Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 118: Provocation

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Chapter 118: Provocation

Translator: Tatienne Editor: Rundi

"The storage cave you talked about, where is it?"

In a flash, Ling Xian was standing in front of the two people.

Facing the sudden confrontation of a stranger, the two people were dumbstruck. One of the two youths sneered, "Who the h.e.l.l are you. Why do I have to tell you?"

Ling Xian frowned but did not speak. He released some of his level 10 Qi and instantly, the two of them shuddered. They frightfully stared at Ling Xian.

A Heaven’s Favorite!

Their expression changed. The young man who sneered before changed his expression to a smile. "We were unaware there was a Heaven’s Favorite around. I am sorry for offending you."

"Let’s not waste each other’s time. Can you answer my question now?" Ling Xian asked softly.

"Of course! Five miles to the West, a storage cave appeared. Many people have gathered around already." The youth squeezed a grin. Even if he didn’t want to, he had to answer the question. The youth before him was a Heaven’s Favorite who could kill him with one slap. How could he not say anything?

Ling Xian nodded. The Winged Blitz was then summoned, carrying him to the West.

Before long, he was on top of the storage cave. From above, he could clearly see that over hundreds of people have converged below, each of whom was overflowing with a conquering amount of poise. Even the weakest one had a Qi level of nine. It was obvious that everyone who came for the inheritance was ready to put up a fight.

Between them, three people stood out. Standing there, each of their presence was mountain heavy and ocean deep. They were frightful, but n.o.body knew exactly just how powerful they were.

"It seems like there will be another ferocious battle."

Ling Xian’s eyes flashed with his desire for war as his white wings disappeared slowly. He floated in mid-air, and as he descended onto the ground, everyone’s gaze s.h.i.+fted toward him.

The overpowering manner of everyone’s spiritual energy pressed down onto him like the mountains!

The wind blew mercilessly, and dust covered the entire sky!

"You are all trying to threaten me?" Ling Xian frowned slightly. He stepped backward, and his black hair danced in the wind. Like a tidal wave, his spiritual energy gushed out of him horrifyingly!


The two forces clashed into each other. Ling Xian’s demeanor had the upper hand. The collective’s energy was destroyed just like how a bamboo snaps in the wind.

Stomp, stomp…

Many people’s face turned white as they stumbled backward and uncontrollably spat out fresh blood. They look at Ling Xian with a shocked face.

These people, upon realizing Ling Xian came alone, decided to collude and show him who was stronger. If they can scare him away, then it’s one less person to fight with inside the cave. If they can’t scare him away, then they can at least get a taste of his capabilities. The result, however, shocked them.

One person defeated their collective suppression!

Qi level of 10!

"Another Heaven’s Favorite. Guess my hope of getting the inheritance from the storage cave is non-existent."

"Yeah. There really is no more hope. I wish there are a lot of treasure inside the cave so people like us can at least get a little something before we return to our clans."

"Hmmph, so what he’s a Heaven’s Favorite. One person can’t defeat him, what about two of us? When we need to, we will attack him altogether. We need to send out a message and kill one of these Heaven’s Favorites who never treated us like human beings!"

Instantly, voices of agreement and jealousy filled the s.p.a.ce.

The three cultivators who stood out before did not partic.i.p.ate in the battle of spiritual energy. The two boys and the girl were all Heaven’s Favorites in the Undefeatable Realms. They have their own arrogance and valid reasons for their arrogance. They didn’t feel the need to threaten Ling Xian with the others.

The three of them were all staring at Ling Xian, wrecking their brains trying to find out his ident.i.ty. However, even after searching their memories for a long time, they did not find a trace of him.

The boy who appeared more gentleman than the others nodded at Ling Xian and smiled. "You seem to be aggressive. I wonder which clan or house you are from?"

Ling Xian returned a smile and said, "I have no clan nor house. I am a nomad."

Hearing this, shock flashed across the three’s eyes. Those who reach level 10 of Taoism are usually heavily trained. Talent was never enough. They needed many resources such as advice from elders or knowledge regarding techniques.

Of course, this doesn’t mean there are no Heaven’s Favorites from the nomads. There was just less, and it was more difficult.

"Hmm, a nomad. Interesting." A young man dressed in black with a chilling temperament raised his eyebrow. He marched towards Ling Xian in giant steps.

"I’ve seen you before. You were walking with Shui Lian Yi, and Tang Thirteen." the youth in black stared at Ling Xian dead in the eyes and grinned a grin that was obviously unkind.

Feeling this other person’s strange and harmful intentions, Ling Xian frowned. "And you are?"

"You really are a nomad. You don’t recognize me." the youth in black smirked as his expression got even c.o.c.kier. "Remember, my name is w.a.n.g Zhi Feng. I am the future powerhouse of the mortal world."

"You have an elegant name. But why do I have to remember you?" Ling Xian raised his eyebrow.

"Because I am the person who will send you to h.e.l.l." w.a.n.g Zhi Feng’s expression was calm, but he remained The way he looked at Ling Xian was the same as how he would look at an ant – he didn’t think anything of him.

Ling Xian shook his head as his gaze turned cold, "I won’t ask why you feel the need to provoke me. However, since you dare to challenge me, then I will humor you."

