The Sacred Ruins Chapter 732

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Chapter 732: Blasting All the Way

Translator: Alsey  Editor: Chrissy

Yaoyao's grandpa was tall and strong, covered in black hair. His heroic build was quite intimidating as he charged over with the Great Deity in tow, smas.h.i.+ng Wei Xilin with a single fist and splas.h.i.+ng his blood throughout the starry skies.

This fist was too tyrannical—the target was a heaven-illuminator, a famed character in the universe since ancient times. Now, he was blasted apart in one blow.

Blood and bony fragments spread out, blasting apart some of the nearby comets. of light ignited throughout the cosmos and shocked all spectators.

Wei Xilin was blasted apart just like that. Who would believe it? It was simply too terrifying.

He was the Xilin clan lord and the commander of the most powerful legion on earth. Although his character was flawed, no one had ever denied his power. This was a haven-illuminator who had lived since ancient times!

At this moment, the entire starry skies went silent for a moment and all evolvers were petrified.

At this point, they saw Yaoyao's grandfather as increasingly unfathomable. His body was like a demon as he stood unreachably tall in the cosmos.

Especially when he charged over with the Great Deity in tow and killed Wei Xilin, everyone felt that he was majestic and tyrannical.

The Great Deity, a tyrant throughout the ages, had become a background character.

This kind of person could be considered a peerless expert, but he was unfortunately being dragged around like a trophy.

The more powerful he was, the more evident the contrast.

Yaoyao's grandfather had shocked the entire universe with this battle!

Additionally, the Eternal Vajra's chest had caved in behind him, revealing a terrifying footprint. Moreover, his lower jaw no longer existed and his nose had merged into his face like a piece of dough.

This enormous expert of the Machine Race, an existence known as the Eternal Vajra, had also become an insignificant character in the grand scheme of things. He stood up again after cras.h.i.+ng into a comet and gazed furiously at this direciton.

His ferocity and anger could change nothing, however. The intense exchange just now had resulted in a complete loss.

“Dead, Wei Xilin has disappeared from this world just like that?”

“The lord of a powerful clan was actually blasted to death in a single punch. Isn't this too anticlimactic?”

“A peerless expert, this old man from ancient earth is simply too frightening. He's like a true unrivaled demonic lord. Where did he return from?”

People everywhere were discussing this matter fervently. Everyone felt their hearts beating and their emotions fluctuating. They were shocked quite badly.

“Something's wrong here!”

Back on earth, Chu Feng saw an abnormality.

At the same time, many people in the cosmos could feel a light pulsating in the starry skies and coming together.

In truth, the Sagemaster had already warned about this. He personally charged over by utilizing the domains to s.h.i.+ft s.p.a.ce.

“Wei Xilin, die!” the Sagemaster shouted loudly. His silver hair and robes danced about in the wind as he turned into a beam of light.

He had noticed the abnormality and realized that Wei Xilin's soul was still alive.

At the same time, some people noticed Wei Xilin uttering the words Undead Silkworm Art before dying. Now it would seem that he had succeeded.

The Sagemaster understood the man quite well. He would never fight to the death without sufficient confidence. He clearly had a hidden ace, and it was this undead art.

The Undead Silkworm was a mythological creature in the cosmos, an exceptionally powerful race. Their numbers were few, but their divine arts were enough to astonish the world.

They were capable of coming back to life as long as they had a wisp of vitality left.

Wei Xilin had grasped this race's divine art, the most powerful one of their school. This was a peerless divine technique!

He had clung onto Yaoyao's grandfather at the risk of his life—seemingly looking for mutual destruction—when in fact, he was confident that he could escape this calamity.

His methods were indeed vicious. It would've been quite dangerous if the other heaven-illuminators were to arrive and surround Yaoyao's grandfather.

His plan was good and he was sufficiently ruthless, but Yaoyao's grandfather was more powerful than he had expected. In the end, he was rendered helpless, and his scalp went numb in trepidation.

Yaoyao's grandfather had immediately escaped the restraints and kicked the Eternal Vajra away, nearly killing him.

In the end, he had directly annihilated Wei Xilin's physical body and caused his body to shatter!

Any other person, even a heaven-illuminator, he would've been slaughtered. Even if the target didn't die immediately, that majestic fist seal was enough to destroy him.

That was because this so-called Blood Drop Rebirth required a soul. And that punch just now had shattered Wei Xilin's spirit.


In the void, wisps of light gushed out of Wei Xilin's flesh bits. They turned into tens of thousands of small silkworms which moved rapidly to devour the energy of the cosmos.

Countless small silkworms rushed out at great speeds and gathered together. This was the heaven-defying Undead Silkworm Art, an exceptional divine technique.

Under everyone's eyes, these little creatures came together and took form.

After the merge, the little silkworms turned into a single, large silkworm surrounded by a barrier or light.


At the same moment, the Sagemaster arrived and smashed down with the Star-Studded Whip. Even someone as peaceful as him hated Wei Xilin so—it was obvious how deep the enmity and mental trauma was.

