Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 558

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Chapter 558: This Sword is the Best of Ancient and Modern Times!

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Meng Chao Ran's complexion was still aloof. He felt a little regret in his heart. After all, Tan Tan had made his mood very chaotic. So, he had sunken into a deeply dumbfounded mental state, and this had left his sharp perception ability to decrease very substantially. Consequently, he couldn't detect this ambush in advance. Then, they realized that it was too late by the time they had reached here. And, this held true despite the fact that they hadn't truly landed into the enemy's encirclement yet.

However, Meng Chao Ran instantaneously regained his aloof mood when faced with powerful enemies that were dozens of times more in number. So, he slightly smiled and replied, "We aren't walking on the road to h.e.l.l; at least not today. We will surely walk on it when the right day comes. But, you guys have still been waiting here for us in this world of ice and snow. It must've been very difficult for you guys. I feel somewhat sorry for you..."

His voice was natural, and his tone was relaxed. In fact, it seemed as if the people in front of him were his old friends, and he was merely having a heart-to-heart conversation with them. The people of Black Devil Clan heard this, and felt as if they had bathed in spring breeze.

In fact, everyone felt guilty for a moment. [This man is so cool even in the face of death!]

[Only three kinds of people can remain calm in such a dire situation — First, the ones who know that they have a lot of strength, and are confident that they can easily get away. Second are the ones who are detached from the bindings of life and death. And third… are the one who have gone crazy.]

[But, this man clearly doesn't possess that kind of strength. And, he doesn't seem like a madman from his mannerisms. So, this means… he stands detached from of life and death!]

[He has transcended life and death!]

[Birth and death are no more than external ornaments of life in his eyes. So, they don't matter much.]

[Such a man can't be considered scary because he doesn't have strength. But, he's respectable! In fact, he commands respect!]

The people of Black Devil Clan looked at the lazy and dull warmth on Meng Chao Ran's face. And, those thirty experts of the Black Devil Clan didn't get to experience the thrill of 'ultimately blocking their targets'!

Not only him, but his thoughtless and unsightly disciple was also looking at them with slanting eyes. It seemed as if he didn't give a d.a.m.n about those twenty eight King Level Experts and two Emperor Level Experts.

In fact, the expression in his eyes was

like that of a preying eagle looking at a herd of rabbits!

"Sire, hand over the ninth grade spirit beast's inner core first," an Emperor Level Expert of the Black Devil Clan exposed admiration in his eyes as he said, "Your death is unavoidable. But, I can promise you that your death would be painless since I admire your aloofness."

Meng Chao Ran shook his head, and was left incapable of holding back his laughter. He slowly pulled out his sword and softly said, "Why would I cherish my body in the face of a battle? Everyone eventually dies. So, there's no need for you to make my death painless."

He looked at the s.h.i.+ny blade of his sword. He then said with a sigh, "And, as far as the inner core of nine grade spirit beast is concerned… it's impossible to give it to you!"

"Why?" That Emperor Level Expert of the Black Devil Clan became angry. He was somewhat astonished and didn't know what to ask. After all, he had felt that these words had some special meaning. In fact, it had seemed as if they had some secret problem, and that's why they couldn't hand over the inner core.

"I mean… you can't get the ninth grade spirit beast's inner core by any means," Meng Chao Ran faintly smiled. He then said in a gentle temperament, "Only one good-quality head lies here. Who wants to take first?"

The pupils of the Emperor Level Expert of Black Devil Clan shrank as he looked at Meng Chao Ran. A killing intention came out and filled the air. He waved his hand, and shouted, "Kill!"

Suddenly, a scream resounded.

"Ah!~~~" The leader of one of the three teams was a ninth grade King Level Expert. He had turned around, and was about to give orders to attack. But, he had suddenly realized that ten individuals were mysteriously missing from his side!

"Where are our men? w.a.n.g Erhei, Zhao San Niu, Sun Wu Dan… where did they go…?" the formation of Black Devil people became disorganized along with his shout.

