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What? My sister’s fiancée was Shaoyang w.a.n.g?

 Jiaojiao changed her face while looking shocked. She finally knew the reason why her sister stopped hanging out with Qingfeng—the family arranged Shaoyang as her fiancée. 

Jiaojiao was certainly familiar with Shaoyang. He was the spoiled brat of the w.a.n.g family of Jing Capital City, the one who was going to become the heir of the rich family owing hundreds of billions with a powerful background.

If once Shaoyang knew he was cheated and his fiancée had someone else’s kid, the consequence was going to be devastating. He must kill Qingfeng for his and his family’s dignity.

As what they said, dignity is beyond everything.

"Sister, is the reason why you didn’t tell Qingfeng you are pregnant because you are afraid that Shaoyang will kill him once he found out?" Jiaojiao asked anxiously while turning pale.

"Yes, Jiaojiao, n.o.body else, not even our parents know besides us. You have to remember not to tell Qingfeng about this nor anyone," Ruyan told Jiaojiao word-by-word.

She had to be really careful about this since it was a big issue. Otherwise, Qingfeng would die if any single mistake happened.

After all, the w.a.n.g Family was a powerful leading family in the Hua Kingdom. Destroying a person would be a piece of cake to them.

"Don’t worry, sister. I wont tell anyone else" Jiaojiao whispered while nodding.

She certainly knew how important this issue was. It would definitely cause chaos once the truth of her sister’s pregnancy exposed.

Although Jiaojiao knew how strong Qingfeng was, he was merely a little ant that could be smashed easily while facing the hierarchical Yanjing Family.

Jiaojiao wouldn’t spoiled things out since she knew her sister was trying to protect Qingfeng.

They both thought they must have to keep it private from Qingfeng.

 "Sister, you have to take more rest since you are pregnant now, let me help you go upstairs," Jiaojiao then held Ruyan to her room in the second floor.

After Jiaojiao lied her sister down and covered her in the bed, she fell asleep beside her.

Jiaojiao had weird feelings about her sister’s baby when she knew it was Qingfeng’s child. Why? Since she found herself also slightly into her brother-in-law.

"Sister, seems like the baby is moving," Jiaojiao said surprisingly as she felt some vibrations in Ruyan’s stomach.

"Nonsense, how could such a little thing jump yet," Ruyan said while smiling.

"Sister, did it say whether it was a boy or a girl in the pregnancy report?"

"It was just at the beginning so they couldn’t tell yet, but we’ll know after a while."

"Sister, do you prefer a boy, or a girl then?" Jiaojiao smiled and asked while lying in the bed.

Ruyan was tricked by this questions. After thinking for a second, she preferred to have a girl as a girl was always the best gift for a mother.

However, she thought about the fact that Qingfeng might like boys better since he was a dude. Which one should she decide then, a boy or a girl?

Ruyan decided not to think anymore since it started to drive her crazy. "A boy or a girl, I like either of them," She said.

Jiaojiao became silent since she didn’t get what her sister was thinking. You should at least have a preference, huh?

Ruyan felt so tried because of the cold and didn’t feel like continue the topic, she then hid under the cover and fell asleep immediately.

Ruyan knew she won’t get the answer tonight after seeing her sister falling asleep, she then also covered herself up and went to sleep.

Soon, these two lovely sisters then went into their sweet dreams.

At the same time, a big guy in black coat was carrying Ba w.a.n.g, who was full of wounds on hos body to the South-West City.

Ba w.a.n.g has lost his consciousness since his fists and his knees were crushed. The man in black took out his phone from his pocket.

He decided to call the Western Sea Underground Prince with Ba w.a.n.g’s phone since he didn’t know where he was at the moment. After all, Ba w.a.n.g must have Aotian w.a.n.g‘s number as his subordinate.

After searching for a while, he finally saw a name called Underground king.

The man in black then called that number with Ba w.a.n.g’s phone

Soon, the person on the phone answered with a dominant voice, "Ba w.a.n.g, how come it takes so long for you to call me?"

This person with the dominant voice wasn’t somebody else, he was Aotian w.a.n.g, the Underground Prince of Western City. His first name Aotian represents the arrogantly looking down onto the world (TL: Chinese meaning).

"Underground Prince, this isn’t Ba w.a.n.g. My name is San Li and I am from the Li’s family," the man in black said respectfully.

As the head of the underground in the Western Sea City, Aotian w.a.n.g had both aggression and power. The man in in black had to show him respect in case he got into trouble.

"San Li, how did you get Ba w.a.n.g’s phone?" Aotian w.a.n.g asked with a chill.

He knew it normally wouldn’t be possible for others to reach Ban w.a.n.g, not even his phone since he was strong as the Level A’s ace.

Besides, he knew Ba w.a.n.g had a habit, he was extremely careful for his phone and would barely let anyone else touch it.

Aotian felt something might have gone wrong since his phone was answered by this guy from Li Family in the ES City.

"Ba w.a.n.g is seriously injured and unconscious now, that’s why I am calling you with his phone," San Li said in the phone.

"San Li, you Li family from the ES City must have guts to beat my people. Do you believe that I could destroy your whole family with my one finger?" Aotian said arrogantly with a sense of strong aggression.

Aotian couldn’t believe his ears that Ba w.a.n.g was seriously injured and unconscious. This San Li man has some b.a.l.l.s.

San Li started to s.h.i.+ver and turned pale right after hearing what Aotian said.

"Your Highness, that’s a big misunderstanding! Ba w.a.n.g wasn’t beaten by our Li Family, he wasn’t beaten by Qingfeng Li. "San Li explained quickly to Aotian in case he got more mad to him.

"Qingfeng Li, Who’s this guy? Explain to me what the f*ck just happened right now," Aotian asked furiously.

"Your Highness, long story short, Ba w.a.n.g was seeing a girl and asked her to grab some drinks with him, this guy called Qingfeng came up and beat the s.h.i.+t out of him and even broke his knees…" San Li started to explain the whole story to Aotian.

"Qingfeng Li, you have such big b.a.l.l.s to beat my people, you’re dead," Aotian said viciously after hearing San Li’s explanation.

San Li, instead, couldn’t hide his excitement on his face now since his intention was reached. Qingfeng must be dead once he got Aotian mad.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 328

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