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"Congratulation miss Xie for your successful performance. A couple of the sponsors want to meet you." A girl told Feifei Xie.

This girl was around 20 year-olds. She was Song Hu's partner and dressed like a prost.i.tute.

Feifei Xie's brows tensed up and wasn't happy. She was about to go eat after she finished singing with Qingfeng Li, but the sponsors wanted to meet her.

No matter where a celebrity went, they will need sponsors. This was because they needed s.p.a.ce and relations.h.i.+ps. It was impossible to organize a concert with only the influences of the celebrity.

"Big brother Li, wait for me here. I will go meet the sponsors and then go eat with you." Feifei Xie said shamefully.

Qingfeng Li nodded because he understood the relations.h.i.+ps between celebritys and sponsors. After all, sponsors spent a lot of money in order to help the celebrity promote, so it was normal for them to meet after the performance.

Feifei Xie came to the room number 1. There were four people, three sponsors including Song Hu, and a pale-faced man named Jun He.

Feifei Xie had met Jun He before. The last time they met was at Crescent Bay Restaurant. Jun He wanted to invite Feifei Xie to dine with him, but was knocked away by Qingfeng Li.

Feifei Xie didn't have any good impression of Jun He. He was always pestering her. Just when she was about to leave, Song Hu stood up.

"We should toast the success of your performance today, miss Xie." Song Hu gave Feifei Xie a cup of wine.

Feifei Xie wasn't sure if she should accept the wine in front of her or not.

"Miss Xie, I only wanted to toast you. Please accept it. You can leave after you toast with me." Song Hu was still holding onto the cup of wine. But his tone had some other meaning behind it.

The wine wasn't a normal cup of wine; it had something in it.

Feifei Xie wanted to leave as quick as possible, so she accepted the wine and drank it.

"I drank the wine. Good bye now." Feifei Xie smiled, dropped the cup, and was about to leave.

After two steps, Feifei Xie felt dizzy and her body was out of strength. She felt faint and her body heaed up.

Feifei Xie was a huge celebrity and had been through a lot. She was drugged as well last time she was performing in the Tiger Continent. Today was similar to back then.

"What did you put in the wine?" Feifei Xie said as her body lost all of its strength. She fell onto the ground and couldn't move anymore.

Song Hu laughed and said, "Miss Xie, I put and aphrodisiac and another drug that makes you lose control of your body."

"Song Hu. I will never forgive you." Feifei Xie's expression changed. She felt like her mind was become less clear and her body became more in heat.

Song Hu smiled and walked towards Jun He. He said, "Sir Jun, my mission is now complete. You can enjoy her however you want now."

Jun He told Song Hu and the other men, "All of you get out. Without my command don't let anyone in. You guys understand?"

They all looked at each other and left the room. They obviously knew what Jun He was going to do, but Jun He was the son of one of the three Tyrants. They wouldn't dare to offend him.

"Jun He, I didn't think you would be so despicable. How dare you tell the sponsors to drug my drink?" Feifei Xie said on the ground. Her eyes were filled with rage.

She already knew how despicable Jun He was, but she didn't think he would cross the line. He wanted to rape her.

"Why would you rather eat with Qingfeng Li than me. I am going to rape you today no matter what you say." Jun He smirked and his eyes were filled with coldness.

The whole Hujiang Province knew Jun He. He was the son of one of the three underworld tyrants. It was all because of Feifei Xie that he was beaten by Qingfeng Li in front of everybody. Naturally he was going to teach her a lesson.

Feifei Xie's expression changed and she was scared. Her body couldn't move anymore and she knew that she was in danger. If Qingfeng Li didn't appear then she was done.

Big brother Li please come and save me! prayed Feifei Xie in her heart. She wanted Qingfeng Li to show up as soon as possible.

Qingfeng Li was waiting for Feifei Xie in a room at the back, but she didn't come back at all. He felt something wasn't right.

Qingfeng Li took out his phone and called Feifei Xie, but it showed the call didn't go through. He called again, but this time the phone was shut down.

Something's wrong.

Qingfeng Li was smart and he felt that something wasn't right.

F*ck, I shouldn;t have let Feifei meet those sponsors alone. They were not honorable men.

Qingfeng Li blamed himself and walked towards room number one. He was extremely quick and arrived in front of the room.

Qingfeng Li's expression changed because he saw Song Hu and the other two sponsors were waiting in front of the room. There was another guard. Qingfeng Li knew the guard was a high level master with just one look.

"Stop, you cannot enter." Song Hu stopped Qingfeng Li.

"Song Hu I am here to see Feifei Xie."

"She is not here."

"B*lls.h.i.+t. She just told me that she was here to meet the sponsors." Qingfeng Li smirked and was about to open the room's door.

When Qingfeng Li took one step, he was stopped by the guard beside the door. The guard said, "My young master gave me the order of not letting anyone into the room."

"Young master. Who is your young master?" Qingfeng Li asked with his brows tensed up.

"My young master is Jun He, son of one of the three Tyrants. Leave now." The guard shook his hand and told Qingfeng Li to get lost.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 590

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