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Qingfeng and the Devil Race Monarch fought very ferociously.

The two's combat messed up the time and s.p.a.ce, and shattered the s.p.a.ce.

The wild energy blew up nine heavens, ten grounds, and eight universal abandonments, as it spread out all around.

Those self-cultivators nearby all stepped back.

Even the White Crane Demon Immortal, Mutated Monarch, and walking dead's faces all grew tense.

They felt a rush of threat from Qingfeng and Devil Race Monarch's body, and even if they fought with Qingfeng, they still might not win. After all, Qingfeng had Thunder Immortal Sword in his hands.

The Thunder Immortal Sword's force was truly too powerful, as it released nine-coloured thunder, and loudly splattered. It made the entire Primitive Mountaintop nonstop, and shook the entire void.

With Qingfeng's current ability, he was already middle-grade immortal, and could relase the Thunder Immortal Sword's force to its fullest potential.

The Devil Race Monarch was very furious, as he activated his internal devilish force nonstop, and transferred it into his Nine Devil Saber nonstop. He unleashed it nonstop, and crazily charged towards Qingfeng in front from him.

He activated an invincible blade technique, and as each blade slashed out, it would form a ma.s.sive blade light.

The blade light shattered the entire s.p.a.ce, and a ma.s.sive crack appeared in the universal void, as it tore past several thousand miles in the heaven and ground.

However, the Nine Devil Saber still couldn't do anything to Qingfeng's Thunder Immortal Sword.

"Nine Devil Saber, nine and nine unites into one," shouted the Devil Race Monarch loudly, as he suddenly continuously slashed nine times in the void with his Nine Devil Saber, and it formed nine blade shadows that formed nine powerful blade light. It gathered towards Qingfeng from all around.

With a naked eye, Qingfeng's body has already completely surrounded by the blade light, as if it was a little boat swimming in the sea. It blew along with the wind and could be shattered into countless pieces by the blade light anytime.

The Mutated Monarch on the side laughed, and said, "Devil Race Monarch has used the Nine Devil Saber forbidden blade technique, which is very powerful. Countless immortal have died under this attack in the Desolation Era of the universe. Qingfeng is doomed without a doubt."

The White Crane Demon Immortal shook her beautiful head, and said, "Mutated Monarch, you think of the Nine Devil Saber too highly. Don't forget that Qingfeng has Thunder Immortal Sword in his hands, and the Thunder Immortal is not someone that you could mess with. The Thunder Sword technique he has created has ruled the universe and has beat up the entire universe into silence."

The Mutated Monarch coldly grunted, and was very upset with what the White Crane Demon Immortal said. He felt that this devious woman kept going against him, and wouldn't stop saying good things about Qingfeng.

A rush of devious thoughts rose inside the Mutated Monarch's heart. He secretly swore that if the White Crane Demon Immortal was deeply wounded, then he must catch this woman, and brutally punish her.

Qingfeng looked at the countless blade light all around his body, and wasn't scared at all.

He directly unleashed the third sword of the Thunder Sword technique, Three Sword Slashes Immortal.

Once Qingfeng unleashed the third sword, the entire heaven and ground suddenly turned silent, as if it has been tossed aside.

The sword slashed out, and it was born as it swept past the sky, and immediately slashed the countless blade light in front of it, as it clashed onto the nine shadows of the Nine Devil Saber.

Rumble, rumble, rumble…

Countless loud sounds rang within the heaven and ground, as a black hole after another appeared in the air.

Qingfeng and Devil Race Monarch's battle has opened up the universal void.

Even though this was the chaotic area of the edges of the universe, as chaotic energy filled the s.p.a.ce all around, but the two of them both used powerful immortal and devilish device. It tore a crack into the chaos, and pushed out the pitch-black spatial pieces from inside.

The more Qingfeng attacked, the more calm he became.

The more the Devil Race Monarch fought, the more furious he was.

The Devil Race Monarch noticed that the Nine Devil Saber in his hands couldn't defeat the Thunder Immortal Sword, as the two rivals were similar in power.

One has to know that the Devil Race Monarch's power was two realms higher than Qingfeng, and the Nine Devil Saber should unleash stronger power. If Qingfeng were fighting with someone at the same realm as him, then the Devil Race Monarch would've already been defeated.

Qingfeng and the Devil Race Monarch fought very fiercely, and even though his realm wasn't as high as his enemy's, but he has already completely controlled the Thunder Immortal Sword, plus Qingfeng had a gut feeling that there weren't just three swords in this Thunder Immortal Sword. He still wanted to create the fourth sword.

Qingfeng loved to learn things during the battle the most, and to train in the combat. Qingfeng was just inspecting the Devil Race Monarch's Nine Devil Saber nonstop and had already clearly seen the opponent's attack tracks and route.

Qingfeng now wanted to combine his opponent's Nine Devil Saber techniques into his Thunder Immortal Sword technique. Two combined into one, and then he would be able to create his own sword technique.

If one technique worked this way, then ten thousand techniques would work as well.

As all things were interconnected.

Qingfeng's mind rapidly activated, and recollected those three Thunder Immortal sword techniques all over again, and then it began to create the fourth sword.

This fourth sword was somewhat similar to a technique he trained in before, and this technique was called Earthquake Chant.

Simply speaking, this unleashed his techniques and attacks like an earthquake wave, and its attack ability could be increased by two times.

Qingfeng's Thunder Immortal Sword waved around nonstop, and each wave it danced was extremely orderly.

The Thunder Immortal Sword danced according to the spatial nodes nonstop, as it heavily clashed onto the spatial nodes. Once it reached the third spatial node, it then reached fifth spatial node, seventh spatial node, and ninth spatial node, and all belonged to one, three, five, seven, nine, and other odd numbers.

Qingfeng's Thunder Immortal Sword danced nonstop, and each dance had strange power the void before him trembled.

After the tremble, the nine-coloured sword light also trembled. It wasn't a parallel progress, but instead it was trembling.

The tremble was like waves in the sea, and also like the scene after an avalanche. It ran rapidly, as it contained layers and layers of order.

Splash, splash, splash…

The void all around directly trembled into pieces by this turbulence, and it disappeared within the s.p.a.ce around.

Qingfeng fought with Devil Race Monarch, while he learned his own earthquake sword technique.

Gradually, he has already learned the fourth sword better and better.

This fourth sword was completely created by him. He thought about it secretly in his heart, what should he call this sword technique?

Qingfeng secretly thought to himself, let's call this 'Thunder-quake Sword'.

He saw the Devil Race Monarch's Nine Devil Saber slashed at him once again, as Qingfeng waved his Thunder Immortal Sword, and unleashed Thunder-quake Sword.

The Thunder-quake Sword trembled nonstop in the void, as it continuously pointed five times, and pointed in five different positions.

With a loud 'bang' sound, a crisp sound rang on top of the Nine Devil Saber, and five clear sword marks appeared on top.

Tap, tap, tap!!!


The Devil Race Monarch's body stepped back five steps, and his right hand that held the blade slightly trembled.

He couldn't withstand Qingfeng's Thunder-quake Sword energy at all.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife 2413 Thunder-Quake Sword

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