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Chapter 397: Ruyan, I Will Miss You

"Ruyan, I’m here," Qingfeng said with a wicked smile. His eyes glowed brightly as he looked at Ruyan Liu.

His gaze was like a hungry wolf staring at a sheep. Ruyan Liu was the sheep here. Any women who saw a hungry wolf would know what it meant.

Qingfeng had a combat disorder. Whenever he killed a man, he needed to have s.e.x with a woman. He had just killed Shaoyang w.a.n.g and the frail elder. The killer intent was already building up in his heart. He needed to release the killer intent or it would be harmful to his body.

Ruyan Liu said bashfully, "But we are in the car…"

"It’s okay. It’s more exciting if we do it in the car," Qingfeng said with a smile. His eyes were burning with desire.

Soon, rated X sounds could be heard coming from the car…

Perhaps it was because he had not seen Ruyan Liu for a while, Qingfeng was extremely aggressive. He had s.e.x with Ruyan Liu for many times and caused her to lie weakly on the car seat.

 An hour later, Qingfeng was finally done the battle. After resting for a bit, he drove Ruyan Liu back to her home.

He wanted to spend more time with Ruyan Liu but her mother had called her and asked her to go home. Thus, Qingfeng could only bring her home.

"Qingfeng, since you killed Shaoyang w.a.n.g, you need to be careful of the w.a.n.g’s family revenge," Ruyan Liu said worriedly.

Shaoyang w.a.n.g was the successor of the w.a.n.g Family. The head of the w.a.n.g Family was very fond of him. The Head of the w.a.n.g Family must be furious that Shaoyang w.a.n.g was dead.

Ruyan Liu knew that Qingfeng was very strong. However, the w.a.n.g Family was a gigantic family with many hidden powers.

For example, Dragon King had a very close relations.h.i.+p with the w.a.n.g Family. He was rumored to be part of the w.a.n.g Family. However, he was not in Huaxia at the moment, he was on a mission in the Amazon Forest.

When Dragon King returns from the Amazon Forest, he will definitely engage in a battle with Qingfeng. Dragon King was extremely powerful; he was the number one fighter of the Capital.

"Ruyan, if w.a.n.g Family dares to come to me, I will destroy them," Qingfeng said proudly.

Qingfeng was well aware of Ruyan Liu’s worries but he did not care about the w.a.n.g Family. If the w.a.n.g Family dared to find trouble with him, he will destroy the w.a.n.g Family.

Ruyan Liu could only smile bitterly when she saw Qingfeng’s confident manner. She already knew that this man was fearless. It was his att.i.tude that attracted her.

 Qingfeng brought Ruyan Liu home. At the entrance, Qingfeng hugged Ruyan Liu’s body tightly for a long time.

"Qingfeng, let go. I need to head inside," Ruyan Liu said a few times before Qingfeng reluctantly let her go.

When he saw Ruyan Liu walking into the Liu Family mansion, Qingfeng shouted, "Ruyan, I will miss you."

Tears almost dropped from Ruyan Liu’s eyes when she heard Qingfeng’s confessions of love. She held back her yearning to look back and walked into the Liu Family mansion.

 She dared not look back. She was afraid that she would cry once she looked back. She did not want Qingfeng to see her crying.

After Qingfeng brought Ruyan Liu home, he stopped a taxi and returned to the Great Conqueror Hotel.

At the moment, the Green Dragon Demon King was waiting for him in the hall. The Green Dragon Demon King quickly stood up respectfully when he saw Qingfeng.

In front of others, he was the powerful Demon King. But in front of Qingfeng, he was only a subordinate.

"Green Dragon Demon King, do you know anything about my parents?" Qingfeng asked Green Dragon Demon King.

Even though he had only met Green Dragon Demon King for a while, Qingfeng trusted Green Dragon Demon King deeply. Perhaps it was because he was a subordinate of his father.

"Young master, mistress disappeared 16 years ago. Master went to search for her and we never heard from him again. I have looked for him in

many places but I could not find him," Green Dragon Demon King said abashedly in a low voice .

Green Dragon Demon King spent a long time searching for his master but he was unable to find them. It was as if they had disappeared from Earth.

Qingfeng could only smile bitterly at Green Dragon Demon King’s words. He initially thought that he would be able to learn some information about his parents from Green Dragon Demon King but it seemed like Green Dragon Demon King did not know anything.

"Oh yeah, young master, wasn’t the Wind-Edge Demon King by your side? Where is he now?" Green Dragon Demon King asked.

Back then, Qingfeng was bullied at the Li Family. In a fit of rage, the Wind-Edge Demon King brought Qingfeng to the Wolf Continent. The other nine demons were all aware and gave tacit consent to his actions since the Wind-Edge Demon King was the strongest of them all.

These years, the other nine demons have thought of seeking out Qingfeng but the Wind-Edge Demon King refused to let them visit Qingfeng in the Wolf Continent.

"My teacher went to look for my parents. He has disappeared too," Qingfeng said sadly at the mention of his teacher.

He was eight when his parents disappeared. His teacher had raised him and was like family to him. Qingfeng was naturally sad that his teacher had disappeared too.

"Green Dragon Demon King, do you have any way of contacting the other demons?" Qingfeng asked as he raised his brow.

Green Dragon Demon King shook his head and said, "Young master, ever since you went to Wolf Continent, the demons disbanded. We are in different parts of the country and have no means of contacting each other.

A flash of disappointment appeared in Qingfeng’s eyes when he heard that there was no means of contacting the other demons. He wanted to find the other demons and ask them if they have heard of any news from his parents.

 "Oh yeah! Young master, if you find the Great Conqueror Badge, you will be able to summon the other ten demons," Green Dragon Demon King said when he thought of the Great Conqueror Badge.

Great Conqueror Badge? What was that? Qingfeng was confused. This was the first time he had heard of it.

Green Dragon Demon King explained, "Young master, Great Conqueror Badge is a special badge that belongs to the Great Conqueror. There are special auras inside the badge. If you find the badge, you will be able to sense the aura and locations of the other nine demons."

"Green Dragon Demon King, if I find the Great Conqueror Badge, will I be able to find all the demons?"

"Yes, the Great Conqueror Badge contains a drop of blood of all the ten demons kings."

"Let me ask you? Will I be able to sense the aura of my teacher, the Wind-Edge Demon King?"

"Of course, you will be able to sense the aura of all the ten demons."

A flash of happiness appeared on Qingfeng’s face. He was happy and excited that he would be able to find his teacher and the other Demons if he could find the Great Conqueror Badge.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 397

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