My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 377

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Chapter 377: Finding out the Culprit Behind the Scene

Qingfeng decided to get rid of this young man quickly. He needed to buy gifts for Ruyan and had no time to waste on him.

"Young man, you said the amber you bought is a fake one. Let me ask you, do you know what amber is?" Qingfeng asked with a sarcastic smile.

The young man looked startled and panic appeared in his eyes. He had received the instructions from that fat boss of another antique store, and came to buy amber to accuse Lingxiu that her amber was counterfeit. He knew nothing about any antiques, how could he know what amber was?

The young man started to worry and sweat. He found Qingfeng’s question was too cunning. Thinking this way, if he didn’t know what amber was, how could he tell that amber was fake?

The young man didn’t know what amber was and didn’t know what to say, he could only look around at the people surrounding them. The fat boss was standing right in the front of the crowd. He was the one that incited the young man to frame Lingxiu. Now when the young man came across a difficult situation, his eyes automatically fell on him.

Qingfeng had been staring at the young man and noticed right away how he looked at the fat boss. After a second thought, he understood the reason. It must be that the fat boss got jealous of Lingxiu’s good business and asked the young man to frame her.

The only thing was the young man that the fat boss found was a fool. He didn’t know anything about antiques. When Qingfeng asked him about amber, he was stumped completely.

The young man realized that the fat boss wouldn’t respond to him. He took a deep breath and asked loudly, "Amber is just amber. How much can I know about it?"

Qingfeng gave a sneering smile and said, "Young man, since you do not know about amber, how can you tell the fake from the real?" his words made the young man speechless.

People around were surprised to see the young man speechless. If this person claimed that amber was fake, he had to be able to explain the reason. If this young man didn’t know anything about amber, how could he identify it was fake?

At this time, the people surrounding them started to figure out that this young man probably knew nothing about antique. All he wanted to do was to frame this antique store.

"Well, I don’t know anything about amber. But do you know what amber is?"

The young man frowned and asked loudly. He knew people needed time to study and build up antique knowledge. The young man in front of him looked very young and might be his age too. He shouldn’t know a lot of antique knowledge either.

Qingfeng smiled lightly and said, "Let me tell you, amber is formed about 45—99 million years ago. It was coniferous tree resin that dropped and was buried underground for thousands of years, and is a petrochemical formed under the action of thermal energy and pressure. It can be called 'amber' or 'resin fossil'."

"Young man, I have explained the origins of amber to you. Do you understand now?" Qingfeng looked at the young man and asked rhetorically.

This young man was absolutely a fool, he didn’t know anything about amber and accused the one that he bought were counterfeit goods.

The people around them kept on nodding after they heard Qingfeng’s explanation. Many of them were antique amateurs; some of them had also collected ambers. So, they could figure out what Qingfeng said was quite professional and correct. Since the young man didn’t have any antique knowledge, the words he said before were not credible.

"Yeah, I can’t believe this young man doesn’t know anything about amber. What he said about the counterfeit goods he bought here must be lies."

"I agree. This young man definitely wanted to money. He is so bad."

"Um, I have decided that I will buy a piece of amber in this store for my girlfriend."

The surrounding people were talking to each other while looking at the young man with undisguised contempt. On

the contrast, they got a good feeling towards Qingfeng and Lingxiu’s antique store.

Qingfeng didn’t do anything except explained the origins of amber to the people, but he turned over the clouds for the rain and changed the situation dramatically. Now it was the young man that was despised by everyone.

Brother Li was really formidable; he redeemed the store’s reputation so easily. Lingxiu looked at Qingfeng with a face of adoration.

When the young man saw the plan to frame the store was exposed, he turned around and tried to escape. Qingfeng grabbed him by the arm before he ran away.

"Why did you grab me?" The young man’s face changed and yelled.

Qingfeng gave him a wintry smile, "You framed this store and wanted to blackmail money. Now you want to walk away without any words? You’d better tell us who instigated you."


"Young man, if you don’t tell us the truth, I’ll call the police. A person who blackmails and frames others like what you just did can go to jail."

"What, go to jail?" The young man’s face changed countenance and a sense of panic appeared in his eyes. 

He did receive the instruction from that fat boss and wanted to make some money. But he didn’t want to go to jails.

"Young man, I give you the last chance. If you tell us who instigate you to do so, I am not going to call the police. Otherwise you just wait to be put in prison." Qingfeng threatened him coldly.

Prison? Absolutely no! My girlfriend was still waiting for me to have fun at night, how can I go to jail? Plus, if I was put in jail, my girlfriend would become another person’s woman. There was no way.

In order not to be put in jail and avoid his girlfriend leaving him, the young man pointed to the fat boss in the front of the crowd and said loudly, "Brother, it is that fat person instigated me to frame your shop. He has also given me 10000 Yuan."

"Young man, you can not talk nonsense. When did I instigate you to frame the store?" The fat man denied loudly. 

The fat boss would not admit this. It would affect his reputation. No matter how, he was an honored and popular character in this street.


Facing the fat boss’s chicanery, young man took out 10000 Yuan directly from his pocket,

"Fatty, you can not deny. These bills are the 10000 Yuan you gave me."

Facing a pile of 10000 Yuan bills in the young man’s hand, the fat man’s expression changed and he became speechless.

The following were very simple. Qingfeng took out his cell phone and called the police and Mengyao Xu directly. Her crew came and took the fat boss and young man back to do the investigation.

 After the fat boss was brought away, the antique store returned back to normal. But the shopping spirit was actually higher. Many people started to buy the stuff in the store. Lingxiu was very happy. The more people spent, the more money he made. 

"Brother Li, this blue amber is for you." Lingxiu took out a blue amber and handed to Qingfeng.

Amber had many colors: blue, green, red and black. Among them, blue amber was the most expensive one. The value of the blue amber Lingxiu took out was at least 100,000 yuan. 

Qingfeng wanted to pay money but Lingxiu refused and insisted to give it to him as a gift to appreciate his help just now.

As people knew the profit of antique stores was huge. If the goods could be sold, sometimes several tens of thousands could be made for even a piece. Qingfeng helped Lingxiu redeemed the prestige of this store. This was priceless. Right at this moment, many people were shopping in the store. Lingxiu had made hundreds of thousands. She would make more later on for sure.

In order to express his grat.i.tude, Lingxiu insisted on giving Qingfeng this 100000 value blue amber for free.

At last, Qingfeng walked out of the antique store with this blue amber towards the famous n.o.ble Palace. He planned to give Ruyan this blue amber as present when he went to Yanjing the next day.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 377

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