Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 474: The Bone-Filled Battlefield

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After shooting out the extreme rank great weapon, the s.p.a.ce crack stopped shooting out things and seemed to start closing up.

"No! The crack is about to close up!"

"It has released four mid rank weapons, eight top rank weapons, and an extreme weapon. It was indeed a treasure factory! Not being able to go in and have a look was the biggest shame."

"Who dared to go in there? If it were before, maybe we could risk our lives and give it a try. But now that the s.p.a.ce crack is closing up, if we go in there, we would not be able to come back!"

Everyone looked extremely regretful as they watched the crack became smaller and smaller.

"Eh? It is not closing up, but turning into a door of some sort… a door to go inside!"

At that moment, their expressions froze on their faces. Most of them looked extremely happy as if they had just found a random treasure lying in front of them. It would be a great opportunity for them, and they felt that it would be wrong to not go in.

Ye Chen looked extra serious as he looked at that door cautiously. It was six meters wide and twelve meters tall. Its surface seemed a bit see through like a crystal; under the reflection of the sunlight, it shone seven different colored lights. There seemed to be a path behind that door, and even the walls of the tunnel were crystalline. However, there seemed to be a black qi covering those walls, making them look horrifying.

The end of the tunnel was covered with a layer of light, so he could not tell how far deep it went.

"Such a rare chance…I have to go in!" Someone flew toward the door and arrived behind it without a scratch.

Everyone saw that nothing had happened to him, so they could not wait to try it for themselves. They started to worry if they went in there too slow, someone else would steal their treasures.

Soon, more than half of the people entered the tunnel, and the leading group had already reached the light layer at the end of the tunnel.

"Should we go in?" Li Xiaoyun asked with a hesitation. His instinct was telling him that there was great danger behind that door, dangerous enough to cost his life at any second.

Jing Aoxuan said, "Let's wait a bit longer. Those Sea of Souls Realm warriors have not moved yet."

Ye Chen nodded. The forbidden place was not scary; what was scary was this kind of parallel s.p.a.ce that did not belong to their world. After entering, it would be extremely hard to get out. They did not have to power to break open s.p.a.ce after all.

His eyes wandered around the crowd when his eyes froze a bit on a familiar figure. "Murong!"

Among the crowd, a lady in a purple dress and wearing a light face cloth entered the door without looking back.

"Everyone, excuse me, but I have to go first." He held his fists to greet them before pus.h.i.+ng his speed to his limit and following behind her.

Chu Zhongtian sneered, "Women… always women."

Li Xiaoyun said, "Brother Chu, a relations.h.i.+p does not always have to be in the way of martial training. It exists for a reason."

The latter made a face in response. He only needed the kind of women who would listen to his orders and do whatever he wanted, the kind that did not create troubles.

Ye Chen did not think much before making this decision. He was just following his heart — he wanted to go, so he did.

After he entered the spatial door, he could no longer see Murong Qingcheng. He projected his soul power ahead and sensed that she was there four miles ahead of him already, with hundreds of people in between them.

After letting out a breath of impure qi, he scanned around the tunnel. It was made of s.p.a.ce power, although without its aggressiveness, hence being very stable and unbreakable.

"What is going on with this black qi?"

Ye Chen realized that this black qi seemed to have its own spirit. It seemed to be "struggling" and trying to escape from some form of restraint. Especially when someone was walking past, that "struggle" seemed to be at its peak intensity.

"I should be careful."

Unconsciously, he walked in the center of the tunnel while trying his best to increase the distance between him and the black qi.


A sudden cry came out of nowhere.

The voice came from ahead, the source being some Astral Reaching Realm warrior who had tried to go ahead and walked close to the wall. He did not expect that the black qi would expand suddenly and drain him like a dried out corpse, leaving him with only gray skin and his bones that seemed about to shatter.

"Do not get close to the walls. The black qi seems strange!" Everyone was shocked on seeing this, and subsequently tried their best to stand in the middle.

Before the incident, things were rather calm. But, on knowing that this black qi could kill them, they all started to panic and pus.h.i.+ng each other into the black qi accidentally. As a result, those people ended up dying without even knowing why.

After the population decreased a bit, the mess finally calmed down a bit.

"Indeed as expected..." Ye Chen's pupils shrunk a bit as he forced himself to walk ahead.

No matter how long a tunnel was, there was bound to be an end. At this moment, blocking in front of Ye Chen was a light layer, with all of the people ahead having disappeared behind it.

After stepping forward, Ye Chen also joined them.

Outside the spatial door were left only around one hundred people, half of them being warriors from rank 5 martial schools. They were arguing about the axe and who it should belong to.

"It looks like the door is harmless. It does not look like will disappear at any time soon. If we don't go inside now, then there will not be many good things left for us." One of the spirit level warriors said.

"Indeed! There must be danger within, but as long the s.p.a.ce does not collapse again, it should be no different from a normal forbidden place."

"Let's go inside!"

"Let's go!"

All of the Sea of Souls Realm warriors who had been waiting all this while finally flew toward the spatial door.

"Princess, come in with us."

"Xiaoyun, this way."

"Zhongtian, let's go as well."

Amongst the rank 5 martial schools in Thunder city were those of Jing Aoxuan, Li Xiaoyun, and Chu Zhongtian. The three of them had been guided by their inner masters as they also flew toward the door. But of course, they had left behind another half of the warriors to guard their axe.

All of a sudden, the whole area had only disciples from rank 5 martial schools left.

