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Chapter 374: Qingfeng's Going to Jing Capital

"Jiaojiao, why did you hit me?" Hai Lin complained, while rubbing his aching head.

The girl in front was his dream girl, how could she hit him?

"You are the idiot I want to hit, why did you call Qingfeng Li brother-in-law?" said Jiaojiao Liu angrily, her rage was beyond description.

Qingfeng Li was her brother-in-law, how could Hai Lin the idiot call him brother-in-law? It made sense that Jiaojiao Liu was going to hit him, since what he did just provoked her.

Hai Lin looked at Jiaojiao Liu with a bitter face, he thought he was quite smart, but everyone else called him an idiot. It really upset him that both his father and brother-in-law said he was stupid, and what made it worse was that Jiaojiao Liu, the girl he liked thought he was stupid as well.

"Am I really stupid? That’s impossible, I am very smart. They are just jealous." Hai Lin cheered himself in his mind.

However, if Qingfeng Li heard what was in Hai Lin’s mind just now, he would laugh and call him an idiot.

"I didn’t say anything wrong, Jiaojiao. Xue Lin is my sister, then Qingfeng Li is my brother-in-law." There was something wrong with Hai Lin’s mind, he was still not able to figure out what was going on after getting slapped on the face.


As soon as Hai Lin finished talking, Jiaojiao Liu slapped Hai Lin so hard on the face again that half his head went numb.

"What did you slap me Jiaojiao?"

"Idiot, Qingfeng Li is my brother-in-law, you are not allowed to call him that."

"Fine Jiaojiao, I’ll do whatever you say. Qingfeng Li is your brother-in-law, I won’t call him that again." Hai Lin said slightly so that he wouldn’t get slapped again, and for the purpose to make Jiaojiao Liu happy.

After hearing what Hai Lin said, satisfaction finally showed up on Jiaojiao Liu’s face, the ice in her eyes slowly melted. She felt she had won, since she called Qingfeng Li brother-in-law, which meant that Qingfeng was her elder sister Ruyan Liu’s man.

Hai Lin was an idiot. In Jiaojiao Liu’s opinion, Hai Lin wasn’t only an idiot, but also a dumba.s.s. He agreed not to call Qingfeng Li brother-in-law, then it meant he admitted that his elder sister wasn’t Qingfeng Li’s woman.

Jiaojiao Liu thought that although her sister Ruyan Liu lost to Xue Lin temporarily, she just defeated Xue Lin’s brother, who was an idiot.

Qingfeng Li got really embarra.s.sed stuck between them and heard the awkward conversation. He wished that he could kick Hai Lin, for being such an idiot. He wouldn’t even care if this girl sold him out as long as he could make her happy.

"Brother-in-law, oh no, Jiaojiao doesn’t want me to call you that. How about calling you big brother Li? Big brother Li, can you please let me be your younger brother?" Hai Lin stared at Qingfeng Li with his puppy eyes, trying to show how much he was longing for.


Qingfeng Li smacked Hai Lin’s head, but that still couldn’t release all the anger inside of him. Qingfeng Li was crawling in his mind, "You are not going to call me brother-in-law just because Jiaojiao Liu asked you not to? You idiot!"

"Why did you smack me, big brother Li?"

"I don’t take stupid brothers."

"Big brother Li, I am not as stupid as you think. Lots people say I’m quite smart." To be honest, Hai Lin thought he just proved how smart he was, as he stopped calling Qingfeng Li brother-in-law as soon as Jiaojiao Liu asked him to, instead, he started to call him big brother Li.

Qingfeng Li didn’t want to waste more time on Hai Lin. He turned to Jiaojiao Liu and said, "Let’s go, let your brother-in-law invite you for a meal,"

Jiaojiao Liu wasn’t willing to go, but her hand was already held by Qingfeng Li and pulled towards the doorway.

"How can big brother Li hold Jiaojiao’s hand?" Hai Lin’s face turned downcast, his eyes showed he wasn’t comfortable with that.

Obviously, it made Hai Lin feel uncomfortable since his d

ream girl, his G.o.ddess was held by another man. However, he rested a.s.sured very shortly thinking of the fact that Qingfeng Li wouldn’t have feelings for Jiaojiao Liu since he was her brother-in-law.

By the way, he said they were going for a meals!

"Wait for me!" yelled Hai Lin and started running to catch up with them.

Qingfeng Li grabbed Jiaojiao Liu’s tiny hand as walking out of the cla.s.sroom for a meal. However, Hai Lin was following them like a sticky candy that he never got rid off. Therefore, Qingfeng Li had to let him follow, but he refused to give him a good att.i.tude.

"Jiaojiao, why did you call big brother Li brother-in-law?" Hai Lin asked Jiaojiao as if he was a curious baby.

Jiaojiao Liu rolled her eyes, said, "My elder sister is his girlfriend, thus he is my brother-in-law."

"I don’t think so Jiaojiao, a man can only have one wife. Big brother Li is my sister Xue Lin’s husband. How can your sister be his girlfriend? Don’t tell me your sister is the third wheel?" said Hai Lin with his eyebrows twisted.

Although he was stupid, he still knew that every man could only have one wife in Huaxia. They weren’t living in the ancient times when men were allowed to have multiple wives. What Hai Lin knew was that nowadays, many women would be willing to be the lady at the side just for the sake of money. He wasn’t sure if Jiaojiao Liu’s elder sister was one of them.



Jiaojiao Liu and Qingfeng Li both slapped Hai Lin on the head after hearing his guess.

"You dumba.s.s, how could you call my sister the third wheel? Are you looking for trouble?" Jiaojiao Liu said fiercely while giving Hai Lin a hard slap.

There was no way for this idiot to learn his lesson, he deserved the slap for calling her sister the lady on the side. Jiaojiao Liu felt that her state of mind would be affected if she spent more time with this idiot.

Qingfeng Li gave Hai Lin a tough slap on the head as well, he yelled, "What are you talking about, you idiot?"

How could Qingfeng Li not get mad hearing Hai Lin indirectly call Ruyan Liu the side chick. He knew she wasn’t, since she had no idea that he was married when they were together.

In the end, it was all Qingfeng Li’s fault. Xue Lin and him got the marriage certificate. However, she didn’t want to sleep with him even though he had his needs. He met Ruyan Liu after and had feelings for her, so he slept with her since she wanted to do that as well. Therefore, Ruyan Liu was the victim.

"Why did both of you hit my head? What if I become stupid?" Hai Lin felt quite upset getting slapped from two persons at one time.

He didn’t understand why both of them would slap him even though he was telling the truth. He had a smart brain, what would he do if it got damaged?

Qingfeng Li didn’t bother talking to Hai Lin anymore. He was afraid he would become stupid too if he kept talking to Hai Lin. It confused him thinking of how stupid and dumb Hai Lin was while he had such a smart sister Xue Lin.

Qingfeng Li brought Jiaojiao Liu to a restaurant. They ordered four dishes and two soups. Hai Lin insisted on eating with them. However, Qingfeng Li was only talking to Jiaojiao on the table.
After the meal, Qingfeng Li walked Jiaojiao Liu back to the university. Then he headed to the antique market.

Qingfeng Li was going to Li family in the Jing Capital tomorrow to deliver the wedding invitation. There was an idea in his mind, he wanted to visit Ruyan Liu as he missed her a lot. The reason he was on the way to the antique market was to get a gift, a gift for Ruyan Liu if he could have the chance to see her tomorrow in Jing Capital.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 374

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