Throne of Magical Arcana Chapter 822 - The Poorest Villain in History

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Chapter 822: The Poorest Villain in History

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The moment he finished his sentence, spots of peaceful light popped up like a lake that was reflecting the moon at night. Under the gentle breeze, tiny ripples were spreading out.

The spots of light were instantly gathered in Lucien’s hands into a glistening staff.

Douglas, Maltimus, and the other demiG.o.ds were all more or less stunned. Was Lucien capable of casting s.p.a.ce Staff, a legendary spell, without chanting just like Viken who broke into the level of true G.o.ds?

However, they soon thought it through. Now that Lucien had basically figured out the essence of magic, chanting or not chanting did not really have any difference!

The s.p.a.ce Staff in Lucien’s hands was waved, and the s.p.a.cious area up ahead was suddenly caught in an extremely slow state that was similar to the effect of Advanced Time Stop. Even another “G.o.d’s Arrival” in Viken’s hands had been frozen in the ivory light.

Viken, who claimed to be the only one who grasped the mysteries of time and s.p.a.ce except for the G.o.d of Truth, had brilliant spots rising inside his body, exactly like the light of the legendary river of time. It helped Viken to get rid of the slowed state.

Maltimus became grave when he watched Lucien’s “s.p.a.ce Staff” to be gathered, because he discovered that even though he was immune to Time Stop effects, he did not seem capable of resisting such slowness. Such a state was not directly cast upon the recipient but changed the environment in a certain unusual way. Naturally, it was impossible for him to be immune to that!

Was it Lucien’s real demiG.o.d attack after he advanced into the demiG.o.d level? Like Douglas’ “Fateful Meteor”?

Douglas frowned slightly. He realized that the s.p.a.ce Staff had not just “slowed” the environment around Viken but also placed it in a demiG.o.d state that both belonged to and did not belong to this world. It was similar to the condition of the “cognitive world”.

Viken’s overwhelming power of the true G.o.d was unleashed, allowing him to get rid of the influence of Lucien’s s.p.a.ce Staff. At this moment, the perspective of the vast cosmos behind Lucien’s back rose, and the gigantic fireball and the blue planet were gone. A cl.u.s.ter of darkness where there was not the slightest light appeared.


From the darkness, the unimaginably horrible energy surged and quickly died down. Rising and ebbing, it was truly an unpredictable ocean of energy. This was too fast a change to be observed for the other universe, but when it was viewed from this side, due to the different speeds of time, the demiG.o.d experts could manage to sense the fluctuations!


The terrifying energy that surged out leaned outward and ran into the slowed world next to Viken!

It became another channel that connected to the other universe like the cognitive world! Also, because it was slow, it had “borrowed” the fluctuations of energy!


Energy ran out as if it had been generated out of nothing, drowning Viken who was emanating dazzling brilliance immediately!

Particles appeared and disappeared in pairs. The slowed world was nullified very soon. At the center of the energy tide’s rampage, a cl.u.s.ter of fluids where light and darkness entangled twisted and grew larger, turning back into Viken. However, he seemed much dimmer and weaker than before!

After suffering the heavy wounds, Viken was finally recovered and refreshed from the madness caused by the blast of negative feelings and the sacred faith. He gnashed his teeth and said, “Just because my ‘G.o.d’s Arrival’ cannot hit you does not mean that it cannot hit other people. I don’t believe that you will watch them be killed without doing anything!”

Lucien was amused. “Why don’t you take a look around yourself first?”

Viken’s senses, which had been suppressed by the energy tide, spread out. He felt that he was in midair and the Holy City was below him. As for Allyn and Rentato, as well as the legendary experts around him, they were nowhere to be seen.

“Previously, you were connected to every corner of the world and could even directly influence them only because of the marvelous domain when you broke into the true G.o.d level.

“It’s a high-dimensional state, in which the long distance in the lower dimensions is much shorter. However, after you failed to break into the true G.o.d state, and the boundary between G.o.d and men was broken, the marvelous domain naturally started to disappear. Your usage of G.o.d’s Arrival further accelerated the process and made it disappear fast. Right now, you can only affect the Holy City and attack us who are in the marvelous domain.”

Lucien said with a smile. On the other side, Douglas, the Silver Moon, and the Lord of h.e.l.l gathered and defended Fernando, Hathaway, and the rest of them. Although they could not resist G.o.d’s Arrival in the true G.o.d level individually, they were still able to resist the attack after joining their hands.

Their communication was purely conducted through spiritual power. The long talk actually only took a brief moment. His body trembling violently, Viken cast another G.o.d’s Arrival, and the projection of the parallel universe behind Lucien had perspective changes again!


