Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 559

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A+ A- Chapter 559: I Will Handle Them!

The shadow of this calamitous sword was still flickering in the eyes of the experts of Black Devil Clan! Moreover, n.o.body had been able to see who was hidden within this bundle of sword light!

A silence spread!

Both the Emperor Level Experts had sunk into a shock after they had witnessed the might of this frightening sword. In fact, it seemed as if it was a nightmare. They then reacted and looked towards Tan Tan; he had just run out of their encirclement.

The King Level Expert who was nearest to Tan Tan reacted, and quickly thrust his palm to attack in an instinctive action.

His palm patted on Tan Tan's back with a 'bang'!

Suddenly, an 'ah' scream was issued as a burst of green smoke rose up. Tan Tan did two somersaults after getting hit by this man. Then, Tan Tan crawled up as if nothing had happened, and started to rush out wildly once again…

Everyone saw that this King Level Expert was looking at his hand in disbelief! So, everyone looked at his hand, and saw that his hand was giving off steam. Moreover, the smell of roasted meat was coming from it. A layer of blisters had also appeared on his palm…

Everyone was overwhelmed with shock when they saw this. [The King Level Expert had condensed his martial power on his palm when he had hit that guy. So, how did these blisters appear on his hand? After all, this is the hand of a King Level Expert!]

[Is this b.a.s.t.a.r.d carrying a volcano on his back or something? Does magma flow in his veins instead of blood?]

Both the Emperor Level Experts drifted over as lightly as smoke, and left an ice cold order in their wake –"Chase!" Their robes fluttered in the wind as they covered a distance of a hundred feet.

Both the Emperor Experts felt ashamed and resentful! It was because a thought had spontaneously arisen in their hearts when they had seen the performance of the sword a while back... [I would have been done for if this sword had been aimed at me a moment ago…!]

[This sword is the best of ancient and present times… we've never seen something like this!]

A galloping dragon-like sword-light turned around a corner along with Tan Tan and Meng Chao Ran. Then, it finally came to a stop. Chu Yang fell down to the ground with a 'thump' sound. And, his whole body became powerless after that!

This sword attack had exhausted his strength. He had displayed his entire power; he hadn't held anything back! Therefore, he had next-to-no strength to get up now…

"Chu Yang…?" Meng Chao Ran stared at him. He hadn't expected that the one who had come to save him at this critical moment would turn out to be his own disciple!

"Master…" Chu Yang powerlessly smiled. He quickly swallowed an incomplete version of the Nine Tribulations Pill to restore his strength.


Chao Ran nearly choked with emotion! [I had given in to desperation. I was ready to give up and meet death. But, my disciple came out of nowhere and saved my life!]

Meng Chao Ran's train of thoughts had started to surge like a tide.

However, he still reacted quickly. He carried Chu Yang, and dragged Tan Tan. Then, he ferociously took a deep breath. His white jade-like face had suddenly turned blood red. Then, he puffed out a breath. And, his body went out flying like an arrow.

His current speed was three times more than his max speed on usual days!

He was burning his vitality to achieve this…

To rush wildly at extremely highest speed!

It was the same method those two dying King Level Experts had used in order to run from the pursuit of the Black Devil Clan. And, Meng Chao Ran was also using this method now…

Meng Chao Ran had always looked at 'life and death' indifferently. But, his two disciples were at his side at this time. So, he couldn't afford to die! He had to stay alive… Moreover, he also had to save his disciples from danger!

Even if it meant that he would have to stake his own life!

Meng Chao Ran suddenly accelerated. He was carrying a man and dragging another. He rapidly pulled away to a faraway distance, and it seemed as if the G.o.d of Wind had been helping him. He turned a corner like lightning, and his figure disappeared with that.

The Experts of the Black Devil Clan angrily chased over. It seemed as if they had lost their minds.

There were forty experts in the beginning! However, ten of them had been secretly killed. Then, five more were killed by the sword… So, only twenty-five were left!

This was unendurable for both the Emperor Level Experts of the Black Devil Clan. After all, they had always been proud and arrogant. However, such an incident had happened under their leaders.h.i.+ps… So, their eyes had turned bloodshot.

