Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 820 Ironclad Case

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Sha Xinliang said authoritatively, "Since you've pleaded guilty, then sign your name and press your fingerprint here."

Xiao Yulong did so calmly, and thought: This b.a.s.t.a.r.d Sha Xinliang is really unreasonable. Such a trivial matter is stirred up into such a state… Humph, in the future, I'll definitely…

He heard Sha Xinliang saying, "Bring the victim up!"

Big Boss Chu made his debut.

Sha Xinliang said, "Boss Chu, you can talk about your losses now. This Steward Xiao has already agreed to compensate all your losses. And, he has signed in the name of the Xiao clan."

Xiao Yulong was stunned. Since when did I sign in the name of the Xiao clan?

Instantly, he realized that he had been tricked by Sha Xinliang. He didn't look at the verdict carefully before he signed and only thought everything was over… Now, he was dumbfounded.

Chu Yang said indignantly, "Thank you, Sir… I'm really wronged…"

Sha Xinliang revealed an impatient look and said, "Just directly say your losses. I'm not interested in listening to you crying about your grievances!"

Chu Yang replied fearfully, "I suffered from a lot of losses, most of them are a.s.sets pa.s.sed down from my ancestors, let me think… ten pieces of Snow Ginseng aged 1,000 years old, five pieces of Golden Ginseng aged 2,000 years old, three grams of Solomon's Seal plants and six Purple Lotuses aged 5,000 years old…"

When he began to tell, Xiao Yulong already spat out a mouthful of blood, and he cried indignantly, "Commander Sha! This is blackmailing! This is nonsense! He's talking off hand! How could he have so many treasures in a small medical center? He's simply greedy…"

Xiao Yulong's heart had gone cold by now.

"Shut up!" Sha Xinliang yelled, "Continue to speak…"

As such, Chu Yang continued to gabble on… He finally finished after speaking 47 types of medicinal ingredients. He said a little embarra.s.sedly, "Sir, these are my losses in medicines. I'll let pa.s.s the rest, everyone isn't easy… We're all neighbors and I'm embarra.s.sed to ask for more. I'm afraid that others will say that I tricked them…"

"This is still not a trickery!? This is completely a trickery!" Xiao Yulong yelled. His eyes were full of blood: You're still not embarra.s.sed? If you're not, how sinister you actually are… Little kid, you shall wait. Wait till I'm out of here, I'll make you suffer…

Sha Xinliang said 'impatiently', "What other losses did you have?"

Chu Yang burst into tears and said, "My fourth uncle has been seriously injured… I'm afraid… Uh, my younger sister also suffered from great shock, probably… I also suffered serious injuries and vomited a basin of blood… I'm afraid…"

"In addition, the 2,000 purple crystals in my center were also looted, I don't know where they are now…"

Chu Yang bowed deeply, "Sir, please vouch for me!"

Sha Xinliang agreed and said, "Step aside first."

Behind him, the secretary wrote vigorously.

Xiao Yulong and the other three people were so shocked that they were speechless. From the number of purple crystals and drug names reported to be lost by this boss of the medical center… those people who were ignorant of the actual accident would think that we looted the Medicine Valley…

"Xiao Yulong, you've looted so many things. You only need to return all of them back, and pay some fines to erase your charge," Sha Xinliang sighed and said, "Tell me, Xiao Yulong, why do you like to stir up trouble for me? It's also not easy for me to manage the Flat Mountain Ridge so well… I've put in so much effort, but with all that you've done, where do I still have the place to save my face?"

Xiao Yulong looked at him and remained tongue-tied for a while. Finally, he said, crying out loud, "Commander Sha! The little brute is obviously saying nonsense, how did we… grab so many things from him?"

As he said this, he only felt stuffiness in his chest and that he was almost going to vomit blood.

Sha Xinliang said lightly, "At first, I also didn't believe him. But after Boss Chu reported the case, I immediately detained him and personally went to the Chu clan to testify all that he said from the Clan Master Chu Xiongcheng. I found out that it's indeed the case. All the a.s.sets that the Chu clan had, which were all worth hundreds of years, were all in the medical center previously. Clan Master Chu had also given his signature."

As he said, he took out a piece of paper and shook it in front of Xiao Yulong. On it were the names of the medicinal ingredients, Chu Xiongcheng's signature and Sha Xinliang's personal seal, which proved that everything that Chu Yang had said was all correct. Of course, this 'testification letter' was made by Big Boss Chu himself, while the 'Clan Master Chu who had given his signature' was still at home and didn't know all of these at all…

Xiao Yulong was stunned.

Sha Xinliang snorted and said, "Steward Xiao, human testimony and physical evidence are all here. You can't deny your charges even if you want to!"

Xiao Yulong's face turned pale and he lowered his head down. After a long time, he raised his head up and said loathly, "Commander Sha, may I know this case would end if I compensate all of the said items?"

Sha Xinliang said grimly, "If you compensate them, we'll naturally consider to give you a lighter sentence. Even though this case would still not be completely erased from our archives, but we surely couldn't severely punish you just because of this robbery."

Xiao Yulong heaved a sigh of relief. Although he still didn't know why Sha Xinliang was so mad today, it should still be sufficient to make the compensation with the purple crystals he had extorted in addition to the purple crystals that his family group had.

As for revenge or anything else, I shall think about them later. If I can keep myself alive, what is there to worry for purple crystals?

