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Chapter 349: Teaching the Mother-In-Law a Lesson

Ruyan Liu did not know about her mother’s past. She thought that if she revealed Qingfeng’s ident.i.ty, her mother would allow her to contact Qingfeng. But she did not realize that her mother became even more displeased when she knew of Qingfeng’s ident.i.ty.

Xifeng Zhang became more unhappy at the thought that Qingfeng was the son of the Third Master of the Li Family.

Back then, she confessed her love for him in front of everyone but she was rejected. It was the most humiliating moment in her life.

"Please leave, Qingfeng Li. Do not contact my daughter anymore," Xifeng Zhang said coldly to Qingfeng. Her eyes were filled with complex emotions.

"Aunty Zhang, even thought you are Ruyan Liu’s mother, but it is none of your business if I contact her," Qingfeng said with a light smile. He did not take her words to heart at all.

Why should I listen to your words?

 "Qingfeng Li, even though you are the son of the Third Master of the Li Family, but the head of the Li household is your Uncle. You are already given up by the Li Family. If I speak plainly, you are a disowned dog."

She knew that the three brothers of the Li Family did not get along well at all. A rule was broken when the Old Master Li had chosen the Third Master as his successor

Why was a rule broken? Well, Third Master was the third son of the Elder. The successor should traditionally be the eldest son, not the third son.

But the Third Master was too famous and too strong so he had the support of many members of the Li Family. Old Master Li was prepared to annul his first son and appoint Third Master as the successor.

But just before the appointment, Third Master disappeared. His fate was unknown.

Old Master Li was deeply traumatized by Third Master’s disappearance. He became gravely ill and could only appoint his eldest son, the oldest Master, as the head of household.

After the First Master became the head of the household, he kicked out everyone who was loyal to the Third master.

If it was not for Old Master Li, Qingfeng might not be alive today.

Now that Old Master Li had pa.s.sed away, there was no way that the members of the Li Family would let Qingfeng go easily.

Fengxi Zhang believed that the Li Family would teach Qingfeng a lesson soon. He was an outcast of the family.

If the Third Master was still alive, perhaps Xifeng Zhang would allow Qingfeng to contact her daughter. But the Third Master had disappeared and might even be dead.

Furthermore, Third Master had established too many enemies back in the day. His enemies would not let Qingfeng go easily.

"Aunt Zhang, I just want to tell you, the four families of the Capital are nothing in my eyes. If they anger me, I will exterminate them," Qingfeng said proudly with killer intent.

 Blood will flow when the Wolf King was angered. Xifeng Zhang took a fearful step back. Her face became ghastly pale.

Xifeng Zhang suddenly remembered that this young man was the Third Master’s son. How could he be an ordinary character?

But Xifeng Zhang knew that no matter how strong Qingfeng was, he was no match for those enemies. The enemies of Third Master Li were all the stars of a generation; they were only suppressed by Third Master.

Qingfeng glanced lightly at Xifeng Zhang and walked proudly out of the mansion.

He had already told Xifeng Zhang that if anyone from the four families dared to anger him, he would exterminate the family. As for his father’s enemies, he did not care if they were the heroes of a generation or an extraordinary fighter. If anyone approached him, he would kill them.

Xifeng Zhang looked at Qingfeng’s figure with a complicated expression. She felt like she had seen the legendary and all powerful Third Master again.

"Ruyan, come back to the Capital with me tomorrow," Xifeng Zhang said lightly to Ruyan Liu.

"Mother, give me a few days. I don't want to go back n

ow," Ruyan Liu said as she shook her head.

She did not want to return. She knew that if once left ES City, she could never come back. The Capital was a cage which would heavily constrain her.

"Ruyan, it is almost time for your marriage with Shaoyang w.a.n.g. We can’t delay it any longer," Xifeng Zhang said.

Even though she was Ruyan Liu’s mother, she was also the mistress of the Liu Family. She had to consider for the family as well; Liu Family was the weakest family of the four families.

This was especially true in recent years. The Liu Family had weakened tremendously and was about to be abandoned by the other three families. Thus, the head of the Liu Family wanted to form an alliance with the w.a.n.g Family as they were the strongest family.

The w.a.n.g Family was very strong. They were the most powerful family in the Capital as they had a close relations.h.i.+p with Dragon King. Some said that the Dragon King was a member of the w.a.n.g Family, but this was unconfirmed.

"Ruyan, I will give you one day. You need to leave me with the day after tomorrow," Xifeng Zhang said lightly.

"Alright, I will leave with you the day after tomorrow," Ruyan Liu said bitterly.

She had already turned down her mother many times. She knew that she could not turn her down anymore. Her mother would become suspicious. If she knew about her relations.h.i.+p with Qingfeng, Qingfeng would be in trouble.

Ruyan Liu knew that tomorrow would be her last day in ES City and the last day she could see Qingfeng. After tomorrow, she would leave this place that she cherished.

At the moment, in WS City, WS Mansion.

Aotian w.a.n.g sat on the sofa. His expression was dark as he had just received information that Shuang w.a.n.g and Ying w.a.n.g were both dead.

Aotian w.a.n.g was in a bad mood. He had ordered Shuang w.a.n.g and Ying w.a.n.g to kill Qingfeng before he left for the Capital. He did not expect to receive their death news when he returned.

"Elder w.a.n.g, have we found out who killed them?" Aotian w.a.n.g said darkly to the Elder behind him.

"Underground Prince, yes we have. They were killed by Qingfeng," The Elder in a black robe said lightly. His tone was not respectful. He was the strongest Elder, he was a Level AAA fighter.

"Elder w.a.n.g, Qingfeng should die. Also, my cousin wants me to conquer ES City in three days. Do you think we will run into any difficulties?" Aotian w.a.n.g asked.

"Underground Prince, that is not a problem. We can conquer ES City any moment," The Elder said confidently. For a powerful fighter like him, conquering the underground forces of ES City was a piece of cake.

"Very good. Elder w.a.n.g, gather your subordinates. We will conquer ES City tomorrow and kill Qingfeng Li," Aotian w.a.n.g said coldly will killer intent.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 349

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