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Even if Du s.h.i.+ Qing was an Emperor level master, his life would inevitably come to a pathetic end if he were to face against the ma.s.sive forces of Iron Cloud Nation and Golden Horse Riders Department. Besides, he did not have such a high cultivation at all.

"Senior Du, you will only have any chance of living by leaving this place!!!" Chu Yang exclaimed slowly and expressively.

"Even if I am able to escape, this world is boundless… Where can I run to?" Du s.h.i.+ Qing muttered.

"Senior Du has forgotten, I still owe you one favor!" Chu Yang smiled and replied, "There are very few elders that deserve my respect in this world, and you are one of them!!!"

Du s.h.i.+ Qing shook his head repeatedly and said, "That won't do! As of now, you have a prestigious position in Iron Cloud. A bright future awaits you! Furthermore, I have given you my life's work. Even if it means that I have to die, I cannot let myself implicate you!"

Du s.h.i.+ Qing's words were firm. Du s.h.i.+ Qing had high hopes of just one person in his life, and that was Chu Yang. In the heart of this physician, nothing unfavorable should ever happen to Chu Yang.

"It won't implicate me in any way!" Chu Yang was getting impatient but he continued to argue softly, "Besides, in the entire world, I am the only person with the ability to help Senior Du!"

"A kindhearted doctor like Senior Du should not die in this way!" Chu Yang expressed with a heavy heart, "Senior Du, let's just agree on that! As for now, there are still some people that I'm unable to uncover if they're working for Diwu Qing Rou! By that time, I will just bring you with me and leave if I'm unable to solve these mysteries!"

Chu Yang's use of the words 'some people' was referring to Du s.h.i.+ Qing's bodyguard, Fire Saber Great Master, Gao Wei Cheng.

This Fire Saber Great Master was the only person that Chu Yang had no impression of.

After all that had happened thus far, there was no way for Chu Yang to tell if he was Du s.h.i.+ Qing's friend or Diwu Qing Rou's spy.

Chu Yang felt that Saber Great Master Gao Wei Cheng's ability to control his power was a little peculiar.

Du s.h.i.+ Qing let out a long sigh, while his mouth opened as if he was about to say something. However, he paused for a moment. After a long period of time, he murmured to himself, "I have committed so many wrongdoings in my life… I will have to pay for it sooner or later…"

All of a sudden, he smiled and said, "I didn't really save your father's life, did I? You owe me nothing!"

Chu Yang smiled and said in earnest, "I owe you a conscience… for lying to you…"

The word 'conscience' made Du s.h.i.+ Qing solemn for a short while. He then sighed and murmured, "Conscience… Conscience…"

Thereafter, he did not say anything else.

Du s.h.i.+ Qing stayed for a little longer before returning to the palace, for Tie s.h.i.+ Cheng's condition was so critical that he could not be away from him for too long.

After Du s.h.i.+ Qing had taken his leave, Chu Yang sat up immediately.

"Sword spirit, are you there?"

"What is the matter?"

"I need some of the medicine from that day! I have to heal my injuries as quickly as possible!"

Chu Yang's mind was determined. Ordinarily, having sustained such injuries, Chu Yang would need to rest for at least half a month before he could recover. However, this was such a critical period of time; how could he lay in bed for even half a month?

Of course, he had remembered that there was an extremely large amount of medicine in his own meridians. It would not take him too much effort to heal this way, should he wish to.

Since the force was already in his meridians, all he had to do was to let it out and recover almost naturally.

"If I release the medicinal power to heal you completely, your cultivation will increase by at least one grade in the process. However, you have just achieved the state of Martial Artist and your mind is not yet fortified. As of now, you still have a lack of deep understanding of this state; I'm afraid that it might do more harm than good!" The sword spirit replied skeptically.

"First grade Martial Artist? Don't overlook the fact that my first grade cultivation was a result of a breakthrough under the pressure of a King level master!" Chu Yang continued, "Besides, I've just battled a Martial King; how could my mind not be fortified?"

