My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1419: Going Head-On With The Murder Emperor Sect

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"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, how dare you break my fingers!? I am from the Murder Emperor Sect!" the young man in black cursed at Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li only wanted to teach the guy a lesson, but the young man was cursing at him.

Qingfeng Li's eyes shone with murderous intent. He reached out his right hand and held the man by his neck, lifting him up until his feet couldn't reach the ground.

The young man's face turned pale and his eyes filled with terror. He threatened loudly, "Let me down! I am from the Murder Emperor Sect and our sect master is right behind me. Are you sick living already?"

"What a bunch of c.r.a.p! How annoying." Qingfeng Li sneered as he squeezed his hand harder down on the young man's neck. Crack! He snapped it all of a sudden.

He randomly threw the dead body onto the ground and continued walking without even looking at it.

The self-cultivators on the sides backed up when they saw Qingfeng Li kill the man in black. They were horrified at the sight of it.

In the world of self-cultivation, it had always been Murder Emperor Sect who was slaughtering others. Qingfeng Li was the first one to have killed one of them. He was the first one to have tried "eating the crab".

The sect master of the Murder Emperor Sect turned her head to look at Qingfeng Li, an intention of murder appearing on her beautiful face.

Qingfeng Li hadd killed a Murder Emperor Sect member in front of so many self-cultivators. This was like a slap on the Murder Emperor Sect's face, a slap on her own face.

Yihuang Shou, Binghuang Dao, and the sect master of the Blaze Sect gaze mocking stares at Qingfeng, their eyes filled with disdain.

They had gotten into a fight with Qingfeng Li before in the Forbidden District of the Kunlun Mountains, but none of them could defeat him so they have been holding grudges.

They were glad to see Qingfeng Li getting on the bad side of the Murder Emperor Sect by killing one of their members and were hoping that Bingbing Sha, the sect master of the Murder Emperor Sect, would finish Qingfeng Li off.

Obviously, Qingfeng Li noticed that they were taking pleasure in his misfortune. However, he couldn't care less about it. Killing the Murder Emperor Sect's member meant that he was not afraid to kill the sect master of the Murder Emperor Sect.

The reason Qingfeng Li killed the young man was to tell everyone that he had to get a heart spirit fruit today, and whoever got in his way would end up dead.

Bingbing Sha looked at Qingfeng Li with murderous intent. She decided to take his life to show everyone that the Murder Emperor Sect could not be looked down upon.

She did not take action. Instead, she turned to the middle-aged man beside her and said, "Uncle Lin, go ahead and kill him."

The man walked to Qingfeng Li after he nodded.

He was extremely powerful, his entire body emitting an intense bloodthirsty aura. His thick eyebrows seemed like two sharp swords, poised to cut through people.

The killing intention increased with every step he took. When he took his tenth step, a ray of black fog formed in the air, generated from his killing intentions.

This man must have killed a lot of people in order to gather such strong killing intentions.

The surrounding self-cultivators became stunned and backed up when they recognized this middle-aged man.

"Qingfeng Li is screwed. That man is Yifan Sha, a powerful master from the Murder Emperor Sect!"

"Right, he is extremely strong and had killed many powerful self-cultivators. I heard that he had even finished off fourth and fifth level spirit emperors."

"What a pity. Qingfeng Li is the top cultivator of the younger generation, but now he is going to be killed by Yifan Sha."

The surrounding self-cultivators looked at Qingfeng Li pitifully as they discussed.

Qingfeng Li stayed still calmly, not trying to escape. He learned about who the middle-aged man was from their discussion.

Although the man was a very well known powerful master, he was, in fact, notorious. Super masters like him were extremely rare even in the Murder Emperor Sect.

Qingfeng Li did not mind it at all because he had already comprehended the third roar of the Lion Roar technique - Tornado. He had also mastered the Fire Lion skill of the Fire Emperor Sword Technique. Therefore, he was not intimidated by the man at all.

"Qingfeng Li, I'm surprised that you are not running away from me yet," Yifan Sha said to Qingfeng Li proudly.

Many self-cultivators would immediately turn around and run away from Yifan Sha because they were scared of him and did not want to be killed by him.

Qingfeng Li was the first one who wasn't scared. He smiled lightly and said in a cold voice, "Maybe you are very strong, Yifan Sha, but to me, you are as weak as a chicken."

"How dare you, Qingfeng Li! You b.a.s.t.a.r.d." Hints of rage appeard in Yifan Sha's eyes as he looked at Qingfeng Li. He could not wait another second to finish this b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

Qingfeng Li looked calm and nonchalant. "Get over here quickly since you are so sick of breathing. I'm in a rush to grab a heart spirit fruit and do not have much time for you."

He stood there with his hands behind his back, looking like a heavenly master who did not take notice of Yifan Sha's existence at all.

Yifan Sha's eyes shone with a cold ray. Qingfeng Li is so arrogant. He has his hands behind his back and is provoking me in front of so many people. This is an utterly deliberate provocation! he thought to himself.

He stamped his foot on the ground with force and broke the hard rock into pieces. Then he lifted himself into the air like a black shadow and flew towards Qingfeng Li.

Yifan Sha was so fast that he arrived at Qingfeng Li's face in a blink. He took out a dagger which, shone with a cold green light, covered with a highly toxic poison.

He aimed the toxic dagger at Qingfeng Li's heart, poised to stab through his body.

Qingfeng Li stayed still even until then. He seemed so peaceful, like he didn't even see the dagger.

"Was Qingfeng Li scared so sh*tless that he forgot to dodge?"

The surrounding people were astonished to see this.

Qingfeng Li waited until Yifan Sha's dagger almost reached his heart and shouted, "Third Roar! Tornado!"

Qingfeng Li's mouth shot out three golden sonic lions. They formed into three tornados and flew into Yifan Sha's head from three directions.

Yifan Sha halted at where he was all of a sudden, his dagger cracking at the sonic sound.

He made a heartrending cry as he fell to the ground with his hands covering his head. He kept rolling on the ground as blood came out of his mouth, nose, ears, and eyes. It was a very miserable scene as the seven holes on his head all started bleeding.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1419: Going Head-On With The Murder Emperor Sect

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