The Undead Silkworm Coc.o.o.n burst open with a bang and Wei Xilin appeared once more. He let out a m.u.f.fled groan as he suffered yet another grievous injury, and his body began to crack apart.

That was because he had been blasted apart by Yaoyao's grandfather. Even though he had the Undead Silkworm Art, his vitality had been greatly damaged and his origins were harmed.

Now that he had been attacked once more, his body almost burst apart.

If only Yaoyao's grandfather hadn't lost his mental clarity, there would be no opportunity for him to use this divine art. The latter would deal him another blow before he could reform and kill him thoroughly.


As the Sagemaster's whip came down, Wei Xilin's blocking arms were broken and a mist of blood spread out therein.

However, the Star-Studded whip was stopped there and only sent Wei Xilin flying with his arms nearly severed.

The man's body had almost broken down and was only connected in very small areas.

“Why aren't you all attacking!?” Wei Xilin roared furiously. A single mistake had led to many more. He was simply too pa.s.sive and nearly lost his life in the process.


The Eternal Vajra charged over along with the Spirit Ancestor. At the same time, that old monster hidden in a black robe finally moved for the first time.

That old monster disappeared on the spot. When he re-emerged, he was already slas.h.i.+ng at Yaoyao's grandfather's head. This was a lethal ambush that took advantage of the latter's mental state.

Unfortunately, his plan didn't quite succeed. Yaoyao's grandfather possessed terrifying instincts and moved his body with a swoosh. Then, the nine energy swords combined into a wheel and suppressed the black blade, reducing it to powder.

Then, the sword wheel crushed forward with peerless momentum!

Everybody had seen how this sword wheel had suppressed the Great Deity, Wei Xilin and the Eternal Vajra.

However, this black-robed elder was extremely terrifying. He vanished entirely and could no longer be found. No one could see clearly how he had left.

Chu Feng drew in a breath of cold air. He had noticed that this person just now was a fierce character. Someone who could disappear in the face of a peerless expert like Yaoyao's grandfather might be of some threat to him!

Some old characters in the cosmos were astonished because they had noticed who this person was.

“The legends were true. The old man from the Sky-Piercer has reached the heaven-illuminator level.” Many experts were astonished.

That was because the methods this old man had displayed were of the darkness style. So much so that this method was almost indefensible.

After evolving to this state, he had long since become a heaven-illuminator, someone capable of killing anyone with relative ease.

Only someone inherently powerful like Yaoyao's grandfather could notice his attack and avoid getting killed.


As expected, a powerful fist radiance appeared once more as that black-robed elder blasted at Yaoyao's grandfather's head from a different direction.

Even heaven-illuminators had to draw a breath of cold air. As expected of the most powerful dark hunter—this was a character capable of killing ancestor-level experts.

What shocked everyone was that this old launched over ten a.s.sasination attempts from many different, indefensible angles.

Even the Eternal Vajra, Spirit Ancestor, and the Great Deity saw their expressions s.h.i.+fting drastically. This old monster was incomparably frightening!


As the 19th attack arrived, Yaoyao's grandfather swung his fist seal and struck the fist that had appeared out of thin air!


The sky collapsed and the earth cracked apart. Amidst ghastly wails, the entire starry sky seemed like it would blow apart.

This scene shocked all the powerful characters. The Sky Piercer's old ancestor was too powerful. He could actually clash head-on with the yang-energy shrouded fist of Yaoyao's grandfather.

One had to know that the others couldn't stand this attack. Especially the Netherworld Race and Deity Race, they had lost a top-tier expert each!

However, the old's fist trembled slightly and vanished.


In truth, Yaoyao's grandfather was even more terrifying. This time, he had grasped the enemy's trajectory out of pure instinct and swung the sword wheel at a certain point in s.p.a.ce.


A cloud of blood sprayed out as the Sky Piercer ancestor suffered an injury, and the sword wheel had almost cut off one of his arms. He fled rapidly and disappeared within moments.

This shook the evolvers in the sea of stars. Everyone was speechless after seeing this dark hunter suffering an injury and how he was almost killed instead.


At the same time, Yaoyao's grandfather hoisted the Great Deity's body, using it as a weapon to charge toward Wei Xilin.

That was because the Sagemaster had encountered some trouble and was being attacked by three powerful experts. Otherwise, he would've taken this opportunity to finish off the badly wounded Wei Xilin.

Yaoyao's grandfather arrived in a single step. His subconscious fluctuations were intense, almost as though he had an instinctive reaction to Wei Xilin. As long as the latter were alive, he would always attract the old man's attention and make him charge over.

The Xilin clan lord felt his scalp go numb. He knew he was in deep trouble.


In a second clash, Wei Xilin's cracked body disintegrated and half of his body was blown away. His heart sank when he realized that he might be killed at this point.


Yaoyao's grandfather's fist seal had smashed the Eternal Vajra's body out of shape!