Chu Yang continued to retaliate, "I will most probably breakthrough soon either ways!!!"

The sword spirit remained silent for a moment as if it were checking the state of his mind. After a long period of time, Chu Yang felt a surge of pure medicinal power spreading from his meridians to his entire body. A feeling of euphoria quickly arose along with the flow of this medicinal power in his body.

At that moment, a surge of heat was released from within his dantian. Concurrently, Nine Tribulations Sword released a chill, which mixed with the heat from his dantian.

Both the heat and the cold joined forces. Suddenly, a loud explosion occurred in Chu Yang's dantian.


Wu Qian Qian had just entered the room with a bowl of medicine in her hands. Walking behind her was Tie Bu Tian, who was dressed in a majestic golden outfit. At the very moment that they stepped into the room, they could hear this 'natural sound' being released from Chu Yang. Their faces displayed an odd expression, showing that they had the urge to cover their noses yet they felt that it would not be polite…

This Minister Chu really had great character… Even his gas release had such great force…

Within a few short moments, the two could sense that the room was filled with a special aroma.

They did not utter a word and simply gave Chu Yang a strange look. They appeared to be astonished.

Chu Yang opened his eyes wide. As he saw their puzzled faces, he had no idea what seemed to be happening. He waved his hands at them and asked, "What's wrong?"

"You're already able to move?" Wu Qian Qian asked with great difficulty and confusion. It was definitely difficult to hold one's breath and speak at the same time. Besides, there was the release of that extraordinary sound…

"Yes… But… what's wrong with the two of you?" Chu Yang looked at the two people whose faces were turning purple from holding their breaths and asked in annoyance.

At that very moment, another surge of heat was released from within his dantian and Nine Tribulations Sword released another chill at the same time.


This time around, the sound was twice as loud as before.

He was simply too shameless! The first time could be considered as an accident, but this time was definitely intentional. No one could possibly release such a loud noise by accident…

This was a result of gas being held back tightly before being released at full force for an awe-inspiring effect.

Wu Qian Qian and Tie Bu Tian turned to look at each other. On the inside, they were fuming. This punk is clearly playing with us…

"Drink it yourself…" Wu Qian Qian withheld her anger and placed the bowl of medicine at the head of the bed. She covered her nose with her hands as she ran out of the room. Tie Bu Tian did not say a word. He glared at Chu Yang for a moment before following Wu Qian Qian out, with a darkened look on his face. It appeared as if they were trying to run away from him.

"This… No… Ahhh, that…" Chu Yang had finally understood why those two had run away so hastily. It was because of the smell that he had released.

"I am innocent…"

Chu Yang rolled his eyes and thought that the two of them were really strange. Would anyone be able to make such loud noises, even if he or she were to be taking a dump?

At least without you people around, I am able to heal…

Tie Bu Tian clasped his hands behind his back and stood outside the door. Wu Qian Qian stood behind him with a blushed face. It took her practically half a day before being able to speak up, "Your Majesty, I am really sorry. Chu Yang's acc.u.mulation of gas is probably due to his injury…"

"I am feeling nauseous…" Tie Bu Tian enacted a retching action before waving dismissively, "There's no need to explain on his behalf, for I won't blame him. The more you try to explain, the more I wish to vomit…"

What is this clever girl trying to say?

"Acc.u.mulated gas can't be controlled…?" Tie Bu Tian thought with slight annoyance.

Wu Qian Qian had no clue what had just happened and had just added insult to injury. Her train of thought had become chaotic and caused her to spout nonsense because she was so afraid of what the prince thought.

While the two remained standing by the door, there was a sudden 'earth-shattering explosion'.


The two of them covered their mouths and ran out to the front awning. They breathed in some fresh air and this helped a little. They looked at each other, trying to hold in their laughter and said, "That was some strong force…"

Cheng Zi Ang ran towards them hastily, wanting to enter Chu Yang's room. However, when he noticed Tie Bu Tian standing by the door, he immediately greeted him formally. Subsequently, he asked curiously, "How is MInister Chu's injury? Miss Wu, why are you… Ahhh… out here like this?"