After Viken attacked Lucien with G.o.d’s Arrival for the first time only to miss the target, the legendary experts who attacked outside of the marvelous domain, as well as the sorcerers, n.o.bles, and ordinary people on the ground, watched them turn vague and quickly disappear in the bright and blue sky.

“Why have they disappeared?”

It was their subconscious question, but very soon, every intelligent creature with the slightest knowledge came up with the reason. Viken’s attempt at advancement was over. Naturally, the unusual phenomenon that the whole world could see and reach came to an end.

“I wonder how it will end on the other side…” Heidi looked at the sky in concern.

Sprint snorted. “Viken has only the power but not the knowledge. I don’t see how he can win the battle when he cannot hit our teacher. Let’s drop the question and remember the equations and models that our teacher just gave to study them.”

“Yes, that’s what matters!” Annick s.h.i.+vered and returned from his shock, agreeing with Sprint’s suggestion.

Heidi thought for a moment and nodded very carefully. “That’s right. Our teacher is a cunning person—no, clever grand arcanist—who has both the knowledge and the power. He will only let Viken reach the end in desperation. There won’t be any hope for him. The arcana system and the essence of magic and soul that our teacher just gave are of greater significance.”

Therefore, the arcanists of the Atom Inst.i.tution were gathered, trying to recall and study the equations that Lucien gave earlier.

Such a scene happened in every corner of Allyn. Everybody was diligent and hardworking. That was exactly what stimulated minds needed!

As for who Viken was exactly?

Well, he would be killed by Mr. Evans soon. There was no need to waste time on him. Learning and studying were more important!

Natasha, who was descending from the sky, said to h.e.l.len next to her with a smile after realizing the situation, “I’ve seen plenty of plays and operas, but Viken is probably the first regretful and desperate supervillain who has been forgotten even before the final battle.”

h.e.l.len’s eyes lost the focus. She turned a deaf ear to Natasha’s words and murmured to herself, “It was a trick… It was a trick…”

Rendered speechless, Natasha raised her head and looked at the sky. Even the Witch of Iceland had forgotten Viken, too.

As a matter of fact, the fact that she was talking and laughing here instead of going to the Holy City in a hurry to help her husband had suggested her own att.i.tude toward the final battle.


“You are one, and everyone…”

In the distant and holy prayers, infinite ivory holy light burst out and surged at Lucien, but Viken did not check the result of this “G.o.d’s Arrival” at all. He simply turned around and left the range of G.o.d’s Arrival, tearing apart the s.p.a.ce.

He could not hit the enemy, and he no longer had any hostages. How could he win the battle?

After coming back to himself, Viken naturally chose to strategically relocate, or in other words, to run!


An enormous and terrifying explosion echoed, and a world-destroying energy storm broke out!


The energy storm collided with the light of G.o.d’s Arrival and resulted in another astonis.h.i.+ng explosion.

The sky was filled by the brightness that the sun could not be seen until a long time later.

The sweeping energy storm disrupted Viken’s attempt to escape, making his body even dimmer.

Lucien has directly resisted G.o.d’s Arrival? Viken thought in shock.

“Your G.o.d’s Arrival is exactly your ‘true G.o.d’. It has only the power but not the corresponding level. It’s easy to resist it as long as there is enough energy.” Lucien slowly appeared up above.

Just now, he extracted and created anti-protons and other matters, transforming “Positron Cannon” into an authentic “Antimatter Cannon”. Through the energy storm caused by its obliteration with common matters, it offset the ocean of light caused by G.o.d’s Arrival.

Although G.o.d’s Arrival had other special effects, such as slowing time and locking the soul, they could barely work on Lucien who was in the demiG.o.d level right now.

“Also, have you sensed that your power is weaker and weaker every time you use G.o.d’s Arrival?” Lucien smiled and gathered s.p.a.ce Staff again. “It’s because the source of your power of faith and your negative feelings has been ruined by yourself and cannot be restored anytime soon. Therefore, your power cannot be refilled after it is used up.”

As he spoke, Lucien pointed the s.p.a.ce Staff and locked the s.p.a.ce around, slowing the changes and sabotaging Viken’s efforts to escape.

Another energy time surged over, and Viken’s body was already on the verge of collapse.

At this moment, a bright and beautiful moon descended from the sky. Life Deprivation was cast out, and a shooting star with a long tail of light fell without a sound.

After the beautiful view emerged, Viken struggled with madness beaming out of his eyes. He appeared to be transcendental and dispersive again.

“You will die with me even if I must die!”

After suffering consecutive attacks, he was already on the verge of death. Having been a brutal man all the time, he naturally had the idea of self-explosion. So, he transformed his status and lunged at Lucien.

Seeing that, Lucien smiled, and his body grew illusionary again, as if he were about to disappear from this world.

Throne of Magical Arcana Chapter 822 - The Poorest Villain in History

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