The Sacred Ruins 765 The Geniuses In The Whole Universe Are All Accounted For

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A silver Bodhi tree hid the sky and covered the earth where the monastery main gates were. All the leaves on the tree swayed gently in the wind like pages of scriptures being flipped. Vague law and order patterns interweaved on the ancient tree and were reflected on the divine tree.

A few fruits shone brightly on this divine silver Bodhi tree. These fruits emitted a silver-white glow and orthodoxy marks appeared on every single one of them.

Chu Feng slowly walked into that grand monastery with many people journeying along with him.

Conversely, Ouyang Feng stopped here and looked at those Bodhi fruits. He slightly felt as though he couldn't budge.

At this moment, an old man smiled and said, "Your Majesty, if you, the one who possesses the Tyrant G.o.dhead needs it, my Dameng Pure Land will gift you a Bodhi seed before you leave."

Ouyang Feng was almost hopping made when he initially heard the words Tyrant G.o.dhead. To h.e.l.l with the Tyrant G.o.dhead! He didn't want the Tyrant Physique a.s.sociated with Jun Tuo even if he was beaten to death.

But when he heard that the other party actually wanted to gift him a Bodhi fruit from a divine tree, he shut his mouth. To his surprise, there was such a good thing to be gained?

Many universal geniuses nearby were shocked when they heard this and were incessantly envious. If they wore this kind of Bodhi seed on them all year round, they could advance their ability to comprehend the order and substantially increase the speed of their evolution.

"We revere Ancient Saint Jun Tuo because he is a person of virtue and prestige. When the old saint came over in those days to seek the Bodhi seed, we naturally agreed to it and can send him a few when they are ripe."

He said that they were gifting it to Ancient Saint Jun Tuo, but in reality, he had expended a lot of effort to help Dameng Pure Land before. If that wasn't the case, this sort of orthodoxy wouldn't even give a saint face.

The intentions behind the old man's words were clear — Ouyang Feng was Jun Tuo's heir, so gifting a divine Bodhi seed to him was reasonable and fair.

Ouyang Feng felt sick hearing him being addressed that way and was originally going to retaliate and clearly announce that he had nothing to do with that d.a.m.ned Jun Tuo to everyone.

But such a great fortune was laid out right before his eyes now. It was a divine Bodhi! It could purify the divine blood in his body further and speed up his evolutionary speed by more than two tenths! How could he let this opportunity slip by?!

That was especially so because he didn't only want one seed, but rather he wanted a few of them. In any case, the other party said that he was initially going to gift Jun Tuo a few of them, too!

As such, even if Toad was immensely sick of hearing it and his expression was very dark, he finally pinched his nose with his fingers and admitted to it. For the moment, he wouldn't retort and wouldn't raise the topic regarding the background of his ident.i.ty.

"Your highness, please come this way!" The person from Dameng Pure Land was very polite as he treated Ouyang Feng favorably. Every G.o.dhead, Tyrant Physique, as well as those who possessed extraordinary physiques were given the honorific Your Highness because their future achievements were limitless.

"Just call me Ou Ye," said Ouyang Feng. He would naturally think of Jun Tuo immediately when he was being addressed as His Highness and was thought to be the Tyrant G.o.dhead, so it was getting to be slightly unbearable.

Chu Feng really wanted to laugh a distance away since he was secretly finding joy when he had nothing else better to do.

He would've never thought that this was tantamount to Ouyang Feng verifying his ident.i.ty this time. He had tacitly agreed to being the Tyrant G.o.dbody and couldn't dispute this fact due to the temptation of the divine Bodhi seed.

The big black yak, Old Donkey, Yellow Ox, and Zhou Quan were all dumbstruck on Earth; they clearly saw what was going on outside the monastery main gates.

Dameng Pure Land previously permitted a live broadcast of what was going on, but once the candidates entered the monastery main gates, that wasn't possible anymore.

"F*ck! Toad has become Jun Tuo's son and is the legendary Tyrant G.o.dhead. He's been given the honorific of Your Highness just like that!"

"My brothers, I say, should we not make fun of Saint Jun Tuo in the future? No matter what, he's Ouyang Feng's relative."

The group had strange expressions on their faces, and they couldn't contain themselves from bursting out in laughter.