Over the other side of the door were endless ruins of a battlefield, with countless dead bodies present there. The black qi in the air continued to wave down in the form of winds, carrying with them hysterical cries. High up above was a black sky, chaotic and mixed with the colors of gray and blood red.


Ye Chen was surprised. He had imagined a lot of different scenes that might lie here, but he had never connected the parallel s.p.a.ce with a battlefield. Furthermore, this battlefield in front of him was endless. Standing on a high ground and looking into the distance, there was no horizon to be found. There was only coldness and that aggressive residue of death.


A crispy cracking sound came from below his foot, causing Ye Chen to look down.

As it turned out, it was a huge finger bone. Generally speaking, it should be one meter long and six inches thick. It looked more like a human's finger, but there were no humans with this kind of height. If a finger bone was one meter long, then the human would have to be at least ten meters tall.

Without looking more into the bones, Ye Chen continued to look around as he forced a chuckle, "It looks like that thin layer would send people to different areas according to the time of entry. It will be quite tricky now."

"Never mind! Since I am here now, then I might as well continue doing whatever I am supposed to do, as the others would not give up the opportunity to go inside the spatial door."

Cracking down on the finger bones under his feet, Ye Chen walked down the slight hill step after step.

There were a lot of different kinds of bones, some that belonged to humans, as well as others that belonged to monsters. There were also ones that belonged to "giant humans". After a while, Ye Chen realized that these "giant humans" should not be referred to as humans anymore, because they appeared to have horns on their skulls. Some of them even had wings, which was a rather scary finding.

"What kind of battles would cause this much death? Perhaps in the ancient era, people and creatures had to fight every day, even having to open parallel s.p.a.ce for such blood battles!"

Ye Chen could not figure out what had happened in the ancient era. All he knew was that back then, there were way more species than the present. Some of the bones here had been here for more than one million years, but he could still sense the power residues on them. It was only unfortunate that they were too fragile for further examination.


Attracted by Ye Chen's qi and blood, heavy black wind from the sky fell down and flew toward him.

"I cannot be trapped by the black qi!" Ye Chen was startled and then hurried to perform his movement art, floating a thousand meters away.

But, that wave of heavy black wind would not let go. The good thing was that Ye Chen was fast enough, so he could easily increase the distance between him and the wind. Once it had reached a certain distance, the black wind had lost its senses, so it returned back to the sky.

Letting out a breath of relief, Ye Chen finally slowed down.

Thousands of miles away, a purple figure was walking on the battlefield.

It was indeed Murong Qinghcheng.

She did not look at the corpses on the ground, flying directly toward somewhere as if she had been summoned by some kind of power, her speed exceeding her normal limits.

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

The black wind in the sky continued to travel intensively, making a loud noise. But, it seemed uninterested in Murong Qingcheng's blood and qi, with only a small amount of black qi following and attacking her.


A black light appeared on the surface of her skin, causing her speed to increase by another two times. All of a sudden, she had traveled far ahead of the black qi. There was a black light s.h.i.+ning in her eyes as well, making it effortless for her to see things happening even a hundred miles away, as if the distance did not matter to her at all.

"Hey! Hey! Stop now!"

On the high ground nearby, a man in gray suddenly appeared. He was obviously at Sea of Souls Realm. His body flashed once and his speed reached ten times the speed of sound as he reached out, trying to grab onto Murong Qingcheng who was flying as well.

She did not decrease her speed, but formed a black light ball with her hand and threw it out toward that warrior.


Being hit with that attack, the warrior puked out blood and was blown away immediately.

"How can this be possible!"

The warrior was shocked beyond words. Although he was only at spirit level, his power was not something Astral Reaching Realm warriors could handle, not to mention using only one attack to beat and wound him.

Murong Qingcheng looked up at the black wind and left without even looking back.


Behind her, the warrior's blood had attracted a huge gust of black wind, which started to scramble drastically, covering a radius of ten miles. No matter how fast this warrior could run, he would not be able to escape from the attack of the wind. His powerful protective Zhen yuan layer had protected him from being wounded, but in the next second, another wave of black qi had flown over and scratched open his protective layer, sucking his energy clean. That horrified expression slowly disappeared on his face along with his blood and flesh, while his half-finished cry lingered in the air.

Even after walking for another half an hour, Ye Chen had not run into another person. The black wind in the air was surprisingly tricky to take on, seeming to be everywhere.

"Eh? It is another Extreme Rank Great Weapon!"

In his sight, he saw a huge bone set lying on the ground. On its chest was a long spear which was a hundred meters long and one meter wide. However, it was full of cracks. Right under the bone set was a skull with two horns, and under the chest bone was a pair of white arm bones; it was obviously a different species.

"Come here!"

Ye Chen made a waving gesture with his right hand, causing that long spear with cracks to be pulled out quickly and fly toward him.

"It is indeed an extreme rank weapon. The vague vibration on it is just like the one from that axe outside. Unfortunately, it is ruined one, so there does not seem to be any useable power left." His Zhen yuan shook once as he then threw away the long spear casually, and was able to leave.


At that moment, a scream came right out of that bone set, the kind that could shock a man's soul. Then, a black qi jumped straight at Ye Chen out of the blue, with a dim black light flas.h.i.+ng inside.


Taking out his destruction sword, he threw out a sword attack.


With that, the black qi shattered instantaneously. It had no chance to fight back under that extremely horrifying destroy sword intent. But, that black light within only slightly dimmed down, which then jumped onto a set of human bones nearby.

The human bones somehow stood up slowly and wobbly. The pitch black eye sockets shone with the black light as "it" threw a fist attack at Ye Chen.

Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 474: The Bone-Filled Battlefield

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