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Jing Capital, w.a.n.g Family's Estate.

Jing Capital was the capital city of Huaxia, it was very prosperous here, the economy was strong, the buildings were tall, there were numerous cars and people here.

Each inch of land in Jing Capital was worth gold, even the cheapest places was worth 20 thousand to 30 thousand per square meter, a house that is one hundred square meter was worth three million Yuan. In the "golden strip" of the city, each square meter was worth 100 thousand Yuan, and a house that is one hundred square meters would be worth 10 million Yuan.

But there were places here that were even more expensive, and that was one million Yuan per meter square. 100 meter squares would be 100 million, or to be fair, even if you had 100 million you might not be able to purchase it, that place was near the Forbidden City.

Only the top families in Huaxia could live here, if you lived here, you can see the Forbidden City when you open a window, the most important scene in Jing Capital. In the past, a scene like this could only been seen by the emperor.

The w.a.n.g Family's Estate was located here, it was a huge house that was 1000 meters square, there was a garden in the front, a manmade lake, fake mountains, the build of the house was worth more than 100 million. If you think about it, it costs more than a billion dollars to construct this house, it was clear how rich the w.a.n.g family was.

At this time, in a luxurious room inside the w.a.n.g Estate.

A handsome young man was holding a long sword with one hand, it was the width of three fingers, half a meter inn length, the sword was sharp and radiated cold light. He slashed the sword forward, immediately letting out a sharp sound that pierced the sky, slicing the air in half, creating an air current.

Behind the young man stood another young man clothed in black, this young was no other but Aotian w.a.n.g from Western Sea City.

But right now, Aotian w.a.n.g who ruled over the Western Sea City was bowing his head in front of the other young man, his face was filled with respect, it was like a soldier had met his general.

"Aotian, how is Western Sea City these days?" The handsome young man opened his mouth and asked, his voice was very casual, though it carried the air of an higher up.

"Cousin, I have already united Western Sea City and I am hoping to expand to Eastern Sea City, that is the next target." Aotian w.a.n.g's hands were on the side of his body which remains unmoved, he said respectfully.

Even though the young man in front of him was his cousin, but he was the direct descent of the Jing Capital w.a.n.g family, Shaoyan w.a.n.g. He was going to be the heir to the Jing Capital w.a.n.g family, he was the real prince. In front of him, Aotian w.a.n.g was nothing.

A prince of the Western Sea City like Aotian Yang, he was just a smurf that was raised up by Shaoyang w.a.n.g in reality.

"Very well, I want you to unite Eastern Sea City in three days, can you do that?" Shaoyang w.a.n.g touched the long sword in his hand and said lightly.

Three days time?

Aotian w.a.n.g's face suddenly changed, the time given to him by his cousin was too short, he only had three days.

But Aotian w.a.n.g had to listen to whatever Shaoyang w.a.n.g says, he was the direct heir to the Jing Capital w.a.n.g family afterall, he was the heir of the w.a.n.g family.

"Aotian, you have three seniors under you, two of them are elites of the AAA level, was it that difficult to unite Eastern Sea City?" Shaoyang w.a.n.g waved the long sword in his hand splitting a wooden board in half while he said.

He had investigated, the strongest force in Eastern Sea City was Tiger w.a.n.g from the Ferocious Tiger Clan, that was an elitist, there were no A level elitists in Eastern Sea City, while Proud Heaven League was full of pros, it should be rather easy to unite Eastern Sea City.

"Cousin, rest be a.s.sured, I promise that I will unite the underground forces of Eastern Sea City within three days." Aotian w.a.n.g said respectfully.

After he had spoken, Aotian w.a.n.g bowed down and left the house.

Shaoyang w.a.n.g gave him three days of time, he must unite the underground forces of Eastern Sea City.

Aotian w.a.n.g knew that his cousin wanted not only Eastern Sea City, he even wanted to unite the whole Hujiang province, and he was like a sharp knife in his cousin's hands, wherever he points, he has to stab towards there.

After Aotian w.a.n.g left the room, Shaoyang w.a.n.g took out a map of Huaxia and drew a circle on Eastern Sea City and said to himself: "First unite the underground forces in Eastern Sea City and then unite the underground forces elsewhere."

Ambition was something that was hidden in every man's heart, some had more ambition some had less.

For a normal person, ambition was an annual income of one million Yuan or a BMW, but for Shaoyang w.a.n.g a top notch young master, one million was just the spending money of a day, his ambition lies in power and territory.

At this time, in Eastern Sea City, Qingfeng Li had left the Trendy Spicy Hot Pot, he was in an taxi and it wasn't long before he arrived at the n.o.ble Palace.

After seeing Qingfeng Li, the security guards immediately bowed down, the young man before them was someone who Young Master Zhang could call big brother Li.

Qingfeng Li nodded and walked towards house #14. Ruyan Liu got sick last night, he didn't know whether she got better, he wanted to come check it out tonight.

Qingfeng Li took out a key and opened the door to the house, he noticed that the light in the living room was on but there was no one there.

Where are they?

Confusion flashed across Qingfeng Li's eyes, there was no-one in the living room, he went to the kitchen and noticed that there was no one in the kitchen as well, he then went to the bedroom and noticed that there was no one in the bedroom.


A round of sounds came from the bathroom, Qingfeng Li's face moved and his eyes lit up, Ruyann was definitely showering.

Qingfeng Li got excited and walked towards the bathroom, he was preparing to give Ruyann Liu a surprise in the bathroom.

Hmm, there were two shadows?

Qingfeng Li noticed that there were two human shadows on the bathroom window, without a doubt it was Ruyan Liu and Jiaojiao Liu showering together in the bathroom.

Oh no, oh no, can't stand this. The two beautiful sisters were showing in the bathroom, Qingfeng Li was very emotional and excited, he stood at the door to the bathroom and looked inside.

Even though there was a gla.s.s window but Qingfeng Li could still see that the woman in the bathroom was very pretty, the woman on the left had a huge chest, round b.u.t.tocks, a slim waist, long and straight legs. From the back, it was probably Ruyan Liu.

The woman on the right was smaller, had a smaller chest even though she still had an attractive body. It was obvious that it was Jiaojiao Liu.

Inside the bathroom, there were two women that were talking.

"Sis, why do I feel like there is someone outside." Jiaojiao Liu frowned and asked.

She always feels like there was someone outside looking at her, it made her very uncomfortable, her intuition was usually right.

"Jiaojiao, only the two of us have keys to the house, why would there be someone outside?" Ruyan Liu glanced at her and said lightly.

That is right, only we have the keys to the house, I must be thinking too much, Jiaojiao Liu murmured to herself.

Wait, Ruyan Liu's face suddenly changed, she suddenly remembered that aside from her sister and herself, she also gave a set of house keys to Qingfeng Li.

Perhaps the person outside is... Qingfeng Li?

Ruyan Liu's face changed, anger appeared in her eyes, if the person outside is Qingfeng Li she would definitely kick him.

Ruyan Liu wouldn't be mad if Qingfeng Li saw her body, but if he saw Jiaojiao Liu's body, Ruyan Liu would definitely be very mad, Jiaojiao Liu was her younger sister.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 341

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