The Sacred Ruins Chapter 731

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Chapter 731: The Strongest Battle in History

Translator: Alsey  Editor: Chrissy

It was a breakthrough and all too sudden at that. Yaoyao's grandfather moved in a flash in a special sort of way. Ultimately, he appeared over here before people could sense the fluctuations of his order power.

Yang qi flourished in that single punch like a mountain flood pouring down in torrents as well as a volcano erupting. The light from his punch was too brilliant. It ripped the pitch-black cosmos apart and penetrated Wei Xilin's body.

At this moment, the Xilin clan's leader let out an enraged roar. His whole face was contorted and his body was crooked like a small shrimp as he spat out hot blood.

He was severely injured. The attack was too sudden. He was still rather gentle before and calmly advised Yaoyao's grandfather not to get wound up, provoking him with a sense of direction.

Yet in the end, the old man landed a heavy blow on him in the next instance and almost ruptured him!

However, Wei Xilin was an exceptional person after all was said and done. The fist of Yaoyao's grandfather penetrated Wei Xilin's body, making his body contort and convulse uncontrollably. But even so, he reacted in the very first instance. He retreated in the dark and cold cosmos like a ray of unstable light and dodged the following fatal attack.

His mouth was full of blood and he couldn't stop coughing. Blood surged up, flowing out of his mouth and nose. One could imagine how powerful Yaoyao's grandfather's punch was.

At this moment, countless people stopped breathing across all regions in the cosmos as they tensely watched what was happening through their own major platforms.

The whole world was paying attention to what was happening!

“Good! Kill him!”

On Earth, an evolver like Chu Feng couldn't stop himself from jumping up and waving his fists as hard as he could. He cried out loudly and felt incomparably carefree.

That was because when the fight had begun, they had been holding their breaths so badly for fear that an accident would befall upon Yaoyao's grandfather. But what they hated even more was Wei Xilin's shamelessness that had reached the extent that was absolutely irreconcilable. Wei Xilin even called Yaoyao's grandfather his uncle ever so calmly and maliciously asked how an old person could degenerate to such a state.

At this moment, Chu Feng felt resentment sprout inside of him when Yaoyao's grandfather fist penetrated Wei Xilin's body and blood splattered everywhere.

Many people were breathing rapidly in the starry sky which was followed by a cry of surprise. This battle varied too quickly. Even heavenly-illuminators could fall at any moment which affected their feelings.

Every major platform had exploded right now. But in the end, the information Black Blood Platform relayed was sufficiently strong because no one monitored the situation as clearly as they did.

The reason being, they had a heavenly-illumination ranked Fiery Eyes. An expert left this behind after he died a long time ago and they'd obtained one of it.

As a result, even if other platforms protected their heavenly eyes very well with special defensive equipment, all of them would still be destroyed in the aftermath of this kind of battle, irrespective of whether their heavenly eyes were distanced far enough from the battle.

Only Black Blood Platform was the most stable at this moment. They were worthy of being the cosmos' super-major corporation. They could contend with Wormhole Express Company from ancient times.

In the depths of Mount Eternal, the big black yak was also screaming, “Hit him! Burst Wei Xilin! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is too hateful! You must kill him!”

Outside Mount Eternal, Old Donkey, Manchurian Tiger and a bunch of people couldn't remain calm either as they were excited. All of them were rubbing their fists together and wiping their palms, itching to charge into the starry sky and attack together.

“Kill this traitorous thing! Yee-haw, yee-haw, yee-haw! He deserves to die!”

A tempest surged across all lands in the cosmos.

Wei Xilin suddenly raised his head and roared as rule runes burst from his whole body. He was like a ferocious lone wolf howling at the moon, but his body was still flying backward as he dodged and avoided Yaoyao's grandfather's onslaught.

Even though deep down inside, he was arrogant and unyielding, he normally appeared to be very gentle and somewhat refined. But now as his face was contorted and blood was trickling from the seven apertures of his head, he appeared to be slightly malevolent.

However, he couldn't break out of this crisis. Yaoyao's grandfather was s.h.i.+ning as Yang qi latched onto Wei Xilin like a waterfall, connecting the both of them like a shadow following its main body.

They were too close. Yaoyao's grandfather was about to catch up to him in a split second.

“Attack!” Eternal Vajra made his move and charged forth. He was originally standing not that far away from Wei Xilin but he was now providing his a.s.sistance.

The whole world knew that the Mechanical Race and the Xilin clan were very friendly with one another. Even when their divine sons had descended on Earth, they roamed about together and even had large swarms of battles.h.i.+ps lined up in outer s.p.a.ce at that time.

“Destroy this monster!” screamed the Spirit Ancestor. He called out to the heavenly-illumination ranked experts in the cosmos who'd rushed over to besiege Yaoyao's grandfather and kill him together.

“Attack!” The cosmos' starry sky shook as the sounds of them shouting rang out.

At this moment, the evolvers from every race in countless living planets in every major galaxy stood up. They were overwhelmed by their emotions; their blood was flowing at great speed and their minds raged.

Powerful evolvers knew that a divine battle was underway!

A fight could only be called a divine battle when heaven-illuminators were in a fight to their death!

