Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 1102 - The Auction That Became A Legend

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Chapter 1102: The Auction That Became A Legend

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Mo Qingwu exclaimed a loud ‘Ah!?’ again and looked at Chu Yang all teary-eyed. “Big Brother Chu Yang… is this your wife?”

Chu Yang had a wry smile on his face. He held his hands out nonchalantly and joked, “Unfortunately, your Big Brother Chu Yang still doesn’t have a wife yet… I’d love to marry her but alas, she turned her nose up at me, so I can only drop the subject.”

Mo Qingwu lit up and she said with high spirits, “I won’t do that.”

Chu Yang laughed aloud, a smile beaming all over his face. “Good thing there’s still Xiaowu who’s interested.”

Mo Qingwu smiled sweetly, her spirits high and invigorated.

On the other side, Chu Le’er was still shaking Zi Xieqing.

Zi Xieqing was silent for a while before she said, “Le’er, don’t fool around. It wouldn’t do if you cause a misunderstanding.”

She turned her head, her warm glance appraising Mo Qingwu. A strange look immediately came into her eyes. There was shock, as well as a complex look.

This little girl was actually an Innate Spirit Meridians!

Heavenly Yin body, and Innate Spiritual Meridians!

No wonder Bu Liuqing treated her like a treasure to be cherished. This body const.i.tution was truly one of a kind in the Nine Heavens.

“This is Big Sister Zi.” Chu Yang introduced.

“Big Sister Zi… Good day to you.” Mo Qingwu looked at Zi Xieqing a little timidly. She could sense a forceful and powerful aura around Zi Xieqing.

“You, too.” Zi Xieqing smiled gently. “What a pretty little girl. Once you grow up, you’ll surely be an unrivaled beauty in this world…”

She held Mo Qingwu’s hand in hers and observed it closely for a while. Then, she said, “It is fate that we have met. Mo Qingwu 1 … She who never dances frivolously her whole life, but once she does, she shakes the Nine Heavens! What a wonderful name! This Nine Heavens is yours to waltz about as you please… Crimson robes of blood, dancing up a storm within the imperial court of the Nine Heavens!”

She chuckled and continued, “For our encounter and that ‘Big Sister’ which you call me, Big Sister here will give you this as a token of our meeting.”

Her brows slightly furrowed, a dense wave of lavender energy fluctuated around her. Zi Xieqing lightly lifted her arm and gently tapped Mo Qingwu’s forehead with her dainty finger.

Mo Qingwu felt an unfamiliar influx of knowledge flowing rapidly into her consciousness.

Zi Xieqing retracted her finger and took a couple of steps back. She panted lightly as a smile appeared on her face.

Chu Yang looked at her questioningly.

Zi Xieqing smiled lightly and said, “The foundation that her two Teachers have laid for her is very solid, so much that it is almost scary. With such a foundation, she can easily master any kind of technique. However, those two are people who have never left this realm, so if Mo Qingwu cultivates using their methods, the highest she can reach at the end is only the same level as them. Even if she them, she would still be limited by this Nine Heavens!”

“So I have imparted the oral formula for a set of techniques to her. When her cultivation has broken through the boundaries which separate the immortal from the mortal, she will be able to activate this oral formula and practice an even more powerful technique!”

Zi Xieqing gave Chu Yang a deep and meaningful look and telepathically communicated to him, “If you want her to stay with you and walk freely above the Nine Heavens, dancing a storm within the imperial court of the Nine Heavens… Only with this set of techniques can she count as having the capital to do so.”

“Walk freely above the Nine Heavens and dance a storm within the imperial court of the Nine Heavens?” Chu Yang repeated softly and pensively.

With the faintest of smiles on her face, Zi Xieqing replied, “Of course, the imperial court of the Nine Heavens that I speak of… is not of this Nine Heavens continent!”

Chu Yang started to become thoughtful. “What Big Sister Zi means is that we will inevitably break out of this world and head toward another realm?”

Zi Xieqing turned away, ignoring him. However, her heart still felt somewhat uncomfortable, so she let out a loud harrumph of annoyance!

This harrumph was no small deal.

Upon hearing it, Chu Yang only drew back his neck a little and that was about it. However, when the people outside heard it, their hearts trembled.

Outside, the auction was still ongoing.

Right now, the Xiao Clan, Yè Clan and Chen Clan were bidding on a ten thousand years-old Black Blood Crystal Lotus.

The Chen clan had already gone up to 50,000 Purple Crystals and a large piece of Nightmare Silver worth approximately 40,000 Purple Crystals. The highest that this ten thousand years-old Black Blood Crystal Lotus was worth was only about 50,000 to 60,000 Purple Crystals. By right, 50,000 Purple Crystals and a Nightmare Silver that was worth 40,000 Purple Crystals had already far exceeded its actual value!

The auctioneer was already counting down and ready to bang the hammer too.

But right at this moment, a loud “Hmph!” that made the hearts of the Nine Super Clans tremble could suddenly be heard from the chamber that had everyone’s close attention.

Chen Mengchi, the second grandmaster of the Chen clan, was in a tight spot at once.

He wanted to cry but had no tears.

Big Sis, I’ve already offered double the price, why are you still dissatisfied?

With no other choice, he could only raise his hand, tears in his eyes. The Chen Clan’s disciple calling out bids was practically tearing up when he anxiously hollered, “Our Chen Clan offers 100,000 Purple Crystals and a piece of Nightmare Silver!”

This sentence made it just in time.

The auctioneer was counting down to the final call at that point.

When the Chen Clan shouted their latest offer, it was already too late for the auctioneer to hold his tongue, and he continued the final countdown, “… going thrice, sold!”


And the hammer fell!

