Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 143: The Namesake

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Chapter 143: The Namesake

Translator: Sophie w.a.n.g Editor: Rundi

As swiftly as they came, Conqueror of Creation and his gang disappeared the moment they received permission. Every second of lingering was torturous.

His fear of Ling Xian was apparent.

Their hasty departure left Vanquisher of Life and his gang of thugs behind.

The highly esteemed disciple of the House of Xiu Luo lowered his head to hide his visible anger and contempt.

Of course, with the leader not moving, his gang dared not leave. But a closer examination revealed a group of terrified bullies and revelers, trembling from head to toe, uncertain of what to do next.

What horrible pressure they faced. Although Ling Xian had yet to show any hostility, they were there to witness the swift defeat of their leader. How could they not be afraid?

Ling Xian looked at Vanquisher of Life with curiosity and asked, "He’s gone, why don’t you leave?"

Hearing this, the gang of bullies lets out a long sigh of relief.

Vanquisher of Life looked up slowly, his face as peaceful as the undisturbed surface of a serene lake. But underneath his calm façade, hatred raged on.

Then, slowly he stood. Still wearing his red cape, Vanquisher of Life turned around and never looked back.

"Well concealed, but needs more work."

Ling Xian shook his head as he looked at the departing figure. He sensed deeply buried killer instinct and hostility. But this didn’t bother him. Such c.o.c.kroach did not deserve such attention from the Heaven’s Favorite.

Of course, it would be wise to nip the evil in the bud. But Vanquisher of Life was never going to become anything. Such an individual was unworthy of a second thought.

Even if one day he did manage to break through to the foundational level, he still wouldn’t pose any threat to Ling Xian.

"What is this golden book? Quite amazing I must admit. Yue Lian Han couldn’t have lasted this long without it." With a wave of his hand, the Golden Page presented itself in Ling Xian’s palms. After a brief examination, he failed to spot anything out of the ordinary. So into his traveling sac, it went. He would ask the Keeper of Land and Sea next time they meet.

With a flash of his eyes, the Halberd of the Divine Warrior and the Armor of the Royal Spirit vanished. Ling Xian walked over to Mo Qing Fu and his two companions and examined their wounds. Upon seeing the ghostly pale face of Tang Thirteen, he felt a strong sensation of guilt and hastily summoned a Dan of Life and Growth and broke it in three, giving each person a portion of the healing Dan. Then, he said, "Thank you all for your help in defending me against Yue Lian Han. This is the Dan of Life and Growth, take it."

"Brother, you are too humble. Only you could take her on. Naturally, we’d support you," Mo Qing Fu responded. His gaze was filled with shock and admiration.

Yes, admiration.

The gap between the meditational level and the foundational level was difficult to close. Reaching the foundational level was indicative of one’s status within the Taoism Community. Likewise, meditational level cultivators were required to show certain amounts of respect to those of a higher-ranking.

As such, not counting the careless Tang Thirteen, Mo Qing Fu and Shui Lian Yi both held Ling Xian in the highest esteem.

"You two… well, let’s leave it."

Sensing the mild change in their perception of him, Ling Xian let it go. Sitting down on the ground, he pulled out a few Petals of Enlightenment and brewed a pot of tea for the three companions.

But as they saw Ling Xian pull out the Petals of Enlightenment, their faces darkened and their bodies pulled back. As if Ling Xian hadn’t just pulled out rare herbs of exceptional value but petals spiked with poison.

Ling Xian was taken aback by this reaction but quickly understood. He said playfully, "I have forgotten, I gave you each 30 petals. Perhaps they’ve made you all vomit."

"Hehe, yes, I can’t down a cup without throwing up." Tang Thirteen giggled carelessly.

"Thirteen, you sound spoiled rotten. You’d invite envy with that kind of talk." Ling Xian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He took a cup and sipped on it.

His body relaxed the instant the tea hit his lips. He closed his eyes in ecstasy as the intense feeling of enchantment traveled throughout his body.

Then, he felt his world light up by intense waves of light. He felt enlightened. Solutions to problems he had never been able to figure out stepped over each other to present themselves to him.

As Ling Xian opened his eyes, he felt his world change. He let out a heavy sigh and uttered to himself, "Petals of Enlightenment indeed."

"Too bad, I’ve consumed way too much. I can’t swallow another mouthful," Tang Thirteen said sloppily.

Mo Qing Fu and Shui Lian Yi eyed each other helplessly.

The three of them had been consuming an excessive amount of this tea over the past few days. The taste had indeed become nauseating.

"I don’t know what to say to you three. Such a rare herb, many would fight for it. You actually allowed yourselves to become sick of it," Ling Xian said amusingly.

"All because of you, brother. Without you, we’d be just like the rest, fighting for a sniff of these precious petals." Mo Qing Fu smiled, unable to contain his embarra.s.sment.

"Don’t thank me, thank the Purple Dwarf. Who knew Elfkind was this incredible." Ling Xian smiled. As he remembered the little creature he sent into the Painting of Nine Immortals, he thought to himself that it was time to return for a visit and along the way ask the Keeper of Land and Sea about the mysterious book of gold.

"According to historical records, each Elfkind possesses a different quality. The Elfkind descended from an emerald stone could transfigure into any weapon. As for your Petal of Enlightenment, perhaps they never cease producing magical petals." Mo Qing Fu contemplated out loud, a hint of envy flashed across his face.

Ling Xian smiled in satisfaction, knowing Mo Qing Fu spoke out of envy. He felt fortunate and blessed to have been gifted such precious items.

"Oh yes, brother, you haven’t told your name." Mo Qing Fu suddenly remembered that he had speculations to validate.

"Oh yes, you are the littlest of us, tell us your name at once," Tang Thirteen crossed her arms and demanded curiously.

This somewhat startled Ling Xian. But he quickly remembered that he had yet to introduce himself. He smiled. "My bad, listen up then, my name is Ling Xian."

"Ling as in Arrival, Xian as in Immortal."

Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 143: The Namesake

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