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"How dare you suppress my follower? Since you want to die, then I'll grant you your wish," the Devil Race Monarch looked at Qingfeng, as killing intent shot out from his eyes.

The Mutated Monarch on the side said, "Devil Race Monarch, slow down. A female mutated king of mine has been suppressed by him into h.e.l.l as well. I want to kill him too."

All at once, Qingfeng became the enemies of both sides, and these two all had great super power.

However, Qingfeng didn't care at all.

Just as everyone took out their swords, a wild laugh came from the north, and they saw the walking dead led twelve corpse immortals behind him, and everyone climbed up onto the Mountaintop.

The walking dead released a round of wickedly cold laughter, and he said, "Hahaha, that was tiring, I've finally climbed up onto the Primitive Mountaintop, and there just happens to be a Chaos Spirit Fruit before me, G.o.d is really helping me."

The walking dead might be very powerful, and has reached Corpse Immortal peak. Just as he appeared, he startled the Devil Race Monarch, and Mutated Monarch, as if they encountered a great enemy. The two didn't even bother with Qingfeng anymore, as they all looked at the walking dead.

The walking dead's eyes rolled and flashed past Qingfeng and the other Devil Race Monarch's bodies. It immediately predicted the situation.

The walking dead waved his hand, and giggled, "Don't bother with me, you guys continue to fight. I'll just sit around here and won't intervene with your problems."

Even though the walking dead said this, but the Devil Race Monarch and Mutated Monarch was highly aware of it as well, because they felt a dense deadly energy on the walking dead's body. The rush of deadly energy shocked all of them, as this was a great power.

The Devil Race Monarch looked at Mutated Monarch once, and said, "I'll test out this human's power first, and you'll watch over that walking dead. They're all from Saint Realm, and are different kinds than us, so be careful to prevent them from stealing the Chaos Spirit Fruit."

The Mutated Monarch nodded, even though he and Devil Race Monarch both had their own ideas, but they've now taken the same side, because they hated the universal Saint Realm self-cultivators very much. He thought that they were all filthy ants that could be killed carelessly.

The Devil Race Monarch activated his internal devilish vital essence, as dense devilish energy released from the top of his head.

The boiling devilish energy wrapped around the entire sky, and it spun around the Primitive Mountain nonstop, as lines and lines cracked on those s.p.a.ces.

Swoosh, swoos.h.!.+

Two rays of devilish light shot out from the Devil Race Monarch's eyes.

All that pa.s.sed through the devilish light were destroyed, and nothing could block it, as if it wanted to completely destroy Qingfeng's body and soul.

Qingfeng stood there with calm expressions and didn't move at all. He finally activated his internal Yin-Yang Immortal Chant and Golden Era Energy, up until the devilish light nearly reached before him, and two rays of Black-and-White light shot out from both of his eyes.

This was a Yin-Yang Immortal light that Qingfeng once learned from the Yin-Yang saint light upgraded version, and the force was much stronger.

Just as the Yin-Yang Immortal light appeared, it contained white Yin energy and black Yang energy, which was the energy of the sun, and the energy of the moon.

Two rushes of gases formed the two Yin-Yang lights, as it intertwined together, and formed an Eight Diagram that clashed onto the black devilish light across from it.

With a loud 'rumble' sound, and under all of the nearby people's shocked eyes, the Devil Race Monarch's devilish light immediately crumbled, and disappeared without a trace, as if it was about to be completely destroyed by the Black-and-White immortal light.

At this scene, everyone didn't seem to believe it, because just a bit ago, they personally witnessed the Devil Race Monarch's powers, but who knew the devilish energy he shot out could easily be dispersed by Qingfeng.

Certainly, Qingfeng's power was stronger.

The Devil Race Monarch's face filled with shock and stood up from the ground with a 'swoosh', as he didn't care for his image anymore.

The Devil Race Monarch said with shock, "Yin-Yang Immortal light, how is that possible? How did you learn this G.o.dly light that's formed with the force of sun and moon?"

Qingfeng lightly smiled, and said without a care, "Did you think you would be invincible after you've learned the devilish light? There are many of those more powerful than you in the universe, at least I'm more powerful than you are."

The Devilish Race Monarch coldly laughed, and said, "Okay, okay, okay, you're the first to disperse my devilish light, but you've undermined me. I've only just used three percent of my attack, but now I'll use my full force, and show you that you can't mess with our devilish race."


The Devilish Race Monarch moved his intent and took out a devilish blade from his interspatial ring.

This devilish blade was three meters long, and four fingers wide, as there were plenty of devilish prints sculpted on the surface.

These devilish prints contained devilish law that released rounds of 'wu-wu' sounds just as it appeared, as if an ancient devilish G.o.d was roaring.

The Treasure Hunting Rat's face changed on the side, and it said, "Master, you've to be careful. That's the Nine Devils Saber; it's very famous in the ancient universal era. The Nine Devil Immortal King made it, and it was formed with the nine great devil immortal's souls and their bones.

"Nine Devil Immortal King ruled the universe and has always been a very famous power in the ancient and Desolation Era of the universe. He once shocked the entire devilish realm and led everyone in the devilish realm attack into universal Saint Realm and killed and wounded countless people of the universal Saint Realm. Countless powers have once died under this Nine Devil Saber."

The Treasure Hunting Rat personally witnessed the powers of this devilish blade in the Desolation Era, and it definitely shook the nine skies and ten grounds, as it has once killed even an immortal king power.

Back then; when the Nine Devil Immortal King made this Nine Devil Saber, it took him quite a lot of effort. He has killed the nine powerful devilish immortals with one attack, and pulled all of their bones, and then he used the million year old devilish steel, and the million year old devilish liquid to press layers of layers by banging on it, and finally he has made this Nine Devil Saber.

Since the Devil Race Monarch could take out the Nine Devil Saber, it meant that he had quite a deep connection with the Nine Devil Immortal King.

Qingfeng slightly frowned, and he has already felt a rush of horrific force from on the surface of the Nine Devil Saber, and the energy it released pierced his body with pain.

Qingfeng knew that this was a powerful devilish device; it was still greatly famous even in the Devilish Device Rank.

Qingfeng didn't hesitate at all, as he hurriedly took out a Thunder Immortal Sword from his interspatial ring, because he knew only the Thunder Immortal Sword could defeat the Nine Devil Saber in front of him.

Just as the Thunder Immortal Sword appeared, it released nine-coloured light.

The nine-coloured light had countless thunder combined inside, and it released loud 'splatter' sounds, and exploded the entire nearby void.

The nine-coloured thunder of the Thunder Immortal Sword clashed onto the Nine Devil Saber's boiling devilish energy, and loud sky-shattering sound was heard. It immediately flooded this s.p.a.ce.

The two rushes of forces clashed nonstop as if they were enemies, as they wanted to kill the other one

The Devil Race Monarch's face slightly changed, and he said, "Thunder Immortal Sword is the sword of the rare power, Thunder Immortal of the Desolation Era, how could you have it? Could it be that you've acquired his inheritance?"

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife 2411 Yin-Yang Immortal Ligh

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