Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 475: Spirit Power Crystal Stones

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"This black light seems to contain a bit of spirit. But, it is not that intelligent after all."

Ye Chen made a slight noise as he held his Thunder sword backward with his left hand, and then performed his double sword style sword art. That unpredictable crossed sword light cut that human bone set into four chunks. That killing sword intent it carried had also burnt out the black light within entirely, halting all movements of the bone set.

"That set of human bones should be from a Life and Death Realm warrior. Otherwise, he or she would not have been able to kill that huge giant. So, there should be some spirit power crystal formed inside that set of bones!" His eyes look around, and then he threw out a fist to shatter those bones.


The bone set turned into ashes, but a dim red light was seen s.h.i.+ning within.

"Indeed, there it is!"

Ye Chen looked quite happy as he summoned that red light out of the ash pile. There were three of them in total, having the size of a yellow bean each. However, they seemed to contain a special power.

"This parallel s.p.a.ce battlefield is so big…There must be a lot of them here. If I can get my hands on enough of those Spirit power crystals, I might be able to train my body into a spirit body and prepare myself for reaching the Sea of Souls Realm."

The biggest difference between the Sea of Souls Realm and the Astral Reaching Realm was the different conditions of the physical body. No matter how powerful an Astral Reaching Realm warrior became, he would still be a human after all. On the other hand, the body of a Sea of Souls Realm warrior was no longer in the realm of humans; they had the bodies of spirits. Their bodies would not only be extra robust and hard to get wounded, they could also handle even stronger Zhen yuan levels and flows. Letting an Astral Reaching Realm warrior have Sea of Souls Realm Zhen yuan would most likely break down their bodies. Even if it did not get shattered, it would not be able to use it to the maximum, since there would be a huge physical limitation.

The reason that Chu Zhongtian's defense was so powerful was that he had the evil spirit body and had trained the evil yuan. Judging on purity, it was not weaker than Sea of Souls Realm Zhen yuan, which would be at mid rank as well. Therefore, his body was extra powerful, so it was hard even for Ye Chen to cause damage to his body.

Training to get a spirit body and get to the Sea of Souls Realm would both be extremely hard, which was something everyone knew.

But, with these Spirit power crystals, Astral Reaching Realm warriors would be able to get to the spirit body even faster. And with the spirit body, it would not take much efforts to reach the Sea of Souls Realm, even possibly happening almost at the same time.

As for the Spirit power crystal stones, it did not necessarily have to be from the bones of Life and Death Realm warriors. It mainly was because this battlefield had existed from the ancient era, and after millions of years, those crystal stones would slowly devolve on its own and disappear with time. Only Life and Death Realm warriors' crystal stones would manage to last this long. Of course, there would not be that many here, so it would all come down to Ye Chen's luck.

After gathering all of the Spirit power crystals from that set of bones, he put his attention back onto that ma.s.sive set of bones from that unknown species.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

That pile of bones had also turned into dust under Ye Chen's fist power. A couple of black light spots flashed amongst the dust pile, seeming mystically bright.


Those black light spots landed in Ye Chen's hand, turning out to be five fingertip-sized, black colored crystal stones. The power they contained was even more intense than the Spirit power crystals. But, these were two different kinds of power.

"Perhaps, this foreign bone structure came from a Ancient Demon race, eh?" While examining the black crystal stones, a scary thought made its way into Ye Chen's mind.

Throughout the life of the Battle Emperor, he had not seen even one of these beings. Alternatively, it could also be because the information he left for Ye Chen did not contain anything on the ancient Ancient Demon race. However, the Battle Emperor had also seen some of the bones from the Ancient Demon race back in some other forbidden areas, and also gathered the black crystal stones from them. According to the information in his brain, these stones were called Demon crystal stones. Unfortunately, humans could not really use them.

"The Ancient Demon race was amazingly powerful, way beyond the human race. It seems that there had been wars between the two races in the ancient era."

Ye Chen did not care that much about it, since no matter how powerful they were, they only left behind sets of bones which would not do any harm to him. Up till that point, he had never heard about anything related to the Ancient Demon race.

He continued walking after gaining the Spirit power crystals and the Demon crystals, wanting to see whether there were other Life and Death Realm warriors' remains.

"Haha… There are Spirit power crystal stones within these bones! These must be from a Life and Death Realm warrior!"

There were a lot of warriors who had entered the parallel s.p.a.ce. Besides most of the Astral Reaching Realm warriors who were struggling for their lives while avoiding the black wind, the other Sea of Souls Realm warriors were not in any kind of trouble. Some of the lucky ones had even found Spirit power crystals from the Life and Death Realm warriors' bones as well.

"With enough Spirit crystals, my Spirit body will reach the next level. This is indeed a good place."

"What are you waiting for? Let's continue to look for Life and Death Realm warriors' bones. This battlefield is so huge, so there would definitely be more than one of them. There should be a lot actually."

"You are right. We have no time to waste. Let's move faster, in case of the others find out about it."

As time pa.s.sed, more and more people found the Spirit power crystals. Of course, they were mainly Sea of Souls Realm warriors, because most of the Astral Reaching Realm warriors were rather frightened after getting into this battlefield, and would have no extra energy left after trying to avoid dying. Moreover, the bones of Life and Death Realm warriors were not that easy to find either.

"The ninth Spirit power crystal stone!" After shattering a set of bones from a Life and Death Realm warrior. Ye Chen found another two Spirit power crystal stones. So now, he had nine in total.

"Eh? There is another set of Life and Death Realm warrior's bones seventy miles away."

