Dominating Sword Immortal 880 Great Poison Conversion Ar

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"Of course, it's not as if there are no other ways. I can think of four methods from the top of my head." Yuan Emperor was a peerless powerhouse back in the day after all, with a strength that could be ranked amongst the peak t.i.tled Monarchs of ancient era. With such strength, his experience was naturally not lacking.

"Which four?" Ye Chen asked.

"One is advancing your fourth step spirit body to the fifth step. You also know that the fourth step spirit body is quite mediocre for Kings, and the fifth step is the standard. If you can get a fifth step spirit body, your poison resistance will shoot to the sky."

"Fifth step spirit body...that's easier said than done." Ye Chen smiled bitterly. Even attaining the fourth step spirit body required a five-thousand-old Heavenly Demonic Fire Spirit Fruit. Without this fruit, he would have to spend several months or even half a year to attain the fourth step spirit body. To obtain the fifth step spirit body seemed several folds more difficult than attaining Life and Death Realm for the current him.

Yuan Emperor also knew that attaining the fifth step spirit body would be too challenging, so he continued with a smile, "Of course, attaining the fifth step spirit body through normal means doesn't sound too likely. By the time you attain it, the fire poison will have already entered your heart. My advice is to look for some treasures beneficial for the spirit body like Heavenly Demonic Fire Spirit Fruit and Dragon Scale Fruit. Of course, if you can find the fresh blood of a Giant Dragon King, it will have the same effect."

"Giant Dragon King!"

Ye Chen's brows raised. Xu Jing was a Giant Golden Dragon, but she hadn't completed her transformation, nor had she become Dragon King. Ye Chen didn't have the time to wait for her.

"Second option?"

The first option was too hard. Be it searching for the fruits or Giant Dragon King's blood, they were too difficult.

"The second option is a bit simpler—become a Life and Death King." Yuan Emperor continued with a smile, "Once you become a King, not to mention your Zhen Yuan becoming purer to King grade, your Undying Body would also attain Flesh Derivation realm, and you won't have to spend a thing to expel the poison."

This was indeed a bit simpler and more straightforward than trying to cultivate to the late stages of limb regrowth stage. Although the results looked the same, the difference was in a.n.a.lyzing the problem. As long as Ye Chen could comprehend some Life Dao, he would be confident of his chances.

Of course, placing his hopes on entering Life and Death Realm was a bit dangerous. Who knew how long it would take—three months or three years, both were possible.

"Third option is the hardest, but also the most straightforward. Cultivate your Destruction Sword Intent to the sixth step. You can kill the active nature of fire poison with a sixth step Destruction Sword Intent. Once it loses its active nature, it will be like a dead object and can be easily expelled."

To kill the active nature—this was a deeper a.n.a.lysis. After all, normal people wouldn't know about the nature of the fire poison.

"To be honest, I'm surprised. With a fifth step Destruction Sword Intent, ordinary poisons would have no effect on you. Even Star Fire Poison, if its density were not high, wouldn't have affected you at all. Unfortunately, this one's density is too high, and it has mutated into a strange poison. Only a seventh step ordinary sword intent could kill its active nature, which is the same as the sixth step of your Destruction Sword Intent."

Yuan Emperor admired Ye Chen a lot. A sword artist with such tremendous potential would have been extraordinary even in his era. Like the spirit body, martial will and sword will became increasingly hard to improve as one went higher. If the fourth step spirit body was the common for Life and Death realm, then it corresponded to the fifth step martial will, while sixth step martial will would be above the standard. However, Ye Chen had already surpa.s.sed this standard with his peak fifth step Destruction Sword Intent, which was the same as peak sixth step sword intent.

"This one seems a bit doable." Ye Chen faintly nodded his head. By itself, improving Destruction Sword Intent to the sixth step would have been extremely hard. However, Ye Chen was different. With the resonance created between the two great sword intents, both were advancing much quicker. Ye Chen could already feel that Destruction Sword Intent was on the verge of breakthrough.

Once his Destruction Sword reached the sixth step, although his strength would not double, it would still experience a great increase. In the later stages, the difference between each stage increased exponentially; the difference between fourth and fifth stage would be far lower than the fifth and sixth stage, and the latter would be far lower than the sixth and seventh stage. In the legends, after the tenth or even the ninth step, the difference between each step was no different than heaven and earth.

"Fourth option is also the fastest—to find a peak King to help you expel the poison, preferably one who has some accomplishments in poison. A lesser effective option would be to look for a peak King accomplished in ice profound. These two kinds of Kings could easily expel the poison in your body without any element of danger."

"Right! That Demonic Human Emperor…she should be able to do it with ease." Yuan Emperor recalled.

