Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 438: Long Time no See

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Chapter 438: Long Time no See

Translator: _Tat_ Editor: Fish_Creek

On the third level of the Qizhen Pavilion, Ling Xian aggressively made his move and slapped away w.a.n.g Peng, the son of a rich man. He slammed him into the wall.

This scene created a dead silence.

Gong Suo Xin's lips were slightly parted as she stared at the sudden appearance of the black silhouette. Her beautiful eyes showed hints of shock and hints of appreciation. She was already desperate, thinking that she was about to be tainted. She didn't expect there to be someone halfway there who would help her slap away w.a.n.g Peng. How could she not feel thankful?

However, other than appreciation, there was also curiosity and worry. She was curious because she didn't recognize the person in black. She was worried because she didn't want to create trouble for this person.

After all, w.a.n.g Peng's background was far too powerful.

"Ehem, ehem, who are you? You dare to attack me? You are tired of living!" w.a.n.g Peng puked out blood violently and stood up from the ground with difficulty. The way he stared at Ling Xian was full of killer's intent.

"You don't need to know who I am."

Ling Xian glared at the person, "What a small world. I didn't do anything about your actions before. I didn't think that I would run into you here and see such shameful actions from you. I now have to do something."

"So you are the good-for-nothing person."

w.a.n.g Peng remembered what happened at the Pavilion's entrance and shadily sneered, "Young man, it doesn't matter who you are. Angering me means you are dead."

"Really? Why do I feel like you should be worried about yourself." The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up and he appeared before w.a.n.g Peng in a flash. Then, he slapped him hard and knocked him out like a mountain crashed into him.

In that instant, w.a.n.g Peng's expression changed and he desperately wanted to dodge. However, no matter how much he tried to manipulate his Qi, his body was locked down by some sort of mysterious power. All he could do was endure this slap.

Ling Xian only used 10 percent of his strength. However, even though it was 10 percent, it was not a slap this man could defend against. He was once again knocked out.


w.a.n.g Peng, like broken stringed kite, flung outwards and fell to the ground. As he coughed up blood, he looked at Ling Xian in astonishment.

"So strong…"

w.a.n.g Peng felt pain all over his body. The way he looked at Ling Xian was full of fear and some disbelief.

Even though he was a son of a rich and his cultivation was purely due to the medicinal Dans he consumed over the years, he was a cultivator of the advanced stages of the foundational level. Yet against Ling Xian, he couldn't even last one move. How could he not feel fear?

At this moment, he finally realized Ling Xian's terror and understood that no matter how much he tried, he cannot fight against him.

"I will spare your life. Disappear now."

Ling Xian glared at him. The first slap was fought for Gong Suo Xin. The second slap was fought for himself. After two slaps, his anger had faded and naturally, he didn't want to waste more time with w.a.n.g Peng.

"Fella, just you wait."

w.a.n.g Peng stared at Ling Xian vilely. Then, he stood up with difficulty and hurried downstairs.

After those slaps, he had recognized the circ.u.mstance and did not dare to stay. However, he had made up his mind. He will seek help from his Clan and send people to kill Ling Xian.

"I just arrived at the Emperor's Millennium Capital and I already got myself in trouble."

Noticing w.a.n.g Peng's poisonous stare, Ling Xian shook his head, "It's better for you not to provoke me. I don't do much because I don't want trouble, not because I am scared."

He then slowly turned around and placed his gaze on Gong Suo Xin.

After eight years, this woman's stance was just like before – soul-s.n.a.t.c.hing. Compared to eight years ago however, this woman was now more mature. She had an aura that she had experienced some tough things.

"You excellency, though I do not know who you are, I am very thankful." Gong Suo Xin found it hard to conceal the worry on her look. She also felt somewhat fearful and advised, "That person has a very powerful background. I suggest you leave Emperor's Millennium Capital right now. Or else you will not be able to get away."


Ling Xian softly smiled and said with interest, "Tell me, what kind of background can make you, the heir of the Seventh Tribe, so fearful."

"Heir of the Seventh Tribe?"

Gong Suo Xin laughed in agony, "If this was five years ago, you can call me by that ident.i.ty and I would have no need to fear the w.a.n.g Clan. But today, this ident.i.ty of mine is a joke."

[It seems like her situation is difficult, just like everyone said.] Ling Xian silently sighed. Gong Suo Xin's words about five years ago made him frown.

Eight years ago, he promised Gong Suo Xin to help her past the series of trials. In other words, those tests occurred five years ago, which meant it was very likely that Gong Suo Xin's pitiful situation today was because of him.

This made Ling Xian sigh in guilt.

"My excellency, please leave quickly." Gong Suo Xin was very worried, "if this was five years ago, I can step up and help you. But now, I can barely save myself."

"That person's background is very powerful?" Ling Xian chuckled and made himself comfortable. He sat on a chair and crossed his legs.

His nonchalant movements made Gong Suo Xin feel strange. However, thinking about the terror of the w.a.n.g Clan, she became fearful, "He is the eldest son of the w.a.n.g Clan and he has always been their favorite. Nowadays, the w.a.n.g Clan is very powerful. There are many completion levelled cultivators in their clan and it is one of the most well-known clans in the city."

"I see. But so what?" Ling Xian grinned in his normal casual manner.

With his terrifying capabilities, n.o.body can really hurt him. Thus, he wasn't scared.

So… what?

Gong Suo Xin's lips slightly parted. She realized that Ling Xian didn't care and was shocked at this.

Just how powerful did he have to be to be so unharmed and uncaring?

Is he stupid or… is he confident?

Gong Suo Xin wasn't sure. All she knew was that the w.a.n.g Clan was terrifying enough to even make her fearful. Thus, she continued to try and convince him, "Your excellency, perhaps you are very confident, but the w.a.n.g Clan truly is terrifying. Rather than waiting here for death, why not leave the Emperor's Millennium Capital and hide from danger?

"I sure want to. But, if I leave, the w.a.n.g Clan will take their anger out on you." Ling Xian shook his head softly and his expression intensified, "I have already failed you once. Why would I leave you behind again?"

"You excellency, I am very touched that you are thinking on my behalf. But what happened today is all because of me and I cannot be the reason you are harmed."

Gong Suo Xin's face was full of worry. Suddenly, she noticed how Ling Xian said he already failed her once and she was startled. Remembering the details from her past, she stared at Ling Xian straight in the face and croaked, "Your excellency, who… who are you?"

"You still haven't guessed it?" Ling Xian's lips curled up as he slowly took off his bamboo hat and veil, revealing a clean and handsome face.

"Mistress Gong, long time no see."

Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 438: Long Time no See

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