At this moment, Chu Feng was holding the silver-haired lolita's tiny hand in Dameng Pure Land as he walked on ahead with someone accompanying him. Other than that, he had many geniuses by his side.

They skimmed over the wonderful scenery surrounding them, and they couldn't help but to sigh because this was a good area.

Immortal mountains could be seen along the way. Energy flowed and multicolored sunlight gorgeously shone brightly; it was very dreamy. Every region had a wonderful scenery; for instance, the bubbling Golden Body Pond which was where evolvers at the golden body realm would temper their bodies. It lay between the pine trees and jade cedars not too far away. The golden pond shone as mist lingered around it.

Another example was an exceedingly tall and ancient tree that tens of people couldn't even wrap their arms around. Its branches flourished with abundant leaves and seven-colored light was flowing through its entirety. It was rather divine.

Based on the introductions, the age of this ancient tree couldn't be verified through textual research. It had tried to obtain a unique ability through cultivation, yet it was incapable of attaining spiritual awareness. But even so, its medicinal efficacy after it bloomed and bore fruit was far too strong.

It could make a Quasi-saint evolve!

When everyone heard this, they sucked in a sharp cold breath. This was simply a divine tree with an extremely high value. In the eyes of a few people, this was more tempting than divine medicines and its worth was far greater.

Chu Feng stopped here and stared at the ground because the nature of the soil was rather special—Yin and Yang qi was actually flowing within it! The ground only comprised of black and white soil that sparkled brightly and was rich in energy.

He was really itching to dig it out right away!

But a few old men who were all at the golden body realm were sitting beneath a tree. They played chess over here all year round to cultivate their spirit which made the security overly tight.

"The inside information about Dameng Pure Land is astonis.h.i.+ng," gasped Chu Feng. These were things that could be seen on the surface, so there was no need to talk about those things hidden in the dark.

At this moment, Chu Feng pulled the hand of the seething silver-haired little lolita. She puffed out her cheeks and was unwilling to do so because this cross-dresser had lied to her previously.

But now, she only wanted to get close to this person to understand this fellow's exact background, who his master was, and what secret he had, so she walked along with him.

However, Ying Wudi and Ying Zhexian chased after him, Ying Wudi in particular. He instinctively felt that this Wu Lunhui wasn't a good person; he was taking liberties with his older sister and was now pulling his younger sister's little hand. How could he put up with this behavior!

But he felt embarra.s.sed coming off their friends.h.i.+p because, after all, his older sister Ying Zhexian had tacitly agreed that this was her younger G.o.d-brother.

"Xiaoxiao, come over to where your elder brother is. I have something to say to you!" said Ying Wudi.

But Ying Xiaoxiao winked at him with her large eyes and she flung her long silver hair behind her. She usually liked to go against her old-fas.h.i.+oned older brother, so she wasn't willing to have this old fogey controlling her since she managed to come outside with much difficulty.

Chu Feng smiled and said, "Brother Ying, don't worry. With her elder G.o.dbrother here, I won't let her run around all over the place and stir up trouble."

Drop dead! Where did this older brother come from?! Ying Wudi really wanted to say that. He really had the urge to beat up this outrageously delicate and handsome Wu Lunhui before his eyes.

"That's alright, we're all a family." Chu Feng waved at Ying Zhexian before he shot a smile at her.

We're all a family? Did he want to die or did he want to die? Ying Wudi opened his mouth because he felt really bitter about it, yet he really couldn't say anything.

"Divine son from the Ying Family, you can relax. Wu Lunhui being called supremely honorable and righteous isn't just hot air," said someone beside him which made Ying Wudi want to puke blood.

At this moment, not only were a group of people surrounding Chu Feng, but Ouyang Feng had become the center of attention on the other side. Once the bloodline of the Tyrant G.o.dhead was clearly known, there were movements from all directions!

Ou Ye already had divine blood flowing in his body and had recovering tyrant blood, too. The latter in particular could only be born occasionally amongst the legendary turtle cla.s.s and torvosauruses. As such, possessing double physiques was universally shocking.

This kind of evolver can inevitably walk to the end of his evolution path and become one of the minority seated at the lone peak. As such, it was only natural that there were many people trying to rope him in.

"Brother Ou Ye, we're all a family." A large black head stretched out beside Ouyang Feng as he wormed his way into being friends with him. Toad's face immediately darkened like the bottom of a pot.