Meanwhile, the Spirit Ancestor felt his heart trembling and couldn't help but pull back continuously.

“Why are you backing off? If we can't even kill him in this state, what will we do in the future?!” Wei Xilin roared loudly. In the end, he shouted, “Spirit Ancestor, use your race's forbidden weapon, the Divine Blood Banner. I know it's still there!”

The Divine Blood Banner was once a forbidden object that had shaken the entire cosmos. In the end, it caused the Ten Greats to worry. They ganged up to suppress the Spirit Race and dismantle this secret treasure into many parts.

The Spirit Ancestor was surprised, but he did not reply.

The Great Deity's eyes lit up. He was nearly dead and had become a human-shaped weapon in the enemy's hand. He immediately shouted, “Use the Divine Blood Banner. This time, the Ten Greats won't blame your race, I promise. We must kill this fierce character here and now!”

“Dao Friends, have you all arrived? Take action, please. We cannot allow this monster to live or else there will be trouble in the future,” the Eternal Vajra shouted toward the depths of the cosmos.


Someone had indeed arrived. This was a human-shaped creature shrouded in primal chaos.

Additionally, the old from Sky-Piercer had also returned and laid down an altar to summon something.

“Divine Blood Banner!” But the most shocking part was that the Spirit Ancestor was muttering some sort of incantation to summon this forbidden weapon.


The cosmos was torn asunder as a terrifying banner appeared. It was blood red and full of cracks, almost as though it had been st.i.tched back together.

At this moment, the banner seemed like it would cover the entire starry skies.

“Haha, this is the real ultimate weapon, a peerless treasure. No matter how capable you are, you will suffer today!” The Spirit Ancestor was a hundred times more confident right now. The weapon of ancient times had appeared and it was unrivaled!

At the same time, the Sky Piercer ancestor made his move, summoning something from atop the altar.

In the end, a blood-colored sword flew in from the depths of the cosmos. It was drenched in blood energy and contained boundless killing intent. This was the Sky-Piercer's most powerful weapon, a blade nurtured in a pool of blood and an ultimate treasure of murder.

Its appearance was accompanied by a shower of blood. This was the ultimate weapon nurtured from the killing intent of Sky Piercer!

At the same time, some other people were closing in from the depths of the cosmos. All of them were terrifying heaven-illuminators who had arrived at the critical moment.

While they were summoning some intimidating weapons, Yaoyao's grandfather only had Wei Xilin in his eyes and was bombarding him with attacks. The Sagemaster worked together with him to locked down the starry skies.

“Ah…” Wei Xilin cried in misery as he was shattered once more by the fist radiance from Yaoyao's grandfather.


Countless little silkworks charged out in an attempt to escape, but unfortunately, they were intercepted.

At this moment, the sword wheel on Yaoyao's grandfather's head crushed everything in its wake eliciting screams from the countless small insects. The sound was like the wail of ghosts from h.e.l.l.

Pfft! Pfft! Pfft….

After crus.h.i.+ng everything along the way and killing all the little silkworms, the sword wheel returned to whence it came.


Wei Xilin's final scream came to a sudden stop and vanished instantly. He was truly blasted apart this time and had disintegrated!

But, at this moment, Yaoyao's Grandfather and the Sagemaster was in great trouble. They had fallen into dire straits.

That was because some shadows were arriving from the depths of the cosmos with powerful weapons.

Additionally, the Divine Blood Banner had unfurled to cover the cosmos and the Sky Piercer's red sword was glowing. This resplendent treasure of ma.s.sacre was trembling and shooting out divine light, poised to tear the universe apart.

These weapons were too terrifying and the enemies arriving were too many.

On Mount Eternal, the black yak, Yellow Ox, and Ouyang Feng were all anxious as they talked to the Demon Ancestor Cauldron.

“What do you think about those weapons?”

“Extremely shocking, capable of killing the soul of a heaven-illuminator. They're much more powerful than the Great Deity's shattered weapon,” the Demon Ancestor Cauldron said in a mechanical voice.

“How about you? As an object left behind by the Demon Ancestor, what are your powers?” the black yak inquired.

“I'm the Demon Ancestor's weapon, naturally, I'm peerless!” the Demon Ancestor Cauldron replied.

The black yak said ruthlessly, “That's great then, enter the starry skies, let that old man activate you and kill everyone there. He's lacking a powerful weapon. Today, you will break the skies and fight until the cosmos is torn asunder!”

At the same time, Uncle Ming had gathered a group of old men. At a careful glance, all of them were people who had been trapped in the cosmic dark prison. They had escaped the dungeon not so long ago.

All of them were people whom Chu Feng and Uncle Ming had saved.

Today, the latter had contacted many of them and gathered them for battle.

“Old brothers, let's go big or go home! With the heaven-illuminators gone, their backyards are all empty. We shall overturn their lairs since there's no one to stop us. No one can kill us as we rob and kill at their main camps!”

Uncle Ming had thrown caution to the wind and initiated a different battle!

The Sacred Ruins Chapter 732

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