Moreover, his shout went unanswered…

Several people turned back and leapt up to look. Then, several fearful cries were heard in a row, "Emperor Master! They… they… all… are dead!"

After that, those several people came over trembling. "Dead… they are dead… they were killed from underground…"

"Stop your fu*king nonsense!" the Emperor Level Expert of the Black Devil Clan became angry. And, he flung a slap on his face as he scolded, "There's a ten-thousand-years-old mysterious ice beneath us! Do you understand what ten-thousand-years-old mysterious ice means?"

The body of the King Level Expert revolved once because of the slap. He felt dizzy as he replied while crying, "It's true… Emperor Master…"

The Emperor Expert of the Black Devil Clan concentrated his vision. He then flew over

over there and examined the ten frozen bodies. And, his complexion became more and more unsightly as a result. Then, he suddenly stood upright and shouted, "Where is the b.a.s.t.a.r.d who has stealthily attacked our men? Come out and have a fair fight with me if you have the guts!"

However, silence prevailed once his voice had faded. Heavy snow fluttered down, but there was no response.

He carefully examined the surface of the ice around his body as he cussed. However, he still couldn't believe that someone had carried out while hiding underground!

[But, this is mysterious ice ah! How can someone go inside of it and hide?]

"Everyone beware. There's a mysterious enemy hiding beneath us!" The complexion of the Emperor Expert became cautious. At present, the most worrying thing for him was that this hidden enemy could sneak underground, and could move about stealthily.

Meng Chao Ran and his disciple were already surrounded. And, it could be said that they couldn't escape by any means. But, this mysterious underground killer had appeared at this time. And, he seemed to be after these people's lives! This man was a senior Emperor Expert in own merit. However, he wouldn't dare to say that his life was safe in the face of this bizarre method.

In fact, the Emperor Expert had found himself covered in cold sweat when he had examined the sword-cuts on the throats of the ten corpses.

[This person seems to be a cold-blooded murderer! Moreover, he's an extremely experienced cold-blooded murderer. He has killed ten of our people under our nose, and n.o.body noticed it!]

[I've never heard of such technique!]

Everyone looked under their feet once they heard this warning. It seemed as if they were hoping to tackle this enemy. It was evident that they were afraid that a sword might drill out from under their feet if they didn't pay attention.

But, Chu Yang wasn't present under the ice at this time.

Instead, he had quietly come out long ago. And, he was now moving in the direction he had selected.

He would occupy a high ground as long as he would arrive at that designated spot. Then, he could unleash the bigger killer move in one-go. He could tear open an opening in the enemy's formation, and could use it to flee with his master and junior martial brother!

Chu Yang already knew the nearby terrain by heart.

People of the Black Devil Clan remained very careful and vigilant for a long time. But, they didn't notice anything. Finally, Tan Tan couldn't help but smile, "Master, look at these people. Their eyeb.a.l.l.s are attentively gazing at the ground, but don't they look exactly like a bunch of dung beetles looking for human s.h.i.+t?"

Meng Chao Ran replied to it in a serious manner, "Don't make irresponsible remarks."


irresponsible remarks."

He paused and further said, "You brat, when will you drop this bad habit? Why do you always have to speak the truth at the worst moment?"

He then continued to give honest instructions, "Tan Tan, remember this for the future — the truth always offends someone. You can't recklessly tell the truth to the people of Jianghu. In fact, you must tell the lie when it comes to it. We can see that they look like dung beetles, but we shouldn't speak it out loud. You know? Wouldn't they get angry if you call them dung beetles to their face? Put yourself in their shoes. Wouldn't you get angry if someone called you a dung beetle?"

Meng Chao Ran understood that they didn't have any chance of making an escape while confronting these people! Therefore, they simply let loose of themselves. Consequently, these two were left to ruthlessly mock their enemies on their faces.