"From where did this Sword King come?!" One of the Emperor Level Experts was seething in anger. This Emperor Level Expert was named Qian Wan Tong. He also used swords for weapons. However, he wasn't a pro at using sword. Consequently, he obviously understood the level of terror that sword had induced.

[That sort of swift and fierce sword was moving-about after being paired up with a body. That was clearly the unification of man and sword. Moreover, the sword was moving against the wind in the same manner that lightning streaks across the sky. No one below a Sword King can make a sword move like that one!]

[I'm afraid that none of us thirty people would've survived if it were a Sword Emperor! So… it can only be a Sword King!]

The other Emperor Level Experts Wu Jiang was also forging ahead, and was keeping pace with his colleague. He coldly said, "It doesn't matter if

if it was a Sword King or a Saber King; he's going to die today! Brother Qian, you don't need to worry so much!"

They looked at each other, and their silhouettes sped up in unison.

They had been tracking Meng Chao Ran for a while now. So, both these Emperor Experts knew that they couldn't let them to escape beyond a certain distance. Else, this man would use his methods of going stealth, and would become untraceable. And, these three people would disappear without a trace if that happened.

The blue-robed Meng Chao Ran ferociously flew forwards like a steamer of light.

He recalled everything he had learnt his whole life, and didn't hold back from displaying it along the whole way.

A group of snow and ice flew out in the forward direction with a slight tiptoeing, and several dozens of tracks were made in the snow with 'pop' sounds. It seemed that someone had pa.s.sed through here…

However, he turned his feet, and took another direction in a flash. He stepped on the surface of snow. Then, he made several traces of 'running fast' using his strength. And, he left behind false traces by the time he finally disappeared from here…

This needed one's brain to be as calm as ice and snow!

Moreover, his actions were back by a purpose every time he had placed the false traces. The directions that the false traces directed to had certain deceptive effects. In fact, those directions had unseen obstacles lying ahead…

Meng Chao Ran had been holding Chu Yang in one hand, and had been dragging Tan Tan with the other. Moreover, his eyes were scanning all the directions at the same time. And, he was hurriedly making accurate judgements at the right time. He was simultaneously a.n.a.lysing the distance of the pursuers as well. And, he was leaving false traces and changing his directions at the same time…

This kind of a 'reaction capability' could only be regarded as a mixture of innate talent, experience, intuition, and comprehension; not a single aspect was dispensable!

Even Chu Yang wouldn't have been able to handle matters the way Meng Chao Ran was at this moment! In fact, it would've been impossible for him!

He was in the arms of his master. He looked behind towards the marks that his master had placed in crisscross manner, and it seemed as if he had arranged some traps. Chu Yang couldn't help but open his eyes wide in amazement. After all, he had never imagined that his master knew such a skill as well…

[How many life and death experiences would someone have to go through before such experience and reaction abilities are materialized?]

Chu Yang felt somewhat sorrowful in his heart. [Master is a lot more experienced that he has ever told us. He has always kept everything hidden deep inside his heart.]

[But, such experiences can't be attained through cheating. Moreover, it's impossible to figure them out on

out on one's own if these near-death experiences haven't been engraved in one's heart and carved in one's bones...]

Meng Chao Ran had left the enemies far behind in a very short period of time! He finally stopped after they had pa.s.sed a mountain pa.s.s. And, he suddenly spurted out blood from his mouth as soon as he stopped.

Chu Yang repeatedly requested him to put him down. But, he didn't listen.

"Listen!" Meng Chao Ran's face had turned red. He looked at both of his disciples with a fierce expression in his eyes. Then, he hurriedly said in an anxious voice, "Here's the way out! You two must exit from there. Use the tip of your toes to create that splas.h.i.+ng effect in the snow. Leave from here as quickly as possible. And, you have to keep on living after that; no matter what happens! Remember! You must live on! No matter what means you have to use… You must live even if your knees turn to dust… You must live!"

This man had always been indifferent towards life and death. He had been aloof from the outside. However, he was the one saying these words to his loving disciples at such parting moments…'You must live!'