As soon as he finished talking, he stepped forward. Instantly, his white robe flared up as spiritual energy poured out of him!

"Courageous. Sadly, you are a brainless moron." w.a.n.g Zhi Feng smiled faintly. Waving his hand, a long and golden gun fused with mana appeared in mid-air.

The gun was about a meter long and was covered entirely in gold. Above the gun, the shadow of a real dragon was hovering. It was a weapon in a supernatural form, not a material treasure. There was a horrifying aura coming off the gun, enough to crack mountains, split rivers, and break the Sun. The presence of the gun alone was enough for the baby hairs to stand up on everyone’s arms and to send chills down their spines.

Dragon of the Broken City!

It was a supernatural weapon that was usually used in battles during war times. w.a.n.g Zhi Feng’s status as Heaven’s Favorite in Yunzhou was half due to his possession of the gun!

Seeing that w.a.n.g Zhi Feng was challenging Ling Xian, the crowd screamed loudly.

"He is… w.a.n.g Zhi Feng? The man with a gun that can wipe out the heavens and the dead?"

"Haha, this battle will be fun. Two level 10 Heaven’s Favorites. The best versus the best. However, since his name got around in the community, w.a.n.g Zhi Feng has not lost a battle. His nickname is The Undefeated. He murdered a cultivator in the Foundational Level a while back. It was G.o.d-defying!"

"Rumor has it that he’s into G.o.ddess Shui. I guess it is true. Or else he would not be initiating a fight with a nameless cultivator before the storage cave is even opened!"

"This person is going to suffer soon. w.a.n.g Zhi Feng himself is very strong, and his gun, Dragon of the Broken City, is even more undefeatable. Every soft wave the gun sends is enough to break rocks. G.o.d knows how stained with blood that gun is!"

"Exactly. Even though this person also has a Qi level of 10, he is just a nomad, and there is no way he knows great techniques or has amazing weapons. It is obvious that this guy is no opponent of w.a.n.g Zhi Feng. I bet he will lose within 10 reb.u.t.tals!"

The other two Heaven’s Favorites watched this scene with great interest. They didn’t come out to stop it from happening because they wanted Ling Xian and w.a.n.g Zhi Feng to battle. The most ideal result for them was for both parties to die so that there would be two fewer opponents to fight, increasing their chances of getting the inheritance.

Hearing the heated debate, Ling Xian frowned. He didn’t think this many people admired w.a.n.g Zhi Feng and none of them supported him. However, he did not care. Once he defeats this young man who provoked him without reason, all those rumors and chatters will disappear.

"Did you hear what everyone had to say?" The corner of w.a.n.g Zhi Feng’s mouth lifted. He snickered, "Fella, blame yourself for walking beside Shui Lian Yi. Do you not know that I have my eyes on that woman?"

"How possessive…" Ling Xian shook his head as his eyes turned cold, "Stop wasting your breath. You want to fight, I will humor you. However, I warn you, you should prepare yourself. Because the person going to h.e.l.l is you!"

"How dare someone who’s like an ant talk back at me. Since you want to lose your life so quickly, then I will help you."

w.a.n.g Zhi Feng was composed. His black hair was flowing in the wind angrily. He raised the gun with one arm and fired without hesitation. Invisible waves of forces rippled through the air and with each ripple, it created a loud explosion.

Ling Xian s.h.i.+fted his body, dodging the shot. However, the speed and force of the speed waves did not subside. Everything that came in contact with the ripples the bullet created was wiped out.


A giant rock that weighed a ton cracked open under the forceful waves from the bullets. The land in front of Ling Xian also split open.

The impact of just one shot showed the capabilities of this gun.

"Hmm, I admit you are speedy."

Seeing that Ling Xian dodged the attacked, w.a.n.g Zhi Feng smiled with disdain. Every step he marched forward was heavy as if he was carrying a mountain. Every step he marched forward shook the earth. The Dragon of Broken City was getting more and more luminous. The dragon circling the gun opened up its claws and bared its teeth as if it was ready to pounce on command.

"This gun’s ability is no joke. No wonder he killed a foundational level cultivator," staring at the gun that seemed to be vibrating with energy, Ling Xian evaluated in a low voice. Then, he sped up and lunged fearlessly at w.a.n.g Zhi Feng.

"You don’t use this opportunity to run away? Instead, you choose to run toward me? Should I compliment your courage or mock your stupidity?" w.a.n.g Zhi Feng laughed. He rose the golden gun high in the air and aimed at Ling Xian in a bossy stance. His spiritual energy fused with the Dragon of Broken City petrifying the crowd with fright. Some people could not bear the waves of energy, as their faces whitened in response.

"You should exclaim my strength and regret your aggression."

Ling Xian said. Bands of murky energy appeared around him and solidified into a blood red sword. Instantly, energy flooded the s.p.a.ce, like a cheetah, the energy dashed into the sky!

"Future powerhouse of the mortal world, sorry, but you will not have the opportunity to achieve your goals."

Ling Xian’s black hair danced in the wind crazily. His stance was handsome yet suppressing. His Sword of Extinction was emitting an infinite amount of light in his hand. As if a devil was being born into the world, it shot out a terrifying demeanor, holding down the giant gun that cracked open mountains.


The wind blew, and the land shook!

Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 118: Provocation

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