Yuan Emperor immediately mentioned that Demonic Human Emperor because she was the strongest King he'd seen in this era. However, the first name that popped in Ye Chen's head was Mysterious Queen. Perhaps Mysterious Queen's strength was a bit lower than the former's, but as far as neutralizing poison went, Mysterious Queen should be far above Demonic Human Emperor. The specialization of domain was always relevant.

"Let's hold that thought for the moment." If he were to find that Demonic Human Emperor, he might as well find the Mysterious Queen. The former might not even agree, whereas Mysterious Queen should be much more reliable. Although he couldn't go back to True Spirit Continent, he could find somebody to pa.s.s on the message.

"True, she might not even help you." Yuan Emperor faintly nodded. "For the time being, let me impart the Great Poison Conversion Art to you."

"Great Poison Conversion Art?" As soon as Ye Chen heard Yuan Emperor, he knew that this art was bound to be extraordinary.

"Great Poison Conversion Art is a high step heaven grade secret art, and it can only be used to help others and yourself. But, don't look down on it, if you had enough time, you could have easily neutralized the star fire poison in your body with this art. I'm imparting this art, but you have to cultivate with everything you have if you want to restrict the bizarre poison in your body without relying on ice attributed energies." As a peerless figure of his era, Yuan Emperor had a bit of knowledge in every field. After all, the higher one ascended, the bigger the kind of dangers they faced. If one's overall knowledge was lacking, their survival would be just as difficult. 

This was the meaning of the saying, 'more skills, easier to survive.'

"Alright!" Ye Chen vigorously nodded.

"Don't resist." Yuan Emperor's phantom pointed at Ye Chen's forehead, and a complicated art appeared in his mind. Three breaths later, Yuan Emperor's phantom retracted his finger. Opening his eyes, Ye Chen said gratefully, "Many thanks, Senior!"

"No need to thank me. The more strength and methods you have, that much bigger will be the hope for True Spirit World's survival. The unresolved battle from the ancient era will need you, it will need you all." Yuan Emperor's phantom let out a sigh.

Ye Chen knew what Yuan Emperor was talking about and asked," What realm do I need to reach?"

"At least my realm."

Ye Chen immediately understood. This era didn't even have a figure of Yuan Emperor's level.

"Of course, you alone are not enough. My era didn't lack experts like Demonic Human Emperor. Even so, once the great battle broke out, all of them fell one after another. The experts from the other world are powerful, and some were not inferior to me. If True Spirit World is a low level civilization, then they are a high level civilization. We've been fighting them since the ancient era for a place for our descendants. I wish that this world, which is still considered ours, will live on the way it is." Yuan Emperor stared at Ye Chen.

"The sword in my hands will bathe in the blood of the otherworldly experts." Ye Chen solemnly pledged.

"I believe you can do it. However, first of all, keep hanging onto your life. Always keep in my mind that powerhouses are created amidst slaughter, be it in their world or our world. As long as there is an enemy, you have to act without mercy. If you have to kill, then kill. If you don't have to kill, make sure there is no threat. You should understand my words." Yuan Emperor's phantom's expression turned cold.

"I will always keep that in mind."

The Yuan Emperor of this moment was the true peerless Yuan Emperor. To exercise mercy was never the best option, especially in a might-makes-right world. Ye Chen could easily imagine Yuan Emperor piling mountains of corpses to reach the peak of his era.

"I can say that I am not concerned in that regard. After all, you've successfully comprehended the Destruction Sword Intent."

"Alright, I've imparted everything that I had to and told you everything that I needed to. Now, everything will depend on you." Yuan Emperor's phantom entered the painting again, turning his back to the outside world.

Folding the painting, Ye Chen pondered in silence for a few moments. "Life and Death Realm is another starting point. The future road is still long, but that's just how I want it." After all, he enjoyed the process of becoming stronger.

The Great Poison Conversion Art was extremely hard to cultivate and had many steps. The entry step of this art was to understand the basic compositions of any kind of poison, going from macro to micro level, and the next step was poison dismantling. There were many strange poisons that were not nearly as effective after being dismantled. As for the final step, it was the step-by-step refining according to the art.

Of the three steps, the first step was the entry level, and the next two went deeper. Completing all three steps represented minor completion.

After the minor completion came converting the art into the body's ability.

The reason for converting it into one's own ability was because some strange poisons spread extremely quickly, and one would not have the time to resolve them amidst a fight. Completing this step represented greater completion.

As for the full circle, it was the hardest step. To attain the realm of perfection, the body had to create a mystical poison conversion energy. This energy would have spirituality, integrated with one's bodily abilities. The vast majority of poisons would be instantly neutralized upon coming in contact with this energy as if they had met their arch nemesis.

"Let's take the start first, all this comes later!" Sitting cross-legged on the stone platform, Ye Chen began his cultivation of the Great Poison Conversion Art.

Dominating Sword Immortal 880 Great Poison Conversion Ar

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