"Master, what about you?" Tan Tan anxiously asked.

"Me? I will obviously survive as well…" Meng Chao Ran coldly smiled. Then, he indicated with his hand, "I will take that path. We will move separately… we will take two different roads. In fact, I will stay away from danger if the enemies chase after you two. But, I can't say for sure! Now leave; quickly."

"Master…" The rim of Tan Tan's eyes had turned red.

He and Chu Yang knew that Meng Chao Ran had said this to make them feel relieved. They were certain that their master would make some sounds of activity to attract the enemy once they had fled. And, he would do this so that these two would get a chance to survive!

Meng Chao Ran was clearly not afraid of dying for these two disciples of his'…

"You still haven't gone? What are you waiting for?" Meng Chao Ran strictly asked in a low voice.

"Master…" Chu Yang somehow supressed the overwhelming emotions that were erupting in his chest like a volcano. Then, he said, "There's no need to do this. I can handle them!"

He had an ultimate move — Let Sword Spirit take possession of his body!

Chu Yang didn't wish to use it. After all, it would increase his sense of dependence if he were to use it once. Moreover, there would also be an enormous wear and tear on the Sword Spirit's spiritual power!

Chu Yang would've never thought of using this method even if he were at a risk of life...

However, he was prepared to use this ultimate move at this juncture!

He couldn't watch his master die… no matter what!

[I will use my last resort if this move doesn't work. 'Ten-thousand doesn't work. 'Ten-thousand tribulations will collapse with the blood of my heart'!]

[I won't hesitate!]

[Even if I have to reincarnate once again…!]

"You have a way?" Meng Chao Ran focused his attention and looked at Chu Yang.

"Yes," Chu Yang stood up and swayed a little. He felt the efficacy of the Nine Tribulations Pill surging up violently within his body. His complexion changed to rosy in an instant. And, he regained his exhausted martial power.

"Don't try to be stubborn. There is hope where there's life," Meng Chao Ran said in deep and low voice. His complexion was becoming more and more miserable with each pa.s.sing moment.

It was obvious that the result of burning his vitality to escape had taken its toll on him!

"Master, it seems that the hope has already died. We won't have any self-respect for our whole lives if we leave you behind. How disloyal and unfilial would it be if we got to live in-exchange for the life of our master?" Chu Yang said in one stretch.

Meng Chao Ran heaved a deep sigh. He knew that Chu Yang had understood his plan.

"You were doing well while lying low back there. Why did you have to run out?" Meng Chao Ran looked at Chu Yang with deep regret.

"Master still hasn't reunited with his wife. This is a big reason for you to live on," Chu Yang slowly said, "Don't worry about the people who are chasing after us. Let your disciple take care of them!"

"My wife…?" Meng Chao Ran exposed a startled expression in his eyes, "What do you know?"

"Master's mistress…?" Tan Tan was shocked, "Master also has a mistress…?"

Tan Tan's words left Chu Yang and Meng Chao Ran speechless in this solemn and tragic atmosphere. 'Does Master have a mistress?'

These words didn't designate the positions of Master and Mistress in the family hierarchy correctly. In fact, they indicated direct infidelity…

Meng Chao Ran's face turned dark.

Chu Yang didn't know whether to laugh or cry as he shook his head. He took out an incomplete version of the Nine Tribulations Pill, and stuffed it into Meng Chao Ran's mouth. Then, he gave a firm glance to Tan Tan and shouted, "I will come back to settle the account with you once I am done killing the group of these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds."

Tan Tan said, 'yeah, right!', and rolled his eyes, "I am so scared, ooh…"

The sound of fluttering clothes resounded. Then, a voice spoke-up in a furious tone, "I will see where you guys run off to!"

However, this man then saw that Chu Yang had stood up. Then, Chu Yang suddenly faced upwards and let out a loud and long howl!

This howl was bitterly solemn and soul stirring. However, the sound of the howl then suddenly acquired a strange bleakness midway. It then underwent a strange, abrupt, and uncanny transformation. And, a kind of loneliness, a kind of quietness, and a kind of tyranny reverberated from the howl!

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 559

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