Only after it had fallen did he realize… that seemed a little too hasty.

But the harrumphing from the chamber indeed came to a stop.

Even though Chen Mengchi’s heart was bleeding, he was also immensely relieved. That was too close.

If Chen Mengchi knew that that powerful presence had only let out that harrumph because she was upset at someone… Who knew what he would think? Just for an unrelated harrumph, the Chen Clan had thrown away 50,000 Purple Crystals for nothing!

Zi Xieqing pretty much set a new record in the Nine Heavens.

A harrumph that was worth 50,000 Purple Crystals!

The auction continued and legendary herbs were presented without a pause. Zi Xieqing did not make any further sound but with the Chen Clan serving as a reminder, no one dared to make any more low offers. In fact, they got even more pa.s.sionate.

But to be honest, everyone’s mind was already wandering places. Chu Yang’s name was suddenly becoming increasingly crucial in the eyes of the Nine Super Clans, especially after Mo Qingwu’s sudden appearance and her outcry of ‘Big Brother Chu Yang!’ that stunned the entire hall, followed by her flying into Chu Yang’s arms with tears of happiness streaming down her face!

His younger sister was the disciple of a super expert!

Ning Tianya and Bu Liuqing’s disciple was extremely devoted to him!

Just these two factors alone were enough to make these experts nervous!

Furthermore, Chu Yang had brought along a few more experts with him this time!

With three super experts as his backing…

The worry on the faces of all the Supreme Martial Artists got deeper and deeper.

They could tell that yet another super powerhouse was about to emerge in this Nine Heavens continent!

With a force that could not be obstructed!

However, his emergence would inevitably eat into the current political climate of the Nine Super Clans! Affirming the decline of the Nine Super Clans…

And this situation was one that the Nine Super Clans could not tolerate.

His expression grave and sullen, Ye Di contemplated extensively before he said, “s.h.i.+yu, go and notify each of the Nine Super Clans that after the auction, the Ye Clan will host a banquet honoring all the second grandmasters and give every clan an explanation regarding the big battle the other night!”

Ye s.h.i.+yu bowed. “Understood.”

And then he walked out.

Ye Di stared after the form of Ye s.h.i.+yu, the look in his eyes complex. Finally, his eyes became somber, as though he had made a resolute decision about something. He gritted his teeth, his eyes deep and dark.

The grandmasters of the Super Clans all had an equally somber look on their faces.

All of them had seen the scene where Mo Qingwu’s crimson figure flew toward Chu Yang.

Of course, Mo Qingwu herself was not aware of this.

She was completely unaware of just how big of an impact her emotional diving toward Chu Yang had given the Nine Super Clans! And even more unaware that this publicly displayed dive of hers had almost set the structure of these Nine Heavens!

Just this dive alone had put all the Nine Super Clans on guard at the same time.

Because behind her were two big Supreme Martial Artists that no one dared to mess with! Ning Tianya and Bu Liuqing!

Her diving over was equivalent to the two big Supreme Martial Artists leaning over to that side too.

The influence was immeasurable!

All the second grandmasters felt a weight off their minds after receiving Ye Di’s message. They expressed one by one that they would definitely make their way over after the auction for Ye Di’s ‘explanation’!

To be honest, everyone had a mutual understanding. Regarding what had happened the other night, the Ye Clan was purely the victim. What was necessary was the other clans giving the Ye Clan an explanation, so why would they take the initiative to give everyone an explanation?

The explanation that Ye Di spoke of was merely an excuse, a sham.

What they were really going to ‘explain’ during the gathering was without a doubt something else — Chu Yang!

The legendary herbs that were presented at the auction subsequently were all won by the Nine Super Clans at exorbitant prices that unquestionably exceeded their actual value. Their hearts were all bleeding inside, but they still had to throw away their money with a straight face and still pretend to be overjoyed.

An auction like this no doubt looked inconceivable to anyone looking on!

Those who did not experience it for themselves would not know how this feeling was like for sure.

This auction also set the record of the highest transacted amount of money in the Nine Heavens continent for the past 100,000 years!

The rare resources aside, the Purple Crystals alone amounted to 65,000,000 pieces!

If the Nine Super Clans knew that the true owner of these legendary herbs was not Zi Xieqing but Chu Yang… If they knew that these Purple Crystals were actually going into Chu Yang’s pockets… If they knew that Chu Yang was their biggest foe, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master…

These eight second grandmasters would probably kill themselves on the spot!

After many years, this auction would become a legend of the Nine Heavens because of the countless new records it set!

The auction with the most legendary herbs!

The auction with the most experts taking part!

The auction that was the most repressing in all of history!

The auction with the highest transacted amount of money!

The auction with the liveliest atmosphere despite the auctioneer’s Zombie face!

The auction with the highest amount of unjustified money spent!

The auction with the most suckers!

The auction with the most people who completely understood the situation but still had to be suckers nonetheless!

And of course, the last but foremost — The auction where the final Nine Tribulations Sword Master made his full emergence!

Because all the income from this auction went wholly into the pockets of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master! With these riches as a foundation, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master’s wealth already surpa.s.sed any of the Nine Super Clans!

This robust foundation supported the triumphant cultivation progress of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master and his brothers as they trampled on the Nine Heavens! And finally even breaking out of the Nine Heavens…

Including elixirs, wealth, cultivation and the eventual form of their weapons taking shape!

This auction was precisely the biggest contributing factor… Moreover, the most ironic part was that… these things all came from the sworn enemies of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, the Nine Super Clans! And willingly at that…

Such an inexplicable and inconceivable incident… There was no helping it that everyone who heard would all involuntarily cough up blood violently.

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 1102 - The Auction That Became A Legend

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