That was because this was an evolver of the Black Tortoise lineage with a turtle sh.e.l.l that was covered in stripes. He stuck his head out and looked around as he moved closer to him and started conversing with him in a friendly manner.

Ouyang Feng's mouth had always been very poisonous, and he would readily spurt his saliva out in all directions, but he had unspeakable bitter suffering today because he was being suffocated to the point of not being able to speak.

Who's part of your family? He really wanted to curse at him, but these words had no way of leaving his mouth because Dameng Pure Land's divine bodhi seed had sealed his mouth.

"Ancient Saint Jun Tuo is a model example of my race. He's always been a target I hold in high esteem. My race is destined to be glorious and prosper for the old man to have a son in his later years and to actually have an heir like Brother Ou Ye at the saint realm."

This black turtle of the Black Tortoise lineage didn't stinge in exclaiming in admiration.

"Well said, well said! It's nice to meet you!" Ouyang Feng didn't know how he was coping because he felt as though his nose was almost going to be bent out of anger. He was very angry in his heart and was cursing Chu Feng for framing him into such circ.u.mstances.

After that, he decisively ran away. He really didn't want to interact with those related to Jun Tuo. This kind of relative made his liver hurt.

There were waterfalls and flowing springs; s.h.i.+ning ancient trees and spirit stones piled up into mountains in Dameng Pure Land. There was a sight to behold every ten steps and there were pavilions and kiosks everywhere. Divine gra.s.s and saint medicine could faintly be seen as well.

The spirit qi in this place was so rich it was about to turn into liquid and intoxicate people.

Chu Feng's mind itched along the way because he really wanted to dig up all the soil here till nothing was left. He saw many places that had mutant soils with shockingly dense energy. For example, there was soil that was as splendid as a rainbow, and he also got a glimpse of soil that emitted nine-colored divine light in a forbidden area in the depths of a medicine garden.

He reckoned the mutant soils here definitely could make the Yang realm seed germinate and grow roots many times!

"Everyone is accounted for. Even though everyone are elites whose names have travelled through the starry sky and are also the most powerful batch of outstanding young talents of the present age so much so that some people have become a household name, there will be no exceptions. Everyone has to have the age of their bones examined."

The person from Dameng Pure Land politely brought everyone to a plaza. Spiritual mountains surrounded the area. Ancient pines took root while a silver river hung in suspension and purple mist filled the air.

This plaza was between mountains, but it was very open and wide; accommodating tens of thousands of people didn't pose to be a problem. A paG.o.da was standing in the center of the plaza.

Those above thirty years old weren't permitted to attend this distinguished meeting. Every race was informed of this beforehand, but there would be someone resorting to deceit in all previous instances to bluff their way into the event. For this reason, they would carry fantastic secret treasures on them so this had to be checked.

"Yuan s.h.i.+cheng, twenty-six years old. Pa.s.s!"

"The divine son from the Golden Heavenly Spider Race, twenty-nine years old. There's no problem."

"Ying Wudi, twenty-three years old. The age of his bones meet the requirements!"

The seven-layered stone paG.o.da on the plaza shone. When anyone got close to it, the light would s.h.i.+ne upon them which made them appear to be almost transparent. The nature of their bones, flesh, and so on were being examined thoroughly.

Other than that, if they had a special secret treasure on their person, it would be illuminated so nothing could be kept a secret.

Chu Feng secretly rejoiced because he had stored a pile of items he had on him in the starry sky that couldn't see the light beforehand. If he really were to bring it in, he would definitely meet with mishap.

"Wu Lunhui, the outcome of the age of his bone is: fourteen and a half years old!"

Once this outcome was announced, it immediately caused a sensation. He was the youngest genius on the universal level who had received a golden invitation at the moment.

But everyone knew this person was very strong and was even excessively formidable because he dared to challenge that notorious human trafficker!

"What a heroic young man!" An old woman nodded as she looked at Chu Feng. The more she looked at him, the more pleased she was just as though she was looking at her son-in-law.

There were many people from Dameng Pure Land on the plaza, an example being a large group of old monsters at the golden body realm. Other than that, there were many young disciples who were staring at him curiously.

"Hmm, not bad. He has the capability to suppress Demon Chu. My heart is extremely comforted by this fact. Good child, I think highly of you." Another old woman nodded with a smile across her whole face.

