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Chapter 329: Kill Qingfeng

"San Li, bring Ba w.a.n.g to the Western Sea mansion immediately. I will meet you here," Aotian w.a.n.g said.

Western Sea Mansion was the best mansion in the City. A mansion that could be named after "Western Sea City" must be extraordinary.

There was a manmade lake in Western Sea City that was around ten miles in circ.u.mference. It was completely manmade and located in the rural area.

Aotian w.a.n.g’s Western Sea Mansion was right next to the manmade lake. He could see a beautiful view every day.

"Okay, I will leave immediately," San Li said respectfully.

San Li had naturally heard of the renowned Western Sea mansion. In Western Sea City, only Aotian w.a.n.g had the right to live here. Even if an ordinary person had the money, they would not be able to liver here.

San Li drove the car and drove the pa.s.sed out Ba w.a.n.g towards Western Sea City.

After a while, he arrived at Western Sea City.

What a beautiful mansion.

San Li praised as he saw a mansion that was a thousand square meters big. It was built next to the man-made lake and was made completely of armoured gla.s.s. Even though it was dark outside, the mansion was brightly lit.

There were a few hundred men in black around the mansion. These men were all heavily built and they were all subordinates of Aotian w.a.n.g.

Aotian w.a.n.g was a man in his twenties. He was handsome with big eyes and looked proud and arrogant.

No one would believe unless they saw with their own eyes that the man who had conquered the underground forces of Western Sea City would be a young man in his twenties.

A young man who could conquer the underground forces of Western Sea City must be very strong and vicious.

A strong muscular man stood next to Aotian w.a.n.g. The man had a scar on his face and looked extremely menacing. He resembled Ba w.a.n.g so he must be Ba w.a.n.g’s brother Shuang w.a.n.g.

Ba w.a.n.g and Shuang w.a.n.g were two powerful level A fighters under Aotian w.a.n.g. They were known as the "Unrivalled Two".

 "Brother, you have suffered so much." Shuang w.a.n.g’s eyes were filled with anger when he saw the pitiful Ba w.a.n.g inside the car. His entire body trembled in anger.

Shuang w.a.n.g was a strong fighter. He could naturally tell that his brother’s fists and knees were broken. It was extremely difficult to treat and even if he recovered, his brother would not be able to fight anymore.

For strong fighters, a decline in combat ability was the worst possible punishment.

"Qingfeng Li, you deserve to die. I will rip you apart into a million pieces," Shuang w.a.n.g said coldly.

Shuang w.a.n.g had heard from the Underground Prince that the man who had broken his brother’s legs was an Eastern Sea City citizen called Qingfeng Li.

 The two brothers were very close. They ruled over Western Sea City and there were only situations where they bullied others. No one could bully them.

"San Li, my brother was injured in the Luxury Emperor KTV which belonged to the Li Family, right?" Shuang w.a.n.g grabbed Li San by the neck and lifted him from the ground with a single fist.

"Spare me, spare me. Qingfeng Li was the one who beat him up. I was not involved," San Li quickly said with a ghastly pale face. He was scared beyond belief.

He felt that it was difficult for him to breathe. His neck seemed like it would break and he would die any second.

"Hmph, the Emperor KTV did not take care of my brother properly. Go die!" Shuang w.a.n.g said coldly as killer intent flashed across his eyes.


Shaung w.a.n.g broke San Li’s throat with a single hand and threw his body into the manmade lake for the fish to prey on.

Shuang w.a.n.g was very blood thirsty. He had killed many men for Aotian w.a.n.g and threw them into the lake. He had a strong killer intent.

"Underground Prince, please kill Qingfeng Li personally," Shuang w.a.n.g said to Aotian w.a.n.g as he kneeled on the ground.

His skill level was s

imilar to Ba w.a.n.g. If Ba w.a.n.g was no match for Qingfeng, then he would be no match for Qingfeng as well. Thus, he could only ask for Aotian w.a.n.g’s help.

Aotian w.a.n.g nodded and said coldly, "I want to kill Qingfeng personally to avenge Ba w.a.n.g but my cousin, Shaoyang w.a.n.g, asked me to go to Jing Capital to meet him tomorrow."

Underground Prince was going to meet Shaoyang w.a.n.g?

A flash of surprise appeared in Shuang w.a.n.g’s eyes.

Shaoyang w.a.n.g was the young master of the giant w.a.n.g Family of the capital city. Aotian w.a.n.g was his cousin and the two were very close.

The reason that Aotian w.a.n.g was able to conquer Western Sea City was because of Shaoyang w.a.n.g.

Many people thought of Aotian w.a.n.g as the Underground Prince but he was only a front. The real Underground Prince was Shaoyang w.a.n.g. Shaoyang w.a.n.g controlled everything in the dark while Aotian w.a.n.g was the public front.

"Shuang w.a.n.g, even though I am meeting my cousin tomorrow, but we cannot let Qingfeng Li go. I will ask Proud Heaven (TL: the translation of Aotian) League’s senior Ying w.a.n.g to go with you."

"Underground Prince, you mean the senior member Ying w.a.n.g will come with me to kill Qingfeng Li?" Shuang w.a.n.g said with surprise.

Aotian w.a.n.g was able to conquer the underground forces of Western Sea City not only because of Ba w.a.n.g and Shuang w.a.n.g, it was also credited to the three senior members.

The three senior members were all extremely strong; one was a level AA member and the other two were level AAA members. Ying w.a.n.g was a level AA member who was even stronger than him.

Shuang w.a.n.g believed that if Ying w.a.n.g went with him to Eastern Sea City, they would be able to kill Qingfeng for sure.


A thin elderly man in black suddenly appeared next to Aotian w.a.n.g. He said, "Underground Prince, when should we head to kill Qingfeng Li?"

"Tomorrow, tonight I will prepare some presents. I will meet my cousin at the capital tomorrow. After I leave, you guys can head towards Eastern Sea City to kill Qingfeng Li," Aotian w.a.n.g said with a light smile as he headed towards the mansion.

He was the Underground Prince of Western Sea City. He could not be defied, if Qingfeng dared to injure Ba w.a.n.g, he needed to face the consequences.

 Aotian w.a.n.g was extremely domineering. Anyone who dared to bully his subordinate needed to die.

 "Qingfeng Li, tomorrow will be your death date," Shuang w.a.n.g said viciously.

At the moment, Qingfeng did not know that a conspiracy against him has begun.

Qingfeng left Ruyan Liu’s house and headed towards Villa #13 with a puzzled expression.

After he left, Ruyan Liu chatted with Jiaojiao Liu about her pregnancy. If Qingfeng knew about the pregnancy, he would be stunned.

Qingfeng took out his key and opened the door. He immediately saw Xue Lin sitting on the sofa and drawing on a white piece of paper.

"What are you drawing?" Qingfeng asked with a smile.

Xue Lin was taken aback when she heard Qingfeng’s voice. She quickly hid the drawing and said, "You’re back."

"Yes, I’m back," Qingfeng said with a smile.

Even though it was a simple sentence, it represented the concern the two had for each other.

Xue Lin had said that she would not sleep until Qingfeng was back. Thus, every night, she would wait for Qingfeng to be back home.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 329

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