My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 369

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Chapter 369
Chapter 369: Three Days Before the Wedding

Translator: Noodletown Translated  Editor: Noodletown Translated


Qingfeng Li had a great meal at his father-in-law’s home. On the table, his father-in-law was a like a student, asking him about all sorts of Go-related questions.

In terms of his father-in-law’s questions, Qingfeng Li answered all of them. The more Qingfeng Li answered, the more his father-in-law envied him. In the end, s.h.i.+ Lin almost asked Qingfeng Li to be his teacher.

But after considering that Qingfeng Li was his son-in-law, it wasn't suitable to get him to be his teacher. But s.h.i.+ Lin was extremely respectful towards Qingfeng Li. After the meal, Qingfeng Li chatted with the father- and mother-in-law a bit and confirmed the wedding. The date of the wedding will be after three days. After three days, they will host their wedding at Eastern Sea City’s Lin’s Hotel. Lin’s Hotel was the Lin family’s five-star supreme hotel. His daughter was getting married so naturally it needed to be hosted here.

After talking through all the details, Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin got up and left. They still had to go to other relatives and send their invitations.

"Qingfeng, visit when you have the chance." Before they left, s.h.i.+ Lin and Xiaoyun Mu personally walked them to their car.

Normally in other families, it should be son-in-law walking the father-in-law. But this time, it changed to the father-in-law walking the son-in-law. s.h.i.+ Lin was happy, even if he were to walk Qingfeng Li ten times he would still be happy.

Why was s.h.i.+ Lin so happy? Because when Qingfeng Li visited him with a bunch of presents and a cheque of ten million. How could he not be happy? The more he looked at his son-in-law the more he liked him, even more than his son.

Poor Hai Lin. He was treated as the gifted baby before, but with the arrival of Qingfeng Li, his father ditched him.

Hai Lin was sad, super sad. He felt like no matter in what fields he was always worse than Qingfeng Li. This made him depressed. 
In terms of looks, he was worse than Qingfeng Li. Height, he was shorter. Intelligence, Qingfeng Li was a lot smarter.

Qingfeng Li was in the driver seat and Xue Lin was beside him. The two left the father- and mother-in-law’s home.

"Honey you were so great today." Xue Lin gave Qingfeng Li a big thumb.

Regarding Qingfeng Li’s show today, she was extremely satisfied. Not only did he teach her brother a lesson, he even made her father envy him. It gave her a great feeling. When she went back to her own family, all she wanted was for her parents to think highly of her. Qingfeng Li achieved everything today.

"Honey, is there any prize for being such a good husband?" Qingfeng Li laughed.

There were still three days until the wedding. Even though Qingfeng Li couldn’t have s.e.x with her, touching hands and kissing were fine.

"You are driving, wait until we go back."

"it’s ok, driving is fine. It is more exciting."

"No, what if police see us?"

"it’s ok, just one kiss." Qingfeng Li smiled. With one hand he held onto the steering wheel, and the other onto Xue Lin. He kissed towards her lips.

Meanie, we're in the car right now.

Even though Xue Lin was trying to reject him, she was still kissed by Qingfeng Li. It was sweet, soft, and soothing. Thinking that he was kissing Xue Lin in the car, Qingfeng Li was super pa.s.sionate. 
When they arrived at a red light, Qingfeng Li stopped the car and placed Xue Lin in his lap and continued to kiss her.


Just when Qingfeng Li was getting into it, the front gla.s.s was broken by a man.

Some of the gla.s.s went fl

ying into the car. Qingfeng Li was shocked and immediately extended his hand to block those gla.s.s. 
Even though Qingfeng Li was able to block the majority of the gla.s.s, some still hit Xue Lin. It scratched a little mark on her hand. 
Immediately, blood started flowing out from the cut. Xue Lin was wounded and was in pain. This made Qingfeng Li’s heart ache. 
Fortunately, Qingfeng Li was able to hide Xue Lin’s face from the gla.s.s, or else her face would have been scratched.

"Honey, are you ok?" Qingfeng Li asked caringly.

"It’s ok, it only scratched my hand. Just a bit painful." Xue Lin was a bit pale.

She was shocked. Right as when they were kissing the front gla.s.s was broken into pieces.

"Here, let me wipe it for you." Qingfeng Li took out a tissue and started wiping her hands.

Qingfeng Li was extremely delicate. Xue Lin’s hands were wiped clean in a short moment. There was still a little mark, Qingfeng Li used a band-aid to cover it.

Maybe this was what the elder said earlier about fate of seeing blood?

Qingfeng Li’s brows tensed up and suddenly remember what the Monk’s teacher said. The elder told him Qingfeng Li would see blood in the near future. It might be him or people relative to him. 
Now Xue Lin’s hand was wounded by the gla.s.s and bled. This should count, right?

After finished cleaning Xue Lin’s hand, Qingfeng Li looked at the front. The man was carrying a bunch of purses and was running away.

"F*ck, how dare him break my window and even wound my wife’s hand." Qingfeng Li was filled with rage.

He wasn’t someone to be taken advantage of. The man was obviously stealing purses and was trying to run away.Regarding stealing purses, Qingfeng Li didn’t care. But he broke his car’s window and wounded his wife’s hand. Naturally, Qingfeng Li had to take action now.

"Honey, you stay in the car for a bit, I will go take care of the man." Qingfeng Li told her to stay in the car.

Qingfeng Li got out of the car and started running towards the man. 
In the meantime, a policewoman in her uniform was also running towards the man.This policewoman was extremely beautiful. She had a delicate face, white skin, and a perky body. It gave off an attractive feeling.

Qingfeng Li looked at her and was shocked; he didn’t think he would see this policewoman here.

This policewoman wasn’t anyone else, it was Mengyao Xu, a good friend of Qingfeng Li.

"Mengyao Xu, why are you running so fast?" Qingfeng Li asked her. 
Mengyao Xu was focusing on the man in front of her and didn’t notice Qingfeng Li. When he finally talked, she turned her head and found out it was Qingfeng Li and her eyes were filled with joy.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 369

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