstop slowly descended, gradually melting into his body!

“Hahaha.” Darkness and light replaced each other incessantly in Viken’s eyes as he burst into laughter. “If I did not have any confidence, why would I have decided to make the advancement in the main material world instead of a secret alternate dimension?

“Thanks to your help, I have broken the most difficult barrier. After I melt Mountain Paradise and the primeval h.e.l.l, you will receive the audience of a true G.o.d!”

At this moment, he was placed in a marvelous state where he could not be attacked again. Also, it seemed even more perfect and unbreakable than just now!

Even such attacks did not kill him? The demiG.o.ds and top legends calmed down after the slight shock and continued their attacks. For them, they would never give up until the last moment.

The sorcerers and civilians in Allyn and Rentato, on the other hand, did not have such great self-control. After Viken’s crazy announcement, their faces were grim and full of desperation.

If the super-luxury lineup of three demiG.o.ds and multiple top legends failed to stop Viken at the beginning, what could possibly stop Viken right now?

Done. Everything was done.

They stared at the sky with their faces stiff and dull, as if they had been caught in an eternal nightmare of desperation.


Inside the primeval h.e.l.l and faced with the attacks of Arrogance, Lucien suddenly sighed and put on his symbolic smile before he said in a low voice, “I’m here to confirm something, and your presence helped me to confirm it. Therefore…”

Before he finished his sentence, he stepped forward. Although his body did not turn taller or bigger, his aura became extremely horrifying all of a sudden. The phantoms that lunged at him backed off quickly in screams, and the seven primeval devils that were ready to cast “spells” could barely stand steadily on their feet.

What’s going on?

What has he confirmed?

What’s he trying to do?

The moment the questions popped up in the minds of the primeval devils, Lucien’s body dispersed and became illusionary, and his face was solemn and grave!

A vast, fascinating cosmos slowly appeared in h.e.l.l.

Throne of Magical Arcana Chapter 816 - Confirmation

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