My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 135

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Chapter 135
Chapter 135: The Sn.o.bbish Store Boss

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"I’m going to look around." Qingfeng lightly said and looked at the phones on the display.

As the saying went, "To buy a good quality product, one has to shop around, look around and ask questions."

The boss looked s.h.i.+fty and had the look of a dishonest salesman.

"Young man, buy an iPhone. All the young people love iPhones." The boss lady smiled and encouraged Qingfeng to buy an iPhone.

The profit margin for Apple phones was the greatest. For every Apple phone she sold, she could get a few hundred Yuan. Thus, she strongly promoted Apple phones.

"I would like to buy a Huawei phone."

Qingfeng frowned and was slightly put off by the boss lady’s marketing. He directly told her that he was looking for a Huawei.

For Xue Lin and him, phones were only a form of communication. They were only used for calls, texts and web surfing. They did not need a high specification phone.

The boss lady’s face grew cold and her smile disappeared when she heard that Qingfeng was looking for a Huawei phone. She became much less enthusiastic.

The profit margin on a Huawei phone was much lower than an Apple phone so the enthusiasm of the boss lady naturally dropped.

"Boss lady, can you introduce to me the Huawei phones." Qingfeng smiled faintly and said to the boss lady.

He did not know much about the specifications of phones so he wanted the boss lady to introduce it to him.

"Huawei has the honor series, the p series, mate 7, mate 8 and mate 9 series. Which one are you interested in."

The enthusiasm of the boss lady had dropped and she lazily introduced the phones to Qingfeng.

"How much does the mate 9 cost?" Qingfeng pointed at the golden mate 9 and asked.

"This cell phone costs 4000 Yuan." The boss lady said lightly.

She demanded an exorbitant price. If you have the money, you will buy it. If you don’t then don’t buy it.

Since her counter was close to the entrance, and in a good location, many people came to inquire about the price every day.

She demanded an exorbitant price every time. Many seniors and farmers who did not know much about cell phones were scammed by her.

"That’s slightly expensive. It only costs 3000 Yuan online." Qingfeng shook his head. The price that the boss lady gave was slightly too high.

Qingfeng could afford a 4000 Yuan phone. He could even afford a 40,000 Yuan phone.

But Qingfeng did not want to spend unnecessary money. The boss lady’s att.i.tude was poor and she sounded unfriendly. Why should he give her his money?

The boss lady had only finished elementary school. She did not even finish middle school. She had obtained the counter with the help of her relatives. She came from a small city and had not seen much in life. She was sn.o.bbish and loved to judge people by their appearances.

"Hmph, a broke fellow who can’t afford an Apple and even thinks Huawei phones are expensive."

The boss lady glanced at Qingfeng and grunted coldly. A flash of contempt crossed her eyes.

She realized that the fellow ahead was wearing a camouflage uniform which probably costs 20 Yuan at the flea market. He was clearly a broke fellow with no money.

She looked down at poor people and liked rich people the most.

"Let me see it. How do you know I can’t afford it." Qingfeng pointed at the phone and asked her to take it out for him.

"You think it’s too expensive and don’t even have 4000 Yuan. Why do you even need to see it?" The boss lady waved Qingfeng away.

Her eyes were filled with impatience and even contempt. Why look at phones when you don’t have money? What a waste of time.

Qingfeng’s face became icily cold. This boss lady acted like a sn.o.b and looked down upon him.


Qingfeng took out the 100,000 Yuan from his chest pocket and slammed it on the counter. He loudly said, "Is this enough money?"

The 100,000 Yuan was the prize money that he won from scratch-to-win tickets. He used it to slap the boss lady’s face.

A flash of light appeared in the boss lady’s eyes when she saw the wad of money on the table. She did not expect this fellow to have 100,000 Yuan.

"It’s enough, it’s enough. I’ll give you your phone right now."

The contempt had completely disappeared from the boss lady’s face. It was replaced by an ingratiating look.

The boss lady looked down upon poor people and sucked up to rich people.

To despise the poor and curry the favor of the rich was her way of life.

He purposely took out 100,000 Yuan to face-slap this woman. He did not expect this woman to start sucking up to him after seeing the money. The power of money was certainly strong.

No wonder ancient people said, "Money can buy the devil himself."

"I’m sorry, I don’t plan on buying a phone from you."

Qingfeng smirked and brought the 100,000 Yuan to counter #2.

The boss lady of the store was a delicate and pretty young girl who seemed to have just rented the counter.

"Beauty, how much is Huawei mate 9?"

Qingfeng’s broke into a smile and asked the pretty girl ahead of him.

"Sir, the cost of the phone is 3598 Yuan." The pretty girl was somewhat nervous and stuttered when she spoke.

This was her first time doing business. She was still shy when faced with customers.

She had overheard the conversation between #1 counter boss lady and Qingfeng. She knew that this young man was very rich – he could take out 100,000 Yuan in cash. He was clearly rich.

But the pretty girl had just graduated from school and was very honest. Her price was comparable to the online price and was not heavily marked-up.

"This is 4000 Yuan, you can keep the remaining money as an ‘honesty bonus’. You can keep the change."

Qingfeng took out 4000 Yuan and handed it to the pretty girl and told her to keep the change.

Modern society lacked people who were honest. Businessmen were always trying to rip customers off. This pretty girl was an honest person who did not report a sky-high price.

For him, money was not the most important thing. Honesty and customer service were more important.

Qingfeng liked to use money to refute the boss lady. It’s her fault for being so sn.o.bbish.

He held onto the Huawei mate 9 and walked out of the Mall with Xue Lin. The boss lady of #1 counter was livid and regretful.

"Who would have thought that young man would be so rich. I should have served him well just now."

The face of the boss lady of counter #1 was filled with remorse as she looked at Qingfeng’s departing figure.

"Keke, hubby, this is too funny. After you bought the phone at counter #2, the boss lady of counter #1 looked like her parents had died."

Xue Lin giggled. Her jiggled and attracted one’s gaze.

She felt that Qingfeng’s actions vented her anger and taught the boss lady a heavy lesson.

"Even if I have money, I won’t buy it from her just to p.i.s.s her off." Qingfeng smiled proudly.

The boss lady at #1 counter had mocked him previously. There was no way Qingfeng would buy a phone from her. He would rather someone else earn his money.

Sn.o.bbish people deserved some sort of punishment.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 135

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