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"Your name is Hua Ma, Wanqiu told me about you before. I am Wanqiu's boyfriend, please don't bother her anymore in the future." Qingfeng Li smiled and told Hua Ma.

Since he accepted Wanqiu Xia's task to act as her boyfriend, he naturally needed to help her get rid of this guy.

Furthermore, Qingfeng Li doesn't like this guy. Wanqiu Xia is his sister Xia, a beauty, no way would he allow this guy to take his sister Xia.

"No way, I won't believe you are Wanqiu Xia's boyfriend, you are for sure lying." Hua Ma shook his head, not believing a thing Qingfeng Li said.

The reason that Hua Ma didn't believe Qingfeng Li was because Wanqiu Xia's parents just told him that their daughter wasn't dating.

"Wanqiu, Hu Ma is an extremely well guy, the manager of this hotel. You guys fit perfectly." The father said.

He was Wanqiu Xia's father. He never saw Qingfeng Li before, so he doesn't believe that he was his daughter's boyfriend either. Regarding the mother beside them, her face was filled with disbelief as well.

Wanqiu Xia was their daughter and they knew her well. If she were to get a boyfriend, she would tell them. But before today, they never met Qingfeng Li.

"Dad, mom, Qingfeng Li really is my boyfriend." Seeing how her parents didn't believe her, Wanqiu Li became nervous.

She didn't like Hua Ma, naturally wouldn't be his girlfriend. But her parents liked this Hua Ma a lot.

Wanqiu Xia knew the reason that her parents liked Hua Ma. First, he was the manager of the hotel; high income with car and house. Second, he graduated from a well known university. But the problem was that Wanqiu Xia didn't like him.

"Wanqiu, let me ask you, Hua Ma is this hotel's manager, and graduated from Beijing University. Why don't you like him?" the dad asked.

In his eyes, his daughter and Hua Ma fitted perfectly. Not only were their educations being similar, but also their incomes. These two in a relations.h.i.+p together would mean that they will have something to talk about and no financial burden.

In terms of Qingfeng Li, from the way he dressed, he was definitely someone low. These kind of people doesn't have a high income; no way he would make his daughter happy.

In the current society, the parents were extremely realistic. When they wanted to find a boyfriend for their daughter, the first thing they looked at was his income. In addition, the most straightforward way was to look at their house, car, income, then education, looks, and height.

Hua Ma, no matter which side you look at, fitted Wanqiu Xia's parent's requirements well.

Seeing how even Wanqiu Xia's parents were talking for him, Hua Ma was extremely happy. He looked down at Qingfeng Li because he was this hotel's manager.

In Hua Ma's eyes, he had the money, house, car, and he was the hotel's manager. He was a lot better off than Qingfeng Li. Only someone wealthy like him could match with some beauty like Wanqiu Xia. Someone like Qingfeng Li does not have the right.

One could only say Hua Ma's morale has been corroded by money already; he thought that money can achieve everything.

"Hm, how come quarrels are coming from VIP 1?"

Tianci Zhang's brows tensed up, with a hint of doubt across his eyes. He was here to eat, but what he didn't think was that there would be quarrel from the VIP room.

He knew that this was the best room of the hotel, only the highest cla.s.s can dine here. As the hotel's president, hearing quarrel, naturally he was going to check out what was wrong.

Tianci Zhang opened the door of VIP 1. He saw a bunch of people and focused his look because he saw Qingfeng Li, his big brother Li.

A hint of cheerfulness showed up as he walked towards Qingfeng Li.

"President, how come you are here?" Seeing how Tianci Zhang came in, Hua Ma immediately stood up.

Tianci Zhang was the young master of Zhang Corporation, and the president of this hotel. Hua Ma was only the manager, naturally he had to salute to the president.

Tianci Zhang ignored Hua Ma and walked to Qingfeng Li, big brother Li! How you doing?"

What, president just called this youth big brother Li. Hua Ma was baffled and his mouth was stretched wide open; one can almost fit a duck egg in there.

Hua Ma was just looking down at Qingfeng Li, thinking he was someone who was low. But he didn't imagine that his boss would call this youth big brother Li.

Tianci Zhang was extremely happy; he didn't think he would see big brother Li tonight.

"Master Zhang, your hotel manager is so good, brave enough to want to steal my girlfriend." Qingfeng Li looked at Hua Ma and said.

This Hua Ma was looking down at him, Qingfeng Li obviously felt it. His job today was to help Wanqiu Xia, naturally he wanted to get rid of this Hua Ma.

Hearing what Qingfeng Li said, Tianci Zhan immediately shouted, "Hua Ma, did you wanted to get my brother's girlfriend?"

"President, I didn't know Wanqiu Hua was his girlfriend." Hua Ma's face changed and tried to explain.

His forehead was full of sweat; he was extremely scared. Unexpectedly he tried to get his boss's brother's girlfriend; he didn't want to die.

"Hua Ma, I now announce as the company's president, you are fired, leave the hotel." Tianci Zhang looked at Hua Ma with a cold stare.

F*ck, Hua Ma should just go kill himself; offending my big brother Li. Who was big brother Li, he was his lord and savior. Without big brother Li, he wouldn't be where he is right now.

Even if big brother Li wanted this hotel, Tianci Zhang would give it to him without any thoughts.

"President, please give me another chance." Hua Ma's face changed and begged.

Facing Hua Ma's beg, Tianci Zhang only said, "f*ck off!"

Hua Ma's face went pale. He knew he just offended his boss's big brother Li, president wouldn't forgive him.

Hua Ma walked outside soullessly.

His heart was filled with bitterness and regret. He didn't think he would fail to get the girl and even lost his job.

"Hi uncle and auntie, I am the president of Zhang Corporation. Qingfeng Li is my big brother, let me give a toast." Tianci Zhang took up his gla.s.s, toasting to Wanqiu Xia's parents.

"President Zhang, please don't. You are the hotel's president, we can't bear your toast." The father was nervous.

Being a citizen of Eastern Sea City, naturally he knew who Tianci Zhang was. He was the young master of the top four cities of Eastern Sea City, the president of this hotel. A president was toasting to him, he felt nervous, but also excited.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 345

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