This was a battle where a heavenly-illuminator's life was on the line. This was the most astounding decisive battle since ancient times!


Yaoyao's grandfather was too quick. He carried the Great Deity like a phoenix soaring in the sky with its wings spread out and destroyed him. The expert from the Deity Race was dripping with blood and his bones protruded from many places.

At this moment, Yaoyao's grandfather was spurring the power of the heavens. Every movement he made intimidated the world. When he stepped out with his legs, he shook the neighbouring planets and even time seemed to be flowing backwards. He was too quick!

He caught up to Wei Xilin and punched over again, powerful yet tyrannical. He wanted to kill this hoodlum who's betrayed ancient Earth and caused the death of his heirs with a kind of att.i.tude that portrayed him looking disdainfully at the whole world from the corner of his eyes.

Wei Xilin let out a loud roar. His chest was slightly painful and caved in. This wasn't a reflection of his strength because after Yaoyao's grandfather's Yang qi suppressed him and latched him down, the divine blood flowing throughout his body couldn't circulate smoothly. Before he could adjust himself back to an optimal state, he was suppressed and beaten up.

He pa.s.sively defended and had no choice but to face Yaoyao's grandfather again. He waved his hands and unravelled the path of yin and yang. He wanted to use softness to conquer strength and block the fatal blow.

At the same time, his body made clanking sounds and an armor appeared. This was a unique inner armor hidden within his flesh that appeared outside his body during the crucial moment.

This time, the attack wasn't very sudden so he could use this divine armor in time.

However, when the phoenix let out a long cry, Yaoyao's grandfather's fist suddenly sparkled and become translucent. The beak formed from runes even sharpened while it dazzled. It was just as though a phoenix's beak had appeared!


His punch expelled Wei Xilin's defence and penetrated that light screen. What was known as conquering strength through softness didn't serve its proper use and was broken.

Wei Xilin's arms were dripping with blood and some places looked as though he had been pecked by an immortal bird. His flesh disappeared, revealing bones that had veins visible on them.

After that, his armor made crisp sounds as well as the punch went through it. Yaoyao's grandfather's punch was too strong. After it penetrated the armor, it emitted light to shatter him to pieces.

Wei Xilin was crying out loudly. His body was trembling and his spirit was palpitating. He felt that his body was going to crumble. After his treasured armor broke, his blood was flowing without end.

But he was still a ruthless person in the end. A cold still still hung on his face as he controlled his body. Unending energy wildly gathered together and headed toward that wound.

Moreover, he held Yaoyao's grandfather's arm with his bleeding hands that had bones protruding out of them and used his body to clamp this fist. He was completely staking it all.

“Uncle, long time no see! Let's talk a lot!” he lowly growled before speaking to everyone who was rus.h.i.+ng over at top speed, “Kill him! What are you waiting for? If you're not going to attack him now, when better to do so?!”

Everyone was shocked and thought that this Wei Xilin was a ruthless person. He actually dared to do something like this. Did he not want to live anymore? Yaoyao's grandfather's punch was so terrifying. If violently punched out to destroy Wei Xilin, the latter was definitely going to be dismantled. His spirit would probably be completely annihilated because of that too!

Could it be that he had some secret technique?

Sagemaster Yi Chen was das.h.i.+ng over from afar at breakneck speed and used stars one after the other to manifest the power of the domains. From where he was, he stopped everyone with the intention to hinder the other experts.

The reason was because he knew that even though Wei Xilin was arrogant and unyielding, he had always been cautious and wouldn't risk putting himself in death's way. He probably had a way out.

“Attack!” The sagemaster waved his Star-Studded Whip and whipped it forward. A beam of light startled the heavens and a cl.u.s.ter of stars shook. Some planets formed a large bow that ama.s.sed the energy of all the stars in the sky before shooting out a terrifying arrow.

“Die, monster!”

At this moment, a cold light shone in the Great Deity's long and narrow golden eyes with incomparable maliciousness. His arms had been eaten and Yaoyao's grandfather was carrying him in his other arm. But he was s.h.i.+ning as countless runes appeared on his body, locking onto Yaoyao's grandfather as he intended to imprison him with Wei Xilin's help.


The sword wheel formed from the nine-multicolored energy swords pressed down from the top of Yaoyao's grandfather's head to kill them both.

But these two people were giving it their all. Inexhaustible light charged up from their crowns as though they were pillars holding up the sky. Iridescent law runes shone as it supported the sword wheel. They persevered through gritted teeth, not willing to release Yaoyao's grandfather. They wanted to wait for everyone to rush over and kill him when that happened.

“Monster, your heirs are all dead! Why are you still acting violently for? Why don't you go along too!?” roared the Eternal Vajra. He was the first to get close, but faced the resistance of a sagemaster's domain. As such, it wasn't a very smooth journey when he was getting close.

At this exact moment, everyone was incomparably nervous because the war was turning fervent. Who would live and who would die could easily be determined in a split second and it just so happened that it was a crucial moment now.

Countless evolvers were about to stop breathing in the cosmos. They felt incomparably nervous; their bodies involuntarily straightened and they didn't even dare to blink for fear that they might miss something.


