My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 363

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Chapter 363: Ruyan, I Love You

Qingfeng dashed like a madman out of the neighborhood. He stopped a taxi and headed towards Eastern Sea International Airport.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, it would only require 30 Yuan to get to the airport. To get to the airport speedily, Qingfeng gave the taxi driver 1000 Yuan.

It was worth any amount of money if he could see Ruyan Liu.

A few minutes later, Qingfeng felt that the taxi driver’s speed was way too slow. He asked the taxi driver to park the taxi. Then, he grabbed the taxi driver out of the taxi and drove the car towards the airport.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d. You thief! Why are you driving my car?" The taxi driver yelled angrily when he saw Qingfeng driving away his taxi.

He had spent a lot of money to loan the taxi. The taxi was his livelihood. He was furious that Qingfeng had driven it away.

"Sir, I have an urgent matter so I need to borrow your taxi for a bit. You can find me at Ice Snow Corporation. My name is Qingfeng Li," Qingfeng said to the taxi driver.


Qingfeng turned the key and slammed the gas paddle. He turned the steering wheel and the taxi headed towards the airport like a wild beast."

"Ice Snow Corporation. This fellow is an employee of Ice Snow Corporation," The taxi driver muttered to himself as he headed towards Ice Snow Corporation.

He heard Qingfeng say to find him at Ice Snow Corporation. No matter if Qingfeng’s words were real or fake, he was going to give it a try. It he could not get his taxi back, he could only call the police. He had seen Qingfeng’s face clearly anyways.

"Ruyan, you must wait for me," thought Qingfeng anxiously. He slammed onto the gas paddle and the taxi accelerated towards the airport.

He looked at the time and became more anxious when he saw that the flight was departuing in 10 minutes.

When the taxi was halfway to the airport, it suddenly came to a stop. There was no more gas.

No more gas. Qingfeng was furious. He was 5km away from the airport and there was a few minutes left but there was no more gas in the car.

Since there was no more gas, he could not drive the taxi. Qingfeng got off from the taxi and ran towards the airport.

A sprinting figure appeared on the road. Qingfeng leapt forward a leopard towards the airport.

His speed was very fast and he surpa.s.sed some motorcycles and even cars.

When he saw a red light and many cars before him, Qingfeng jumped onto the roof of the cars and ran through the road.

"Mum, look! There’s a superman. Superman just jumped from the roof o the bus." A little girl said loudly while pointing to Qingfeng’s figure.

The little girl was bored and was looking out of the window when she saw Qingfeng pa.s.sing the redlight. He jumped over the road from the roof of the cars just like a superhero.

Many of the surrounding people also saw Qingfeng’s figure. The fellow ran forward like a crazy man and jumped through red lights.

"Are they filming a movie? The fellow’s speed is so fast."

"Yeah, not only is he fast, he also jumped really high. The bus is so tall but he jumped on top of it in a moment."

"They need steel wires if they are filming a movie. The fellow did not have any on him."

The pa.s.sersby discussed animatedly and looked at Qingfeng with shock.

It was early in the morning but they had seen such a stunning scene. They initially thought that a director was filming a martial arts movie. However, when they looked carefully, they found out that the fellow had jumped directly onto the buses.

Qingfeng did not care about their discussions. He ran towards the airport with all his might.

5 minutes, 4 minutes, 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute…

Time was pa.s.sing quickly. It was almost time for Ruyan Liu’s flight to depart.

The flight departed just as Qingfeng arrived at ES International Airport.

Qingfeng stood on the ground. His eye sight was great. Through the window, h

e could see Ruyan Liu sitting next to the window aisle. She was weeping tears.

The flight had departed and was heading towards the Capital.

Qingfeng did not give up. He chased after the plane.

At this moment, the people in the International Airport saw an unbelievable scene. A fellow was chasing after the plane.

Before the plane flew into the sky, it travelled for about 2km on the runway. But the plane would generate a huge air current as it travelled down the runway. The surrounding people would not be able to stand on their feet. If they got too close, they could be knocked off their feet.

Even though it was extremely dangerous to run close to the plane, Qingfeng chased after the plane. He wanted to see Ruyan Liu for the last time.

The plane travelled down the runway and Qingfeng chased right behind it.

This was a race between a man and a plane. It was an insane sight. This must be the first time a man was chasing a plane.

"Look, someone is chasing a plane."

"Does this fellow wishes to die? He will blow away by the air current."

"I have liked for dozens of years. This is the first time I have ever seen a man chasing after a plane."

The people in the airport discussed animatedly. Their eyes were filled with disbelief. They could not understand how a man could chase after a plane? Did you think you were going to catch up to the plane?

The security team of the airport watched Qingfeng’s figure and yelled at him," Listen up, you at the front. Stop chasing the plane immediately…"

Even though the sound from the security team was very loud, Qingfeng did not care. He continued to speed up as he ran towards the plane.

500m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m…

Finally, just as the plane was about to depart, Qingfeng arrived at next to the plane’s window.

Ruyan Liu was weeping. It was as if they had telepathy, she looked out of the window and saw Qingfeng running after the plane.

Tears welled up in Ruyan Liu’s eyes when she saw Qingfeng. She could not stop crying. She did not expect this man to chase after the plane for her without a care for his own safety.


Even though Ruyan Liu had seen Qingfeng, at that moment, the plane took off the ground and departed for the skies.

"Ruyan, I love you," Qingfeng yelled with all his might as he looked at the plane in the sky.

His voice was extremely loud, it was even louder than the sound from a speaker. Ruyan Liu could hear his voice even through the window.

His words made Ruyan Liu cry even harder. She knew that this man loved her in his heart.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 363

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