My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 351

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Chapter 351: Ruyan Liu Got Hara.s.sed

After Qingfeng left the mansion, he stopped a taxi. He paid 20 Yuan to the driver and headed towards Eastern Sea Amus.e.m.e.nt Park.

ES Amus.e.m.e.nt Park was the biggest amus.e.m.e.nt park in Eastern Sea City. There were many rides such as roller-coaster, b.u.mping cars, boat rowing, zoo, etc

The amus.e.m.e.nt park was located in the suburbs and had an area of a few hundred acres. The tourists could row the boats on the lake, appreciate the scenery or fish. Many Eastern Sea City citizens came here when they had the time.

At the moment, Ruyan Liu stood at the entrance of the amus.e.m.e.nt park. Her face was seductive and beautiful. She had snow-white skin and her lashes fluttered charmingly. Her eyes were bright like jewels.

Even though her eyes were bright, but they were filled with sorrow. This was because she knew that she had to return to the Capital after today.

Today was the last day she could spent with Qingfeng in Eastern Sea City. She planned to have a wonderful day with Qingfeng here so that even when she returned to the Capital, she would have good memories to cherish.

To meet Qingfeng, Ruyan Liu dressed up specially for the occasion. She wore light makeup which made her even more beautiful. She wore a bright red lipstick which made her lips kissable.

Today, she wore a red dress and red heel. She was like a flaming red rose. She knew that Qingfeng loved red so she wore a dress in his favorite color.

Since the amus.e.m.e.nt park was the biggest amus.e.m.e.nt park in Eastern Sea City, there were many people here. There was a crowd of people in the entrance. Ruyan Liu attracted everyone’s gaze.

Everyone who entered the amus.e.m.e.nt park would look at her with surprise in their eyes. Some man would cast another secret glance as this woman was too beautiful. She was the most beautiful woman they had ever seen.

Some courageous young man tried to flirt with her but they were turned down by Ruyan Liu.

She was like a charming rose which attracted everyone’s gaze.

Even though Ruyan Liu had shooed away the men who wanted to flirt with her. There were still men who pestered her. A fat middle-aged man walked towards her with two body guards behind him.

Most of the people who came here were ordinary people. Only rich and influential people would have bodyguards with them.

"Beauty, you’re waiting for someone?" The fat middle-aged man asked.

The beauty was too beautiful. The middle-aged man had feelings for her at first sight. He looked at her with heated eyes.

Ruyan Liu looked at the man with disgust. She turned around and ignored him.

This beauty has quite the personality, I like it. The middle-aged man’s eyes became more heated.

"Beauty, let me introduce myself. My name is Dafu Zhou, why don't we get to know each other," The fat middle-aged man said as he held out his hand to shake Ruyan Liu’s hand.

But he did not manage to grab the beauty’s hand. Instead, he grabbed onto a man’s hand.

Dafu Zhou raised his head and saw a young man standing before him. The young man was very handsome.

He tried to pull his hand from the other’s grasp but the young man held onto his hand very tightly. He could not remove it not matter how hard he tried.

"Who are you? Release my hand," Dafu Zhou said angrily.

F*ck,,he wanted to hold onto the beauty’s hand. Why was he holding onto a man’s hand? He was furious.

Dafu Zhou did not know that the young man who held onto his hand was Qingfeng. Qingfeng had just arrived at the entrance of the Amus.e.m.e.nt Park when he saw the fat man trying to hold onto Ruyan Liu’s hand. So, he went up to the man and held onto his hand.

Qingfeng clenched his hand which caused Dafu Zhou to clench his teeth in pain. He felt that his hand was crushed by an iron board and was about to break. It was very painful.

"Release me," Dafu Zhou said ferociously.

"Okay," Qingfeng nodded and released Dafu Zhou’s


A flash of happiness appeared in Dafu Zhou’s eyes. He thought that the young man ahead was releasing his hand because he was afraid of him. He did not see the coldness in Qingfeng’s eyes.


Qingfeng kicked his leg towards Dafu Zhou’s stomach and sent him flying. Dafu Zhou landed heavily on the ground with a thud and let out a painful cry.

At the moment, Dafu Zhou was very pitiful. His clothes were filled with dust. There was blood on his face when his face had rubbed against the ground.

"What are you guys looking at? Can’t you see I got beaten? Beat him up!" Dafu Zhou said to his bodyguards.

The two bodyguards are b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. They didn't do anything even though he was beaten up.

At Dafu Zhou’s orders, the two bodyguards clenched their fists and walked towards Qingfeng.They were ready to teach this fellow a lesson.

The two bodyguards were all tall and strong. They walked menacingly towards Qingfeng. The surrounding people backed away. They looked at Qingfeng pitifully because they knew he was about to be beaten up.

To their surprise, Qingfeng kicked the two bodyguards away with his leg. His movements were fast like lightning. Before the bodyguards had time to react, they were kicked away by Qingfeng and fell onto the ground with a thud. Their faces were pale and they could not get up from the ground.

Dafu Zhou and the two bodyguards were all stunned. This young man was too strong. They were not a match for him.

Qingfeng turned and walked towards Ruyan Liu and said with a smile, "You are so beautiful today."

Ruyan Liu smiled seductively and said, "Thank you, sorry to trouble you again."

She was referring to Qingfeng teaching Dafu Zhou a lesson after he had hara.s.sed her.

Someone said that Ruyan Liu was the CEO of the Liu Corporation in Eastern Sea City. She was also the princess of the Liu Family. Logically, she would have bodyguards following her around. Why had Qingfeng never seen them before?

Truthfully, Ruyan Liu had bodyguards but she did not bring them along when she left home. First of all, she was here to meet Qingfeng. If they were seen by her bodyguards and they spreaded the word around, Qingfeng and herself would be in trouble. Thus, she did not bring them along.

"It is no trouble. They are a couple of flies," Qingfeng said lightly as he pointed at Dafu Chow.

In his eyes, these people were disgusting flies. How dared they hara.s.s Ruyan Liu. They deserved a beating.

Dafu Zhou turned livid when he heard Qingfeng’s insults. A flash of anger appeared in his eyes. He wanted to teach Qingfeng a lesson but considering that the ability of the other, he could only suppress his anger.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 351

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