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Tap, tap tap…

Even though the sounds were soft, Qingfeng Li could hear footstep sounds from outside.

Someone’s here?

Qingfeng Li was shocked. He immediately let go of the female police officer.

The motion of the two was not very dignified. There was still a bright red lipstick print on his

mouth from the first kiss of the female police officer. He did not want anyone to see it.

"I am going to kill you."

After the female police officer was released, she completely went berserk. Her gorgeous face was filled with anger. She repeatedly hit Qingfeng with her small hands.

From her fierce manner, she seemed determined to kill this man who had taken her first kiss.

"Mengyao Xu, stop what you are doing at once!"

The room door was opened and a stern voice was heard from a distance. After which, a tall and

well-built young man walked into the room.

"Vi…Vice Chief Zhang…. Why are you here?"

The female police officer hurriedly stood up and stuttered.

The young man that came in was Jun Zhang, the youngest vice police chief in ES City. He had already solved many big cases and had a good reputation in the police force.

"Mengyao Xu. Why do you think I’m here? If I don’t come, are you going to beat up another


Jun Zhang said sternly. A look of anger appeared on his strong face.

In the past month, the police station had already received more than ten complaints. The

complaints were all about the female police officer Mengyao Xu beating up people.

"Vice Chief, Qingfeng is committing crime at a young age. I’m teaching him a lesson for the good of the people."

Mengyao Xu stood up and said to Jun Zhang while wrinkling her cute nose.

"Okay, Mengyao Xu. Release him quickly."

Jun Zhang waved his hand and asked Mengyao Xu to release Qingfeng.

"Vice Chief Zhang, we can’t release him. He broke the law and needs to be locked up."

Clearly, Mengyao Xu did not plan on letting Qingfeng off easily. Even though her boss had

spoken, she still insisted on locking him up.

"Mengyao Xu, the CEO of Ice Snow Corporation, Xue Lin, has already paid his bail. Release


Jun Zhang frowned slightly and looked upset.


Xue Lin bailed him out?

Mengyao Xu mouth was wide with surprise. She was stunned.

What the heck.

Xue Lin was the number one beauty of ES city, the CEO of Ice Snow Corporation and a leading

female entrepreneur. Qingfeng was only a small employee of the company. Why would the

CEO come and bail him out?

Even though Mengyao Xu was filled with confusion, since Vice Chief Zhang has spoken, it

must be the truth.

She shall…temporarily let this fellow go.

"Beauty, your name is Mengyao Xu? I will remember you."

Qingfeng looked at the pretty police officer and said.

He was very interested in this beautiful woman.

"Hmph, don’t fall into my hands again or I’ll beat you up."

Mengyao Xu had an icy expression and was filled with anger towards the fellow in front of her.

"Mengyao Xu, this is the help note from Xiao Hong. She was kidnapped, I picked up her letter

so I tried to go rescue her. You can ask her."

Qingfeng placed the note on the table before he left.

He believed that this note would clear his name.

Outside the police station.

Xue Lin stood next to a BMW with her pretty face and stunning body. Her expression was cold.

She felt embarra.s.sed that her husband had went to that place.

When Qingfeng was caught, the police contacted Ice Snow corporation immediately. Thus, Xue

Lin knew firsthand.

Even though Xue Lin disliked Qingfeng, but he was her husband. To prevent him from making

irresponsible remarks, she had to bail him out herself.

When Qingfeng came out, Xue Lin looked at him coldly, her eyes were filled with



Xue Lin stepped into the car, turned the key and drove away, leaving him by the roadside.

"Sigh, she doesn’t even give me a chance to explain?"

Qingfeng sighed as he looked at the car that has sped away.

He wanted to explain to Xue Lin that he only went to the foot spa to save someone.

But Xue Lin did not even give him a chance and drove the car away.

"Oh well, I shall walk back."

Qingfeng touched his empty wallet; he did not even have money to call a taxi. He could only

walk home.

Thankfully, he was not far away from home. He walked speedily and within 30 minutes, he was

back at mansion number 13.

But the doors of the mansion were locked from the inside.

Clearly, Xue Lin was angry with him and refused to let him inside the house.

He…was rejected outside the door.

Qingfeng bitterly smiled and sat on the stairs in front of the door. A look of downcast overtook

his face.

He was abandoned when he was a child by his family. After he finally got married, he was once

again abandoned by his wife.

He felt very lonely and desolate.

Why did he marry? Other than abiding to his grandfather’s dying wish, he also wanted to live a

peaceful life.

But now?

He was locked out of the house by his wife. He felt dumbfounded.

He had decided that if Xue Lin does not open the door for him today, he will just bring up the topic of divorce tomorrow so both of them could end their suffering.

Inside the room.

Xue Lin’s pretty face was filled with conflict.

Through the window, she could see the cold air blowing and she knew that it was very cold.

Several times, she wanted to open the door to let Qingfeng in.

But she became furious when she thought of Qingfeng going to a foot spa to find a lady. In the

end, she did not open the door. She sat on the sofa of the living room and gradually fell asleep.


The next day.

Xue Lin sat up from the sofa and washed her face. She wanted to eat but discovered that the

fridge was empty.

The housekeeper was not here and all the food were long eaten.

Xue Lin opened the room door and her expression froze, a nervous glance flashed across her

eyes. She thought that since she did not open the door, Qingfeng should spend a night in a


But she had forgotten, Qingfeng had no money in his pocket. How could he go to a hotel?

Yes, she disliked this fellow. But he was her husband. She had slammed the door in his face and caused him to freeze for a night outside. It was her bad no matter what.

"Let’s divorce…Tomorrow."

Qingfeng did not look at Xue Lin, he looked at the outside sky and lightly said.

His voice was cold and void of emotions.


He was utterly disappointed with Xue Lin. He did not expect that his wife would make him spend a night out in the cold.

Now, when a relations.h.i.+p reached a sore point, past lovers will walk separate paths and become the most familiar of strangers.


Xue Lin thought that she had heard wrong, this fellow said that he wanted to divorce.

It was what she dreamed of. But when Qingfeng spoke those words, she had mixed feelings. It was hard to describe if she was happy or sad.

"I agree. But since you went to a foot spa to find a prost.i.tute, even if we divorce, you won’t get a


Xue Lin immediately agreed to the divorce, she had clearly misunderstood Qingfeng Li.

Furthermore, she refused to give him a single cent, making him leave this marriage with nothing.

What a cold woman.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 8

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