As he thought of this, he said, "I'm willing to compensate." But his heart bled as he said this.

After working hard for tens of years, he still had to lose all of his fortunes in a day. And he also had to divert large amounts of public funds into this…

How could he not be filled with hatred?

"If this is so, I'll take my own charge of this matter to allow you, Xiao Yulong, to have some advantage. You shall just pay a total of 13000 purple crystals. How is it? Do you agree?"

Xiao Yulong's hopes dashed to pieces and he said, "At this stage, what else can I say? I agree…"

Sha Xinliang said happily, "If this is so, please sign and print your fingerprint. I'll send people to get the purple crystals from your clan."

Xiao Yulong was a straightforward person. Seeing that he himself had arrived at such a stage and that Sha Xinliang was obviously partial to his opposite, there was now no way for him to not accept the verdict, so he gave his signature calmly. He also wrote a personal letter carrying his seal, which explained who the clan's accountants were and where they were…

Sha Xinliang winked to signal two law-enforcement officers to take away these things. These two officers called a few other people to drive a carriage out. They rode on the carriage and off they went to the Xiao clan to extort the purple crystals.

"The robbery case involving Xiao Yulong and his accomplices shall end here," Sha Xinliang announced authoritatively.

Xiao Yulong was overjoyed and finally recovered some of his spirits, and said, "Thank you, Commander Sha." He glanced evilly on Chu Yang and thought: Wait till I go back, I'll extort more from you than the amount you extorted from me!

"Following which we'll examine the case of rebellion by Xiao Yulong and his accomplices. You failed to abide by law-enforcement processes and intentionally harmed the law-enforcement officers, causing ten officers to be injured!" Sha Xinliang said as he gritted teeth and looked at the five 'criminals' coldly.

"What!?" Xiao Yulong was instantly dumbfounded. Not only he, but the other three also raised their heads in disbelief.

What's the big deal for robbing a medical center? But resisting against law-enforcement processes and killing law-enforcement officers… were deadly sins!

Sha Xinliang said coldly, "Xiao Yulong, you sent people to rob the medical center last night, and the victim reported you. Yesterday, when you sent your people to the medical center again, I also ordered some of my men there to stop you from committing crimes. But I didn't expect your men to be so insane. They went against us when they saw us! And they said clearly that this was your a.s.signment!"

"In the battle last night, all the ten law-enforcement officers suffered from serious injuries and they almost died! Fortunately, I arrived in time to arrest the culprits and avoid them to get off scot-free."

Sha Xinliang said sadly, "Unfortunately, these ten iron-plate law-enforcement officers were close to death due to their serious injuries!"

"These were done by all of you!" Sha Xinliang yelled, "Xiao Yulong! You're so bold!"

"There's absolutely no such things! No such things!" Xiao Yulong started to look really desperate and began to panic. He knew that if this crime was fixed, he would have a death sentence for sure!

Sha Xinliang snorted and said, "Human testimony and physical evidence are all here. It's also an ironclad case! What's more, Steward Qin who is in charge of the Law-Enforced Auction Hall were all at the scene. You can't deny this!"

He shouted with red eyes, "Lift them in!"

Instantly, stretchers were carried up grimly by pairs of law-enforcement officers. On the stretchers were individuals who wore law-enforcement officers' uniforms. It seemed that only a last gasp of breath was left on each of them. Their bodies were bruised all over and ghastly to look at.

This was, of course, the masterpiece of Divine Doctor Chu. He had made all the injuries of these people to look serious, and they looked perfectly real. It was not difficult at all for him to do this.

"They are all my good brothers!" Sha Xinliang looked at Xiao Yulong, "They were all hurt by you and your men!"

Sha Xinliang turned around and yelled, "Go get their confessions out!"

The secretary hurriedly fetched them. Sha Xinliang slammed the booklet of confessions on Xiao Yulong's face, and said coldly, "Xiao Yulong, what else do you have to say!?"

Xiao Yulong glanced at them once and almost fainted.

It mentioned clearly on how he arranged for the six people to loot the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall, how he planned it, how he started taking the actions and all the words he said. It was just like playback of what happened that night.

And there were even markings on the tone of every sentence he had said.

The most terrible thing was that someone asked himself before: What if law-enforcement officers intervene? Xiao Yulong said then: Law-enforcement officers? This could be settled with just a few purple crystals. Why do they have to care about it?

This sentence was also highlighted!

All the events that had happened before Xiao Yulong's men set off their clan on the second night were written correctly. But the events that happened later -- how they met the law-enforcement officers, how they fought against the law-enforcement officers in order to complete Xiao Yulong's tasks, how they fought and caused various casualties -- were all faked out, even though they were written clearly and logically.

Of course, Xiao Yulong didn't know that these were fake. Now, he was already desperate. Looking at the earlier part of the confessions, he was instinctively led to believe all the confessions.

There were blood stains all over the pieces of papers, showing the difficulty in obtaining these confessions.

A basin of cold water was carried up to Sha Xinliang, who then used his martial techniques to make it even colder. He then poured all the water onto Xiao Yulong's face. Xiao Yulong recovered from his shock and stared at Sha Xinliang's murderous eyes. Xiao Yulong suddenly shouted hysterically, "I want to see the six of them! I want to see them! They couldn't frame me like this… Woowoowoo…"

And he actually burst into tears. He looked extremely grieved.

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 820 Ironclad Case

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