Ye Chen's soul power could be projected upto hundred miles around him. Seventy miles in the east, he saw a huge set of bones from a Ancient Demon race person. Next to that were another Life and Death Realm warrior's bones. Besides that, there was also a set of three meters tall human bones which had attracted his attention.


His body flashed in the next moment as he shot out toward there.

After arriving at his destination, Ye Chen did not stop but pushed out his fist power and shattered the three sets of bones into dust directly. The red Spirit power crystal stones and the black Demon crystals landed on top of the pile.

"Such a huge Spirit power crystal stone!"

Inside the bone ashes of the Life and Death Realm warrior, Ye Chen found five stones; three of them were bean-sized, and one was the size of a pinky finger. But, the last one was the size of a thumb, and contained a seemingly endless energy. It should be worth five normal-sized Spirit power crystals.

The Demon crystals were not that different, as they were both pinky sized.

As for that three meters tall human bones, they shocked Ye Chen completely. What emerged from them were not Spirit power crystals, but actually Demon stones. There were the same amount of them there as the Ancient Demon race being's bones, with four of them the size of a thumb, and one at the size of beans.

"Is this also from a Ancient Demon race person?" Ye Chen thought to himself.

Ten miles away, someone had followed Ye Chen.

"How lucky! I cannot believe I have got such an easy target. He is only at peak level Late Astral Reaching Realm. It seems that this parallel s.p.a.ce battlefield is indeed my great opportunity! I will have to seize it."

The human figure sneered and turned into a beam of light.



Sometimes, using the soul power would be exhausting. Therefore, Ye Chen would normally set his perimeter to five miles. In this case, even if someone appeared out of the blue, he would have enough time to react and even fight back.

The incoming being was extremely fast. After a couple of breaths, he already arrived within hundreds of steps from Ye Chen.

"Brat, it seems you are not running! You probably know what you have got and that you will not be able to escape from a Sea of Souls Realm warrior. This is even better, as it would save me some time and effort. Just hand me over the spirit power stones and the black crystals. If I am in the good mood, I might even let you go!" It was a middle-aged man in yellow robes. He was rather bulky, his eyes narrow and s.h.i.+ning with an evil light, while a sneer hung on the corner of his mouth.

Ye Chen stood on the bone ashes as he asked: "Why should I give them to you?"

Obviously, that guy did not expect this kind of harsh att.i.tude. It was almost as if Ye Chen did not care about his presence. He somehow read a hint of disdain toward himself from Ye Chen's eyes.


The ground below him sank in deeper as he said creepily, "I was going to leave you in one piece. But, I guess there is no need now. Die!"

The dark red mud cracked open as a huge blade appeared in the man's hand. A vibration indicated that it was a top rank great weapon, heavy as if a huge mountain was compressed into one tiny blade. The blade tore apart the air as it attacked toward Ye Chen.

Ye Chen held three swords with his right hand at the same time. His Zhen yuan shook once, then the three swords combined together as if they were one. He then took a deep breath before waving it out.


The earth shook slightly as a couple of pitch black, giant holes appeared on the ground. The man was blown away with a shocked expression on his face and blood gus.h.i.+ng out of his mouth.

"What is going on? I am a spirit warrior! How can I not be able to beat a peak level Late Astral Reaching Realm warrior! Although, that must also be a top rank great weapon in his hands."

That man's face was filled with a surprised expression as he looked at Ye Chen seriously.

Ye Chen glanced at the longswords that were stuck together, then thought to himself, "This method of forming Zhen yuan into tangible strings is indeed mighty. I was able to blow a Sea of Souls Realm warrior away with only a normal sword attack."

Chu Zhongtian's evil yuan strings were indeed extremely hard to comprehend and apply. But, Ye Chen's soul was already one of a kind. Even Sea of Souls Realm warriors might not be able to compete with him. In this sense, this evil yuan string art was just a highly difficult martial skill instead of a powerful martial art, not as hard to train as imagined. Therefore, Ye Chen had already understood the basic knowledge of forming his Zhen yuan into strings right now, which allowed the Zhen yuan to be even more powerful.

"Little brat, you indeed have some tricks up your sleeves. But now, it will be all over."

The man groaned loudly as he performed his profound martial art and threw out a blade at Ye Chen.

"Seventy percent!"

Ye Chen's eyebrows flicked once as he performed the ninth movement of his green lotus sword art, Amaranthine Nature. Combined with his master level sword intent, that sword was as fast as a falling star, clas.h.i.+ng with the incoming blade.


The man puked out another huge chunk of blood along with some tiny flesh and internals.

He could not be more shocked, "Not good! I have run into a tough rock. Perhaps, he is one of the dragon level martial genius from the martial tea gathering!" He had already heard about the fact that dragon level martial geniuses would be able to compete with Sea of Souls Realm warriors. Today was his first time running into a real one, causing him to sigh at his bad luck.

"Your life can end here!" However, Ye Chen did not give him a chance to escape. He turned his body into a sword and appeared instantly at his right side before performing Amaranthine Nature again.

"No need to be so brutal! You will not have a good ending!"

The man in yellow robe yelled one last time, lifting his blade and trying to block out the attack.


The tip of the sword was lifted slightly as the longsword scratched through his blade and stabbed through his neck, bringing out a string of hot blood. After taking out the sword, Ye Chen said lightly, "And that is why this is your ending."

The man died with his eyes wide open, falling onto the ground lifelessly.


The storage ring on that man's finger was sucked into Ye Chen's hand and put into his own without even checking as he turned to leave.

One Sea of Souls Realm warrior had been killed just like that.

Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 475: Spirit Power Crystal Stones

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