Tie Bu Tian smiled and replied, "Go in there and you will find out…"

"Yes… Yes…" Cheng Zi Ang bowed ceremoniously and went in hurriedly. Trailing a distance behind him, Wu Qian Qian covered her mouth and giggled so much that her entire body could be seen trembling.

The moment he entered, "Cheng Zi Ang called out to Chu Yang loudly, "Minister, you…"


Instantly, Hall Leader Cheng jumped and ran back out of the room. His martial power was really great, for he ran like a rabbit with an arrow on its back.

"Ha… Ha… Ha…" Tie Bu Tian and Wu Qian Qian held their stomachs as they laughed.

Cheng Zi Ang, with one hand covering his nose and the other scratching his head, said shamefully, "Minister Chu is truly worthy of being a minister… Even that was earth-shattering…!!!"

Tie Bu Tian let out a few dry coughs. He had laughed so hard that his throat was slightly irritated. "Now that Minister Chu is no longer in any danger, I will take my leave first. Miss Wu, please take good care of Minister Chu… If there is something else that you have to attend to, you may call for Hall Leader Cheng to come over and take care of him…"

As he spoke, he began walking away in a haste.

Cheng Zi Ang appeared nauseated. He had wanted to reject the prince's proposition but he dare not. That minister has just let… let out such a loud one… And I have to take care of him??

At this juncture, the ghastly sounds that were coming from the room were growing louder, with the intervals between each sound becoming shorter…

"Boom… Boom… Boom…"

Wu Qian Qian could no longer stand it and said, "Hall Leader Cheng, I guess I have to trouble you then!!!"

Immediately, she covered her nose and hightailed out of that place.

Cheng Zi Ang stood there in a daze as he watched Wu Qian Qian disappear so swiftly. The endless sounds of "boom… boom" filled his ears. Suddenly, he felt that it was getting harder for him to breathe and he bent down…


Poor Hall Leader Cheng had vomited on the spot.

Shortly after, Chu Yang was finally done with his embarra.s.sing 'letting out of gas'. Even a person with such a thick skin as Minister Chu felt that this short period was like an eternity.

This was too humiliating! From his previous life up until now, this was the first time that he had to suffer such an embarra.s.sing misunderstanding…

Minister Chu argued with the sword spirit about this issue in his mind. He firmly believed that this could be controlled, but the sword spirit simply ignored him.

A long period of time later, Chu Yang felt that his body was filled with great strength. He instantly put on his devilish mask and walked out casually. This was the first time that he could truly appreciate the concealing effect of this mask.

Meanwhile, Cheng Zi Ang was sitting on a chair with his legs fully stretched out in front of him, completely limp. His face was pale and worn out.

"Cough… Cough…" Chu Yang coughed a couple times.

"Ah… Minister… Are you feeling better?" Cheng Zi Ang appeared drained as he looked at Chu Yang with tired eyes.

"Yes. Do you have something to report to me?" Chu Yang redirected the conversation.

"We have managed to get those people completely guarded. Everything is going according to your instructions. When shall we make our move?"

Talking about official business proved to be beneficial in improving Cheng Zi Ang's state of mind by just a little.

"Really? You weren't discovered?" Chu Yang nodded, showing satisfaction.

"Absolutely not... " Cheng Zi Ang smiled and replied.

"Those places are under the jurisdiction of the military. There are many disabled veterans there. We were able to talk to them and swap with them our people easily. They were extremely cooperative. Minister CHu, those are all good people."

"Disabled veterans…" Chu Yang thought hard for a moment. He realized that a nation in a constant war was bound to have many disabled veterans. Those people once rode on horses and fought on the battlefield. Now that they could barely drag their own bodies around, they are forced to live in these second-rate housings…

He pondered for a while more and added, "Once this is done, I will personally go down to visit these disabled veterans with His Majesty!"

A flame burned in Cheng Zi Ang's chest as he replied enthusiastically, "Yes!"

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