At this very moment, the battle was intensifying. Yaoyao's grandfather whirled the Great Deity and used him like a weapon as he hurled him toward Wei Xilin. At the same time, his right fist violently shook in Wei Xilin's body. That terrifying surge of energy was too intense. One could see blood splattering everywhere and Wei Xilin's body even shattered; he was severely wounded.

If this went on, he was going to explode!

“Monster, reunite with your son and your granddaughter! Your whole family will have to come together in the end!” Inextinguishable Transformer had arrived!

He was using his spirit storm and the sound it produced was magnificently loud as it carried this void away. This was the extension of his spirit energy which he used to attack Yaoyao's grandfather.

At the same time, an inexplicable old monster appeared soundlessly as well. Not far off, a person shrouded in black robes with sinister aura energy charged forth.

Sagemaster Yi Shen's expression changed. He brandished the Star-Studded Whip with all his might to cut this starry sky apart and to hack off their path going forward. Domain runes interweaved, all of which had their energies supplied by all the stars in the whole sky.


A large explosion occurred in front. The Inextinguishable Transformer staggered forward as he couldn't stop shaking violently. That old monster was even more cautious because he didn't want the domain to entangle him. He disappeared in a split second and changed his position.

The Spirit Ancestor didn't have such good fortune because the sagemaster personally volleyed him back. The Spirit Ancestor was already injured yet an arrow shot out from a large bow formed of a string of stars struck his shoulder, causing a large plot of blood to spray everywhere as he staggered.

From the start, the Inextinguishable Transformer was the first to get close and attack. He was very close to Wei Xilin. The two races had the closest relations.h.i.+p in the alliance. He rushed behind Yaoyao's grandfather and raised his hand to attack the back of the old man's head with the intent to kill him in a single hit.

It was an incomparably critical situation. Two evolvers at the illumination realm were hindering Yaoyao's grandfather. It seemed as though he couldn't let his mind wander as he was being locked there.

At this exact moment, countless people in the whole of the starry sky were breathing rapidly with chests heaving intensely as all of them stared at the situation in shock.

“You should go on your way and reunite with your family!” Inextinguishable Transformer used his spirit storm again as he howled as this kind of energy attacked Yaoyao's grandfather's soul.

A hopeful light gleamed in the Great Deity's eyes. If this attack killed Yaoyao's grandfather, he would completely break free of his hold. As such, he exerted even more effort in using law runes to entangle his opponent.

Wei Xilin was about to explode. Much of his flesh had left his body, revealing his dense white bones. Yet, he was still clamping onto Yaoyao's grandfather's arm with all his might and used all the means he had to imprison him.

“Uncle, it's best if you go on your way! It's too lonely living on this world!” He smiled like this with blood on the corner of his lips. People felt a little terrified seeing him this way.

Time was too strange in that split second. It seemed to span for an eternity and it appeared to be a little longer. Every party stared at their screens tensely as the outcome of everything would be revealed this spark of a moment.

At this moment, all of the evolvers on Earth were incomparably scared. Chu Feng and Yellow Ox had their hearts in their mouths and were restless. They were afraid that they old man died by violence having being killed by these people.


During the pivotal moment, time seemed to flow backwards and contort everything. Even though Yaoyao's grandfather had lost his bearings, he still had his powerful fighting instincts. It was extremely terrifying.

The sword wheel above his head deviated at the very last moment even though he couldn't move his body. This was the Yang realm's unique divine technique. Nine different coloured divine swords formed a sword wheel and squashed everything!

In that split second, he released the defence and pressure he exerted against the Great Deity and Wei Xilin. The sword wheel blocked the spirit storm sneak attack behind him as well as Inextinguishable Transformer's extremely powerful punch!

He used his sword wheel to block off the enemy behind him. Countless light cascaded down, preventing his body from being harmed.


At the same time, Yaoyao's grandfather leaned forward and kicked his right leg back as though he was performing a scorpion tail pendulum. The sword wheel was imprisoning Inextinguishable Transformer for the time being. The kick landed on his chest with a bang followed by his chin.

In the blink of an eye, Inextinguishable Transformer's metal body caved in and his chest changed shape. His chin had been twisted to the point where it was unrecognisable and something plugged his mouth. He disappeared and turned into a huge metal pimple.

The most important thing was that this attack contained spirit murdering light. It attacked his spirit too which made him shake violently without end. In the end, a kick sent him flying.

At this moment, even Wei Xilin was crying out loudly. He couldn't hold out any longer at all. The might of Yaoyao's grandfather's fist burst forth in his body at this moment with the intent to destroy him.

“Undead Silkworm Transformation Technique!” Wei Xilin let out a low growl as he exerted all his effort. His body was s.h.i.+ning as he wanted to break away from this deadlock; he didn't want to be killed.

The reply he got was a loud roar from Yaoyao's grandfather that shook the cosmos' starry sky. Dazzling light exploded from his right fist.


As Yaoyao's grandfather's fist shook, Wei Xilin crumbled all of a sudden and his body turned into fragments before exploding. Blood splattered everywhere, dying the starry sky red.

The Sacred Ruins Chapter 731

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