"That Demon Chu has repeatedly offended us and spoke rudely to us, yet he wants to make a vain attempt at entering Dameng Pure Land? Dream on!" said someone.

There was no doubt that those from Dameng Pure Land lacked a favorable impression of Chu Feng.

"Brother Wu, I hope you can reap benefits from this place. Even if you can't comprehend a hundred years in the way of the dao, you have to comprehend tens of years, too. And when the time comes, you'll truly suppress Demon Chu," a young disciple from Dameng Pure Land said as well as he expressed his goodwill at Wu Lunhui.

That was because when the time came, nearly the entirety of Dameng Pure Land's youth had to go to that special shrine. If they could get close to some seed ranked universal genius, there was a possibility for them to share the fortune of comprehending tens of years in the way of the dao!

If that wasn't the case, Dameng Pure Land wouldn't be so open-minded. They reaped tremendous benefits from borrowing the external universal geniuses to train their disciples, and they were the greatest winners every time.

"Well said, but when I duelled Chu Feng, I didn't suppress him. The most I did was reach a draw with him," Wu Lunhui said modestly.

"Haha, Brother Wu will be different after comprehending the dao over here today. It's a pity that Demon Chu always wanted to come here but didn't have the opportunity to do so. Brother Wu, your achievements are bound to exceed his by leaps and bounds!"

A few youngsters from Dameng Pure Land expressed their goodwill and were generous with their praises as they stood beside Chu Feng.

Chu Feng really wanted to say "hmmp…"!

After that, it was Ouyang Feng's time to take the stage as the light the seven-layered stone paG.o.da produced enveloped him.

"Ou Ye, the age of your bones are…" The old man in charge of watching this matter attentively was dumbfounded. Why was the outcome of this examination… two or three years old? A problem seemed to have arose and that wasn't too accurate.

"Yes, your bones are twelve years old!" In the end, he made such an announcement.

That was because Ou Ye's examination could certainly be unstable and fluctuate. It was plausible but fallacious that the age of his bones was two or three years old, but the fluctuations of his soul appeared to be slightly greater. As such, he compromised and announced Ou Ye's age as being twelve years old based on what he had previously said.

In reality, Ouyang Feng already had a trace of spiritual wisdom from ancient times when he was in the egg. He listened to the sermons of powerhouses and was cursed afterward before being sealed. As such, it wasn't good to define what his true age was.

"Good child, you're really amazing. You have such extraordinary abilities at such a young age. Jun Tuo has a qualified successor to carry on his undertakings now." An old man came forth and pulled Ouyang Feng's hand because he increasingly liked him the more he saw him.

Ouyang Feng was awkward being called out like that. He really wanted to curse someone very much because Chu Feng had defrauded him to the extreme. Why did he have to live in Jun Tuo's shadow wherever he went? What performance was he going to have to play this time?

"I was good friends with Jun Tuo in those days. I truly cherish the memory of the era where we rebuked heaven and earth together. Years rushed by and I grew old. Unfortunately, I didn't become a saint yet he did, but this old man has great fortunes, too. I accidentally ingested a Longevity Gra.s.s before, so I've been forced to live until now."

This old man at the golden body realm was so old it was shocking. He had lived since ancient times and was possibly the evolver at the golden body realm who had lived the longest in history.

"Come, call me Uncle," said this old man as he looked at Ouyang Feng pleased. He touched Ouyang Feng's head with an affectionate expression on his face. It could be seen that he was very friendly with Jun Tuo.

"F*ck!" Ten thousand prairie horses hurtled past in Ouyang Feng's heart. He really couldn't stand it anymore, but he put on a bold face and forced smiles on his face. He concealed his true conscience as he screamed, "h.e.l.lo Uncle, may you enjoy boundless longevity!"

"What a good child! Jun Tuo comes to mind when I look at you. Look, your eyes are so similar. This turtle sh.e.l.l even produces a divine sound when you strike it, and it's densely covered with dao patterns. You're much stronger than Jun Tuo when he was at this age," said the old man benevolently.

Ouyang Feng cursed.

Motherf*cker! He repeatedly cursed. How did he look like Jun Tuo?!

But he could only scream out in his heart while still forcing a smile on the surface.

The Sacred Ruins 765 The Geniuses In The Whole Universe Are All Accounted For

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