"You're right, Master." Tan Tan became a yes-man and said, "Master, this disciple won't dare to speak the truth from now on. In fact, I will especially tell lies..."

The thirty people shot sixty rays of vicious lights from their eyes when they heard this doctrine!

"Look, the dung beetles got angry, right?" Meng Chao Ran stared at his disciple.

"That's not very surprising. After all, there's no dung here. So, they obviously can't find it, and must've become angry as a result," Tan Tan replied very understandingly. Then, he foolishly smiled towards those King level Experts and said, "You tell me… I'm right, right?"

"Capture these two first!" The complexion of the other tall Emperor Expert of the Black Devil Clan had become purple out of anger. He shouted loudly, "I will grab the tongue of this talkative b.a.s.t.a.r.d with my own hands!"

"Kill!" More than twenty people flew forwards.

"Well, come on." A detached expression flashed in Meng Chao Ran's eyes. He gently smiled and pulled out his sword. He launched the Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement skill at full speed. And, he changed into a crisscrossing sword-light along with his sword.

Tan Tan let out a mad cry. He too suddenly pulled out his sword. And, he rushed out following Meng Chao Ran.

Suddenly, an unexpected event occurred!

A fierce and swift sword-light suddenly fell like a thunderbolt from the Ninth Heaven! It then slashed diagonally like the glowing tail of a meteor. It had come slas.h.i.+ng down from high above!

This sword strike had come without any prior warning. In fact, everyone had experienced a strange and frightening illusion when it had appeared in their peripheral visions with a flas.h.!.+

Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword – Chu Yang – had used his entire strength. He had charged this sword move before he had unleashed it. 'What harm is there in slaughtering the entire world'!

He had attacked with his attacked with his full strength; he hadn't held anything back!

He had silently launched the attack!

The first King Level Expert could only get time to cry out in fear by the time it arrived. After all, Chu Yang had pierced his body! The speed of this sword was so high that this King level Expert didn't even get the time to block!

The sword-light slashed three people as Chu Yang rushed into the encirclement. Then, he coldly shouted, "Follow me!"

He had hardly covered a distance of seventy feet when he shot towards another King Level Expert! This King Level Expert became scared out of his wits. After all, he didn't have the time to dodge. So, he could only pull out his sword and face the energy's attack…

However, the sword of this King Level Expert of the Black Devil Clan changed into and filled the whole sky when the two swords came in contact. Then, the body of this man was also torn to pieces. Moreover, Chu Yang had already rushed towards his next target!

Meng Chao Ran and Tan Tan also reacted very rapidly. They followed this stunning sword-light, and rushed outwards with their full strength!

Chu Yang's timing wasn't necessarily the best. However, the positioning of his attack was the optimal option in this setup.

It was because the two Emperor Experts of the Black Devil Clan were standing on the either sides of Chu Yang. He had a.s.sessed what these two could see from their lines of sight when he had launched this move. And, he had realized that their attacks would get obstructed by the bodies of their own subordinates in case they decided to make a move!

'What harm is there in slaughtering the entire world'!

This fierceness and swiftness of this more was indeed the best of ancient and modern times!

It wasn't until Meng Chao Ran and Tan Tan had rushed out of the encirclement that the remaining strokes of this sword-move manifested — A long sword streaked across the vast sky, and it suddenly issued loud 'boom' and 'bang' sounds!

A stuffy yet thunderous sound spread out.

The might of this sword was too frightening!

A sword-light was obliquely sent out from behind the encirclement. It killed the first person in the encirclement. Then, Chu Yang turned around and killed the second person. He had had already moved partly sideways by this time. So, he killed the third person as well. Then, he again turned over and killed the fourth person. Then, he killed the fifth person who was standing right across the fourth person… and moved a little sideways from his body!

Sixth… he didn't strike the sixth!

The sword-light flashed like a thunderbolt as it rushed out of the encirclement! The sword-light was still courageously moving forward with its residual power like a lightning…

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 558

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